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adventures of andrew price - childrens book fundraising opportunity - featured

True story: For my son Griffin's first three days of pre-school, the snacks they served went like this:Cupcake Cupcake Apple pieAnd these aren't "healthy" snacks either. They're the cheap, bad oil, high fructose corn syrup variety. Of course, I send him off with his own healthy [ Continue Reading... ]

Tour Our Veggie Garden + Easy Salad Recipe

Take a tour of the vegetable garden, plus get an easy salad recipe from Mama Natural :)

How did our first year of organic backyard gardening go? Watch the video to see. Take a tour of our raised organic vegetable garden, where we grew kale, lettuce, yellow squash, cucumbers, peas, cilantro, basil, colored peppers, and tomatoes.BONUS: an easy recipe to show you how we go [ Continue Reading... ]

When School Serves Junk Food :(

What to do when your kids' school serves junk food.

What's a natural mama to do when her kid's school serves junk food? In this video, I share my thoughts and tactics. about you? How do you handle the situations where your kids are offered less-than-healthy food? Share with us in the comments below! [ Continue Reading... ]

28 Things to Do With Too Many Tomatoes

Late in the summer, many gardeners end up with too many tomatoes! Here are 28 ways to use all those extra tomatoes from your garden.

It’s tomato season! All the beautiful, plump, juicy beauties in our gardens are ripening, and, I don't know about you, but I can't wait until they're ready to eat!But, come late-August, many gardeners end up with a dozen or two heirloom tomatoes ripening on their kitchen counter, with [ Continue Reading... ]

❂ 5 Immutable Truths of Diet & Nutrition ❂

Diet and nutritional advice is constantly changing. It can feel like there is no real TRUTH. But there are 5 immutable truths to healthy eating.

Diet and nutritional advice is constantly changing. At times, it can feel like there is no real TRUTH out there, like nothing is certain about health and nutrition.Well, behind all the fad diets and flavor of the moment ideas, there is an ancient wisdom about food that many people are [ Continue Reading... ]