12 Weird Pregnancy Side Effects

12 Weird Pregnancy Side Effects Mama Natural featured

"You're glowing!" is something most pregnant women hear from time to time. And sure, pregnancy can bring out some lovely traits... along with some, uh, less flattering ones. Say hello to pregnancy side effects. We've all heard about morning sickness. But how about snoring? I always felt [ Continue Reading... ]

How To Do Acupressure When You’re In Labor

How to do acupressure when you're in labor to ease pain, http://MamaNatural.com

Hey Mamas, today's guest post is from Ali Damron, a licensed acupuncturist and founder of Denver Acupuncture and Wellness. Ali blogs about motherhood and natural living at AliDamron.com. Enjoy! Enter Ali As far back as 5,000 years ago, acupressure has been used to help relieve pain in [ Continue Reading... ]

Postpartum Week 12 – Final Update!


This is the end of Paloma's 4th trimester - and the end of this video series too ;( It's week 12 postpartum. http://youtu.be/YUF80rjlcmo We've been doing these updates for 38 weeks - ever since I was 14 weeks pregnant. Thank you to everyone who followed along! We will definitely miss [ Continue Reading... ]

Week 11 Postpartum

Postpartum Week 11, Mama Natural & Paloma Skye

The Mama Natural household is feeling much better this week - until we had a major scare, that is. It's week 11 postpartum. http://youtu.be/WykfMz2yjSg Here's the tart cherry juice I mentioned in this video. And here is the OK To Wake Owl With Night-Light & Music, which has been a [ Continue Reading... ]

Week 9 Postpartum

Video thumbnail for youtube video Week 9 Postpartum - Mama Natural

Paloma crossed a new threshold and Mama had an unexpected visitor. It's week 9 postpartum. Living Streams Mission, the manufacturer of Moringa probiotic, officially does not recommend the use of their probiotic products to pregnant or nursing women. The moringa supplement can be [ Continue Reading... ]