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The ancient mecca of Greece is not only a cache of history but one for magnificent monikers, too. Greek boy names have transcended millennia to fill history books and our hearts with their rich meanings and ear-pleasing sounds. From Greek gods to nickname knockouts, let’s travel through these awesome names together.

Among Greek boy names, you’ll find many timeless treasures like the crowd-pleasing Alexander, Andrew, and Thomas. These names always seem to be in style, and they never gain a “dated” feel sometimes found in trendier names, as someone bearing them could easily be a newborn or an elderly gentleman. In contrast, something like Maverick conjures up the image of a child born in the late 2010s. Luke and Nicholas carry the same everlasting appeal and a smidgen less popularity if you love the timeless feel.

Greek boy names continue to rule the charts today, with Sebastian, Theodore, and Jason joining the timeless picks above. There’s also George, a royal baby name pick that’s picked up steam since the birth of Prince William and Kate’s eldest, and then Timothy, a safe-spot choice that’s always been common but never overly popular. Damian is another we adore, and his horror-movie roots shouldn’t put you off the name, as his meaning of “to tame” is precious.

Speaking of meanings, Greek boy names are rocking with awesome ones. Atlas’ “enduring” is more than enviable, while Makari’s “blessed” has us eager for more. Leon’s meaning of “lion” is simple and to the point, and as the king of the jungle, it’s a strong background to an already solid name. If you’re seeking something more dramatic, there’s Thano’s “eternal life” to leave you swooning along with Titus’ “the avenger.” Given the popularity of the movie series, a meaning like “avenger” is more than fitting for our times. Of course, you could always go the religious route, too, with Anastasios “resurrection” serving as deeply spiritual and meaningful.

Greek boy names are also some of the coolest in the land, with our all-star pick Zephyr among them. The name has a rocker vibe that we love, along with the super-cool Z start that’s so in-demand now with Zander, Zion, and Zane on the charts. Similarly, Phoenix and Calix have the ultra-trendy X ending that parents love Maddox and Jax for. Indigo is another name we’d keep an eye on, as this stylish color pick is slowly gaining steam with parents — celebrity and otherwise. He’s a daring word-name pick with the chic Indy nickname.

Those who want something in-style but rare are in luck, too, as many Greek boy names fall into both categories. There’s Galen, who feels like a fresher spinoff of the -en trend that’s been led by Aiden. As far as surname darlings, we feel like Pearson is just as usable as Jackson without all the popularity. You could also turn to meanings for a little help. Not a fan of Hunter’s sudden spike in popularity? Check out Theron, a handsome Greek hunk meaning “hunter.”

As you can see, Greek boy names aren’t short on options or style. Venture to Athens and back with our collection.