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Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender

Pleasing; supreme

Indian (Sanskrit)


Fate; destiny

Indian (Sanskrit)



Indian (Sanskrit)


Invaluable; unavailable

Indian (Sanskrit)



Indian (Sanskrit)



Indian (Sanskrit)


Indian (Sanskrit)



Indian (Sanskrit)


Conquering, triumphant

Indian (Sanskrit)


Dawn; sun

Indian (Sanskrit)


Followed by good luck

Indian (Sanskrit)


Labor, hard work; pure; hope

Indian (Sanskrit)


Pure existence

Indian (Sanskrit)

India is well-known for its ornate architecture and deeply religious leanings, and Indian boy names are no different. These names are rich in history with deep meanings that parents adore, giving them a life beyond the letters on the page. Come along with us as we explore these magnificent monikers.

Great meanings are plentiful in Indian boy names, with Naren’s “the best of men” hard to top. You can reach a “high point” with Utcha or keep moving upward with Udayan’s “rising.” Like the perennially-popular Ryan, there’s Raja, meaning “king.” Some meanings seem larger than the name itself, like Veda’s “eternal knowledge” and Jeevan’s “giving life.” Take a look for yourself to see what incredible meaning you can find.

Strong meanings are prevalent among Indian boy names, too, with Ranvir a standout star with his “hero in battle” background. These powerful picks are great for a little one who’s fought adversity and shown resiliency. They’re also ideal for instilling a bit of hidden strength in your son. Jinendra’s “victorious” and Sanjaya’s “victor” are closely related to Sujit’s “good triumph,” and all three are winning combinations. Yashvir’s “glorious and brave” is another that is hard to top, and his sound has us swooning as well. You could also go for a simpler one-word meaning that packs a punch like Anik’s “soldier” and Pranet’s “leader.”

Similarly, strong spiritual ties are common in Indian boy names. Petuel’s “vision of the Lord” is incredible, as is Aeshan’s “in God’s grace.” If you want something less specific, see Deval, whose “divine” meaning is otherworldly, as is Amaram’s “heavenly.” For the sacred bond of “religious devotion,” you’ll have to see Yatin, while Aalok’s “light of divinity” is just as pure. You could always go for an uplifting meaning, too, like Bodhi’s “awakening.” Since India is such a melting pot of religion, there’s a faithful pick for every belief.

Indian boy names aren’t all heavy with meaning, however, as there are many sweet and playful picks found among them. Rushil’s “charming” is darling on a little one, while Mitali’s “friendship” is as good-hearted as they come. Speaking of good hearts, you have to check out Maneet, whose meaning of “child with a good heart” is simply precious. You can also turn to Harshad, whose “bringing joy” meaning perfectly captures your little one’s place in the family, much like Hilol’s “wave of joy.”

Nature names are popular among Indian boy names, too, and some of the earthly meanings are gorgeous. Aarush’s “first ray of sun” is perfect for the new light of your life, while Shashi’s “moonbeam” is too cute to ignore. Jaladhi’s “ocean” will win over summer lovers, as will Divyesh, a handsome pick meaning “sun.” We adore Aahan for a little guy, as “dawn” is more than fitting for the start of one’s life.

Indian boy names continue to grow in popularity as their appeal crosses borders. Whether you go the classic route with Arjun or follow trends with Rohan, Indian boy names have it all.