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A Russian form of Leo, “the lion.”





Man's defender, warrior









Ruggedly handsome and overflowing with charm, Russian boy names are in high demand. Russia itself is a land of great beauty and adventure, so it’s little surprise that its names are the same. Each has its own story to tell, and we have a wide variety of Russian boy names for you to browse. Let’s review some of these noble northern names together.

Among Russian boy names, you’ll find many variants of classics like Michael, whose diminutive Misha has caught on worldwide as a unisex powerhouse. There are also shortened forms of Alexander floating about, including the traditional Sasha, who is another unisex option, to Zasha, a twist on the conventional spelling and sound of Sasha. Iosif is a friend to Joseph, while Lev and Liev are variants of everyone’s favorite little lion, Leo. If you need to honor a loved one, finding a Russian variant is an unexpected way to honor them and your heritage at once.

Russian boy names are most-beloved for their strength. They tend to lean toward tough-guy sounds, and their meanings are just as mighty. Gleb may be small in size, but his meaning of “to send protection” is anything but. Grigoriy has a gruff feel, and his “vigilant” meaning is commendable. For an alternative to Russell, we love Ruslan, a handsome pick meaning “lion-like” that has the in-demand -an suffix that continues to trend on the charts. If you love powerful names, browse what Russia has to offer. You won’t be disappointed.

You aren’t limited to tough-guy meanings, either. Russian boy names contain many awe-inspiring ones that are waiting to captivate you. We love the joy of Arkadiy’s “happy land,” as it has a childlike charm that stays with your little one for life. Pascha’s “small” is precious, too, especially if he’s your youngest. You could go for good fortune with Tikhon, a mature pick with the fabulous meaning “lucky.” It’s hard not to fall head over heels for that one, right? Anzor is another winner, as “free” is more than desirable, like his super cool inner Z.

Russian boy names aren’t traditionally seen as being religious leaning, though they have several spiritual picks amidst their ranks if you want to honor your faith. You can praise your son’s birth as the miracle it is with the name Fyodr meaning “divine gift.” Oleg’s simpler meaning of “holy” is just as lovely, too. For a less obvious choice, you could turn to Russian saints for inspiration. While they aren’t all Russian in origin, they’re strongly associated with the country and may provide the feel you’re looking for. Our standouts are Dmitry, Igor, and Boris, as these are Slavic in their roots and still sound at home among Russian boy names.

As you can see, Russian boy names are as diverse as they are handsome. If you’re still on the fence, try out some Russian place names like Abakan, Aldin, or Danilov. After all, Russia is as beautiful as it is mysterious. Whatever you choose, enjoy your magical adventure through Russian boy names.