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Beautiful jade



Family, Kin



Wood orchid






Person From Thailand


Some parents may worry that selecting a rare name will stick out, but you can avoid this by following trends with Chinese girl names similar to more popular picks. There’s Jia, a rhyming twin to Mia who has energy and spunk. Her J start is youthful, but her sound matures well. You can also try out Maylin, a sweetheart who’s similar to the trending Kaylin and other -lyn names like Adelyn and Evelyn. You might adore Chyna, too, a variant spelling of the country’s name. Don’t worry that this place name is too out there, as names like India are forever in style.

If you’re not afraid of standing out, you have loads of options among Chinese girl names. Xiang’s meaning of “fragrant” reminds us of fresh-cut flowers and perfume, while Chao has an it-girl vibe we adore. They are rarely seen in the United States, and their exotic flair fits in well as more names from around the world begin to dot the charts. There are repeat names too, like Jingjing, a gorgeous moniker whose meaning of “perfect essence” has us wowed.

Most Chinese girl names are short and sweet, with two and three-letter cuties common. Xiu is a petite princess meaning “elegant” that we adore, while Qi, Li, and Zi are even tinier. These micro names are beginning to trend in the U.S, and we think they’d work fabulously.

You’ll also find several so-called double-barrel names of Chinese origin, too. Meiling is an elegant option meaning “beautiful and delicate” that sounds as stunning as her meaning. Others are hyphenated, like Xi-wang. The vast majority are cut into two names and form beautiful phrases. Qing Yuan’s “deep water” and Xiao Hong’s “morning rainbow” are our favorites, but there are plenty to pick from. Like other double-barrel names such as Mary Kate, these darlings have a polished feel.

Nature names are prevalent as well, allowing you to tap into the beauty of the wild. Everyone knows Mulan, but did you know that this stunner means “wood orchard?” Jiang’s meaning of “river” has power and grace, wearing well in a world where water names like River and Ocean are trending upwards. You can achieve the same styling of Luna with Yue, as she also means “moon.” There’s the “dawn” of Chen, too, perfectly illustrating the beginning of your daughter’s life.

As you can see, many Chinese girl names have beautiful meanings behind them. Xing’s “star” is perfect for your newest arrival, as is Bao, whose meaning of “precious treasure” fits your daughter like a glove. You can pick a name that fits your little one’s personality, too, like Ning’s “peaceful” and Zhen’s “precious.”

Don’t be afraid to try something new, as Chinese girl names are blooming with possibilities.