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Combination of Josephine and Elizabeth


Parents have swooned over European girl names for generations. These beauties easily span languages, making them attractive choices for parents of differing backgrounds and those who love to travel. They’re a melting pot, much like the continent itself, and you can find nearly every name style among them in a variety of spellings.

Among European girl names, a sizeable chunk come from the British Isles. There are English names, like the vintage Evelyn, Eleanor, and Scarlett, and Irish darlings, including Riley, Kennedy, and Quinn. You can travel to the highlands with Scottish sweethearts, Paisley and Isla, or you go venture down to Wales with Brynn and Meredith. There are the Gaelic girls, Rowan and Brenna, and the Celtic cuties, Sabrina and Avalon. As you can see, the islands offer an array of pretty names that are as diverse as the land itself. Because of the close quarters of the region, you’ll notice each origin shares similar names, so keep an eye out for each place’s unique styling. Some might surprise you.

On mainland Europe, there are many countries to explore for namespiration. Germany is home to many of today’s top baby girl names, including Emma, Amelia, and Alice. These ultra-popular picks trend vintage, but you can also find modern monikers among them, like Adelyn and Jocelyn. They have the much-loved -lyn suffix and fit in well with the top names of today. Up-and-coming names continue to trickle out of the region, so we suggest browsing German girl names if you’re looking for something on the rise.

French finds are also common among European girl names, like Charlotte, Natalie, and Claire. The -ette and -elle endings are especially common, as seen in Brielle, Isabelle, and Juliette. If you love the ultra-feminine style, you’re in the right place. Rosalie and Lucille are just two French girl names that give off girly-girl vibes, and they both make lovely choices for a little princess. Plus, who doesn’t love the cutesy nicknames Rosie and Lucy?

Moving over to Spain, you’ll find choices rich with drama and passion. Camila and Ximena are today’s most popular Spanish girl names, but there are many others waiting to show the world what they’ve got. We adore Esperanza, meaning “hope,” but there are also Mireya, Vida, and Havana to explore. This is a red-hot origin, so search here for the next baby name chart darling.

Many European girl names are rooted in Latin, so it’s not a surprise that Latin girl names continue to shine worldwide. In fact, many of today’s top baby girl names come from the language, like Olivia, Ava, and Luna. Many classic girl names are Latin, too, including Emily, Victoria, and Julia. Because there are so many Latin ladies, you never know what gem you’ll dig up next.

Europe contains many countries, so there are plenty of smaller origins to browse. Greek girl names include Sophia and Chloe, while Poland has beauties like Klaudia and Minka. You can try out a Danish darling, like Mariske, or discover a Dutch delight, like Arenda. Slavic sweethearts Mila and Nadia might steal your heart, or you might get swept off your feet by a Portuguese princess, like Yaritza or Mirari.

Exploring European girl names takes you on a ride across the continent. From Addula to Zurie, see which picks join your baby name list.