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White and lovely



Jehovah is God; pretty






“She who trusts.” From the Old French fei, faith.






Variant of Desiree meaning The one desired.


Fierce and feminine, French girl names are chart-toppers and head turners. These gorgeous names are bursting with style, and while many have retained popularity spanning generations, there are still plenty waiting for their time in the spotlight. Let’s venture from the streets of Paris to the countryside as we explore French girl names together.

The top of today’s charts is loaded with French finds, including Charlotte, Natalie, and Claire. Close behind, you’ll find the classic Caroline along with the up-and-comers, Brielle and Isabelle. Parents can’t get enough of these sweethearts, as their sounds are pleasant to the ear, and many offer adorable nicknames like Charlotte’s Charlie and Lottie. If you look a little lower on the charts, you’ll find so-called “sweet spot” names that are common but not overly popular. This area includes Valerie, Genevieve, and Elise. Remi is also floating in this territory, but her spunky styling makes us think she’ll grow in popularity like the in-demand Riley and Avery. If you want to capture the trend with a name on the rise, we definitely recommend her.

French girl names have a frilly side, delighting those who adore princessy picks. Juliette, of course, is the star of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette, but she’s also a magnificent moniker with a distinctly French style thanks to her crisp -ette ending. You can make her more playful with nicknames, too, like the spunky Jette and adorable Jules. Other girly picks include Rosalie, Lucille, and Gabrielle. Just hearing these names conjures up images of pearls and lace.

Polished names are plentiful, too, with longer darlings like Jacqueline, Vivienne, and Madeleine toting sophistication for miles. Colette, Arlette, and Giselle offer the same styling if you’re seeking something a little less popular. Of course, it wouldn’t be France without fashion, either, and French girl names don’t disappoint. Chanel and Dior are obvious picks thanks to their fashion-house associations, but Faye, Elle, and Belle are just as stylish in their bite-sized packages.

Don’t be afraid to dive deeper on the charts to find a French gem, either. Some of the best names aren’t chart-toppers, like Cherie, a precious pick meaning “dear or darling.” She’s a fun alternative to Charlotte, and she’s also super-similar to the perennially-popular middle name, Marie. There’s also Aubina, a sweet alternative to Aubrey, while Naeva has our hearts aflutter as a sister to everyone’s favorite Ava.

As always, pay attention to French girl names’ meanings for inspiration. Esme’s “to love” is a stunner, as is Renee’s “reborn.” Soleil’s meaning of “sun” adds brightness to any family, while Antoinette’s “flower in bloom” is pretty as can be on a new baby girl. Best of all might be Ciel, whose “heavenly” meaning is pretty hard to top.

The sky is the limit with French girl names, with place names like Geneva appearing along with popular names like Nicole. Honor your Aunt Margaret with Margot or Marguerite, or try out something new like Jolie. With French girl names, you’re sure to find at least one that tickles your fancy.