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Sweet lady


You’ll be tickled green with Irish girl names. This treasure chest of beautiful choices pepper the charts with their charm and are forever in style. Let’s get to know them together.

You may remember the reign of Kaitlyn and her variants in classrooms along with Brianna, and yes, you’ve guessed it — they’re Irish! Similarly, Erin and Casey had their time in the spotlight. While they were once Top 100 rulers, that doesn’t mean these beauties aren’t still stylish. In fact, they’re well-known enough to avoid confusion yet increasingly rare, making them ideal for preventing duplicates in classrooms.

Today, the unisex trend is strong among Irish girl names. You likely know a little Riley or two, along with her variants Rylee and Rilee. But Ryan and Quinn are also growing in popularity, as are the presidential picks Kennedy and Reagan. Unisex picks will continue to trend upward, with parents head over heels with their spirit. Some less common ones to consider among Irish girl names are Madden and Mattison — two picks with the in-demand Maddie/Mattie nickname — and Codi. There’s also Fallon, who like Madden and Mattison, doubles as a surname pick — another megatrend of today.

Speaking of trending, you’ll find quite a few so-called “trendy” choices among Irish girl names. There’s Kinley, a dainty pick with the much-loved -ley ending, along with Haisley, a moniker that has the feel of Paisley with a twist of Hailey. If you’re looking to get a jump on a trend, there are many to pick from lower on the charts. Our standout is Quincy, a surname choice that has the unisex styling of Quinn with a splash of something more. Similarly, Cori, Rori, and Devin have the it-factor without a ton of popularity.

Not all Irish girl names are concerned with feeling frilly, either. Strong, one-syllable girl names are common among them, with Sloane an all-star that’s been trending higher and higher. We also want to do a happy dance for Maeve, a battle-ax of a name with serious girl-power vibes.
While many have appeared toward the top of the charts, there are still plenty of Irish girl names waiting for their time on top. We adore little Caoimhe, a name that can also be spelled as Keeva or Kiva to help with pronunciation. Tierney has our attention, too, as she has spunk to her that leaps off the page. Elva is another contender with her vintage charm and elfin feel.

Of course, meanings are our favorite bits of names, and Irish girl names do not disappoint. Teagan’s “little poet” has us swooning, while Saoirse’s “freedom” is difficult to top. So many Irish girl names have a meaning that perfectly fits the wonders of childhood, like Ashlyn’s “dream” and Lennon’s “dear one.” If you’re seeking a name with a story to tell, Irish girl names deliver.

Our collection of Irish girl names is loaded with beautiful names waiting to be found. Whether you want something common or seek something incredibly rare, you’ll find it with us.