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God is gracious




From the dramatic to the gentle, Italian girl names are a collection of Mediterranean beauty. Their styling ranges from short and chic to long and melodic, making them an excellent source to search for your next favorite. They’re also boundary breakers, smoothly transitioning between languages to wow the world. Let’s check out Italian girl names together.

If you’re looking for something popular, you’re in luck. Italian girl names are forever in style, with Isabella dominating the charts in recent years. Her nickname Bella is also a favorite, with her “beautiful one” meaning a homerun with parents. There’s also Gabriella, whose shortened form of Briella has appeared more often.

You can also riff off of many popular picks to avoid overuse. Gemma is a rhyming twin to Emma, and her energetic start and Gem nickname make her more than precious. Gia is a spunky sister to Mia, and she lacks to overwhelming popularity, making her ideal to many parents. You can capture Ella’s styling with the vintage cutie Etta, or update the 90s favorite Danielle with the delicate Daniella.

You can honor loved ones with an Italian variant, too. Alessandra is an elegant choice that happens to be a variant of Alexander, and her nickname potential has our attention. Alessia, Lessi, Sandra, and Ally are just some of the awesome options. Antonella honors Anthony, while Giovanna is a dramatic variant of John. Many aren’t incredibly similar to the original form, making them ideal if you’re looking for a subtle tribute.

As always, meanings are a highlight with Italian girl names. Valeria’s “strength and vigor” is a solid foundation, while Viviana’s “alive” is wonderful for capturing your little’s one’s spirit. You can show how bright your little girl shines with Lucia’s “of the light” or show your devotion to your religion with Angelina’s “messenger of God.” Take a peek at the meanings of Italian girl names if you’re stumped and see what you can uncover.

Looking further down the charts will reward you with rare Italian girl names like Cianna. We love Giada, the Italian form of Jade, and see a window of popularity for Blanca, a colorful pick meaning “white.” If you’re looking for something rare with happy roots, check out Allegra, a melodic moniker meaning “cheerful.”

You might think that all Italian girl names are frilly and feminine, but there are many spunky picks out there that fit in with today’s trends. We love Zola, a name that feels like a mashup of the popular Zoe and Lola. Capri has our attention, too, as her vowel ending gives her endless style points. Mona and Roma are short, plucky picks with a strength similar to Sloane, and we can see either fitting a little girl with an exuberance for life.

You can seek out Italian places names too, even if they don’t necessarily have Italian roots. Florence and Milan are favorites, but we think Venice and Sicily are excellent picks as well. At they’re mentioning, these place name picks transport listeners to the stylish country.

Whatever you choose, Italian girl names will delight. Explore our collection and see what beauty you discover next.