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Lisp, stutter



Friendship, harmony















An endearing form of Amanda, “worthy of love,” from the Latin amare, to love.



A diminutive form or nickname for Mary.



Yellow hair



Olive tree



Bright, famous


Prepare yourself for a lot of heat, because Latin girl names are some of the hottest out there right now on the baby name charts. Widely used around the world and throughout history, Latin girl names pack appeal that transcends borders and time. Explore them with us.

Olivia and Ava are two of today’s most chart-topping Latin girl names. Beloved for their sound and exciting inner V styling, parents can’t get enough of these cuties. They rose from relative rarity to the top of the charts in meteoric fashion. Close at their heels are classic Latin girl names like Emily, Victoria, and Mary. These are familiar favorites that are easily recognized and much-loved over the years, appearing as literary icons, queens, and more. With their beauty, we’re not surprised at all at their popularity.

Many vintage Latin girl names are dotting the charts today. There’s Emilia, a cousin to the mega-popular Amelia, and cuties that started as nicknames, like Nora and Stella. They offer a playfulness that’s irresistible. We’d love to see more of Diana and Sylvia, two grandma-chic darlings that are more than ready for a comeback. On the flip side, many Latin girl names are undeniably modern. For instance, Luna and Nova are enjoying their time in the spotlight, and parents are loving them right back. If you’re searching for something on the rise, check out Amalia, Maren, and Ivory. These Latin lovelies are slowly inching their way into popularity.

Rare name lovers are in luck, too, as there are hundreds of Latin girl names waiting for their time to shine. You could try out the vintage sweetpea Leona, or add a touch of energy to your name list with spunky picks like Rory or Poppy. These names straddle popular trends but are still quite uncommon, which gives parents the best of both worlds. Further down in popularity there are countless Latin girl names that are simply stunning. Maris and Junia especially have our eye, though Vita and Vale have an edgy side that we can’t get enough.

Latin girl names contain many grand monikers that turn heads, like Valentina, Arabella, and Veronica. These bold and beautiful names are made to lead, and many have a melodic sound that rolls off the tongue like Lilianna and Emiliana. Best of all, they are home to endless nickname options, allowing you to dress them up and down as you’d like.

As with any other origin, Latin girl names are exploding with amazing meanings. Ariana’s “most holy” has been winning over parents left and right, but Aurora’s “goddess of dawn” is catching up quickly. We love the joy behind Felicity’s “happiness.” There’s also the “admirable” Miranda and the “heavenly” Celeste. Meanings can make or break for some parents, and they can also be the deciding factor if you’re on the fence. A meaning that speaks to you can make the name truly sing off the page at you.

Discover a world of beauty in Latin girl names and see what gem of a name you’ll dig up next.