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Friend, ally

Native American

Breathtakingly beautiful, Native American girl names are woven intricately into their history and lands. Holding ties to nature, spirituality, and strength, these gorgeous names are fascinating to explore. Let’s check out some together and see what we can find.

Native American girl names are more common than male ones, but that said, they aren’t mega popular. This makes them ideal for parents who like a name that’s known but not overused. Dakota is the most popular, though she’s not seen frequently. She’s unisex, and her Kota nickname gives her an extra dose of tomboy if your baby girl prefers getting her hands dirty rather than hosting gloved tea parties. Meaning “friend,” she’s also sweet. She’s followed by one of our favorite Native American girl names, Nayeli. Her meaning of “I love you” is off-the-charts for us, and we are absolutely gaga for her. Cheyenne is another friend on the charts, and her soft sound has won over parents in recent years.

A lack of popularity doesn’t mean that Native American girl names aren’t gorgeous. There are many hidden gems waiting for discovery, like Aiyanna, a beautiful name meaning “forever blossoming.” She’d fit in great with other popular names, but her sound is extra melodic to the ear. Halona is another diamond waiting for you. She has the nickname of Halle if you’d like and works well on a child and adult alike. Other eye-catching Native American girl names include Kaliska, Kimeya, and Mahala. Browse our collection from A to Z and see what other cuties you can find.

Many Native American girl names blossom from nature. There’s Tallulah, a playful princess meaning “leaping water.” Her nickname of Lula gets an extra thumbs up from us too. There’s also Sequoia, who, like Oakley, is a tree, but also has the super cute meaning of “sparrow” in Cherokee. Other animal-inspired names are Dyani, meaning “deer,” Esarosa, meaning “white wolf,” and Nascha, meaning “owl.” If you’d like something a little daintier, check out Aponi, a sweet pick meaning “butterfly.”

If meanings leave you swooning, you will love the ones belonging to Native American girl names. “I’m on my way” is the one behind Shania, and we totally think she’d fit a baby girl who comes into this world her own way. There’s also Chepi, a cheerful Algonquin pick with the magical meaning of “fairy.” Catori means “spirit,” which can honor your little one’s exuberance for life, while Okena means “water chief,” a great background for a girl who will grow up by the water.

For place name lovers, you can find plenty of contenders in Native American girl names, as many U.S. states and cities are rooted in Native American languages. Alaska is a shining star in this group, and her association with the beautiful state’s pristine lands makes her an outdoor lover’s dream. We also love Chicago and Tennessee, two celebrity baby name picks. Other place name choices include Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.

There are many more lovely Native American girl names waiting for you. Browse and see what you can find!