Imagine being cooped up in a womb for 9 months and then being exposed to the big, bright world! You can help your baby learn about her new environment. Ok, so maybe newborns can’t catch a ball or color with crayons, but they can be stimulated by sound, texture, and color. Here are some great tools to help you do just that…

Okay, that’s enough play time for now. Let’s take this show on the road with some great travel items you’ll certainly want to register for.

P.S. Wondering where to register for your baby shower?

This is the big question. Do you register for your baby at Target? Walmart? Local boutiques?

I'm kind of an Amazon junkie. (Once you experience traditional store visits with a toddler, you'll see why :) ) And Amazon has a great baby registry service. They even let you add products from other websites. You can check out Amazon's baby registry right here.

The best reason to register with Amazon is that most people already have an account, which makes it easy on your friends and family.

And no matter where you register, I wish you a fantastic pregnancy, a really fun baby shower, and a smooth, natural, healthy delivery!