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Second Trimester

Discover how to have your best and most natural pregnancy with Mama Natural’s tips and advice for the 2nd trimester.

Hot Topics 🔥

  • Linea Nigra: What IS That Dark Line? And Will It Ever Go Away?

    Find out when this dark line usually appears, what it could mean, and when linea nigra disappears. Plus get natural remedies to lighten the pigmentation.

  • Natural Remedies for Pregnancy Insomnia

    Is pregnancy insomnia hitting you hard? Not getting enough sleep during pregnancy is tough. Here are some tips for getting the rest you need, naturally.

  • 7 Easy Exercises for An Optimal Pregnancy & Labor

    Here are seven easy prenatal or pregnancy exercises that can help you get in shape and position your baby for a better birth.

  • Heartburn During Pregnancy: Natural Relief and Remedies

    Heartburn during pregnancy can feel like lava in your chest. Learn what causes heartburn during pregnancy, plus get natural remedies and tips to prevent it.

  • Lightning Crotch: What Is THAT? (Plus, Natural Remedies)

    Lightning crotch is a sudden, sharp pain that occurs in the pelvis, rectum, or vulva. Here's the 411 on pregnancy lightning crotch, plus natural remedies!

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    When Can You Feel the Baby Move? Quickening in Pregnancy.

    Here's what to expect for fetal movement during pregnancy, what's normal, what's not, and what to do about it. When can you feel the baby move? Find out!

  • 13 Benefits of Natural Childbirth

    We know that natural childbirth has many healthy and safety benefits to mom and baby but did you know these surprising benefits? Find out in this post.

  • How to Do Perineal Massage - Diagram, Photos & Video

    Perineal massage may help you avoid pain and tears to your perineum during childbirth. Here's how to do it, step by step, with a diagram, photos, and video.

What’s New 🐣

  • Cheese During Pregnancy: What's Safe and What's Not?

    You know you shouldn't eat raw fish, but what about cheese during pregnancy? Find out what cheese is safe to eat, plus learn what types to avoid altogether.

  • Pregnancy Wheel: What Is It? And Do You Need One?

    Wondering what that round piece of cardboard is for? It's called a pregnancy wheel. Find out why you might go your entire pregnancy without ever seeing one.

  • Normal Fetal Heart Rate: Is Your Baby on Track?

    What's the normal fetal heart rate? Learn the ideal heart rate ranges by week in utero, plus whether it can predict baby's sex.

  • Restless Leg Syndrome: Natural Ways to Ease the Pain

    Restless leg syndrome affects 1/3 of pregnant moms. Learn what causes it, how to get relief naturally, and even how to prevent it.

  • Pregnancy Apps: Are You Using the Best One?

    Weeding through all those pregnancy apps takes time you don't have. Check out this list to find the best of the best pregnancy apps for natural mamas.

  • 20 Week Ultrasound: What Exactly Happens During This Scan

    Everything you need to know about getting a 20 week ultrasound. Plus, what exactly are sonographers looking for during the scan? Find out here!

  • Back Pain During Pregnancy: Find Natural Relief Fast

    Up to 80 percent of mamas experience back pain during pregnancy. Find out how to get pain relief FAST using simple and safe strategies.

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    Pregnancy in 40s: The Good, Bad & Ugly

    Pregnancy in 40s comes with a unique set of challenges and gifts. In this post, hear one mom's experience firsthand about being pregnant later in life.

  • How Long is Pregnancy? (The Answer May Surprise You!)

    How long is pregnancy? Despite what you’ve always heard, it isn't exactly nine months! Find out what surprising factors can affect the length of pregnancy.

  • Pregnancy Discharge: Is What You're Experiencing Normal?

    What's going on down there?! Pregnant women experience an increase in discharge, but not all pregnancy discharge is normal. Learn what to look out for.

  • Cholestasis of Pregnancy: Why You Can't Ditch the Itch

    Very itchy skin is worth paying attention to. In rare cases, it may be a result of cholestasis of pregnancy, a condition with real risks for mama and baby.

  • Is Prenatal Massage Safe? 12 Things You Need To Know.

    What's the difference between a regular massage and prenatal massage? Learn how and when to try prenatal massage, plus how to safely get a foot massage.

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