Hepatitis B Vaccine - Childhood Vaccine Series

What is the vaccine?

This vaccine protects against Hepatitis B.

When is it administered?

1 dose, recommended in the first 2 months of life up to 18 months old

What is the disease?

Hep B is a sexually transmitted virus that causes liver damage and in some cases failure. It can lead to death. It can also be passed on through infected IV drug needles, tattoo needles or accidental sticking of a needle.

Is it serious?

Hepatitis B is very serious and can be fatal for infants with approximately 90% becoming chronically infected, even if it doesn’t develop for several years. Later in life, 25% of this infected population will have liver cancer or failure. Teenagers and adults who develop the disease are less likely to suffer from grave consequences (more like 6-10% chronically infected). Additionally, there is no reliable treatment once the disease reaches the acute, active phase.

Is it common?

Hepatitis is quite uncommon in infants with less than 3,600 cases per year and some believe less than 200. However, since Hepatitis B is transferred through blood it can be passed along from an infected mom to her baby through the birthing process. Additionally, if a family member is infected, a baby can develop disease through saliva (although rare) and blood exposure through living in close quarters.

Is the vaccine controversial?

The vaccine does contain undesirable ingredients including 250 micrograms of aluminum and traces of formaldehyde.

Mama Natural’s take:

Since the main way of contracting this disease is through sexual relations or infected needles, we decided against this vaccine. We may reconsider when we travel internationally since the standards of medical care vary and there may be a risk of dirty needles.

Here are all the other videos in this series

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  2. any thoughts on this vaccine for new baby – or other family members (mom, dad, 3 y/0)- if we are adopting a newborn who’s birthmother IS hepB positive?

  3. I’m trypanophobic and from a purely psychological perspective, it is perhaps sometimes kinder to immunize infants than older children. A few years ago all girls in Australia had to get an ovarian cancer vaccine, which was essentially three shots of pure hell, and that was when I was twelve – three years later it’s still stuck in my head. So my advice would be if you’re planning to immunize, waiting isn’t always the solution.

    Natural immunity is undervalued in modern day society – when my mother was pregnant with me she had chicken pox, and so I was the only kid in my class who didn’t have a chicken pox vaccine but they all got it, one after the other, and quite badly too. I’ve had an extremely mild case when I was eleven but nothing ever since. I imagine the antibodies passed through breastmilk would have a similar effect.

  4. 250 micrograms of aluminum is nothing considering there is anywhere from 200-700 micrograms of aluminium per liter of infant formula. there is also aluminum in breast milk.

    • Our bodies are designed to eliminate aluminum and other wastes consumed orally. It’s an entirely different ballgame when you’re injecting it into a newborn’s bloodstream/muscle tissues.

      • Tawnie’s got it bang on! From a study done in Oct 2010…The regular immunization schedule for children six years of age and under includes up to 17 vaccines, several of which contain aluminum. Researchers found that the schedule exposes children to 20 to 50 times the amount of aluminum known to be toxic to the human body which cannot be processed when injected directly into the bloodstream.

  5. After *much* research we have decided against all vaccinations. The reasons are endless. For me the simplest thing I’ve seen is the health of my son compared to the many other babies we know. They have all been vaccinated except 1 other boy. They *all* (all breastfed) have either gluten intolerance (celiac), endless colds and bronchitis, eczema, infections, seizures, food allergies, and on and on. Celiac, eczema, food allergies…are all immune system disfunctions. My son and the other boy haven’t even had a sniffle. Drug companies are poisoning our children and mucking around with their immune systems for profit. Its sick. I can see the value of vaccinations where the risk is a daily fight (developing countries with poor hygiene, sanitation, and education). Most outbreaks in the western world were decades ago before water was even treated and doctors didn’t even wash their hands! We may decide on some vaccinations later when we travel, and our son is big with a well develped immune system, but not likely. Things like chicken pox and measles will only strengthen our childrens’ immune systems…naturally and completely.

    • Agreed!
      All of these “life saving” vaccines are ruining our natural, God given immune systems…basically creating repeat customers for pharmacy companies.
      I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 3 and after researching, I believe it was from vaccines. People don’t stop and think about how many children have immune problems/personality and learning problems nowadays, let alone in coorelation with the insane amount of toxins in these shots.

  6. I personally will not give this vaccine to my kids until they are much older. My family is not infected and the vaccine also tends to wear off to if they receive it as an infant there is a good chance it may not still be effictive as an adult. Fankly though when I got this vaccine as a teenager I was one of the unlucky ones to have a “unusual” reaction that was extreemly painful for weeks. Because of my horrible experence I am not inclined to give the same vaccine to my kids even though they have changed the formula to make it safer than my “perfectly safe” dose.

  7. Thank you so much for this information! I just graduated to my third trimester and started to research vaccination! Your posts have come just in time. I can’t wait to see the rest!

  8. The Hep B vaccine wasn’t around when I was a baby (I’m 26). In fact, I didn’t get the vaccine until I was 13 or 14. I believe that’s when it became available.

    There are SO many vaccines now. I haven’t gotten this vaccination for my daughter yet. I am doing the Dr. Sears approach to the vaccines and getting them at a slower pace (2 shots a visit opposed to 4). I feel that vaccines are really important but they also scare the crap out of me! They put so many things in the vaccines now and there is no way of telling how their bodies will react. I want her to be strong and healthy and not have to worry about diseases that can be prevented, but at the same time she’s only 8 months old, how much can her tiny body handle?

    I’m glad you’re doing this series. I like your approach and I know that you do your research. Its nice hearing another informed mama’s opinions.

    • My mom had most of us kids get our vaccines on a very slow schedule. She felt from the beginning that she didn’t want us to get a lot of shots at once. She only liked to have us get vaccines when we were as healthy as possible. I really like this article from Natural News http://www.naturalnews.com/033858_unvaccinated_children_health.html

  9. My husband and I really like Natural News because they do very in depth research into all kinds of subjects and companies. I found this article very interesting because it talks about the truth on vaccines. http://www.naturalnews.com/034038_vaccines_autism.html

  10. I’ll say this about the Hep B vaccine: I can see your point in a child as small as yours. I would probably decide the same at that stage. However, my pediatrician would not let me leave for college without getting the series because I was going to school with kids from all over the world. I’ve had it. I’d want my kids to have it at an older age, probably teenagers. Seems more appropriate.

  11. I think that’s your color combo, Genevieve. I haven’t watched yet…just the still of you in that outfit is perfect.

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