MMR vaccine – Childhood Vaccine Series

What is the vaccine?

The MMR vaccine protects against the diseases of Measles, Mumps and Rubella.

When is it administered?

At one year and five years old in the form of a booster shot.


What is the disease?

Transmitted like the common cold through mucous, saliva and coughing, measles is a virus that causes fever, runny nose, cough and a red rash. Because the rash looks like any other skin irritation, it’s important to get tested to diagnose this disease.

Is it serious?

Most cases are relatively harmless and last about a week, which usually provides lifelong immunity. However, 1 in 1,000 cases are fatal. The measles virus can also infect internal organs causing damage and complications. There is no treatment for the disease; the measles need to run their course, although high doses of vitamin A can help reduce its effects. Prior to the vaccine, measles lead to many deaths in children.

Is it common?

No, large in part due to the MMR vaccine. In the early 1900s, there were almost 1 million cases annually and now we see less than 100 reported cases. We usually see these as isolated outbreaks in a specific geographical area.

Mama Natural’s take:

We can be thankful for the vaccine which has reduced this disease’s threat. Of the three diseases, the measles is the most serious.


What is the disease?

Transmitted like the common cold through mucous, saliva and coughing, mumps is a virus that causes fever, runny nose, cough and a red rash but rarely effects internal organs. Puffy cheeks is the telltale sign.

Is it serious?

No. In fact, many children can have and no one even diagnoses it because the symptoms are so mild. In adults, mumps can be more problematic, even causing sterility, as well as arthritic pain, kidney and heart problems and nervous system issues.

Is it common?

No. We see about 250 cases annually versus several hundred thousand in the early 1900s.

Mama Natural’s take:

Like chicken pox, this is a disease that can run its course without serious issues.


What is the disease?

Very similar to measles and mumps, rubella is a virus that causes fever and a rash. In some cases, it can cause achiness of joints and gland swelling behind the ears. It’s transmitted like the common cold through saliva, mucous and cough. Once you get rubella, you’re immune for life.

Is it serious?

No, in fact, many children will have rubella without it ever being diagnosed because the symptoms are so mild. But it is serious in pregnant women because if she catches rubella, her fetus can develop birth defects, particularly if in the first and second trimester. This can result in hearing, vision and mental dysfunction and even stillbirth. No treatment is available; the virus needs to run its course. We therefore vaccinate to protect pregnant mamas more than babies.

Is it common?

No, large in part due to the MMR vaccine, we see less than 300 reported cases a year, versus before the vaccine where we saw about 100,000 cases annually.

Mama Natural’s take:

Overall, not a serious disease for children… but can be for in utero. If mama is planning on multiple pregnancies, she might want her children to be vaccinated.

MMR Vaccine

Is the vaccine controversial?

This vaccine is the most controversial vaccine out there and probably the one that’s responsible for the growing trend of parents choosing not to vaccinate their children.  Interesting to note, this vaccine does not and never had mercury in it.

The MMR vaccine is a “live virus’ vaccine meaning that it contains the virus in its whole and living form, albeit minuscule dose. The advantage to this is that kids need just one dose, versus 3 doses like many other vaccines, but kids do need a follow up shot at 5 years old since the immunity can wear off for some children by 5 years old. Some parents may chose to get just one shot when they are older, say 4 or 5, but some states won’t allow that. Additionally, some parents may only want to give 1 shot at 1 year old and then do a blood test to see if their child still has immunity. This is uncommon since it’s expensive, time-consuming and some doctors won’t do this at all.

Up until the 1990’s when the MMR vaccine came to the scene, the vaccines for these diseases were separate shots. Parents can still get these single vaccines, and space out the shots up to a year, if they so chose. Not enough research has been done if this reduces the toxicity effects but it is another option as it may mean better effectiveness of the individual vaccines and fewer side effects. Or some parents may chose to just get the measles shot since this is the only one that results in fatalities in children.

Back to vaccine ingredients, the rubella virus that used in this vaccine is taken from an infected aborted fetus back in the 1960s. The virus has been nourished for years in a culture of human lung cells. The measles and mumps viruses have less known origins but they are being nourished in a culture of chicken embryo cells. Both of these cultures are housed in a saline solution full of vitamins, amino acids, sugar, gelatin, an antibiotic, serum from a cow fetus, and human albumin. These are all tested to make sure that no germs are present. The viruses are removed from cultures and put into the vaccine solution in a weakened form so they don’t cause a viral infection after injected.

Side effects to the MMR vaccine are typical immune responses such as achiness, rash, and fever. One in 20 children will have these reactions, which can happen up to 2 weeks after injection.

More rare side effects can include inflammation of the pancreas, brain and blood vessels, bleeding disorders, Stevens-Johnson syndrome (a life-threatening rash), measles, mumps and rubella infections, deafness, seizures, visual dysfunction, chronic arthritis, diabetes, and other allergic reactions.

The (Debunked) Autism Connection:

In 1998, Dr. Wakefield, a British researcher, published a (much contested and eventually discredited) article in The Lancet about a possible correlation between 12 autistic children who had inflammatory disease of the bowel that may have been triggered by the live measles virus in the MMR vaccine. That said, no one has been able to truly prove that autism is caused by the MMR vaccine despite extensive research since the 1998 findings. As a result of this controversy, Dr. Wakefield was barred from practicing medicine in the UK.

Mama Natural’s take:

Measles is a serious disease that can be fatal in children. The MMR vaccine is an intense shot that many children have reactions to, albeit, a rash, a fever, fatigue, etc. I would say that each mom and dad needs to look at their child’s total health picture. If your son or daughter has immune issues to begin with such as allergies, eczema, asthma, I would be cautious about getting this vaccine. The bummer is if you went for the single dose of measles that would be better in terms of immune system strain but that is the one vaccine that has some correlations with autism. No easy answers! I will continue to watch Griffin and pray about and make my decision at that time. Definitely can wait on this one and if he does it this vaccine it will be when he’s 5 years old.

Here are all the other videos in this series

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  1. Hi Genevieve! New to your website (I love it btw, and you are just adorable to boot) and just watched the vaccine series that you did awhile back. My question is did you have to end up vaccinating your son when he went to preschool or will you have to when he enters school?
    My son had vaccines (alternate schedule ) until 9 mos and has not had any since (he is six now). He has PANDAS and any exposure to any illness causes his symptoms to flare (even though he doesn’t appear sick) so we are homeschooling him for now. The problem is I can’t even find a pediatrician who will have my children as patients because they are not fully vaccinated! I don’t know that I want to homeschool forever but also don’t want to have to vaccinate them (because my gut is telling me not to).
    Thank you!
    Also, I saw that you moved to Destin! What a beautiful place! We are traveling to Destin this week for about 2 weeks. My son was born in Pensacola too:)

  2. Lets look at the adverse reactions listed in the MMR vaccine insert. the MMR was created for one reason and that was because of the slight chance of the patient developing encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) and yet this is a listed adverse reaction along with 40 other very serious adverse reactions including death

    Body as a Whole: Panniculitis; atypical measles; fever; syncope; headache; dizziness; malaise; irritability.
    Cardiovascular System: Vasculitis.
    Digestive System: Pancreatitis; diarrhea; vomiting; parotitis; nausea.

    Nervous System: Encephalitis; encephalopathy; measles inclusion body encephalitis (MIBE) (see CONTRAINDICATIONS); subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE); Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS); acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM); transverse myelitis; febrile convulsions; afebrile convulsions or seizures; ataxia; polyneuritis; polyneuropathy; ocular palsies; paresthesia.
    aseptic meningitis
    Respiratory System: Pneumonia; pneumonitis (see CONTRAINDICATIONS); sore throat; cough; rhinitis.
    Skin: Stevens-Johnson syndrome; erythema multiforme; urticaria; rash; measles-like rash;pruritis.
    Local reactions: including burning/stinging at injection site; wheal and flare; redness (erythema); swelling; induration; tenderness; vesiculation at injection site.
    Special Senses —
    Ear: Nerve deafness; otitis media.
    Eye: Retinitis; optic neuritis; papillitis; retrobulbar neuritis; conjunctivitis.
    Urogenital System: Epididymitis; orchitis.
    Other: Death

    Endocrine System: Diabetes mellitus.
    Hemic and Lymphatic System: purpura; regional lymphadenopathy; leukocytosis.
    Immune System: Anaphylaxis and anaphylactoid reactions have been reported as well as related phenomena such as angioneurotic edema (including peripheral or facial edema) and bronchial spasm in individuals with or without an allergic history.
    Musculoskeletal System: Arthritis; arthralgia; myalgia

  3. Your facts are not facts at all. the 1:1,000 with that die of measles is a figure taken from the third world countries where, they have no clean drinking water, no sanitation, no nutritional food. There is a 65% decrease in mortality of children who were given two doses of 200,000 IU of vitamin A compared to placebo in these third world countries. (Approved by WHO)
    Again Nutrition, along with sanitation, clean drinking water and good hygiene are the key to a strong in tact immune system that will overcome these mild child hood diseases and the benfits are a life long immunity and a stronger immune system that is now more capable of preventing specific cancers Key NOT VACCINES

    There were 644 cases of the measles in 2014 and not a word was mentioned about measles and certainly you did not hear the fear mongering terms of deadly measles as was fornicated in the media to drive the vaccine agenda to force vaccinate everyone.

    Of the first 54 cases in Disney land, 6 were vaccinated. 2 had one dose and 4 had two or more doses of MMR.
    All cases in outbreak is B3 strain, not the Edmonton strain, so vaccine is much less effective against this different strain
    Vaccine is Edmonston-Enders which is type A strain (genotype)

  4. Nice but now ( 2015) no one makes a single Measles vaccine shot – big problem as it’s the MMR or nothing.

  5. There are times for skepticism toward the conclusions of experts about controversial subjects; vaccination is not one of them. You elevate unsubstantiated opinions to the same tier as robust peer-reviewed research, and endanger humans in the process. It’s encouraging that current events are now debunking this nonsense, but sad that it took a resurgence of disease for it to happen. You own part of that, “Mama Natural”.

  6. I’m curious what you think about shedding. I have a 6 year old who is like to vaccinate now for mmr, and a 2 month old with severe food allergies (via my milk) because of that he will not be getting vaccinated at all til 2 years of age minimum. I am nervous he could contract from her via shedding. Thoughts? Thanks

  7. Genevieve, you fail to mention that Wakefield’s study was RETRACTED — an extreme rarity for a publication like the Lancet — and he is no longer licensed to practice medicine. His “study” was based on the observations of a handful of parents. Meanwhile countless other studies based on thousands of children have repeatedly disproven any link between autism and the MMR vaccine. You are downplaying what a charlatan and fraud Wakefield is, and he is the person most directly responsible for the spread of the baseless fear that is causing more and more parents not to vaccinate and is now undermining our herd immunity. I’d also encourage all the commenters on this site to think a bit more critically about the sources where they get their news. Listen to scientists and serious journalists, not the editors at “,” which is hardly a reliable source.

  8. It should be clarified that Wakefield never “linked” Autism to the MMR vaccine, as you said in the video. He studied all of 12 children who had all been referred to one particular hospital, all of whom happened to show symptoms of both regressive developmental disorder and enterocolitis simultaneously. He did not use control or comparison groups, prove that the vaccine caused an intestinal onset of measels (more like he speculated that enterocolitis was brought on by such), nor did he support any link between the vaccine and Autistic disorders. His conclusions were based on anectdotes, non-scientific methods of research, a very small sample that was not diverse at all, and were never supported by empirical evidence from a statistically significant pool of subjects. His work was funded by interest groups. It has got to be the biggest blowup to be caused by a totally scientifically invalid study.
    Regardless of his unscientific approach, researchers took his conclusions very seriously and have since studied literally millions of children worldwide, both with and without Autism, with and without the MMR vaccine, and have found absolutely no statistical evidence that would suggest that this vaccine is linked in any way to any neurological disorder.

    • This topic is touched on in the book “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride. I found her treatment of the vaccine issue to be very fair and enlightening.

  9. I’m very glad you are bucking the natural mom trend and vaccinating your kids, and I’m especially glad you are recommending to other parents to get their vaccinated! I see no reason to be hesitant in recommending it, but the fact that you have done real research is very refreshing to see in the “natural” world!

  10. Thanks for the series on vaccines. Very helpful!

  11. I know there are a lot of thoughts on vaccinating or not vaccinating – especially on this particular vaccination. I was for getting Measles and Mumps vaccines for my children – but balked at the Rubella vaccine which is made from aborted fetal tissue – definitely something I have a problem with. However, I work with pregnant woman – and weekly have a number of pregnant woman in my home. I could not justify the small odds of my children getting very mild rubella – vs the huge odds of my rubella’d child causing a pregnant woman in my care to lose her baby. It was a very difficult decision. I spaced this vaccine from other ones though.

    • Thank you for sharing, Veronica. I hear you on the no easy answers. It sounds like you were very deliberate and thoughtful about your decision. Good for you!

    • Just to clarify (and maybe salve your conscience a little bit), the vaccine does not contain any fetal tissue, aborted or otherwise. The vaccines today are not “made from” the tissue. As sad as it makes me that any babies are aborted at all, no babies were killed TO MAKE vaccines. These were elected abortions that would have occurred anyway, and it was decades ago.

      “The rubella vaccine virus is cultured in human cell-line cultures, and some of these cell lines originated from aborted fetal tissue, obtained from legal abortions in the 1960’s. No new fetal tissue is needed to produce cell lines to make these vaccines, now or in the future. Fetal tissue is not used to produce vaccines; cell lines generated from a single fetal tissue source are used; vaccine manufacturers obtain human cell lines from FDA-certified cell banks. After processing, very little, if any, of that tissue remains in the vaccine.

      So if there is any tiny residual cellular material in a vaccine, it is from cell lines. Although those cell lines originated in aborted fetal tissue decades ago, there is no aborted fetal tissue itself in the vaccine.”


  12. Yeah, this is pretty irresponsible advice. Rather than “The Autism Connection,” you might have subtitled that section “Evidence-Free Panic Inspired by Fraudulent Research and Discredited by High-Quality Peer Reviewed Medical Research.”

    • Your post made reading this whole thread this far worthwhile! :). Thanks!

      • A big thumbs up from me!

  13. If it’s on the news, it MUST be true!! You know, like how raw milk is dangerous and Iran is going to nuke us any day!

  14. Awesome discussion around this one on Facebook:

    Ainsley Peck
    I Absolutely not.

    Gigi Dangerfoot
    We’re waiting until after our kids’ brain develop a little more- after age 3. Both my husband and I have Asperger’s, and our son is showing definite signs of an ASD (he’s too young to officially diagnose- age 2- but he’s going through evaluations). Our daughter isn’t born yet (due in January!).

    I think it’s an important vax, but I don’t see the harm in delaying it a bit. Especially since my son doesn’t go to daycare, we only have playdates with one family, and we don’t often go to public places we don’t routinely go to. My son is very dependent on his routine (like most of us on the Autism Spectrum), right now he’s too young to reason and explain to him and teach him how to deal with changes to the routine. Once he’s older we will be introducing him to more public places and kids, then he will need the vax more. But for now it isn’t necessary.

    IDK if the MMR CAUSES Autism, I don’t really think (and this is JMO) even if it has something to do with it it’s the only cause. But I could see it effecting the development of a child that has a genetic predisposition- like our kids. So for us it makes sense to wait. if he were in daycare or something though I would probably get the vax.
    Monday at 12:18pm · Like · 2

    Kate Sprague
    There is no reason to get it. Most of the people involved have been vaccinated, so why risk damage from the vaccine when you will still get it if exposed? The MMR causes horrible GI damage, as the measles virus from the vaccine has been proven to live in intestines (lymphoid nodular hyperplasia). Poison is poison, delayed or not.

    Nicole Silvester
    My nephew had a horrible reaction to this vaccine. It did something to his blood and he almost bled out! The doctors said this kind of reaction is rare, but even so. She has decided to wait until her daughter is older to get this shot. Since my child will have the some of the same genetics I am terrified of this vaccine and will probably wait till s/he is older until we give it. But I do think its an important vaccine.

    Melissa Parks Boudreaux
    I chose yes for both of my children. I just separated it from the others and we did the MMR at the next visit.

    Marianna Sachse
    That researcher you cited has long been debunked. Check the latest information! His study was highly flawed and biased.

    Annie-Rae Marques
    Actually this article talks about how he is innocent

    Joy Todaro Kemp
    That’s where I stopped with my daughter after she exhibited autistic qualities. No way was I tipping it over the edge with this.

    Diana Wright
    I try and wait for my children to have vaccines till they are age 5 (I am not for vaccines though as they are unethical ) , my 4 year old was over dosed by vaccines and other medication’s thank’s to his foster mother she was an rn or some type of health aid who took care of the elderly and knew where to get him all his shots before he was even scheduled for them and he has suffered for that. she also gave him medications he did not need (asthma med’s to make him drowsy, adult vicks , adult tylenol, children’s tylenol and a host of other medications including vicodine and codine, how we found out was through a spinal tap shortly after getting him back, he was screaming non stop for a whole week so we rushed him to the hospital and the doctor’s noticed he was going through with drawels and suggested we do the spinal tap to find out what is in his system we asked if a blood sample would be just as good and they said no, they also took hair samples and found at the tip’s other meds.The doctor’s said he would have to hold out so for the next 5 months, non stop screaming it was heart wrenching ) He is on par with everything except verbal and social interaction he is getting there quickly since he turned 4 with work and patience and he does not have autism luckily. I want to add though after we got him back the foster family was not allowed to adopt or foster ever again (great full that no other child has to suffer) yet we could not prosecute them even with proof. I wish vaccines were more natural and ethical rather then synthetic, why are human embryo’s cells, etc in them, they have wrecked a lot of lives , have caused death etc we are so advanced medically yet no effort for a more humane and natural medicine I think it is a shame since synthetic’s and unnatural foods and medicine have been proven to cause illness and depression.

    Mistie Moore Jones
    I chose not to get it for my children and I never will.

    Johanna Merrill Price
    I thought you could no longer split the MMR? Our doctor said they wouldn’t be able to get just the measles vax.

    Melissa King
    We just went today for my daughters 15 Month appointment. We are on our own schedule for vaccines and we have never had any problems with our doctor concerning this. However, this time we saw a nurse practitioner and she berated me throughout the entire visit. Saying that if I were educated about it then I would make a different decision concerning vaccines. She ended my visit with handing me a book to look at that was filled with stories about children who died from not receiving a vaccine. I was so frustrated! Gggrr! Needless to say, we will refuse to see her in the future.

    Jennifer Cook
    Why do people still think vaccines cause autism? That myth/statement has been proven false. Did you all not see it on the news? I think the vaccine schedule is rediculous.. and we do need to spread out the vaccination process…. But our world/communities are healthier and safer to live in thanks to medical advances and the invention of vaccines… None of us were around back when these disease/virus’ were killing people..

    Jessica Fashun
    We got it but at 21 months and with no other vaccines at same time.

    Melanie Lloyd
    @Jennifer Cook I couldn’t agree more! I feel that if people were actually experiencing these diseases first hand like our grandparents and great grandparents did they would be lining up to get vaccinated without an argument.

    Rozaliya Farberov
    The website claiming that Walker is innocent is just that. Whether that is true or not is irrelevant, because HIS STUDY is what was proved to be misleading. There has been better designed research after his “findings” that has debunked the autism-mmr relationship. I do feel spreading out vaccines along an extended schedule is beneficial for the simple reason that I don’t like to get more than one shot at a time, so why should my baby?

    Melanie Lloyd
    Also I think a lot of the non-vaccinating parents fail to consider that vaccines are generally given to many people most of whom are healthy. People tolerate far less risk from vaccines than the antibiotics and additional medications used to treat the diseases it causes.

    Nauana Alvarez
    i definitely got it to my child dont want to take any risks with this nasty diseases

    Kate Rowan
    I will not be giving this or any other vaccine to my son.

    Obbs AndLala
    The article that talks about him being innocent is him being innocent of making the whole thing up, faking the results. It has been proven that the study was done. That’s all he is innocent of.
    That has NOTHING to do with him being innocent of doing a very small bias study, of children some of whom already had signs of autism, that absolutely does not prove that MMR causes autism.

    Kami Fiechter-Bear
    Parents that don’t vaccinate or choose a reduced vaccine schedule are, in my opinion, the most educated on this topic. Most vaccine research is done by the vaccine manufacturers themselves…hmmm…seems fishy to me. The amount of vaccines given to children these days are CRAZY! To say we are a healthy country because of these vaccines is comical. My children have not received a singe vaccine. In regards to general health, my kids are far healthier than those that were vaccinated – No allergies, asthma, ear infections, etc. In McHenry Co, IL this year, 25 students got whooping cough…of those 25 ALL were vaccinated and ALL had their boosters. Therefore, you must question the effectiveness of it all. Lastly, have you seen what’s in these vaccines?? No thanks! I won’t let my kids eat Hydrogenated oil, HFCS, etc. Why on earth would I inject them other toxins?

    I have been on the other side of the fence (where I thought people that did not vaccinate were crazy!). Once I actually started looking into myself, I realized the best decision I could make for my family was NOT to vaccinate. There’s just too many acceptable causalities.

    Sarah Mouser
    All my children have been vaccinated on a regular schedule and are very healthy. I hate to see them with a cold so I sure the heck am not risking measles, pox, hepatitis…
    Monday at 1:37pm · Like · 3

    Jamie Pasco
    Well said, Jennifer Cook! 🙂

    Jennifer Centola
    We do not vax currently, but like Mama Natural will probably selectively vax when our kids are older.

    Esther Aust
    It really bugs me to see people claiming that vaccines are soley responsible for the reason so many diseases aren’t around anymore. There have been a whole lot of changes between the early 1900’s and now! Things like indoor plumbing, running water, garbage collection, better access to more advanced healthcare, and fully stocked groceries just to name a few. Things that improve our health. It’s ironic that vaccines get all the credit…

    Kami Fiechter-Bear
    Just because you vaccinate your child DOES NOT guarantee your child won’t get MMR, or whatever else you vaccinate against. There’s outbreaks all of the time in those that are vaccinated and up-to-date on boosters. If I was to inject my child with that many toxins I’d want to know that it worked and there’d be NO side effects…but they can’t offer that. I’ll pass.

    Kami Fiechter-Bear
    And Esther, I agree…most disease we vaccinate against was completely irradicated prior to the vaccine even coming out.

    Jill Evans
    THANK YOU for posting these vaccine series- it’s so nice to get honest information!

    Theresa Burdine
    My complaint is that we are asked to just assume that are child will not be one of the many that receive one side affect or another and to hold on to the notion that this it all for the greater good.

    Amanda Jovel
    ‎@jennifer cook: do u really believe everything that you hear on the news? that’s scary

    Christine Aliwisha
    I was reading an article about parents refusing and it said that parents today have not seen these illnesses hence dont know what they are like. It takes one person from overseas to bring it to the US and start an epidemic.

    Megan Lemke Schmidt
    Sorry, but my kids will not be getting this TOXIC GARBAGE! Natural and had some great vaccine info.

    Megan Lemke Schmidt
    CDC vaccine scientist who downplayed links to autism indicted by DOJ in alleged fraud scheme

    Melanie Lloyd
    Megan, of course anti-vaccination websites are going to say what you want to hear if you have already convinced yourself to not vaccinate. IMO I think it’s important educate yourself by reading information from credible sources that aren’t strongly opinionated one way or the other and then make a decision. Just saying.

    Tiffany Kasprzak Young
    Megan im with you. Dr sears For vaccinations has a great book @Melanie, and he is not strongly opinionated either way, but does a great job at honestly explaining what is in them, including all the crap!

    Carrie Graham
    Melanie- Christine-Actually my grandparents had most of theys disease even polio.My mom had mumps, i had chickenpox.So no i doubt they would be lining up to get vaxed! You guys need to do some serious research other then the cdc. You do know that vaxed kids get theys disease all the time! Have you read the insert packet that come with the vaxes?? I highly doubt you have, so i suggest u read them BEFORE you get the vax & come back & ill bet you will have a different opinion on vaxes.Just so you know you half to ask for them from the Dr they dont make this info available unless asked for.Its in with the boxes of vaccines just so were clear on this.I suggest you ask for them. I dont get it, i wouldnt even allow my child to eat some thing without reading the ingredients, why would i be injecting some thing in them without reading the insert packets & ingredients.I wouldnt allow my child to eat foods with aluminum in them or formaldehyde a none carcinogenic in vaccines, so why would i allow it to be injected into them!!! I have read both sides of the debate, as i was a mom who use to vax ,so dont tell me to read credible sources when clearly you havent done the research.Btw- how long did it take you to decide to vax? It took me 4 years to decide no to… just saying

    Melanie Lloyd
    ‎@Carrie, I don’t think it’s fair or mature of you to assume that I have not done my research or that I am not aware of the side effects and the ingredients that are put into the vaccines. Like I said earlier…vaccines are generally given to many people most of whom are healthy. People tolerate far less risk from vaccines than the antibiotics and additional medications used to treat the diseases it causes. The research I have done is based on solid scientific data. If you could show me solid scientific data that proves not vaccinating is the way to go then I would be more than willing to see your point. Out of curiosity, have you considered the fact that not vaccinating your child puts your own child, other peoples babies who are to young to receive vaccinations, as well as immunocompromised people at risk? Herd immunity is very important as I feel it is often forgotten about. Also, I didn’t say to read credible sources “period”, I said to read credible sources that aren’t strongly opinionated one way or the other as to not influence you based on personal beliefs, that way you can make a mature decision based on facts.

    Melanie Lloyd
    Also Carrie, you said “I wouldn’t allow my child to eat foods with aluminum in them” are you positive your child has never eaten any of the following?….

    Foods made with aluminized baking powder*, self-rising flour*, and salt. The following are some of these products:

    Microwave popcorn
    Salted snacks
    Hot cocoa mixes
    Pickles and relish
    *Flour tortillas
    *Pizza crust
    *Baking mixes
    *Corn bread
    *Banana bread
    *Carrot bread
    *Dipping batter for fried foods

    …just curious.

    Megan Lemke Schmidt
    Solid Scientific Data? I think you mean “persistent vaccine mythology !” that has been propagandized by the vaccine industry, medical practitioners and even governments which UNDERWRITE VACCINE RISKS!

    Melanie Lloyd
    No, I meant solid scientific data, but thanks anyways.

    Megan Lemke Schmidt
    Sorry but there’s is no SOLID SCIENTIFIC DATA that vaccines are proven to be safe or effective.

    Carrie Graham
    Melanie- The “selfish” crap doesn’t get to me….if there were 100,000 children in a room and I could save 100 or my ONE, then I would save my one child. Every.single.time. Selfish? Don’t care, I am here to take care of my 2 kids. period. AND the immune compromised and elderly should NOT be around vaxed kids as they SHED the disease and put all those around them at an incredible risk…check the insert packets please! Are you up to date on all your vaccines Melanie? Is your immediate family up to date? Adults make uo the herd immunity as well, given vaccine failure rates, lack of adult vaccines herd immunity is impossible, its a theory…

    Melanie Lloyd
    I never said anything about solid scientific data that proves vaccines to be safe or effective, I said “the research that I have done is based on solid scientific data”. From that research I have weighed the pros and cons of vaccinating. Based on that, I have personally decided that the pros of vaccinating outweigh the cons and therefore have decided to vaccinate. Of course I am aware of the success rate and the risks. To me they are not as big a deal as the risks of my child contracting a dangerous life threatening disease or passing that disease on to a newborn baby or to your un-vaccinated child for instance. I wish you luck and the best of health for you, your child/children, and anyone they come in contact with. The end.

    Melanie Lloyd
    Yes Carrie, my husband and I are up to date on all of our vaccines. Thank you for asking. You are very passionate about your decision as I am about mine and that is just the way it is going to be. I am just happy to know that more people in America choose to vaccinate than choose not to. Fortunately for me and my family you are in the minority. You should be grateful for herd immunity as it is helping to protect your un-vaccinated children. Also, please stop assuming that I haven’t done my research or read the insert packets. It seems you are trying to degrade me. Just because you have a different opinion than me does not make me uneducated on the topic. Yes, the live vaccines do shed but the chance of someone picking up the virus from this shedding is very low. This is one of the pros and cons that I have already weighed.

    Carrie Graham

    Carrie Graham
    I disagree with vaccine-induced herd immunity argument. There have been examples of natural herd immunity to diseases, i.e. chicken pox. The vast majority had it in childhood and developed natural lifelong immunity. Then adults are periodically re-exposed to it through their own children and grandchildren for natural boosters. That is the herd immunity. The pro-vax herd immunity argument is flawed because it’s based on flawed assumptions that vaccines are 95 or 100% effective (which they are not), that viruses and bacteria don’t mutate in order to survive (which they do), and that everyone will agree to take a possibility of damaging their child for the greater good and bring him to the “altar” for the sake of the herd (which many do not).

    Carrie Graham
    You do realize that measles outbreaks is in highly vaccinated populations.
    Mumps has a high failure rate, with repeated epidemics in highly vaccinated populations as well.
    I question the sustainability of vaccine induced herd immunity in a disease like measles.

    I know the OPV offered herd immunity. The IPV not. The IPV does not prevent transmission of the virus, but does protect the individual.

    Hib seem to offer herb immunity, against Hib, but the issue of serotype replacement makes the true benefit of the vaccine questionable. (overal reduction of meningitis)

    DTaP is not a herd immunity vaccine. Tetanus is not a communicable disease. The Diptheria portion does not prevent transmission, but protects the individual. The same with Pertussis. The vaccine does not interrupt transmission. And the pertussis portion is not as effective as for instance the measles vaccine.

    My point? Saying that herd immunity exists and all vaccines have the ability to protect directly the vaccinated individual) and indirectly (the herd) is not a claim that stands up to closer scrutiny.

    Melanie Lloyd
    Lets just agree to disagree and leave it at that. I’m going to go play with my child as he is more important to me than this long, drawn out discussion. We are not convincing each other to change our opinions on the matter. It’s a waste of time. I also wish you luck and the best of health for you, your children, and anyone they come in contact with. Have a nice day.

    Megan Lemke Schmidt
    I think we need a vaccine to remove Delusion! So who’s ready to throw there kids in line for the “Anthrax Vaccine” they think our children need? My 5 children certainly will NOT be! Melanie would you be the first? Where is the unbiased “based” solid scientific data research on all these vaccines? The CDC oversees vaccine research, safety and promotion! There is to many conflicts of interest sweeping this nation, linking the government, who, cdc, big pharma,etc. and it all has to do with PROFIT! The health of us & our children come last….

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