PCV Vaccine – Childhood Vaccine Series

What is the vaccine?

The PCV Vaccine (or Pc vaccine) vaccine protects against Pneumococcus.

When is it administered?

At 2, 4, 6, and 15 months

What is the disease?

Pneumococcus (Pc) is a bacterium and similar to HIB can cause common cold symptoms, coughing, ear pain and even pneumonia and meningitis. It’s transmitted through an infected person’s cough, mucous and saliva.
Is it serious? It can be if the infection spreads to bloodstream which has a 20% fatality rate; while if it manifests as meningitis, it has a 30% fatality rate. IV antibiotics are the course of treatment.

Is it common?

Yes. Pneumococcus is the most common cause of respiratory infections and childhood meningitis. Since the vaccine came out in 2001, we see approximately 8,000 to 12,000 cases of severe Pc each year in young children. However, we also see that since the vaccine, the bacterium has morphed and over 90% of these serious cases contain a strain that was NOT found in the vaccine.

Is the vaccine controversial?

The Pc vaccine does contain 125 micrograms of aluminum. Aluminum in larger doses may cause damage to the human body. Additionally, the vaccine has a higher side effect rate than the HIB and DTaP with 1 in 20,000 children reacting with a seizure.

Mama Natural’s take:

This can be a very serious disease and the Pc germ is definitely out there. If you have a baby in daycare and aren’t breastfeeding, I would strongly encourage you to think about getting this vaccine, even with the high morph rate of this bacteria. Since breastfeeding coats the baby’s nose, throat and digestive tract with antibodies that help protect them from catching germs. It’s not fail proof but it definitely is a strong deterrent. If you do get this vaccine, space it out from the other vaccines that contain aluminum so it isn’t as toxic for baby’s system. We did not give Griffin this vaccine but I would have if our situation was different. This disease is treatable unlike some of the other diseases so at least there is a course of action that is usually effective.

Here are all the other videos in this series

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  1. Genevieve can you be more specific on what you mean by “spacing out” the vaccines? Are we talking a few weeks, months, etc?

  2. I had pneumonia aged 8 – I don’t know if it was from pneumococcus, but I’d actually passed the “crisis” point of the illness when I went to the hospital and was given the drugs….waste of time in my opinion, but hey, children are tough! Well, those with a good start are, anyway. Very helpful video. 🙂

  3. Hi Genevieve,
    Would you mind sharing the vaccination schedule you followed with you children? Thank you so much for your highly informative website and especially for all the thorough info you’ve presented on vaccines. Truly one of the best websites presenting information in a clear, unbiased, and well researched format.

  4. Hello Genevieve! Thank you for your informative videos. You state in all of your videos that your baby is breast fed and because if that has less chances of illness. I have an 8 month old who has never been breast fed because I had to endure a double mastectomy years ago. I have givens my son organic formula as that is the best I can do. I feel horrible that I can’t beast feed my son. It breaks my heart everyday. What can I do as an effective alternative for breast milk?

  5. My 4 month old is breastfed but does go to a small in-home daycare that has 5-6 other children under the age of 3. And 4 children ages 8-10. Do you think I should get this vaccine for my baby? I lean more towards not vaccinating and maybe get some when baby is older (over a year).

  6. Oh, thank you sooooo much! This series is absolutely informative and appreciated. I don’t have children yet… not married yet. LOL!, but this has helped me make very wise choices for my little ones in the future. Thanks again for doing the series, and being so proactive with this site. I love it!

    • Thanks Miss Dee! I love how proactive you are :). You’re gonna make a wonderful mama some day…

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