Polio Vaccine (IPV) – Childhood Vaccine Series

What is the vaccine?

The vaccine protects against the disease of Polio.

When is it administered?

Two months, four months, eighteen months and five years.

What is the disease?

Polio is a virus that is spread like the common cold or flu. While many infected don’t have symptoms, those that do complain of fever and sore throat.

Is it serious?

Most cases are relatively harmless, but there are some cases that can result in paralysis, usually temporary, that’s treated with breathing machines (to keep the lungs functioning) until the paralysis wears off. However, in 2/3rd of these individuals with paralysis, there is permanent muscle weakness

Is it common?

Polio isn’t common in the U.S. with zero cases being reported since 1985.

Is the vaccine controversial?

This vaccine has very few side effects since it contains the inactive form of the virus and is one of the safest. However, there are some controversial ingredients including monkey kidney cells, baby cow blood serum, and human albumin (as well as glutamate, component of MSG, and formaldehyde.

Mama Natural’s take:

Unless you plan on traveling to Africa and Asia, I wouldn’t recommend this vaccine since this disease is non-existent in the U.S. However, from a public health standpoint, you can get this vaccine to be sure the disease doesn’t make a comeback. We will vaccinate our son once we travel internationally as a family.

Here are all the other videos in this series

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  1. Would be good to update the amount of cases of Polio in the US because the disease is showing up again in many countries around the world. Saying that there are zero cases since 1985 is not an argument to think that there is not a risk and kids doesn’t need the vaccination… less when people fly from and to US everyday. When you decide not to give the vaccination to your kid you are taking an unnecessary risk.

  2. How about thedifference between the oraoral polio .? I remember reading aboit people that became crippled from polio are people that we inficted by other people who received the oral vaccine and that wild naturally occuring polio does not cripple people? Who knows idthats true or not but something to think about. Also why the oral vaccine was stopped in the US but not eles where in the world

  3. I just want to say I love your take on vaccines how you offer the good the bad and why its given, and in the end how it comes down to a family choice. I love your video on the MMR I hate when people say “doesn’t that cause autism” and they have never really done the research. We chose to go ahead and vaccinate on scheduled few a few different reasons and I hate being treated like I mutilated my child.

  4. I heard vaccine can cause autism? is it right? what do you think?

    • I would take a look at my MMR vaccine video re: autism.

      • Hello,

        I just wondered whether you knew anything about the new Meningitis B vaccine? Its not mentioned in Dr Sears book.

        Thank you for the videos above, they are such a useful reference when wanting the main facts about each vaccine and disease.

  5. So, if vaccinations can prevent very serious diseases like polio, diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough, which can cause paralysis and even death, why are many parents refusing to vaccinate their children these days?

    Is it because polio isn’t common in the States?

    Just a thought….


    • Linda, I think there are very few parents who ignore these vaccinations. In US most of the parents are aware and they take special care of the vaccinations. i guess the migrants from some countries who are living in hiding and are not exposed to proper education are the ones getting affected.

      We need to look at the third world countries where the Polio is still a menace.. I think UNICEF is doing a fantastic job!

  6. No worries. I was laughing when it happened. I was like, ‘heeeeey, they no gonna let me watch.’ LOL!

  7. Uh oh. This one is tagged private, too. LOL! Hey, YOUTUBE, get it togetha! LOL!

    • Bah! Now this is a problem with my site. I scheduled this post to publish at 11am. And I scheduled the video to publish on YouTube at 10:50 #automationfail

      Thanks for bearing with me, Miss Dee!

      • .What are your qualifications to be giving advice and reccomendations on vaccinateing people’s children? It is against the law to practice medicine without a license in every state in the US.

        By the way. You say you will ONLY vaccinate you children if you travel internationally. Well think about this. More and more are making the unwise decision to not vaccinate their children. Let’s say they take their unvaccinated child out of the country and they become infected. Then the child returns to the US before they even know they are sick. Now lets say your child is exposed to them. Your child is going to get polio. My father died from polio during the epidemic in the 50’s. Polio happens to be HIGHLY contagious. For all you know a man in Iraq might be boarding a plane that’s headed right now to your city. He doesn’t even know yet that he’s sick. With todays travel, people can come from all over the world easily spreading diseases.

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