Childhood Vaccines Series Intro

The question I get asked the most is “What’s your take on vaccines?” Or “Are you going to vaccinate your son?”

I avoided doing a vaccine video series on this for awhile since it’s such a controversial issue, and there isn’t one “right” course of action for everyone. Additionally, it’s a lot of work!

However, after much thought, I’ve decided to do a video series as a way to provide “food for thought” for mamas and papas as they think about their choices regarding vaccination. I say choices because there are so many ways to address this issue. You can either chose not to vaccinate at all. You can choose to vaccinate your child according the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) schedule. Or you can pick and chose which vaccines you want to give your child. And there are many choices in-between.

I’ve done my homework researching the different diseases and vaccines and actually changed my view on a few vaccines as a result of doing this video series. Bottom line: there are no easy answers!

I also need to stress… I AM NOT A DOCTOR. Nor am I a medical professional. I’m just one natural mama, sharing her perspectives. Take what you like and leave the rest.

As you think about vaccinating or not vaccinating your child, some thoughtful questions would include:

  • Is your child in daycare or have only a few caregivers?
  • Does your child have siblings that are in school or daycare?
  • Does either parent or caretaker work in a school or hospital, where they are exposed to many germs?
  • Has the child shown any signs of a weakened immunity such as eczema, thrush, asthma, allergies, hives, and so forth?
  • Do you plan on traveling internationally with child?

These considerations can either lead you to choose not to get vaccines due to your child’s more delicate immunity or to choose to get vaccines to protect him/her from various diseases. Either way, if that were my child, I would get the vaccines at a slower rate than the current AAP schedule given the child’s sensitivities. Additionally, parents may chose to get vaccines as a form of social service to prevent some of the now rare childhood diseases from making a comeback.

I used The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears as well as a slew of other materials as my research, including and Deadly Choices by Paul A. Offit M.D.

Here are all the other videos in this series

DISCLAIMER: This video is not designed to and does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment or services to you, your children, or any other individual. Mama Natural provides general information for educational purposes only. The information provided in this video is not a substitute for medical or professional care, and you should not use the information in place of a visit, call consultation or the advice of your physician or other healthcare provider. Mama Natural is not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you obtain through this video or site.
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  1. You don’t keep your son locked in your home 24/7 in a cage, do you?
    I didn’t think that you did, in which case even though you don’t put him in public day care, it seems like you go to church, take him with you to the playground, go with him to the store, etc. If you decide to make the personal choice to not vaccinate your child against diseases that are only uncommon because of vaccinations, then please leave your child under lock and key at home 24/7.
    No need to punish all the people that actually understand why we need vaccines.

    • My probem with your comments are WHAT ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT if you have vaccinated you child. Are you worried that the vaccines don’t work just don’t get it. Neither for or against. This issue is a choice.

      • My comment was for Dalia

      • I agree. If your kid has the vaccine, then technically he/she should be protected…if it does what you believe it to.

  2. So did your child receive any of these vaccinations? It looks like you decided against all of them.

  3. How do you like that advice now! Dumb Ass! When you get your medical degree and some common sense come back!

  4. I loved your videos. They made me feel so confident when I walked into the doctors office to tell them I did not want to vaccinate. That is when I found out no doctor anywhere will take my child because insurance will not pay the doctor the full 100% I am devastated. My own country has completely taken away my right to do what I feel is safest for my baby. I sit here crying wondering what to do but lets face it my child has to have health care…. I am just devastated.

  5. Thank you so much for your research & sharing on the subject. I have a 3mo. old & am so conflicted as to what I should do. Definitely we will wait, but I’m not totally comfortable with doing nothing.
    A question for your & your readers- has anyone looked into homeopathic alternatives? I’m particularly interested in what Kate Birch has written, but wanted to hear what others might think.

  6. I have a question to the dtap/tdap shot during pregnancy. I am 35 weeks and was asked to get one today at my doctores appointment. I turned it down, due to my current research of vaccinations, and was told to think about it and decide by next week. I’ve read horror stories and I’ve read the ‘must have’ google stories. I really don’t want to base my decision out of fear but my gut tells me not to get it. Do you have an opinion on this shot during pregnancy? I would love to hear from you, I just started to follow your blog and I’m REALLY enjoying it. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

    • Get 0 vaccines during pregnancy.

  7. Genevieve, Thank you for having the courage to post this series! I am pregnant with our first child and there is so much overwhelming information regarding vaccines (and really everything pregnancy, childbirth and baby related). People are so polarized on the issue. I admire your grounded approach on the issue. Undoubtably, every parent has the responsibility to education themselves and make the right choice for their family. Do you have any recommendations for how to search for a pediatrician that honors your vaccine choices and schedule? We live in Chicago too (Oak Park area) and are blessed with so many pediatricians locally that it’s overwhelming to begin the search. Thanks for sharing your gift with the rest of us mamas!

  8. THANK YOU for these posts!! I have been researching and reading books and I feel that your interpretations were very to the point. Just what I needed. I knew I didn’t want to vaccinate, at least not right away, but I felt I needed to know more facts about the diseases and vaccines and you definitely summed it up and answered most questions I had.

    Thanks again, from one mama to another 🙂

  9. How about the flu shot?

    • I’d like to know about this one too! Especially since I am breastfeeding my 5 month old. They are giving free flu shots at my job. I’m not sure if I should get one. Need more advice. Thanks Mama Natural!! I’m very thankful for all of your videos, tips and advice. God bless

      • I don’t know much about flu shot composition (harmful chemicals, etc) but I do know math. The flu shots only work to prevent 3 strands of virus that were common LAST year. Therefore, with the many virus strands out there, you’re betting you got the right ones. This is a gamble with bad odds.

  10. Everyone is different with paleo different types of food items include bread, amaranth,
    cakes, cookies, rice and granola bars. So when you then eat the grass fed meat, wild
    caught fish, fruits and nuts. Your immune system responds to the idea of scarcity of food by slowing down your metabolism
    in the way of byproducts.

  11. Hey Geneveive!!
    Wow, God know exactly what we need when we need it!! After laborious research, thought, and discussion with my husband, we decided the best choice for our family was to vaccinate (well, mostly!). This decision based on two aunts working in the educational system, two cousins in daycare, and will-be (if the sleep schedule ever evens out!) weekly church nursery attendance.
    We made the decision, but I have personally battled with my wavering resolve. There is so much information constantly swirling above every mama’s head, it can really make one question their choices. I felt good about it, but had people close to me questioning that decision.
    I was introduced to you by my sister several months ago, but with a newborn (as I’m certain you know!), I didn’t have much time for leisurely activities aside from sleep when and where I could! 😉
    Well I’ve been poring over your site for the past couple of days now, and today, just a week before the next round of vaccinations for my son, I stumbled upon these.
    I really respect you and agree with a lot of what you have to say. I was greatly relieved to see that you don’t have a strict opposition to vaccinations, and in fact, provided the circumstances required it, would get many of the inoculations for your own son.
    I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for posting his series!! It is such an encouragement to me, and it was just what I needed today as I sat to worry one more time over the decisions I made.
    Sometimes all we need is to see that someone we respect agrees with us. I love your site! Thank you for always keeping things fresh and interesting, and most importantly humorous!! 🙂

    • Aw, thanks so much Cyndi! Your email was so kind!! I just share my experience and hope that it’s helpful to other mamas so glad it was to you :)> Vaccines are a tough one and we need to look at from all angles. And, keep an open mind 🙂

  12. My daughter is 4 and we have not vaccinated her at all. This was never a decision we made lightly, nor do we always feel 100% sure about it. That said, I do not regret our decision. However, I will continue to ask questions and explore the issue because the “truth” of science is always changing and I am always open to change. I am grateful that this issue is hotly debated and discussed, there’s a lot to learn.

    History usually shows us what we can’t see now. I believe that one day our understanding of vaccines and will become more clear.

  13. Thank you to those who mention “herd immunity” and the role of vaccines in protecting the whole community, not just my child or yours. I can’t imagine anything worse than causing a vulnerable newborn or other person to die because I elected not to vaccinate. Our kids can eat healthy, get exposed to plenty of germs/colds to strengthen their immune systems, and be part of a world that does not lose lives in epidemics. Thank goodness.

  14. This is so wrong and irresponsible!!

    A school in Floyd, Virginia had to shut down because most kids were not vaccinated against Pertussis.

    This is just a glimpse into what would happen if we all were anti-vaccine.

  15. HERD IMMUNITY !! read about this in your reasearch beacuse it is the true reason and success behind vaccinations. You are not protected because you had a vaccine, you are protected beacuse most people around you are also vaccinated. Like building a wall to keep a certain invader out. My friend has her PhD in Public Health and explained this to me in deatail and even lendt me a few of her books. It is very complex and i agree those little pamphlets and even my graduate school human physiology were not adequate at explaining the immune system. Why do you think they now want all girls and boys to get Hep B at birth? First it is cheaper to produce in small quantities and second they are thinking to build the wall that will keep that certain virus out. You cannot irradicate a disease completely but you can keep it out. Eventually they will do the same with HIV vaccine, you’ll see…. In the mean time what to do? Personally I don’t live on an island alone, i live in a community and I understand and respect herd immunity so I will do what I can to make it safer for my children, to have one vaccine at atime, breastfeed 2 years before, spacing them out and including our pediatrician praying over the vaccine before he gives it. I may be helping to protect those weaker in our society such as elderly, pregnant and other immune compromised by helping to build the wall up, while building up my own children before i intriduce it. Our kids will face alot of poisons in their lives, starting with their first ultrasound (no where dose it say it is safe, only it is considered safe but only reccommended when necessary by Radiology Assoc.), to the food they eat. If they ever have a store bought food, ceral a cracker, it is packaged in plastic. Everything is in plastic. The clothes they wear is treated with chemicals at some phase o production. The best thing for our kids is to build them up, keep them strong and healthy.

    • Eva, I highly encourage you to continue your research on herd immunity and it’s myth. MANY, and I say many, doctors (neurosurgeons, pediatricians, immunologist just to name a few) have spoken out on the completely false claims and misunderstanding of herd immunity. The “herd” hasn’t been immune for over 40+ years. You really should continue on that quest of research… “Vaccination is not immunization” by Dr. O’Shea is one of a bunch of great, resourceful books on this topic and this is a great article to start that provides plenty of credible sources.


  16. My son is completely unvaccinated, and will continue to be unvaccinated until he can make the choice for himself if he wants them. I have a stepdaughter that was vaccinated, and she is the one of sickest childen I have ever cared for. She deals with a very poor immune system and is sick constantly, including getting the chicken pox even though she was immunized. My youngest brother is the only one of us that never had any vaccines, and he is the healthiest kid in our family, out of 5 kids with varying amounts of vaccines. I think vaccines can be helpful, but there is a price to pay.

  17. Just want to say first of all that it’s so nice and refreshing to see people having so many differing opinions, yet being so respectful. I just wanted to add a quick comment about the flu shot and the whole media thing. Last year, it disgusted me that the Walgreen’s campaign was based on a heart shaped sticker and TV commercial blitz that basically stated that if you love your family, you’ll get everyone a flu shot! ugh. Anyway, none of us (myself, hubs, 5 yo, 4yo or 11mo) will get a flu shot this year. I have only had it once and did fine with it; hubs has only had it once and it was the only year he got the flu! I felt uneasy doing nothing other than good nutrition, sleeping well, etc. so we got a homeopathic ‘flu kit’ for the family. We’ve done it three years running and so far, so good.

    • What is in the homeopathic flu kit? Sounds interesting. We’re not doing flu shots either. They make me sick. Me and baby (3 months), don’t get out much. We stay inside and cook homemade ‘Mama Naturals chicken broth n mega mineral soup’! We’re betting on good hygiene and good diet.

    • I agree. It’s becoming big business :(.

  18. My mom is a doctor and has warned us all our lives of the risks of NOT getting vaccines.
    I usually find that people that are against vaccinations are the ones that don´t really understand what happens.
    The amount of antigens given in a vaccination is so small, that our children´s immune systems can easily handle them and we give them the chance to develop the antibodies they need to protect themselves.
    A lot of people don´t understand that seemingly harmless diseases like measles, that could be prevented by getting the early childhood vaccination, can lead to more dangerous infections like meningitis, that can actually kill you.
    Ever since the introduction of vaccinations the number of illnesses that are based on infections has gone down dramatically and a lot of diseases that used to be lethal have been nearly wiped out.
    I believe you´re doing your child no favour by leaving away any vaccinations.
    to the contrary your putting your child at an unnecessary risk.
    Thinking about natural living is fine and good but when it comes to their health – NATURAL IMMUNE DEFENSE IS NOT GOOD!

    • Im sorry but you just said NATURAL IMMUNE DEFENSE IS NOT GOOD? WOW!!!

  19. Hey Amy … good question … Well, with my first baby, I just started getting all the shots as was recommended, but after a while I started to question WHY? But I was still too scared to not do what “everyone” was advising.

    Then I spoke with some friends who were living a more natural lifestyle, so it started to give me food for thought and that began a lot of research for me.

    I also spoke with my family doctor and he was supportive of my decision not to vaccinate if I didn’t want to … so when baby no# came along I said NO. He’s only 2, so I am still deciding if I want him to have some shots, but for now it’s nothing.

    I definitely support choice as it’s different for everyone, but I am happy with my decision for now 🙂

    • Thanks Tracey! I think your right about everyone’s situation is different. I think it’s interesting that the media and docs seem to make parents that decided against the shots as if they are making a purely emotional decision or almost a rebellious choice. I’m finding, however, that a larger percentage of parents that don’t immunize have done research to come to their conclusions where as a large portion of pro immunizers tend to just trust their docs and media without much thought. I didn’t say ALL, but kuddos to thinking for yourself either way! When I see all the parents foregoing shots after researching, it’s makes you realize there is something not quite right about it yet. Vaccines are fairly new and to just trust that these injections aren’t altering our children in any way, seems a bit naive. At the same time, none of us want to see our kid suffer because of our decision. Ugh!

  20. I forgot to mention….I didn’t know when starting my research what a booster shot really is. I went in thinking it was a shot to strengthen ones immunity against a disease, but really it’s just another shot of the first, that is given in hopes to immunize any children that didn’t build antibodies with the first or second shot. This is a lazy practice to me. Doctors can test for antibodies. Why not get tested and see if your child is indeed in need of this extra shot or if it may just be overexposure? There’s that money theme again. I would hope the antibody test would be covered by insurance or made affordable. Ok, I’m done. 😉

  21. Soooo glad you are doing this topic … I decided against vaccinating my 2nd child, but avoid this conversation with other parents as some have VERY strong opinions – One friend said “I think people should be made to vaccinate by law!” CRAZY!

    ANyway, thanks again … looking forward to the series 🙂

    • Tracey, just curious. You said your second child was not immunized? Can you yet tell the difference in the two children’s health? Has one gotten more sick or sick more often than the other? What changed your mind with number two. I’m petrified either way, so your case seems really interesting to me. Hope everyone is well of course.

      • I don’t know if this helps or not Amy, but one of my sister in laws had her child vaccinated and we choose not to vaccinate our daughter. Well there is a big difference between the girls health. Our daughter has only had a tiny runny nose twice in one year and that’s it. On the other hand my niece has gotten sick repeatedly. Another one of my friends has chosen to have her child vaccinated and her child has gotten sick after ever vaccination and in between. I’m only saying that there is big difference in their health. My husband had never had sinus infections until he got the hepatitus B shot.
        Everyone’s body is different and reacts differently, but I believe that there are natural healthy alternatives to strengthen the immune system. My family has been taking Vitamin D3 for the last year and this has helped us stay healthier.

        • Thanks Christine! It’s interesting to compare the different situations. Does your child attend school or daycare (does your sis-in-law’s)? I know I get sick with the inactive flu shot. I’m scared my 3-month old will also respond badly because she’s my daughter and a heightened response, because she’s young. I’m exclusively breastfeeding and feel ‘safe’ while I do this, but don’t know what I’ll do afterward. I do feel that healthy diet/living plays a major part in health. My child depends on me to give her the best possible chance, so I’m researching as hard as I can. I will have to learn to trust whatever decision I make. Kids get sick…..

          • My daughter and my sister in laws daughter does not attend school yet or daycare. I used to work in a daycare and a Montessori school. So I’ve been exposed to a lot of different stuff. I’ve never really gotten sick like every body else. The only difference that I can pin point right now between me and my old co-workers is that I would wash my hands a lot and they would do this also but they would also use a lot of hand sanitizer which kills the good germs as well.

    • Thanks Tracy! I know… in some circles, I’m definitely odd woman out :). Have you noticed any differences in your 1st and 2nd child’s immunity?

      • Well, I’m not really sure because I have to treat both kids very differently as my daughter (3 years old) has Cystic Fibrosis. That means there’s a whole lot of other considerations with her in regards to medication, so I can’t really answer that properly.

      • My first got the immunizatons as scheduled, my second eventually got Polio (after 2 yrs.) and Dtaps (at 5yrs.) and MMR at at 7.
        My 1st daughter has sensitivity issues. What you or I think is warm she feels as hot. A small scratch to us might be nothing, to her it is a gauging cut. The same with noise levels, and visual stiumuli. My second daughter had no vaccines beacuse at 2 mos. of age she was covered head to tow in eczema. So i felt that her little body was already dealing with something there was no need to throw in vaccinations. We eventaully confirmed she had an immense allergy list which with diligence we have cut down by half (it helps that I have a B.S. and M.S. in Holistic Nutrition). I eventually gave her Polio because we were going to go to the Middle East where my husband is from. WE didn’t end up going, but she had them. Next we did the Dtaps beacause i researched it and it was more mild than a tetanus shot post accidental exposure. And tetatanus is deadly. This summer at nearly 7 yr I had her get the MMR. Our pediatrician spaces them out and MMR after 5 he feels is wiser, and feels also that because rubella is deadly to a pregnanct woman, and prenatal fatalities because of disease exposure was not uncommon pre vaccinations…that MMR is valuable to her immunity. Next year when my son turns 5 he will have it as well. The only ones he got were DTPs, starting at age 1 beacuse I had to put him in day care to go back to teaching 1/2 day and pertussis was abound, and he had already had at 2mos. old severe bronchitis where each coughing fit we wouls hold our breath waiting for him to take a breath as he turned blue. NOT FUN, and no need to invite pertusisis. While i worked and girls were in school, my oldest got sick every couple weeks with somethings. My partically vaccinated one, a quarter of the time. Keep in mind she has an overactive immune system because of the allergies. My best friend has NEVER vaccinated her daughters and they were home sick every other week too. So honestly vaccines or not how a child eats, rests and plays has more to do with how their body with respond to a new invader.

        • Eva, thanks so much for sharing. I loved reading your perspectives and your choices were very well thought out. No easy answers for mamas to make but I think you did a great job looking at all angles and making the decisions that worked for your family and circumstances.

  22. Yea! I’m so glad you’re going to tackle this topic. It’s a very had decision whether you do vaccinate or don’t. These are our babies and moms just want to protect. I don’t like the money the gov gives out to people that end up with affected children. It seems to me that it may save the gov cleanup of an epidemic but at what cost to my child. I have absolutely no grounds or science to back this, but my intuition says that immunizing everyone against everything is going to someday really bite us in the butt. There may not be proof of it yet but one day it will. Cancer, endometriosis, male baldness, sterility and yes, autism and other neurological disorders are showing up now in our society and showing more prevalence. Till we find some of the causes, I don’t think it’s overreacting to withhold a potentially problematic regimen.

    Again, I see the relief that could these Immunizations could bring. There currently really is no good answer either way and we should continue to respect the parents decision to choose.

    Thanks again!

    • Thanks Amy for your comments and encouragement. Yes, there are pros and cons on all sides. I think it needs to be looked at on a case by case basis. Lots of research, questioning and analyzing. Ultimately, you need to trust your gut and know that you’re doing what you think is best for kids. XO

  23. Tough subject but you are doing great.

    We used Dr Sears book and decided to make our own schedule to space it out more (a lot more). We have had some difficulty with our Dr. so it has made me think of looking for another pediatrician but finding one OK with an alternative schedule or skipping certain vaccines is not easy…so I continue on and stand my ground with our current MD while I continue to look…..

    • Thanks Karma! This *is* a tough issue and there’s no easy answers. I’m blessed to have a doctor who supports our decisions. You’ll find one too!

  24. I sit at the end of the spectrum of no vaccines at all. I’ve decided, long in advance of having children, that I see no medical reason to vaccinate myself (ever again, since I was vaccinated as a child) or my children for anything at any time. I know this is probably rare.

    From my perspective, God designed our bodies to work a certain way, and vaccinations work against the body rather than with it. Also, because these vaccinations must all have powerful toxic preservatives in order to stay in tact, it makes it extra difficult for me to justify taking them.
    If vaccinations worked like healthy foods, which give our bodies the tools needed to fight disease on its own, I would support them. But the more I read, the more evidence I see against them doing anything but harm.

    I can understand why some people still choose to use them. They are so very prevalent, and the information that talks about the risks is very difficult to find.

    Thanks for discussing the issue. It’s important to spread the word far and wide that vaccines are not the wonderful things we’ve been told they are. They have many dangers and, in my opinion, zero benefits.

    • Laura – Your comment: “God designed our bodies to work a certain way, and vaccinations work against the body rather than with it” caught my attention. Can you explain this?

      • Vaccinations are like a crutch for the immune system. If the immune system never has to put up any kind of fight, even over things like the flu, it won’t be strengthened. It’s even considered a good idea by many natural moms to let children play outside, even in the dirt, in order to build their immune systems.
        This is how the immune system is supposed to work:
        1. People eat nourishing, nutrient-dense foods that God has designated for us as food.
        2. People’s bodies become strong with no hint of nutritional deficiencies.
        3. People encounter germs in their natural environments.
        4. People’s immune systems fight off the disease quickly and efficiently.
        If we follow God’s plan for our health, we won’t get into serious health trouble. Our bodies were designed to withstand even the most serious infectious diseases, with perhaps some natural remedies. The modern idea that we can eat junk and cover it up with antibiotics and vaccinations is hurting us.

        • I’ll clarify that comment a bit to say that vaccinations do not challenge the immune system. It’s kind of like building a muscle. The body does little or no work when it encounters a vaccine. So the immune system remains weak. The immune system needs excercise in order to be strengthened.

          • Thanks for your response Laura! The reason your comment caught my attention was that we seem to have a the same first thought “God designed our bodies to work a certain way…” but yet we have very different after-thoughts. You are right – after learning extensively about the immune system all I could do was sit back and think “wow, God is awesome – He did design us perfectly!” I mean, our bodies are bombarded with antigens daily and yet we stay healthy. Also, some cells become potential cancer cells and yet our body recognizes this and destroys them before they have the chance to become full blown cancer! AWESOME!! Anyways, as you can see I think the immune system is pretty darn cool – I could go on and on!

            Thanks for sharing that link – the article was great! I can’t wait to look more into the website! We also learned about the Hygiene Hypothesis in our immunology class. (I need to call and thank my parents for raising me out in the country and not carrying around antibacterial sanitizers. I even have a picture of me when I was two with a mouthful of dirt!) I liked the part in the article talking about treating the symptoms of a cold. We just learned the other day that this could actually be worse for a patient (suppressing the cough reflex with cough suppressants actually sets you up for possibly getting an even worse illness, and how a fever is your body’s way of naturally trying to kill off the pathogen, etc). Also, we have learned that the majority of patients come in with some that does NOT require antibiotics but yet, many patients leave with a prescription for one! Yikes! NO good! I could talk for hours on this 🙂 Can you tell I get excited about this stuff – sorry I will try to stay track! 🙂

            However, we do have quite differing opinions on vaccinations. After learning the ins and outs of the immune system, I find that vaccinations actually work with our immune systems and actually strengthen them. It is kind of like the dirt article – with vaccines, we are exposing our immune cells to a potential threat (kind of like a spy – our immune system gets a chance to “see” the threat prior to being infected with it), it then creates cells that will recognize the threat if it comes to us in the natural environment (like building up an army of soldiers that will recognize it next time it enters our bodies). So instead of keeping our immune systems weak, we are actually strengthening them (kind of like training for a marathon – wouldn’t you rather train first, build up endurance, then run the race?) Here is a cool website (with fun graphics) that explains this:

            Even though we differ in opinions, I know we both want what is best for our children and even the children in our communities. I really appreciate your comments and the new website! Let me know your thoughts.

        • Some claim that we are creating a “weaker” generation by vaccinating since we aren’t allowing bodies to respond in the same way to infectious disease. But, we most definitely would lose more lives without vaccinating so this isn’t the answer either.

          • I have to say I disagree. Infectious diseases were on the decline when vaccinations started climbing in the United States. This was due to better sanitation practices throughout our culture. Check out this post from Sarah Pope at The Healthy Home Economist:
            This was a survey conducted of totally unvaccinated children, and the results are amazing. They enjoy superior health in many areas over vaccinated children.
            As I hope you know, I respect the rights of parents to make decisions for their children, but informed decisions are extremely important. The glowing health of the unvaccinated children from that study should be taken into consideration when making these choices.

      • It won’t let me respond to your comment below so I’m responding here.
        The explanation of how vaccines work sounds great in theory. I just wish that was the reality of things, but it doesn’t seem to be that cut and dry. I linked this article to Genevieve below:
        So many times with conventional medicine, we are told something that sounds logical. Example: our arteries become scarred and damaged, and cholesterol clings to the damaged sites and makes a clog. Therefore, reducing cholesterol will reduce the chance of clogged arteries and heart disease. Easy, right? But as I’ve learned over the past few months, as logical as that sounds, it’s a complete lie.
        I believe the same is true with vaccinations. We’ve been told this very logical-sounding explanation, but when you look at the reality, it doesn’t match.
        The awesome part about bypassing conventional medicine and using God’s nourishing foods as a prevention and cure is that we’re taking advantage of God’s design. If we rely on God’s wisdom for all of our needs, we will prosper. We just have to look at the situation and discern how He designed things to work. Whenever we try to live outside of God’s plan, we suffer.
        Months ago, it had never occured to me that God had a plan for my health and wellness. I was living my life (or doing my very best!, haha!) according to His rules for my mind and heart. But when I realized God had a plan for all of this other stuff too, it struck me just how awesome His creation is that He put everything we need on this earth. I’ll trust Him over conventional medicine any day, especially considering the many other lies I’ve discovered about conventional medicine, health, and nutrition. They’re just not worth trusting with my life or the life of my children.
        I hope this doesn’t come off as angry or judgemental. I hope that we can all have an intelligent discussion about all of this and still be friends when it’s over. <3

        • Laura, thank you for sharing the link. Any and all surveys, experiments and information is so valuable here. However, I understand your fierce respect for nature, but bringing God into this discussion the way you have can easily tread on many peoples belief system. Modern medicine is not perfect, but it has brought many health concerns, research and yes prevention to our attention. This too allows us to make informed decisions. Not everything is an extreme. Modern medicine isn’t ALL bad and just the same, holistic and natural approaches aren’t AWAYS the best. I too, believe that there is usually a preventative or sometimes a cure that can be found in nature for most all health issues. But like Tracey, who stated her daughter has cystic fibrosis, she made an intelligent decision when vaccinating her first daughter but not finding enough ‘reason’ to vaccinate her second. There is not a cure in nature for cystic fibrosis that we know of yet, so Tracey’s decision to give her daughter the best chance possible is what matters most. Some may even argue that it is God that gave us these great minds to use now during a bleak time of disease, genetic anomalies and poor environment/health. So, please go easy when deciding what God wants for each of these very beautiful and individual children and their circumstances.

        • These survey results are pretty unscientific and very unrepresentative of children in general.

          “Most of the children participating in the survey were breastfed for longer than 6 months and their parents preferred natural or homeopathic remedies to allopathic (drugs/surgery) methods for illness intervention.”

          This survey was taken mostly by parents who are much more concerned about healthy lifestyles than the average parent. It’s a very, very biased sample. It was made by for goodness sake- biased much? No conclusions can be drawn from this- this is NOT evidence that unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Laura! I think mom’s opinions on vaccines are so personal and unique. Everyone has to make the best decision they can based on what they know to be true.

  25. I think you’re doing a great job framing it up right at the start. We were lucky enough to have a pediatrician that supported our choices to use a delayed schedule for vaccines, based on the Dr. Sears book and our own values. This is such an interesting issue and one that I find many of our friends highly divided on. Having been through the early days of the brand new, untested H1N1 vaccines with an infant and pregnant, the issues became even more personal. I wish I’d stuck to my guns there and done it differently, but there’s so much pressure from society and scare tactics in the media, it’s often hard to make the decision you think is the right one. Thanks for tackling a sticky subject!

    • Thanks Whitney for your encouraging words! We also have a fantastic doctor who supports our choices.

      Any chance you’ll be up in Torch this summer? We are targeting late July or August. Should know more in the new year. Would LOVE to meet you and family. I think our boyz would have fun together too :).


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