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2. We crafted two expert interviews for you

One on pregnancy and COVID-19, the other on babies and the virus, both featuring experts on the topic, and both completely FREE.

Pregnancy in the time of COVID-19

In this free video training, Genevieve and midwife Maura Winkler covers topics like:

  • What should I be doing differently now?
  • How can I best take care of myself and baby?
  • Should I still give birth at a hospital?
  • What if I want to change my birth location?
  • What if baby or I contract COVID-19?
  • Can I breastfeed if I have COVID-19?

Click here to watch this free 30-minute training.

Pregnancy in the time of COVID-19 presentation

Coronavirus & Babies: Interview with Dr. Elisa Song

In this free video training, Genevieve and pediatrician Dr. Elisa Song cover topics like:

  • What steps can I take now during pregnancy to stay safer?
  • Would delivering at a birth center or doing a home birth be safer?
  • I’ve had my baby, I think that I have COVID-19, what should I do?
  • How dangerous is Coronavirus for babies?
  • Should I continue to nurse baby if I have Coronavirus?
  • How should I behave differently with my newborn now in the time of coronavirus?
  • Is there anything else I can do to keep my baby and myself safe?

Click here to watch this free 40-minute training.

Coronavirus and Babies-Dr Elisa Song Interview

3. Curated list of resources

We’ve collected and summarized best-in-class resources on COVID-19 during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.

You’ll find those summaries below.

Wishing you and your family peace and protection.


NYC Hospital Finds High Covid-19 Infection Rate, but Few Symptoms, in Pregnant Women
NBC New York, April 14

  • Snapshot: One NYC hospital found that while many pregnant patients tested positive in their facility, few showed symptoms. This highlights the concern of asymptomatic carriers infecting vulnerable members of society.
  • Key quote: “Although this prevalence has limited generalizability to geographic regions with lower rates of infection, it underscores the risk of Covid-19 among asymptomatic obstetrical patients. Moreover, the true prevalence of infection may be underreported because of false negative results of tests to detect SARS-CoV-2.”

Should you delay becoming pregnant during coronavirus pandemic? Experts share advice.
Today, April 14

Pandemic increasing stress for pregnant women
Dayton Daily News, April 14

  • Snapshot: The uncertainty surrounding coronavirus is adding to pregnant women’s already stressed minds and bodies.
  • Key quote: “I’m livid and I’m terrified. And I’m somebody who teaches childbirth education and supports women through birth on a daily basis. If I’m mad and I’m scared, how do first time moms feel?” Griffith said.

Pregnant and Hospitalized With Coronavirus: A Story of Recovery
NBC San Diego, April 12

  • Snapshot: One brave mama shares her story of overcoming Covid-19 while pregnant.
  • Key quote: “During her hospital stay, she spent four days on a ventilator in a medically induced coma. Ashley Duque has since recovered and was allowed to leave the hospital on Friday, April 10. Now she is telling her own story that is nothing short of amazing.”

What We Know and Don’t Know About Coronavirus and Pregnancy
UCSF, April 6

  • Snapshot: One doctor breaks down what we do and don’t know about coronavirus and pregnancy, including transmission to baby and effects on mom.
  • Key quote: “Gaw said there is not yet enough evidence to confirm whether or not the novel coronavirus can be transmitted in utero. “The possibility is definitely there,” she said.”

Pregnancy and prenatal care is changing amid coronavirus outbreak
WIFR, April 6

  • Snapshot: As mamas-to-be navigate pregnancy, their prenatal care looks like nothing we’ve seen in generations.
  • Key quote: “They will notice the hospital staff will be wearing more protective gear far more than what they are used to seeing. So they will all be wearing gowns, face shields, masks,” Durkee said.


Respiratory therapist with coronavirus gives birth to a daughter while in a medically-induced coma
CNN, April 14

  • Snapshot: One mama discusses how coronavirus resulted in her delivering her daughter early while in a coma.
  • Key quote: “Angela Primachenko was 27 years old, 34 weeks pregnant, and days into a fight against the coronavirus when she made the decision, with the advice of her doctors, to go into a medically induced coma. When she woke up, her belly was flat and her baby was 5 days old.”

How Maine’s midwives are adjusting in the age of coronavirus
Bangor Daily News, April 13

  • Snapshot: Midwives discuss how they’re working with mamas during the Covid-19 outbreak.
  • Key quote: “People giving birth are really the only healthy people going to hospitals, and that’s just magnified now,” said Holly Arends Murphy, a midwife at Birch Moon Midwifery & Lactation Care in Penobscot. “If we can move healthy people out of the hospital to do a healthy thing like have a baby, [we] leave the beds in the hospital for people who really need them.”

This is what it’s REALLY like giving birth in the age of coronavirus
NBC News, April 6

  • Snapshot: One pregnant doctor discusses her delivery amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Key quote: “I’ve been thinking a lot about how different this time is from when I was about to give birth to my son two-and-half years ago, and I was thinking about…how to install the car seat and whether I would get help for breastfeeding. And this time, I’m thinking a lot about whether I should be inducing labor so that I can go in before hospitals get too crowded. And I worry about whether my husband would even be allowed to come with me when I give birth.”

Warren mom with coronavirus had to give birth in isolation without her husband
Detroit Free Press, April 5

  • Snapshot: An infected mama discusses how she coped with having to deliver without her husband.
  • Key quote:“I would tell people in my scenario to mentally prepare yourself,” Thompson said. “And while that’s gonna suck, every woman’s got some strength that they can pull on in that scenario to bring that baby into the world.”

‘Grateful that we have this option’: Some pregnant women turn to home births amid coronavirus pandemic
USA Today, April 4

  • Snapshot: Mamas-to-be are looking for alternatives to hospital births as Covid-19 continues to spread and strain resources.
  • Key quote: In Takoma Park, Maryland, Kathy Peacock, a certified nurse-midwife, has seen a surge of interest at her practice, M.A.M.A.S. “It’s really blowing up,” she said. “Nobody wants to go the hospital. And I kind of think they shouldn’t if they have a low-risk pregnancy.”

Coronavirus changing pregnancy, delivery for Alabama women
WBRC, April 3

  • Snapshot: Experts discuss the ever-changing landscape surrounding childbirth in the wake of coronavirus.
  • Key quote: “We actually know that women have better birth outcomes when they have increased birth support. So, it’s less than ideal to take away any support, but people are just having to make really tough decisions right now based on the information that we do know,” Routman said.


Stem cells from a baby’s placenta may save life of coronavirus patient in NJ
WGN9, April 14

  • Snapshot: Medical professions are turning to the power of placenta and stem cells to help fight the virus.
  • Key quote: “We’re trying anything and everything that makes sense that can be applied in a rational way,” Dr. Thomas Birch, of Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, tells NJ.com. The cells — drawn from a newborn’s placenta and shipped from a facility in Maryland to the New Jersey medical center frozen in liquid nitrogen — could aid the coronavirus sufferer’s immune system.

Hospital in Thailand Gives Newborn Babies Tiny Face Shields as Protection From Coronavirus
TIME, April 11

  • Snapshot: One team of Thai nurses created baby-sized face shields for newborns traveling home via public transportation.
  • Key quote: In a statement to TIME, the hospital explains that on Thursday the nurses had began preparing the babies to be discharged and taken home from the hospital. When the babies’ mother explained that she would have to take a taxi or public transport to get home, “the nurses worried about the babies’ well-being and they handcrafted the face shields,” the hospital says.

Ohio couple issues warning after their newborn contracts Covid-19
WTVR, April 9

  • Snapshot: One family discusses how coronavirus infected their newborn as well as the newborn’s father.
  • Key quote: “We can’t explain to him what’s going on,” he said. “It was a helpless feeling that here I have this brand-new son and I can’t do anything for him; she can’t do anything for him.” Fortunately, both he and Eli are making a good recovery and are resting at home.

Yale-New Haven Health provides guidance on protecting newborns from Covid-19
Fox 61, April 7

  • Snapshot: Experts discuss how parents of newborns can protect themselves and baby from coronavirus.
  • Key quote: “You keep your baby in the home and you actually don’t have any visitors, physically visit you during this time,” said Dr. Katherine Campbell, an OB/GYN for Yale-New Haven Health. And, while mom is tending to the baby, doctors suggest the other parent should be the one who runs any necessary errands.