Following in the tradition of our Sh*t Crunchy Mamas Say videos, here’s another one that I’m a bit embarrassed to post!

Crunchy people do a lot of things differently, including… well, doing *that* thing.

See how my husband Michael (aka Papa Natural) and I go about it in this video. ?

Hope this video brings a smile to your face!

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Mama Natural Week-By-Week Guide To Pregnancy & Childbirth book cover 3D front facing

Some of the things crunchy people say when they’re gettin’ it on include:

  • Nice down dog!
  • Bought you your favorite kombucha.
  • Is that… RAW kefir?
  • Wait. Do you feel those EMFs?
    • Huh. I thought I unplugged the router.
  • Mmmm, is that jojoba oil in your beard?
  • More local, wild harvested oysters?
  • The sitter knows they’re gluten sensitive, right?
  • Did you put the backyard chickens in the coop?
  • Try some raw Maca to boost your… adrenals
  • That nursing bra is hot!
  • Something about NFP: What do your cycle beads say?
    • Eh, We should use a lambkin
  • Ever since I switched to organic boxers I just feel… rawr
  • Muscle test this organic prosecco for me, will ya?
  • I wanna run my fingers through your beautiful no-poo hair
  • Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
    • Green drink and pilates?

Thank you for watching!

Be well and keep the home fires burning. ?