Discover Essential Oils

Have you ever smelled a rose and instantly felt more serene? 
Or a tasted a squeeze of lemon and felt more refreshed?
If so, you’re already practicing aromatherapy.
Therapeutic scents can literally help us feel better inside and out.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are aromatic liquids found within many shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds. Sometimes, they are called the “life blood” of the plant because they carry nutrients and oxygen throughout the plant system.

How do I use them?

That was my question when I first got started. But essential oils quickly found their way into my everyday life! Now I diffuse oils regularly to uplift my spirits, energize me, or keep me focused and grounded in the midst of a busy day. I also love to use them to help my children relax and prepare for bedtime. Through the years, I’ve used essential oils to support nearly every system in my body from digestive to immune to respiratory. I also have replaced many of my natural beauty products and cleaning products with essential oils (saving my family money!)

Why choose Young Living?

Years ago, I worked with a physical therapist who incorporated massage and used Young Living oils. I will never forget the wonderful smells of these oils and how great I felt every time I left her office! As I researched Young Living as a company, I was impressed by their quality (above organic) and “seed to seal” process. They have their own farms around the globe. They weed by hand and use their own oils for pest control. They distill their oils without chemicals. By using Young Living, I know that the plant’s “living energy” is in every bottle. Their essential oils are 100% pure, effective, and safe.

The Young Living

Premium Starter Kit

Of all the oil companies out there, I found that Young Living has the best and most affordable starter kits. They make it easy for a newbie to get started!

Their best value, by far, is the Premium Starter Kit. This is how I got started, and you can see me unbox my kit in the video below.

The kit comes with 11 oils (worth over $160), a home diffuser (worth $96), a rollerball for your bottles, and tons of samples! The kit retails for over $300, but as a wholesale member you get a nearly 50% discount.


See what's inside the Premium Starter Kit


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Can’t I just buy oils on Amazon?

When I got started with Essential Oils, I ordered them one at a time. I usually bought them on Amazon. But little did I know that I was spending more money than I needed to—and potentially making compromises on the purity and quality of the oils that I bought. Unfortunately, there are lot of impostor oils that are labeled Young Living, when in fact they are diluted, cheap oils.

Join my essential oil team!

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If you sign up for the Premium Starter Kit using my link and then email me the promo code “MAMA”, I’ll send you my favorite reference guide in the mail, a $20 value. Over 400 pages long, it’s filled with great info about using your oils. You can look up any condition and get recommendations for specific oils and products that can help. I’ve learned so much from this little book, and I’m sure you will too! All you have to do is place your order using my link, and then send the promo code “MAMA” to [email protected] and we will send you your free book! And don’t worry about forgetting, as we will send you an email asking for the code right after you sign up.

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YL signup page screenshot

How to sign up for your Young Living Starter Kit

  • Click over to the sign-up page.
  • Select “Sign Up As: Young Living Wholesale Member” (This will get you the serious discount)
  • The “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” boxes should be filled in. If not, paste in my ID: 1690223
  • Fill everything out and create your password and pin. (Write your pin down as you may need later!)
  • Pick your Starter Kit. I like the Premium Starter Kit with the Dewdrop Diffuser. But if you want to splurge and get an amazing deal, go for the stylish Aria diffuser. It alone retails for $296!
  • Skip the Essential Rewards stuff for now.
  • Confirm your order. I have had many folks miss  this step and end up not fully checking out. To  confirm, the tool will log you in and it will show  you your order again and it will make you enter  in your payment information again.
YL signup page screenshot

Does “signing up” mean I need to buy anything more? Or sell?

No. It just means that you get to buy your kit at the discounted “member” rate. You also will
enjoy a lifetime 24% discount on Young Living products if you were to order again. You are
under no further obligation to buy anything or sell anything. Your credit card will never be
charged again.

Wholesale Members do have the option of sharing oils with their friends and family in order to
earn commissions. Some mamas turn this into a thriving business—I know some who’ve retired
their husbands! If this is something you’re interested in, sign up with me and I’ll share my highly
successful business model to help you reach your goals.

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Welcome to the amazing world of essential oils! I know you’re going to love this next phase of your natural living journey just like I do. And I look forward to helping you dive in and get oily!

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