What Your Poop Says About You (For Serious)

What does your poop say about your health? This may sound like a joke, but you can actually learn a lot about your health from your daily doo.

In this post I’ll give you the full scoop on what is and isn’t a good poop.

Has your doctor ever asked you about your poop?

Didn’t think so.

Did your parents tell you what to look for? Nope.

But Mama Natural is going there!

Hippocrates says that all disease begins in the gut

So we wanna be sure that what’s coming out of the gut looks good.

There are three main things to look for

  • Frequency
  • Form
  • Color

I’ll cover them all below and in this video.

What Your Poop Says About You Video

Best Bowel Movements #1. Frequency

It’s best to have at least one complete bowel movement a day. You should feel like your bowels have emptied rather than just partially eliminated. Some people have bowel movements 2-3 times a day and that is ideal. This can be because of faster metabolisms, more robust good bacteria, or the quantity of food they eat. If you are eliminating more than 3 times a day, you are entering into the world of diarrhea which I will address next. Some people will say if you have bowel movements every couple of days it’s fine, but I disagree. This one of our body’s greatest ways to eliminate toxins, acids and other stuff, so it’s best to do daily.

Best Bowel Movements #2. Form

This is important, and it isn’t talked about often. We want to be sure our poops are well formed. This ensures we’ve digested and assimilated the nutrients from our food, and are eliminating acids and toxins properly. Here’s a handy reference called the Bristol chart to gauge your bowel movements.

Bristol Stool Chart What Your Poop Says About Health Mama Natural

Type 1: Separate hard lumps, like little balls (hard to pass)

Type 2: Sausage-shaped, but lumpy

Type 3: Like a sausage but with cracks on its surface

Type 4: Like a sausage or snake, smooth and soft

Type 5: Soft blobs with clear cut edges (passed easily)

Type 6: Fluffy pieces with ragged edges, a mushy stool

Type 7: Watery, no solid pieces. Entirely liquid

Can you guess where you want to be on the chart?

If you said #4, you’re right! You wanna have nice tubular shape. Think long bananas that don’t break apart when you flush. The Perfect poop comes out with ease, smells more like super-ripe fruit than something terrible, and you barely need to wipe.

It’s better to be a 3 than a 5 or 6

Diarrhea is harder to control and typically stems from harder issues to fix. With diarrhea, you may also have a level of malabsorption going on so you aren’t getting the nutrients you need.

Stool too loose?

If you find that your stool is soft, mushy, or liquidy or too frequent, there are several things you could do. First, I would talk to your doctor to see what he/she says and do some testing like a comprehensive stool analysis. In the meantime, to firm up your stool, consume more foods on the BRAT diet. This stands for

  • Bananas
  • Rice
  • Apples/apple sauce
  • Toast or Tea

These foods have qualities like tannins that can actually help firm up stool for better bowel movements. You can also consume a teaspoon or two of food-grade bentonite clay. This helps to bind and absorb toxins, and will often firm up loose stool. You also would want to take some good probiotics (this company makes the purest, most highly rated ones but they are pricey!) and eliminate irritants like gluten, wheat or too many grains, nuts or seeds until your gut is healed.

Stool too hard?

If you find your stool is too hard or infrequent, you can also talk to your doctor about testing. Consider doing a full thyroid panel. Also, adding a little magnesium support to your diet can help tremendously. I like Ancient Minerals magnesium spray or these magnesium supplements. You can also just add magnesium-rich foods to your diet. Magnesium draws water into the bowel, making stool softer and easier to eliminate. It also relaxes the muscles in the intestinal wall, which helps with constipation.

You can also add in some good probiotics. The most beloved probiotics are from this company. You can also order some on Amazon that don’t need to be refrigerated like Prescript Assist soil-based ones or Just Thrive spore-based ones. Cod liver oil and healthy fats can also keep things moving, and so can soaked chia seeds or other nuts and seeds.

Pears are also wonderful – two a day will keep things moving. Yoga and abdominal massage are great tools. Other people have success using a castor oil pack on their abdomen a few times a week. Another trick you can try is to drop 1 drop of Peppermint essential oil into your toilet and sit down. It will stimulate your bowels and often result in a movement.

Best Bowel Movements #3. Color

Okay, we’ve talked about form, now let’s talk about color. Believe it or not, color matters! We want our stools to be a nice medium- to dark-brown color. Think milk chocolate.

If your stool is black, it could be a sign of blood in your upper GI tract.

If you have yellow poop or green poop, could be from fat malabsorption or liver or gallbladder stress. Drink beet kvass, Swedish bitters, or take HCL/Pepsin or other digestive enzymes to help you break down fat.

Keep in mind if you eat certain foods or food dyes your stool color may change. For example, if you eat lots of beets, your stools could take on a reddish hue. And eating tons of leafy greens may explain why your poop is green.

To Float or Not to Float?

One final thing… as I know this will come up in the comments, should your poop float? This is the million dollar question and I’ve seen mixed opinions from a whole host of health care professionals. Some say floating is better and indicates enough fiber in the diet. Others say it indicates fat malabsorption. Overall, the consensus seems to be that sinkers are better. The key is to notice which type YOU feel best on.

So what’s next?

See my companion post: How to have a GREAT poop. ?

How about you?

Where do your poops fall on the Bristol Stool Chart? Do you do anything to optimize your daily doo?

About the Author

Genevieve Howland is a childbirth educator and breastfeeding advocate. She is the bestselling author of The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth and creator of the Mama Natural Birth Course. A mother of three, graduate of the University of Colorado, and YouTuber with over 75,000,000 views, she helps mothers and moms-to-be lead healthier and more natural lives.


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  1. I’ve been suffering from Type 6/7 stool for years now with occasional Type 5 stool and it had gotten worse a few months ago and it peaked where I had a severe diarrhea episode and got admitted to the hospital for a week. The advice I received from the doctor is that I should use probiotics in my diet. He initially gave me the generic hospital use probiotic for a week, then from there I continually take probiotics of my own choice (I chose the top probiotic product in the labdoor test) on a daily basis. I has been a month now and thankfully my stool has been perfect so far (Type 4), I couldn’t be any happier than this! I recommend everyone to add some kind of probiotics in your own diet to make your guts as healthy as it can.

  2. i suffer regularly with type 4-6! How do I do the BRAT diet when you have to elimate gluten/wheat??

    • The BRAT diet consists of Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Tea (or Toast). All of these are gluten free except the toast. However, you can make your toast with any gluten free bread you choose. Hope this helps.

  3. Love it! I have been appreciating 3.5 poop for years and the color of cacao. It is best two or longer so everyone, eat your veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds! Thank you for the wisdom.

  4. Very informative! I had the best form recently and I was thinking am I ok or not because I usually don’t have perfect forms all the time and I was fasting half of the day. Thanks for clarifying.

  5. Very informative and educational. Thank you.

  6. Great information about how important our poop looks,as well as the color of our poop. Thank you!

  7. Nice Article. I have had good results with the blood type diet. Foods your body cant handle wont digest well. If your not in the middle of the Chart, you eating wrong. Good luck to all.

  8. Nice and an informative article!

  9. hi im marsha I have seriously sever IBS ( diaria, constapasion, everything in between ). it is really hard and runeing my life my husband can’t understand why I am in the toilet so long everyday, he says ‘just eat vegtables’ but he dosent understand, I hate vegtables accept for corn and wen I eat corn I get soooooo constapated, I can’t poo for like 2 weaks. so yeah I want to know what are the natural remedys for this I dont want to put chemcals in my body because I am scarred of getting like cancer. my diet is manly mash potatos, hamburger helper, love jerky and love Diet Coke (only drink diet because regular is cancer). maybe you can sugest something to add to diet to cure IBS? thanks marsha PS do not sugest vegatables, I hav tried does not work.

    • Contact a nutritionist along with your healthcare provider.

    • Hello. I have IBS. I have had it now for years. Recently, I had to rush to the hospital this past December for a perforated intestine…VERY PAINFUL. VERY dangerous. Btw, tell your husband to look these things up (or you, on the Internet), so can get a better understanding of your situation.
      You need to STOP eating the way you do! It’s going to kill you. Corn is a big NO, among MANY of the foods you’re choosing to eat. You MUST educate yourself on this disease (yes) and get ahold of the problem. Go to a well qualified Gastroenterologist, if you haven’t done so already. He/she will get you on the road to feeling better.

    • Your diet is horrible. Eat healthier foods before it gets worse, whether you like the food or not. And fun fact, coke is actually better for you (not saying it’s good for you in general) compared to diet coke because of what they use to flavour it. Either you listen to your husband who is actually doing you a favour by telling you to eat greens, or you continue to suffer in the bathroom.

  10. I’m pregnant and I’m doing brown round balls and watery with balls what does this mean

    • That is a fantastic question for your provider.

      • Mama,
        what are your qualifications?

  11. Everybody here needs to take into account any medication they take. I’m on a lot of different meds but it’s the opiates that are the main problem. Once I was put on more medication for epilepsy it got worse. I’m an athletic build but have a gut in my lower abs that is solid. I’m pretty sure I’m really backed up. If meds are not the problem and you drink a lot of water you should keep a food and stool journal and you could find the culprit that way. If none of this applies I would seek out a good G.I.

  12. I’ve been having holes on my stool, small holes. What can that be?

    • Too much Swiss cheese.

    • Worms

  13. Thank you really helps us.

    • Oxypowder.

  14. Is mushy poop matter of concern

    • I’ve had mushy stools for about a week several times a day and had leakage in sleep one nite.

      • Call your provider and explain what’s going on. Could be as simple as a diet change or something more serious. Good luck!

  15. What do you mix/or like to mix the Heather’s Tummy Fiber with?

  16. Love it, love it, LOVE IT! You my dear lady, are magnificent in the way that you tell the
    “STORY OF POOP”! Gosh dang , the best I have ever heard.


  17. Hi I am number 7 in most of the days.Im scared that it is something serious ..and the stomachache is becoming worse I dont know when was the last time I had a solid poop It has been more than 3 months now please advise

    • Go to your doctor

  18. What does it mean when you have a bowel movement and it starts off firm but ends up with a bit of loose stool too?

  19. My brother hasn’t went to the bathroom for 6 days he was getting chest pain. The doctor told him to take magnesium citrate which he did and he went a little piece. So they told him to drink Miralax which he did and he only got nauseated
    Then he took bisacodyl and then did an enema and is still not going anything significant. They did a c-scan and don’t see a blockage but he has fecal impaction iam just wondering I never seen a person in so much agony. Today he went to the Gi doctor and now they want him to drink a big bottle of Go Lightly omg he is already having panic attacks and his hart is racing. …I think he should go to the hospital and have them give him a second opinion

    • Does he drink water? Needs to increase water. Life cereal is a good choice to get things moving. A doctor once recommended this to me. Yogurts, probiotics, salad s are good choices.

    • Maybe try a natural path or holistic nitritionist, magnesium works for bowel movements but u need to play around with the amount to take because everyone is different,, colonics are great they get your bowels working with the muscles , and dietary changes ,

    • My son has impaction as well, as a last resort we did the go lightly followed by bland diet of broth, grilled chicken, green beans a baked potatoes, jello, scrambled eggs and brown rice.. finally everything thing began to move thru. Then we sddd daily exercise, 64 0z of water and milk of magnesium daily.. Hang in there. The other solution is hospitalization and have them physically remove the impaction..

    • Oxypowder works amazing.

    • Drinking luke warm water 3 glass in empty stomach after you wake up will help sometime… taking 2 teaspoon apple cyder vinegar mixing with a glass of water every day around 1 hour after launch will also help. Drinking a glass of lukewarm milk mixing 1 teaspoon pure turmeric powder and one tea spoon black pepper powder everyday will also help. Green leafy vegetables, carrots, fresh coconuts should be eaten on a daily basis…excersice should be done… remember if a matter or atom has movement than only energy can be produced….like energy exist only if air moves if water moves.. there is no energy on complete rest position of anything in this universe… there should be wave….so your body movement on daily basis is necessary….

    • Hi there! Hoping everything is fine now if you have a problem in your digestion. Your brother can also try taking in probiotics. It is already proven and tested when it comes to bowel movement problems. Thank you

  20. What dr do I see, the gp’s are not interested just say not to worry. But I do worry my daughter is 5 or 6 for years now need someone to find the problem

  21. Thank you so much for this very helpful information. We definitely must take this seriously and I believe that keeping an eye on our poo is as important as a regular doctor’s health check.

  22. This was very informative for me i appreciate this guide very much. Helping me get a better understanding of my health and diet. Thanks

  23. The consistency of my stools seem to be that of number 4 but it seems to go on for very long and is slightly hard to pass and in between when I push, the stool does not break and instead become small blobs with thin poop strands connecting them. What is happening????

  24. For the last 3 or 4 months my stools have been a 6 or 7 with a frequency of 3 to 7 times daily. To think… for years my stools were a 2 or 3 with a frequency of every 2 to 3 days. Wishing I could have a “normal” stool daily ?

    • This helped me alot an expl@ned alot very helpfull thank you

    • Sounds like ibs/colitis

    • A call to your provider is a good idea.

    • Ask your doctor to check for Candida

  25. I go every three days when I do it’s allot. Times I go everyday but it’s rare. I attend to get constipation notice allot of bloating and cramps.

    • always constipated always hard

  26. Mine is a 2 or 3. I take a probiotic every day and I swear this makes the difference. I am much less bloated and gassy. Plus I have given up bread, pies and sausages rolls. I do eat crepes which are homemade though

  27. Try a Whole Foods plant based diet if you are having issues! I’ve been on one for 15 yrs and my poop is clearly a 4, going at least once a day. If your doc says it’s fine once or twice a week – see another doc. Here’s another thing; did you know that a whopping 97% of all Americans are not meeting the *minimum* intake of fibers (which is only found in plant food btw)? Fiber and pooping goes hand in hand…

  28. What if your stool is like 1, but it is very easy to pass. There is no difficulty at all trying to go.

  29. What does it mean if you have stretchy rubber band like matter with the balls attached to it. Sort of a stock of “Brussels Sprouts” med dark brown. A little oily.

    • That’s something to definitely discuss with your provider, the oil and mucus may be cause for concern.

    • Sounds like piles i’d see your doc as you may need lactose or an enema.

  30. I am 65 and I have always been constipated, my whole life. But when I take something to help me go which is Senokot it comes out but it’s coming out in the balls, they’re not hard but they’re always balls and that is not the way it used to be. I like to know what’s going on

    • Try coconut oil.

  31. Great info! Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

  32. I see lots of comments and questions. Where are the answers?

  33. I am also I interested in more info on #1 shape little balls. Up until about 2 weeks ago I had regular movements 2 to 3 times a day
    What could be the cause? I started seein* a chiropractor neurologist about amount 3 ago I also stopped magnesium. Thanks for any info.

  34. Usually my bowel are six on poop chart.few times one or two and few times four to five.how can i get four or five the time?g.i. says i need colonospicy but .

  35. I am very concerned about my poop, mines come out like an extended S. I don’t even know how it comes out in that form without ripping, if you can imagine a conjoined S with very steep coils.

    • Sounds like a soft serve ice cream.

  36. What about #1 ? That is the one I wanted to know about and caused me to read the article but low and behold not a word mentioned about #1!?

    • Hi Zebi – I am also a #1. I think this addressed #1 from the article:
      If you find your stool is too hard or infrequent, you can also talk to your doctor about testing. Consider doing a full thyroid panel. Also, adding a little magnesium support to your diet can help tremendously. I like Ancient Minerals magnesium spray or these magnesium supplements. You can also just add magnesium-rich foods to your diet. Magnesium draws water into the bowel, making stool softer and easier to eliminate. It also relaxes the muscles in the intestinal wall, which helps with constipation.

      You can also add in some good probiotics. I like Prescript Assist soil-based ones. Cod liver oil and healthy fats can also keep things moving, and so can soaked chia seeds or other nuts and seeds.

      Pears are also wonderful – two a day will keep things moving. Yoga and abdominal massage are great tools. Other people have success using a castor oil pack on their abdomen a few times a week. Another trick you can try is to drop 1 drop of Peppermint essential oil into your toilet and sit down. It will stimulate your bowels and often result in a movement.

      • Great tips!

  37. I didn’t see information on item #1. I pass hard round balls sometimes more oblong than round, but several balls – 6 or 7 every time I go. This has been going on for 7-10 days.

    • Drink more water.
      You need water to poop.

  38. I am all over the range, but in the regular state, I am most often between #2 and #4. #2 may be rough on my haemorrhoids on occasion, #3 and #4 are more desirable.

    My bowel has some strange behaviour when it’s fine. Most of my movements are once in 40-60h. As much as it goes over 50h, there is a chance that first will be small #1 or #2 dark brown, two hours later comes a large #3 or #4 lighter in colour (milk chocolate colour), additional two hours later there may come another which is then acidic (it burns), sometimes its lighter in colour yellowish brown, smaller in size, #4 or #5. And there the circle ends. But, at least it’s consequent in its inconsequence and there is a pattern.
    If there is a break longer then 75-80h, I ask lactulose for help. The first comes in about six hours and the others as explained above.

  39. This is interesting. I’ll have to have more conversation with my Naturopath as my poop changes throughout the day but stays in the range between #3 and #6 with gas…. always…

  40. Sounds like you know your stuff. That was interesting & informative. Keep up the good work.

  41. Really interesting!

  42. Your blog is too cool. I can’t resist commenting. This was a very fun way to read about the stool and what it indicates on our health status. Thank you so much! More power. 🙂

  43. Im a #3! Just pooped!

  44. Mine is #1… At times feels like im passing razor blades…some blood…

    • you mentioned razer blade an that made me comment cuz my poop comes out “spikey” it feels weird

  45. Want to know why I get different poops every time? Sometime is soft, at times balls kind, everytime it’s mix
    Can somebody help me by replying me what best should I do?

    • It is related to your diet and liquids consumed. More fiber, it will be less compact. More carbs—it will be like the sausage. More rice, less liquids, it will be small balls.

  46. Ok so my husband poops #6-#7 as a rule. He’s been pooping that way for over a year. We are mostly vegetarian, but his poop only seems solid when he eats a cheeseburger or a greasy beef taco. I eat meat less often than he does, but my poops are consistently in the 3-5 range. We eat pretty much the same thing. He drinks more alcohol than me, but I drink pretty frequently as well. I have to clean the toilet almost every day because all of his poops are explosive. What could this be? We eat pretty healthy. Mostly fresh veggies and beans and whole grain rice, with fried eggs, fruit and toast most mornings…black coffee every morning as well. The junkiest thing we eat is pizza and/burgers once or twice a month..I am sure to make my meals with enough protein, but maybe he is protein deficient?

    • Sounds like he may need a water soluble fibre added. Benefibre is a good one to try.

  47. Hey everyone need some help for about 3 -4 weeks I’ve been having white bits that look like rice or today it looked like oats in my stool I had a baby 5 months ago and am usually quite constipated done blood tests all came back normal I’m not in pain or itchy that would suggest worms I’m going out of my mind and very scared x

    • I should also add said she has had similar today

      • I should also add that my sister said she had very similar today

  48. Excellent

  49. you lie just like all the others,didn’t tell me what you said you would.

  50. My mistake, one week six days, not two weeks and six days. Thanks for any help.

  51. Okay so now it’s been 2 weeks and 6 days since I’ve used the restroom now. I’ve tried taking laxatives I’m on a constant stool softener regiment daily which I take two of and I am still not able to go. I sometimes get out one pr two little tiny balls and that’s about it. I am severely constipated, my stomach is blown up to the size of an eight month pregnant woman and every time I eat food I feel like I want to vomit almost immediately. I’ve been to the doctors, and they just continuously prescribe laxatives and stool softeners and nothing’s working. I’ve even tried drinking the stuff that men drink before a colonoscopies, to try to clean myself out and nothing. I am in a lot of pain. I feel like my doctors aren’t taking this seriously enough, how bad do you have to be before they become genuinely worried that i might be in some real danger of something? Something serious is happening inside of me because the way I feel is not right at all, but apparently the doctors don’t think so so I’m getting really really concerned. I have a little baby so I can’t just rush to the emergency room anytime I please to get it checked out when it gets really painful. So when you push on my stomach it’s hard as a rock. I even attempted to put on a glove and use my finger to try to grab some of the stool inside of me and kind of guided out however it was pretty hard and I was unable to grip it I did see though that it was backed up all the way to right by my sphincter so I’m literally backed up to the end of the line which is very concerning for me because of the fact that when I eat I get very nauseous so I guess after blabbing on all this time my main question if anybody has the answer is how bad and serious do you have to feel or get with your symptoms before you should be seriously concerned about something potentially life-threatening happening like I said the doctors don’t seem to think that there’s anything like that going on but nobody doesn’t poop for almost two weeks and can’t even eat food without vomiting and their stomach looks like they’re pregnant without doing the Cat Scan or nothing so I think my best bet is the emergency room but I also don’t want to over-react or spend 4 hours there just to get the same medication my Dr doing me does anybody have any advice I’ve posted a couple weeks ago about how my stool is green that’s not the case as of now, but things have changed for the worst so please help. thank you

    • Have you tried magnesium citrate. If not go any pharmacy they will have it. Sometimes you might have to ask the pharmist where it is because they always seem to hide it. As backed up as you are drink a lot of water and dink this whole bottle of magnesium. Drink it first before water. If that doesn’t work. I went to a urgent care center and they gave me a shot for pain and few other pills I belive they were and finally I had baby poop that was larger than a baseball bigger then any apple you have seen. My problem is I take strong dose of opiates and it blocks me up. Now I take movantik 25mg and that somewhat helps. I can go 1 to 2 times a week. Make sure you drink and drink drink water. I heard that helps I have trouble just drinking water. Also prune juice does help for me. But the first time it ever happened I had to have my 8 month pregnant wife go to pharmacy to find the strongest stuff. She came back with this and tasted like a bitter sprite. But if you know how to chug a beer I would that and have water to was it down. Urgent care should be able to take care of you. Best of luck. Having he wrong bowel movements is never any fun. I also will push on my lower adomen and try to loosen it up. After taken some of this suff. Sorry to hear this but if none works go to emergency room and i am sure they clear you out. Also you might want to find what is causing it. Mine is from really high doses of opiates which block you up. Any don’t force it and sometimes I hate ending this way you have stick your finger up there and try to break it up some your self. Best of luck. Bond.

      • Use Crazy Fit Massage With a massage to the abdomen

      • Drink 8ozs of plain hot water first thing in the morning. The water should be as hot as you can tolerate, but not so hot that it burns. This stimulates bowel movement naturally. There are days when I drank two 8oz one hour apart and the result was outstanding. I continued this for about a week, now my BM are constantly normal. Repeat when necessary, drink plenty of hot water on a empty stomach and things should keep moving.

    • This is EXTREMELY SERIOUS. You need to MAKE someone listen to you. You can become so impacted that your bowel will come up your GI tract to your throat and out of your mouth. Yes, I am telling you it is absolutely possible to vomit your own bowels. It’s also extremely dangerous. Intestines can rupture causing you to have major surgery and possibly a colostomy bag. I was a nurse in geriatrics for years and I promise you, this is serious and you need to do something, asap. I would try an enema, at home, see if that helps, remember to lay on your left side when you do so and you’ll need assistance to do it correctly. If an enema and drinking fiber drinks, swallowing magnesium hasn’t worked and you still feel like this, go to the ER, they can do scans, ultra sounds, etc. Especially since you just had a baby it’s VERY possible that some is blocked or twisted after child birth. But, pls, get help. This is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

      • Not to be rude but your answer is not completely accurate-bowels don’t just come up your throat and out of your mouth rather in specific instances the contents (feces) can or a bowel perforation as a result of a blockage which is very serious requiring immediate surgical intervention but we hope she does not get to that point. I am a medical professional and yes that is alarming and needs to be assessed by a physician asap. She can in the short interim begin by drinking alot of water (warm is also fine) and increasing activity ie. walking and increasing fibre intake/diet. Milk of magnesia may help and though not recommended for long term due to possible depletion of fat soluble vitamins, some will suggest a tsp of mineral oil for a few days or preferably Senna which is more natural.
        Yes, see your Dr. as it’s possible to have a fecal impaction but your physical bowels do not come up out of your mouth. Long term measures will be discussed to prevent further problems with constipation (can happen for a short time after having a baby) . You may need an enema to start things going again and it will all be based upon a physical assessment by a trained medical professional who will perform a thorough physical exam and history and he/she will order the best individualized treatment for you as soon as possible as each case is different and without proper testing, it is not correct to give an armchair diagnosis.

    • Seeking out an alternative provider might be your best bet, especially if you feel that your current provider is not taking you seriously. Good luck, this sounds like an awful experience to be going through.

      • I am alarmed that a physcian hasn’t ordered a colonoscopy. My sister had the same symptoms for 3 months up north. She came to Florida and the Dr in Fl.did a colonoscopy and she had a cancerous mass that was blocking her ability to eliminate her stool! They operated the following week and removed the mass and she is now on chemo.

    • My brother has been going through this exact same situation for 4 months and yes your right, all the doctors do is give you constipation pills and send you away. But I went a step further and took him down to UCLA ER….they found the problem, he has a huge palyp blocking his colon ( 90% Blockage. ) And sadly his is cancer, I’m in no way saying you have cancer, not at all. but you should get checked out for palyps blocking your colon. He looks like he’s 9 months pregnant as well. He went in for a colonscopy and they couldn’t preform one because of the blockage. You need to seriously go to the ER and start there. Demand a colonoscopy, best place to start. I wish you get well wishes. And that they diagnose your problem as soon as possible.

    • My moms bowel ruptured She did throw up fecal matter. She was in ICU for 13 days and finally died. Take this very serious.

      • That’s so sad. My mum has had a bowel obstruction and after many hours in surgery is ok today but she had distinct change in bowel movement. She was hugely constipated and.over.time it resulted in.an obstruction.
        I’m sojust sorry for your loss and yes.it.is very serious

    • have you tried a tblsp of mineral oil in the am cause it works kind of quickly – i feel for you and would suggest another doctor –

    • Drink braggs apple cider vinegar twice a day. in the morning and before u go to bed. ir works.

    • I was in that condition since I was a kid, nobody ever helped me. Your story sounds like mine, I’m 74 and my sister-in-law told me of that her doctor told her to take Magnesium 400 Mg.. Nature’s Made. I buy it in Costco, that has saved my life, you can try 1 three times a day, she told me 6 a day, it was too much..
      Now I’m on 1 a day and it works so well, you have to regulate it to your body’s needs, there’s times I don’t go so I will take another one it’s all by trial and error. They come in a hundred and fifty Soft gel capsules and I know BJ’s used to sell them it might still have them otherwise you’ll have to go to the drug stores but they’re more expensive because they’re smaller bottles. One thing I have to say this has saved my life I was like you and worse since a baby so I would hope you would go out and get them for yourself.

    • A friend told me to take Vitamin B6. You would be surprised how well it works. You can start with two, but as soon as your bowels move, go back down to one. I have cancer, diabetes, and a few other health problems. The meds can cause constipation or diarrhea. I tried stool softeners and Miralax, but they only work when you least expect it. The vitamin B6 was a Godsend for my friend. She was being scheduled for surgery, but a doctor told her about the B6, and it really worked for her.

    • I am very interested in the final outcome of your issue. Thank you

    • Omg .+ Angelica. My brother is going through the same thing. Have you ever thought maybe you have fecal impaction your stool might be rock hard and only small pieces are breaking off …alot of G.I doctors will keep giving you prescription for laxatives and stool softeners there must be something that they can do in the office I herd they can put a hose and flush out the hard stools maybe you have i.b.s more than 5 days is crazy I wish you the best of luck

  52. I have type 6 poop still from one year. I am 26 year old . Is it is serious issue ? I also start hair fall from that point.

    • Get ur thyroid cked asap

  53. Great info ! Thank you, this clears up a lot of questions that I would be too shy to discuss with my Dr ???

  54. My son is 2 years 6 months old. When feeding him , I have realised that he swallows his foods without chewing. And for the past 2 months , he has been passing Stool after 3 days each time and by the sounds he makes one can tell its painful. The poo always looks hard in one big chunk. Please help

    • That sounds like something you might want to talk with his pediatrician about.

  55. Recently, i have been releasing type 1 poop. poop like small hard balls. should I worry?

    • I realise that i stay 2to3 days before getting to toilet and i have a had stool and sometimes have headache.plz help?.

  56. I can have all of them in same day! I have IBSD but I literally can go back and forth from one extreme to the other or hit everything in between. It seems like I have to go right after eating and it’s usually accompanied by severe cramping. I just want to have a normal bowel!

    • Jenny have you ever tried a pro biotic? I used to have the same issues and found some supplements that completely took that away!

    • That’s the same for me! Also I went to the doctor and had a full stool analysis and all they say is take fiber and probiotics. Maybe I haven’t been diligent enough with them, but they don’t seem to be enough to make a huge difference so I quickly loose effort to take them every single day 2 times a day. I’ve been to multiple doctors because this has been going on since I was 2! I try to eat a healthy diet, but my stomach is so sensitive it seems that when I eat for hard stools I go straight to diarrhea and when I eat for soft stools I go straight to constipation. No medium ground! I’ve had maybe 1 perfect stool in the past 10 years.

  57. Um I’m Really Nervous About this but um i have been Pooping Little Balls And i don’t know why.
    I have been eating right, drinking lots of water but It’s still the same.
    What do i do?

    • Hey, all my life, I have never went to the bathroom
      Every day, was not a problem until after I had my first kid, I was always bloated and would take ex lax and go through the pain before anything would finally happen and I would feel better for only like two days! Well I now eat fiber one cereal
      1 cup of the flakes and 1/2 cup of the kind I call rabbit food lol and I also had one cut up banana! And I go everyday, sometimes twice! It’s amazing
      How great you feel when you go like your suppose to and no more bloating , it can make you have a little gas at first until your body adjust to the fiber! Also, I have to eat it for my dinner because if I eat for breakfast, I do get bloated! And it has mad me loose weight, plus!!!!! Lol good luck 🙂

  58. Really helpful- straight forward and deals with ALL of it 🙂

  59. You forgot to indicate that (1) could be a result of an obstruction in the colon (which could be a polyp, but could also be cancer).

  60. I have only been going number once every week and a half, and when I do go its always bright green. I heard green poop usually means your food went through you too fast, but like I said, its been over a week each time and its bright green, pretty thin, and has a horrible God awful smell to it. I am diabetic, and have a lot of pain in my back all the time lately. Any help would be great. I have an app to see my endocrinologist later this month, but until then, can anyone give me some advice?

    • Have you ever heard of or tried Plexus? It sounds like just what you need! The triplex combination balances your blood sugar (wonderful for diabetics) and the probiotic and Biocleanse get your gut health restored, so you can be back in balance, get regular in a healthy and gentle way. It’s made such a huge difference for my husband and me!

      • The TriPlex is what I starting taking over a year ago too! I would go #2 only once a week and now it’s daily! Hallelujah!

      • Plexus is NOT the cure to everything as the plexus ambassadors suggest! In fact, no pyramid scheme will clean your colon, but they [including plexus] will surely clean out your wallet!

    • If you have body pain and green poop, get your liver checked. Fast!

    • PS- I’m diabetic too & go as frequently as you do. My Endocrinologist says it can be neuropathy &/or gastroparesis. Both are very common for long-term diabetics.

    • Fiber one cereal , mix 1 cup of the flake kind , 1/2
      Cup the as I call rabbit food kind lol , then slice up a banana and eat one bowl every day , I choose it for my dinner because if I eat it for breakfast I would get bloated! Also , you can feel bloated when you first begin , it’s your body getting use to that much fiber. But I before I would go maybe every two weeks and would even start to lose my appetite , can’t keep putting in if nothing coming out! So if and when I do bloat a little , it’s nothing like I was everyday since I had my daughter who is now 19! I pray this helps you! Oh and the doctor said I had IBS , well I was determined to not take another pill and my whole family takes pills because they were told oh it’s just IBS …. ya so decided to find a more natural way to fix this and it worked!

  61. I have been having problems going to the toilet. It is paste like and rabbit like droppings, intermittently. When I do go it takes ages to wipe clean due to being paste like. Also I strain but can’t empty. Also I have to assist by putting a finger inside my vagina and pushing the poo out. Also I get a feeling of never emptying. It’s been going on for about 2 months. I take 20omg of thyroxine and I do take sweaters. Which I am going to now stop.

    • Hi Marian. I hv same as you. But my stool are round.Always!!! I take a stool softener everyday. 2 in am and 2 wen go to bed at Nite. It helps for BM to slide on out. Yes, sometimes I feel I need to still go! Sometimes I just eat Big bowl of mash potatoes, at Nite and hv a normal BM next AM. Maybe once a month, It will happen. If yu find anything better, let me know. Try pushing on Perinal area on OUTSIDE between vaginal and rectum.

  62. Hey my daughter is 17 and one day she got sick having to go back fourth everyday. She would use the bathroom then next five minutes she had to go back. We thought she healed but hasn’t and the middle towards the bottom is hurting . And you can hear loud sounds her stomach make. If know anything please help.

  63. Thank you this was very helpful. I was a bit scared about the problem I have but only because I had cancer. I’m going to drink a whole lot more!

  64. I recently lost (swallowed) an expensive crown on a front tooth.
    And had to look for it . Ill skip the details. But I noticed exactly half of the clump on the newspaper contained chocolate chip looking pellets. And I mean they looked EXACTLY like chocolate chips.
    What could this be a symptom of? I am a 56 year old male. I do not smoke. I workout and lift weights and am in good shape. I do drink (beer) a bit more than what would be the average for someone my age>

    • They could actually be chocolate chips (if you ate some of course). Sometimes my poop contains actual leaves of lettuce in it after I eat salad. Chewed up little pieces of lettuce. Disgusting, but I guess my body can’t digest it or something. Maybe something similar is happening?

      • You actually see yourself passing green leaves because the body has no way to break down cellulose, the main component of greens. So it’s a great fiber source that passes right through, but chocolate chips should and will be digested by the body unless there is something really wrong!

  65. My 19 year old daughter has been going through a tough time and we are running out of ideas. Starting 5 years ago she went through anorexia which she has come through very well. She started eating healthy working out and then got on the high protein diet and after a year got into a bit of trouble she became constipated and was having to manually help herself go to the bathroom then she developed a pocket in her rectom and then she developed a rectal prolapse that has since eased slightly. She was constipated for 6 months before she told us because we had told her to back off on the protein but she disnt. She has tried psyllium husk, garlic and coconut oil suppositories, some silver liquid stuff her and my wife found on line. Her poop comes out in little balls and she still has to help them come out sometimes with a enima sometimes her fingers he has done a body cleanse and went and had colonic for 3 months. She is on a cleanse to rid her body of yeast. We have been to the doctors and they couldn’t tell us much didn’t even know what rectal stenosis was just said her rectum was thick but didn’t know what caused it. We have done the internet research. High fiber, lots of water, to much water is bad dilutes the electrolytes, eating coconut oil on things, olive oil only eats fish and chicken no carbs has cut out about all sugar. Eats veggies and fruit almond butter fruit smoothes for awhile probiotics magnesium supplements and powders. Some of the things I have mentioned are out of order but just wanted to list many things we have tried. We don’t want her to have surgery but we need ideas she uses a squaty potty. If anyone has any ideas please email me we are desperate she is very depressed just wants to poop normal this kid has not had a normal life for the last 5 years. Please help we are desperate!!!!

    • Hi Mike- I have had digestive issues for years after working through anorexia myself, but have finally found relief after making some changes. Many of my symptoms I used to deal with sound exactly like what your daughter is going through. Here are some of the things that have been helpful to me:

      1. not using protein shakes to replace meals (I used to do this a lot and it led to my GI being sensitive to whey)
      2. eating on a normal schedule (roughly the same time each day)
      3. making sure to drink enough water
      4. using the magnesium supplement Natural Calm before bedtime
      5. taking a high dose of probiotics 2x/day
      6. getting tested for food intolerances (do a blood test for this- not a stool test- as it is more accurate). I found out that whey, eggs, and cucumber (of all things!) were things I was eating that were causing inflammation.

      Not sure where you live, but the IBS Center in Seattle (specifically Dr. Wangen) helped me with the testing and probiotics.

      Best of luck!

    • You could try movicol it’s a stool softener start on a higher dose and wean back

    • Hi there! It sounds like a functional problem, not a stool quality problem am I right? Her stools may be in good shape but the rectum suffers. She may benefit from a physical therapist who specializes in women’s pelvic floor issues. They should be able to help with this as part of the problem becomes muscular. Also look up Jini Patel, she has great information. If I were her, I would forget the squatty Potty, but instead lay toilet paper or paper towel on the bathroom floor then squat on the floor when she feels the more is ready and practice belly breathing through the stool. Making an O shape with the mouth is good (look up sphincter law). So some ppl make an “oooo” sound. If there’s still some difficulty, applying pressure to the top of the tailbone and pulling up can bring the rectum more into alignment. She should never go “in after” the stool, but sometimes a gentle pull or pressure to outside muscles can help support the body where prolapse has occurred. Best wishes!

    • Drink prune juice on empty stomach. First thing in the morning.. not all prune juices work the same way.. the Walmart brand works good..

      Half cup works for me.. try half cup and if does not work try more.. it will make you go like diarrhea (once) if you drink too much.. if 1/2 cup does not work try 3/4 to 1 cup.. don’t give up if does not work at the first time.. usually it work between 1/2 to 1 hour after ingested..

      Sometimes I drink 1/4 cup at night before bed and 1/4 in the morning on empty stomach..

      Activia yogurt with probiotics and nuts daily.. this works good too.. it takes few days to see results..

      Start with prune then add activia..

      Consult your doctor.. prune juice has lots of sugar and can cause dehydration if you drink too much.. diarrhea

    • Does she eat soy, dairy or gluten or sesame? I spent 10 years wits Ibs C/D symptoms and generally feeling like crap. I realized early on I was lactose intolerant and that in general my body seems to be unable to break down the protein in milk (caisen). I also realized after a while that I was gluten intolerance. I could barely use the bathroom before I got rid of gluten and while I felt partially better but I was still constipated and had trouble using the bathroom. I only felt fully better after I stopped eating ANYTHING with soy in it. Just a little bit (i’m talking even coating a pan with soy based cooking spray) is enough to ruin my appetite for days and cause my poop to be very hard and rock like and have days of constipation. I think I was also suffering from malnutrition.After I took out these three things (But mainly soy and gluten) I was using the 1-2 times a day. Incidentally I made chinese food and after adding sesame oil realized I couldn’t tolerate that either. I’ve come to realize that my body simply can’t process certain proteins and it ends up constipating me so that I had pebble like stools. I would suggest she try and eliminate one of those as those are foods that cause problems for a lot of people. Also look into anatto. It is used as a “natural” flavoring but it has been known to cause issues for a lot of people. Good luck!

      • Thank you for the insight. I have been having problems once again for the last few months already have omitted most soy along with the gluten which help for the longest time. But once again having a hard time going more then not. I will be deleting all soy. Also look into other possibilities.

    • Oh, i also read that food intolerances which can cause digestive issues like constipation can be caused by enzyme definciency so I would look into that.

    • Try to use flax seeds you can boil it for 5 min and drink it warm or just put in a bowl 4 spoons and cover with warm water let it soak for 10 min and eat, the best result eat on empty stomach in the morning.

    • Plexus products have helped me with a lot of my digestive issues. May be worth a try.

    • Try Vitamin B6. A friend told me about it. She was getting ready to have surgery because she had so much trouble, and a doctor told her not to do the surgery, and take the vitamin. It works. I tried it. I have cancer that is incurable, and I’m diabetic. The meds I take cause different symptoms (some cause diarrhea, some cause constipation, etc.). I tried the Vitamin B6, and I was surprised how well it works. I told my oncologist and his assistants, and they were excited. They have so many patients who need help, and the B6 works.

    • did you try going vegetarian? i had to help myself too before i went veggie (through my whole life until i was 16) now my poo is a 3 and i love it. when i say veggie i mean no chicken, no fish, no red or any mean, nothing with eyes.

      • oh and give her astragalus and ginseng to help heal after prolapse.

  66. What a great site to come to to help those discuss such a topic.
    My story is that ever since i started taking pain medication, it hardened my stool and have had to use something to benefit me with having bowel movements. Maralax is what i use and have for many years. There was a time that if i hadn’t had a movement, i would have to use a glycerine suppository to be able to have a movement but havn’t used those now for five years.
    I’m a two time cancer survivor, breast and Kidney. I had a kidney removed due to cancer in January 2016. When i woke from that surgery i couldn’t feel my legs and feet. It was a seven hour surgery. I lost a lot of blood and had to have a tranfusion as well as iron and shots in my stomach to stimulate red blood cells from my bone marrow.
    Before they would release me i had to have a bowel movement and be able to walk. I had a huge bowel movement and with the help of a walker, walked about ten feet.
    When i got home, the numbness in my legs and feet were still an issue. I got out of bed not asking for help to go empty my cathetar bag and tried using my cane rather than my walker. Big mistake, i fell backwards and fractured my tailbone. Had xrays showing it fractured.
    So ever since then, when i poo, i can’t really feel it coming out. It’s gotten to a point that the size is small but a continuous stream of brown poo. The smell is stronger too but am thinking that’s because of the one kidney being gone and that the toxins being released are the culprit. As far as the size? Could it be nerve damage from my fractrured tail bone? I still have a movement once a day, sometimes twice. But i reall have to push hard at times because it’s difficult to feel it coming out.
    I’m just afraid to go have a colonoscopy and hear the words cancer again and go through that journey again. Fighting for my life.
    Looks like that’s my only option at this point. Get the questions answered and my colon and rectum checked out to see what exactly is going on. Just scared!
    Time to pull my big panties up and go do what i know is the inevitable .
    Thanks for listening. Any feedback is welcome.

    • Has anyone ever dealt with anal stenosis? What are your symptoms and or issues with it?
      Thank you, Sharon AKA Sherri

    • Hi Sharon, just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your story here. I came here looking for more information about this taboo topic, but I’m glad to have found your comment. It really inspires me and others to keep pushing on and to be motivated to do whatever we must to survive and take care of our health. I am truly praying for you that your tests come back squeaky clean; just trust and have faith in the Lord that everything will be ok and it’s already done! 🙂

    • Hi, Sharon.

      First, congratulations for your survival of the two beasts that you battled and won! Those are not easy things to accomplish! Good job!

      But now I’m going to lecture you and you know why!! A) Get your colonoscopy done!! Early detection makes all the difference in the world!! I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, either. Sometimes that nasty C-word is just looking for a place to land, and we just have to make sure we catch it and not let it take hold!

      Now–B) Use the right equipment that you have available to you, and please ask for help! That broken tailbone is no joke, as well you now know. I broke mine rollerskating years ago, when I was a teenager who thought I was invincible, like all teenagers. I didn’t understand the notion that if I was supposed to have wheels under my feet, I’d have been born with them.

      Please take good care of yourself. I hope you are doing well. I just saw this post on Pinterest, and wanted to give you my Mama lecture. Take care…

    • Praying for ya…scary options.?

  67. Good explanation.

  68. Have every “good food” in moderation & junk food as often as you pertake in one trigger pull in Russian roulette !.C.O.D.in vic .au

  69. I have a jpouch and Crohn’s disease I used the bathroom on a good day about six to 10 times when I have a flare up from my Crohn’s it could be upwards of 30 40 times a day

  70. Hello, thank you so much for this site!! I’ll start by saying going to a doctor is not an option. I’m a stay home mom and literally we have zero dollars and that isn’t gonna change soon. I’m having faith God will heal me, but I need to do my part too as far as being healthy. So maybe someone can give me some advice as to what to do.
    …… I’m 42. I have chronic constipation due to a medication I take called buprenorphine. For 6yrs I have gone once maybe twice a week. It has never become painful . My problem worrying me now, is that over the period of about 3 weeks, my stools have changed to I would say a number 5,light tan, with no odor. Two things worrying me are that when I go to pee or change clothes, I have poop on my panties and I never even felt it happen. Also I have gained almost 10 lbs in 3 weeks. My stomach, which has always been proportionate to my figure, now looks 8months pregnant. I can sit on the toilet and push and push trying to have a be, and it all just squishes up inside my butt cheeks and makes a horriblemess. I am a stay home mom and I was very sedentary, ate heavy greedy foods and not enough water. However 3 days ago I started walking/jogging in AM, an drinking about half gallon a day of water and added a salad with plenty of different greens to my diet. If anyone had an idea of whatmight be wrong with me, and what I can do at home to help make my gut regular again, I would appreciate your help so much! Have a blessed day everyone!

    • I would definitely recommend a plant based diet to help give your body the nutrients and fiber it needs to clean itself out. Dr. Joel Furman, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Collin Campbell all have great research and books on this. You might have heard of their books:The China Study, How Not to Die, and Eat to Live. Hope this helps!

    • I had a bad constipation problem from taking methadone. I found magnesium solution and laxatives to help me. Try eating salads that go right down. Also take a stool softener once daily as well as 2 tablespoons of castor oil to get you back on track.

    • I would suggest going to a doctor for a CAT scan on your lower abdomen. Sounds like you may have a bow obstructioN! I just got out of the hospital a few weeks back because of that. I’m on Suboxone as well.
      Plus it can’t hurt to have it checked out

    • Have you ever had your thyroid checked. Are you tired all the time? Lose of hair?

    • I think you may have a touch of gluten intolerance and/or Celiac’s disease. The light colored stool is a clue. Or, possibly, your bile isn’t cranking through. Try this: take a magnesium (citrate, if possible) pill or capsule. Wait about 1 hour. Then drink a cup of coffee. See if that helps. Usually, it makes bile sludge go through. Second, if you are constipated, I would recommend coconut capsules. They work great. Or, if you have Virgin Coconut Oil,
      you can put 1 T. in your coffee for starters. Add more fiber to your diet. If you can’t get it in fruits and veggies, then purchase a container of Clear Fiber at the health food store or Amazon.com (if they have it).

      • Be very careful of adding fiber. This is not a solution for everyone. For those that have gut issues, much of the time, there is inflammation, and certain types of fiber are very difficult to digest.
        Second, I would not ask for advice on diagnosis here. You MUST go see a doctor, as many diseases and situations have the same, or similar symptoms.
        Lose of hair? That is malabsorption of minerals and vitamins. Usually due to inflammation in the gut. It can be a symptom of many different things.
        My gut, still can’t handle husks, Clear Fiber would be an absolute NO. Veggies, no…so, be careful.

        Tired? Could be a number of things as well…including Anemia, Mono, Thyroid. So many have tiredness as a symptom.

        Go see a doctor. Anything with bowel, colon or digestion is serious. Not worth waiting as it usually only gets worse.

    • I found lately if I eat chicken or turkey that is not Organic that I develop both those problems. Went to Organic meats mostly for the last 5 years. Once in awhile while traveling or eating out I will get into having that problem again and find I have got lazy checking the ingredients. Even chicken broth not Organic will make me look 6 months pregnant within 15 minutes of eating. Also I can not have MSG it travels through my system so fast nothing gets processed 20 minutes I better find a bathroom. I can’t even have a taste of food with msg. That started when I was in my 20’s now 30 years later I’m happy that there are more label to find it easier in food.

  71. I had severe constipation as a kid. By severe I mean SEVERE. It got so bad that I would go months without going. I was in terrible pain and had to be hospitalised many times to have it mechanically removed. Then I got appendicitis and once I had that removed, my bowel completely cleared up. It was my appendix causing it, but it wasn’t an acute case of appendicitis for quite some time hence why it took ages, until I got the sudden acute condition requiring surgery, to discover. So ask your doctor to check out your appendix if they have checked everything else and you have severe chronic constipation.

    About 10 years ago, in my early 20s, I developed what I can only describe as irritable bowel. I have too many health conditions to bother getting it formally diagnosed but it’s the opposite problem – the runs. Lately it’s gotten worse so I am planning on seeing a doctor soon. I might do a normal number 5 poo twice a week which doesn’t require much wiping and is nice and easy to pass while still feeling solid and satisfying. The rest of my goes are all water with peas and corn and chickpeas etc floating and up to 20 times a day. It gets so hard to cope so I use a load of Imodium. The problem is that after Imodium I am temporarily constipated and won’t go for 24 hours which is such a relief but I know it’s bad. After the 24 hour or so break it starts up again. Now I’m bleeding from my anus too. Literal blood on my underwear even when I haven’t gone. Not a period. I wiped to check and it’s definitely from my bum! And then last week I started getting this horrible nausea and full feeling in my stomach that is killing my appetite. A sudden change in my diet these past 4 or 5 days because of it. I can’t even think of food until around 7 when I get a small break in this fullness and nausea feeling and then I eat a small meal and then I’m super full again as if I’ve eaten a huge meal. It’s really weird. I’m starting to get really worried. No doctors available except for emergency ones as it’s Christmas and new year period.

    • For Hayley – consider a full reproductive exam by a cert. oB/Gyn – fullness can be an indication of something out of whack in your reproductive area – not to be ignored.

  72. What an awesome site to find. No, people usually don’t think of poop but obviously it is a good thing to think about where your health is concerned. I have for some years been lactose intolorant and anything concerning dairy products usually gives me diarrhea. Some medications make me constipated. This post has been a great help. Thank you so much for caring enough to write about this.

  73. So I started getting sick to my stomach any thought I was catching a cold. This was a Monday well my head cold went away the very next morning but then my stomach growled non stop for a full day ( I still had normal poops) then Wednesday at 4am I rushed to the restroom and had diarrhea all day and also thru up three different times (color of poop was normal). Thursday I wake up and I was feeling pretty good was able to expand my distance from the towlet and I thought I was fine. I rehydrated my self with plenty of water and even eat a decent meal.(took one similar runny poop that morning and one fairly solid one that evening both with normal coloring). Friday 6am my stomach starts rumbling LOUD I go to restroom have a simi pale simi solid poop. Go back to lay down and 5 min later it starts again so loud I go back to bathroom and now pale watery diarrhea no substance what so ever for the next 36 hours every 20 min I’m hating life had to even buy baby wipes. Used bathroom no exasperation more than 30 times all pale and like water except for the last one which was about 2.5 hours after I was able to eat a few bites of a burger and a bowl of soup, I had my first poop with a little substance however now it is Black and smells really bad After that 36 hours of torcher I get 12 solid hours of sleep and relief. I woke up at 10 am Sunday and my stomach is acting normal I use the restroom and I get a nice solid poop except again it’s black and has a real bad odor, I use again that evening and same thing solid but black and smells very foul. This has went on now for three days normal usage once maybe twice a day except it’s still black and smells sooo bad what the heck is going on please let me know cuz I don’t like DRs but I’m almost ready to go. I have always taken pride almost in the fact I always have had good poops ( normal tecture and that normal brown poop color with little smell). (Now I’m almost dieing because I can’t hold my breath long enough to get out of there pleases help thanks)

    • Go and see a doctor urgently.

  74. What if we have two different kinds in one go? (e.g. type 2 and 4?)

  75. Hoping someone can help me with this.
    My entire life i’ve had anxiety over stomach issues – when I was younger I had a constant fear of throwing up/having the stomach flu, and over the last few years, ever since I had a surprise bout of diarrhea in a restaurant, i’ve been terrified of diarrhea/loose bowel movements. I know this all comes back to my hypochondria, and that I often will psychologically make myself use the bathroom because of the anxiety of wondering if I will. I know, odd lol. Over the last month i’ve been making primarily loose/soft stools, but I feel okay and am eating. I usually will only go once or twice a day, if that. In the last month, i’ve had two random bouts of diarrhea (went once or twice each time, then was fine). I think i’ve figured out the causes – eating fatty food very late the night before. I’ve stopped doing that and the loose stools have slightly improved (they’re about a 4.5 on that chart now, they were a 5-6)… but i’m scared everyday that it’ll randomly happen again, and the anxiety manifests primarily right after i’ve eaten because i’m worried there’s more food in my system. Just looking for some reassurance that i’m okay!

    Also… for any other women reading: when it’s that time of the month, i’ll sometimes make softer stools. I think I know the cause after doing some research, but it still stresses me out every month that my stomach will become upset.

    Does anyone else get anxiety over their bowel movements? Any suggestions on how to deal with it?

    • Have you checked gluten intolerance or celiac desease? My wife has celiac – she have diarrhea every time she eats gluten rich food. She noticed it after few years of searching.

    • Hi Taylor,
      I really want to help you out because I’ve gone through EXACTLY want you are going through right now. About a year ago I was also diagnosed hypochondria and kept struggling with the fear of stomach issues. First and most important thing is, YOU ARE JUST AS HEALTHY AS EVERYONE ELSE. When I was struggling with hypochondria I had to check the form of my stool almost EVERY SINGLE DAY and I freak out the whole day if my stool is lose or I have difficulty eliminating. I feel like I can’t do anything if I don’t feel normal(like having a small amount of gas trapped in my gut), and i studied everything about gut diseases and their symptoms, so that I can check if I have one of those conditions everyday. It was like TORTURE.

    • I read your comment, and it turns out: You are normal, Taylor, YOU HAVE A HEALTHY DIGEST SYSTEM, i can see it through your comment. I hated it when all those people told me that I might have some type of disease but actually I was quite normal. Believe it or not, your body will be HEAVILY AFFECTED by your thoughts, so if you keep telling yourself you are not normal, your body will definitely have some sort of reactions. I used to feel that my guts are not normal but everything’s just fine right now. I eat or drink whatever I want to, and I no longer care about my bowel movements–I got over it myself, but even physiologists failed to heal me haha. Remember that having hypochondria is like breaking the fake sense of safety that you have lived with, and once it is broken you find it so hard to heal again. I’ll share with you my story of overcoming the fear.
      So at first I refused to believe that I have no disease, so I went to the hospital and had a thorough CT scan and a stool test. Turns out nothing’s wrong with me. You can also do that, but make sure you prepare for the stool test because if something went wrong with the test and affects the final result, it’s probably gonna kill you haha. For me it turned out to be soooo helpful, and I stopped worrying about it for like a month.
      The second thing is, try to get together with your friends, I know being with others could be painful for you sometimes, but you have to. Because by getting together with my friends, I know that they are also getting tummy ache, they also sometimes feel gassy, they also sometimes throw up and have abnormal stools. They are the same as me!!!!!!!! So it took me 7months to forget thoroughly about my guts and how my tummy feels.

    • You know that it’s hypochondria, not physical disease. You are probably a perfectionist and very sensitive, so try forcing yourself not to seek for help on random websites, because very few people understand hypochondria and it could probably make the condition worse.
      Sorry for bad English, email me if you have further questions, and hope that my answer helped!! xx

    • I am going through the same thing! Anxiety with bowel movements! I am usually always number five. I have lost eighty lbs and changed my diet! The doctors say nothing is wrong , they say add more fiber to my diet.I truly understand the anxiety and the Lord is what gets me through.

  76. My grandson is Autistic. He a #2, poops every 4-5 days. I have done reward charts, he hates to poop. People have told me it’s his digestive and is common with Autistic kids, is this true?

    • Hi Donna, I have an autistic son also. When he was diagnosed he was 3. He was also only pooping ever couple day’s and was a 1 or 2 on this chart. We started seeing a specialist shortly after he was diagnosed the medical practice is based on biomedical and biochemical methods. When we first starting see Dr. Lewis the first thing he focused on was getting my sons BM’s fixed. We did stool testing and abdominal x-rays. He was not surprised to find a minor intestinal blockage and stool riddled toxins & bad bacteria. He advised that this is typical with his autistic patients. After 6-8 months of treatment just focusing on his digestion we noticed changes to our sons eye contact, focus, ability to engage, sleep, control over his body, etc. When we started he was almost completely non verbal and was now starting to speak 3 word sentences. By no means were we 100% but there defiantly was a dramatic difference in our child. As we have continued treatment over the past 3 years he’s BM’s have not been our primary focus but it is always under surveillance. Fixing his bowels is credited with one of the most profound improvements in our son.
      To “hate to poop” might be sensory related. He could very well be “holding it” so not to feel the sensation, this is not good either. My daughter, who is typical, had painful poops and did this which only made it more painful. Once we fixed her diet and it was no longer so painful she stopped holding it. I’m guessing that this will not so straight forward with your grandson, it never is with an autistic child.
      I hope this was helpful. I have some good Autism resources I am happy to share them with you if you like them.

  77. Very good article it teaches you a lot of important information on our
    Poop health . I learned a lot of good things I needed to know

  78. I drink 30 grams of protein every day in a smoothie, I eat healthy and my bowel movements are great. So great I don’t even have to wipe….. but you have to wipe at least once to be sure. When nothing is there I save a tree and put back on the rolll!!!!!!

    • please you’re not putting the toilet paper back on the roll that you’ve already checked to see if there isn’t any poo on the paper…. once you have wiped your rectum You’ve Lost That paper even if it is clean you have microorganisms 10 follicles lots of nasty unseen bacteria the idea of putting it back is no no…

      • No I don’t put it back on the roll! That’s one of my lines I use in my everyday comedy show

        • Michael, I am glad you cleared that up issue up for us. The tree will grow. It will not begrudge your use of some TP which it has produced already, for your use

  79. Thanks for making this page! I appreciate the information. I am almost 27 and have gastroparesis. I have to strain constantly to get the poo out and its always a 5-7.
    I have a question if someone could answer it: what does whole food like peas coming out mean? Is that related to gastroparesis? I also ‘leak’ from my backside, meaning I’ll have a liquid (don’t think it’s blood) on the back of my underwear if I have to hold it for any length of time (my bowels, not bladder). I can’t hold it very well either. As you may know, it’s terrible being chained to a bathroom all the time!
    Thanks for reading this and answering my question if you can! Have a great evening!

    • I also have Gastroparesis, Slow Motion Gut and other issues as a result of having a bowel tumour and part of my small intestine removed years ago. You have anal leakage, most probably from haemorrhoids which would be caused by straining/gastroparesis. Use a panty liner, just move it back a bit. Solid peas just means they weren’t broken down in the gut before being passed through, nothing to worry about, it usually happens with diarrhoea, not constipation. Try to eat a high INSOLUBLE fibre diet – lots of raw vegetables, fruit, nuts etc. You must drink at least 2 litres of water a day, more if it’s hot outside as you will get dehydrated. Straining to poo will not help with the gastroparesis. Use a stool (at least 10″/25cm tall) beneath your feet, pulled close to the bowl, when you use the toilet, when you can. This will help by lining up your Bowel properly and gravity). Although they say you should not sit on the toilet too long as it can cause haemorrhoids, if you have gastroparesis, you have no option. I sit twice a day (early morning and just before bedtime), as a routine, for about 30 minutes, every day. Keep some magazines or your iPad with you to distract you – if you are anxious, your stomach muscles will be more ramped than usual, which won’t help! Good luck, gastroparesis is horrible to live with, but once you work out how to manage it and accept it, it gets easier. Holidays are difficult but having an understanding partner and family make it worth while.

  80. I’m a #4. Daily pooper, sometimes twice. I am regular and within the same 2 to 3 hour time frame daily. My poop color is a healthy medium brown and long. I use Sea Moss as part of my diet which is a great digestion aid and is very good for the thyroid. More about Sea Moss ocean vegetable at: http://www.mossumbody.com

  81. I am a number 5 going at least 3 or more times a day. Usually 1/2 to one hour after I eat. The color is brown. I have had test done which comes back normal. It really is hurting my lifestyle. Any suggestions?

    • Are you eating alot of gluten? I find I get that way after alot of bad carbs and gluten.

  82. My poo is number one on the list. Small hard balls. This has been going on for 18 months and only go 2-3 times a week. Doctors gave me this horrible sweet liquid to take but didnt help.

    • Drink lots of water — dehydration will cause elk poop as I call it ;~)

      • I was just wondering how much water I should be drinking cause I have issues with constipation ?

        • Water intake is different for each person. The guide is 1 oz of water per 2 lbs of weight.
          So, if you weigh 140 pounds, you’re looking at 70 oz of water. That breaks down into 8 8oz glasses, and almost another full 8oz glass.

  83. Hey I just have a question. My poo has been number 5 (sloppy) for a long time. And is light brown/yellow. I tend to go to the toilet about 4-6 times a day. Any thoughts? I always have that feeling that “I’m not finished” when I leave the toilet.

    • Joe, I sympathize with you. Mine is sloppy but milk chocolate in color, I go 2-3x a day (which is unusual for me, once usually gets it), I don’t feel like I’m “finished” either, it smells horrible, I wipe a thousand times and its been going on for about a month and a half. I hope we can get some answers.

  84. Thank you

  85. Thank you for sharing this information. What would you suggest for someone who has Gastroparesis? I’m currently taking 13 different medications, and insulin for a number of health problems. I know that my poop comes out now only when it’s forced out, or I wake up and have to go immediately with no warning. Also, are there any raw vegetables that I can consume besides watermelon and bananas. I love onions, but my dietician has asked me to not eat anything raw, except for the watermelon or bananas. My poop is # 1 the majority of the times. My stomach is constantly bloated and hurting. Sometimes, I can barely eat much of anything and, it will still hurt even if I drink water. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

    • Oxy Powder changed my life, check with your doctor if to take but I was facing so many health/bowel throughout my life until now

    • Delores, I also have gastroparesis. I have just written a fairly long reply to “Li” above. I think perhaps you need to see a Gastroenterologist with regard to your diet. For gastroparesis, you clearly should be eating a high insoluble fibre diet – which includes RAW vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds etc. Google “insoluble fibre”. Onions can make you “gassy” which is painful in the gut. Bananas tend to constipated you so although they aren’t bad for you, with gastroparesis I wouldn’t recommend eating too many. Watermelons have lots of insoluble fibre, so have pears, carrots, celery, look for the “rough” fibre. With you having other health problems, I cannot recommend just eating what I have said works well for gastroparesis as you have other health issues. Do refer to my previous reply on gastroparesis above though. Good luck.

  86. Information is truly great health wise.

  87. Very informative, thanks

  88. Very informative

  89. Thank you! The details you provided are the most comprehensive I’ve seen on the subject.

  90. This is really great info…thanks for sharing.

  91. I have IBS. so every day it’s all over the chart. 4 years ago I had #6 and#7 for a week strait. yep didn’t make it in time. of course it happened to be at work.

    • I have been a consistent 5 through 7 for going on 15 years now. I am lactose intolerant, gluten sensitive, and have chronic diarrhea. The doctors have done all the testing imaginable including upper and lower GI testing and regular colonoscopy’s. And still can not find anything wrong with me. It is terrible and frustrating. I drink tons of tea, take plenty of herbal medicines, and take a wonderful probiotic. My analysis after years of misery and experimenting is simple; I just plain can’t eat anything I enjoy! It’s just who I am and I must accept it and move on.

      • Have you tried chiropractic?

      • My mother-in-law had chronic diarrhea all the time and I found out the meat she was eatting (which she received from her brother the dairy farmer) was very old! I told her she was poisoning her body by eatting it. Please be sure all foods you are eatting are fresh, not outdated.

      • Both of you should into GAPS diet. I’ve been it for a year and half. Super hard at first, but it had transformed health, and you definitely don’t want to continue your current state…

        • what is gap diet

      • Brian, look up SIBO, Candida, h. Pylori…these are bad gut bugs (for starters, there’s lots more) but your symptoms indicate bacteria, yeast or parasite problems.
        There is no such thing as IBS. I went to gastroenterologists for 21 years, this year I decided to find the ROOT CAUSE, there’s always a root cause for our symptoms, it’s never just, oh well, u r stuck with this!
        I, too, thought I could not eat ANYTHING, it ALL hurts me and causes problems, everything gives me gas!
        Well, no, not even true….the bad gut bugs are eating the food I can not absorb and THEY are farting inside me and rèleasing toxins that wreak havoc on my body!
        So, look it up! Your Gastro does not want you to know this! Then u won’t need him or his prescriptions that may or may not treat some of the symptoms, some of the time, never ever addressing the root problem!

        • It is true that illnesses start in the gut. Everyone should detox your gut plus do a parasitic detox.

      • Please read “wheat belly” this book might help you find the answer. It talks about effects of wheat on our digestive system.

      • @Brian, I can relate. Have suffered same for years with no help coming from conventional medicine. I was told I had Lactose Intolerance so began buying lactose free products and the tablets (just in case I got stuck in a situation where I couldn’t guarantee lactose free food/drink). After some time, I started having cramps and the runs. The docs weren’t helping so I started reading like crazy. Turns out it isn’t the lactose, it’s the protein in dairy (casein & whey). It took about a week off of the stuff and the difference was extraordinary. All those smoothies with the whey protein were killing me! Drink goat, almond & coconut milk/ products. Also, milk from Jersey cows. You have to watch everything. Good luck, hope this helps you as much as it did me.

      • It sounds like you are unable to absorb minerals and vitamins properly. Diarrhea can also be part of inflammation in the gut.

        Check out GAPSDIET.com This is a way to heal the gut.

    • How do you know if it’s IBS or just stress? Doctors don’t seem to like running tests for these things…

      • No such thing as IBS! Read my comment above that starts with Brian!
        Or look up SIBO

        • Shelli, I’ll take your comments seriously when you have earned your M.D. or R. D.

    • As long as u have ibs, u willl never be cured. Look up gut bugs or SIBO or Candida , there’s a root cause to IBS or ANY DISEASE IN OUR BODY

  92. don’t be ashamed you exposed yourself Kelli, everyone poops. just Google everyone poops bad lip reading it explains all

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  94. Oh crap. Please remove my email, name and phone!!!

    • I can’t see your email or phone number.

  95. Great article!!! Very informative but said in a classy way, haha not grossly. Thanks!

  96. Pooping is the best. Thanks for the guide. I’ll try to be a #4.

  97. This was a great article and explained poop very well. I need some advice, though. I pass poop like in #1 but I’m only 21 years old. At first I thought it was because I became lactose intolerant. It made sense for awhile and it went back to normal (#4), but lately it went back to #1. I haven’t drank milk in days and I eat fruits 2-3x a day and eat veggies everyday. I only drink 2-4 glasses of water a day but Ive been like that forever and this bowel movement (BM) pattern only started in January. I’ve been to the doctor but as of now, no significant results. It looks like constipation but from what?
    I have a BM almost every day. I also have acid reflux and possibly IBS because I get cramps/pain or bloating in my abdomen quite often. Long post but any ideas what this could mean??

    • Get checked for Gluten intolerance. That is some of the symptoms I had.

      • I will check it out.
        Which symptoms like mine did you experience too?

    • You may need PROBIOTICS especially if you have used antibiotics recently.

      • Thank you!

    • Same problem,try these two over the counter healthy meds.Citrucel and Align.Drink 6 glasses at least of water a day,you will be pleasantly surprised.

    • Look into the GAPS diet! Totally transformed my health. You can eat a ton of really healthy food, but if your gut bacteria is not good and you have leaky gut, your body will not absorb the nutrients.

    • No such thing as IBS when it comes to getting cured….check bad gut bacteria or SIBO

      • Shelli, just wanted some advice please as I note that you refer to bugs and bad bacteria are you still posting?

    • Sounds like you’re dehydrated. Everyone should be drinking 8 glasses of water per day, at a minimum!

  98. I think this is great. People need to be aware of what’s going on with their body.

  99. Great explanation on poop. I am happy to say I have healty poop.

  100. The last part on ‘floating’…
    Healthy no. 4 poop actually ‘floats’ just under the surface of the water in the bowl. And may sink slowly.
    Unhealthy, no 6-7, that has excess toxins (post fever, diarrhoea, food poisoing etc) or excess fat (diabetic, obese, fat metabolism is bad ( will usually float ON the surface of the water. When u flush this, u will find the waste flushes at the very end.
    I hope this clarifies further.

  101. This was a great article. I learned some things I never knew about poop.

  102. Thank you for the helpful article. I have been having this problem for two years which started with constipation then bloating, incomplete evacuation and very rarely diarrhea. Since last six or seven months I also have abdominal pain that’s mostly in my right and left iliac area and also in my right(mostly but sometimes left) upper quadrant. My stool morphology also changed in these two years it became smaller and discontinuous. I try to have one or two bowel movements daily but I don’t feel light after passing stool also some part of my abdomen is always hurting and I’m very bothered by the excessive bloating and flatulence. It is a difficult topic to broach and not taken very seriously so I’ll be very grateful if you’d offer some advice or a diagnosis. Thank you.

    • I too had symptoms like you. For a 2 year period difficulty passing, small and discontinuous and feeling of constipation and not feeling completely empty. After a physical doctor requested a CT scan which found a large mass in my colon. I was diagnosed with colon cancer in Feb 2015. This is no joke. Please get a complete physical.

    • I would start with cleaning liver. Or liver ultrasound if it really aches on the right upper side.

    • Your left iliac is where your sigmoid colon which is the bit shaped like an s. Because of those tight bends, if you’re backed up for a while this is where stool often gets stuck and hardens. Its called an impacted colon. I would hope your symptoms are that instead of a mass but regardless you definitely should get checked. The procedure might even be non-invasive. Ultrasounds and CTs sometimes do the trick if you don’t want the dreaded colonoscopy.

  103. So if I have yellowish doodoo but I don’t want to eat or drink fancy stuff, what should I eat or drink?

  104. So if I have yellowish poop and I don’t want too fancy stuff what should I eat or drink?

  105. Was on Questran after gallbladder out and could not afford but can now. Would like to take as needed. About twice weekly have to take 3 tbsp. milk of magnesia even though eating fruits, veggies, good food and plenty water. About twice a week will take 2 to 8 hours to get stool out. Thinking questran may help as like yellow watery stool around formed stool. Any help appreciated. In my seventies.

  106. I find it a bit mind-blowing that the article didn’t say anything about hydration. How much water a person drinks could easily make a them go from 1 to 4, or 4 to 7, on the scale. So try changing how much water you drink before you start worrying and head to a doctor for a bunch of tests.

    • Sterling, so true! In the past three days I have saturated myself with water and my poop comes out easier, more formed! An amazing difference, not waking up three times for pains of poop not going thru and out! I just sleep til I wake up needing to poop

  107. Constipation can also be linked to suppressed emotions and/or trauma. If you really tart to notice, the more emotions you are able to freely express the easier your time will be in this area. I have dealt with chronic constipation my entire life. I have also had suppressed childhood trauma my entire life. There is a definite connection…you absolutely have to express yourself. If you suppress your emotions, you will deal with that pain in one way or another through chronic pain or an autoimmune disorder, etc. (for more information on this topic see: https://acestoohigh.com/got-your-ace-score/ )

    • You know, whenever I get really scared or anxious, I feel like going poop. And I do. So if anyone is constipated, an option is to watch or do something that scares you to death, and then you might poop. It might not be the case for some people but it happens to me.

  108. Alfalfa tablets! A few daily make a world of difference, especially if you are lacking in the fiber dept.

  109. Hi so wish I had seen and an article like this 2 years ago, as I was getting constipated and not going loo for ,what built up to sometimes 2 weeks , until I started getting black stools with blood ,I went doctors and was immediately referred to endoscopy, they gave me a 2 day bowel prep, which is suppose flush your colon out,I didn’t even go toilet, I am now due to have a 5 day bowel prep,this has to work so they can see what’s wrong, , deep down I know there’s something seriously wrong .. So please people go to your doctor if it doesn’t go away by self medicating ..I believe all illnesses start in the gut .. i do the raw apple vinegar twice a day now n stop eating toxic foods etc , don’t wait like I have go and get help ??

    • I pray all goes well for you. Thanks for sharing your story.

    • I had the same incident about 2yrs ago.
      Turns out that I had been taking to many antibiotics within an 8 month time frame, and what that does is kills off your bodies natural bacteria so when your antibiotics eventually wear off your body will not produce it back fast enough and leaves your intestinal track (mainly the colon) vulnerable to infections.
      So after I went through the bloody and black stools with yellow and milky like fluids and all of the pain from my abdomen down to the exit. My primary care doctor referred me to a specialist because it’s alot cheaper to be referred rather than walk into a specialists office.
      Anyways after giving my doctor a stool sample, we find out I have “Ulcerative colitis”(cousin to krones disease and very close to cancer) , but not without running a colonoscopy and my Colon lit up like a Christmas tree. So now my doctor has me on Apriso extended release capsules which has helped alot and this year I went for another colonoscopy and I am happy to say that the Ulcers were almost gone. So now every morning I will take my Apriso, 1 acidophilus, and 3,000 units of vitamin D and it makes me have better stools and had actually proven that vitamin D helps the symptoms.
      I hope this was informative for you and that the doctor figures out what I wrong.

    • Best of luck to you.

    • What are the toxic foods you ate?

  110. Very interesting! I’ve had problems in this area, all my life! Some people think talking about your stool habits r gross, but it’s something that EVERYONE needs to know more about! I appreciate any & all information I can find on this subject!! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us! I’ll be sharing your information with everyone who follows me!! Have a great weekend! Stay safe! Thanks again!??

  111. Hello! I you d your blog on Pinterest and found it to be very informative. I am diabetic and obese. Prediabetic my bowel movement’s were spot on and regular. Then things turned worse. I was all over the charts due to medications prescribed. Fast forward, I took my health into my own hands and started researching how to reverse my diabetes (type 2). I going that avoiding sugar and carbs has helped. (Not a surprise). However, getting things done naturally works better than medication. This does NOT mean you go without a medication you really need. It means the dosage may be lowered by eating the foods that help cure the problem. Always consult with your Dr. But research and try natural foods to help. I do this prior to consulting because sometimes it eliminates a trip to the Dr’s office. I don’t always trust the medical field because of Big Pharma has the tendency to just want the money and keep in mind that it takes just as long to recover from medications as it does to recover from the problem. Not meaning supplements. I also found that avoiding almost ALL processed foods, like boxed food purchased at the market, helps because they are all full of salt and sugars, not to mention preservatives and things I don’t even know what they are. I’d like to mention that I wired in the medical field (Certified Nurse Aid & Licensed Massage Therapist). I’m not a Dr. but read up and search for answers and keep learning about natural ways to heal by Googling “What foods help _____?” and if you don’t know what something is, ask Google to define it!
    Awesome Blog and discussions! Thank you!

    • Im also diabetic and obese. What foods are you eating? Trying to get better about what goes in the body.

  112. Try a spoonful of apple cider vinegar in water every morning, and notice that together with s few extra glasses of water a day you’ll feel a lot better. It helps balance the body’f pH, which is out of balance in most of us. Get protein from veggies, particularly peas and beans, which help with digestion and pooping as well.
    Read up on this online too. You will feel better after a few weeks of the vinegar and water, too.
    Most of us don’t get enough water at all.Good luck.

    • Thanks, this comment is really useful!

  113. Great articall very informative. Thanks

  114. Neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s Disease, affect the digestive system and can cause constipation. So, it good to see a doctor.

  115. WRT to the excellent video about poop, please consider adding brief discussion on the effects of prescribed medications on one’s bowel movements. I’ve had to contend with chronic pain for over 30 years and have used opioids in order to manage often severe pain. In addition, other medications may cause or exacerbate the constipation. While a conscientious high-fiber diet and regular exercise may alleviate or ameliorate the problem, one should be aware that changes in dosage or frequency, or the introduction of new meds, can slow one’s GI motility to a crawl, thereby increasing the risk of constipation. Ours is a country relying on significant Rx to address chronic diseases and one of the side-effects is unfortunately chronic constipation.

    ps–keep up the great work.

  116. Hello.i have always had a lot of trouble with diahrea and then constipation. I’m 65 and will be having a check up soon all of the sudden I was constipated and took a ducalox and had 3 watery diahrea. Cramps like crazy. I could not eat anything I was not hungry. I am not having mucus discharge and still not half way bowel movement. I started eating today coming since I’m putting some food in my stomach I’ll have a bowel movement. I have alot of gas.

    • The same thing happened to me and also my daughter. The cause was Dulcolax. Take a natural lax like Senacot. Since I lean towards constipation I add a stool softer like Colace. These are brand names and I buy the generic because they are much cheaper. You can work up to what gives you relief. I take 3 of each at night along with 3 fiber capsules. Right now you should go on the BRAT diet until the diarrhea stops. Bananas, rice, applesauce, tea & toast. When it stops add cut up boilled chicken breast in the rice for a couple of days. Works for me. Good luck.

  117. Ok trying to figure this one out. Im 6 yrs out of stage 4 colon cancer. I only have 10 inch of colon left so I go to the bathroom alot, Plus I have a gasvetric several years ago. So yes I go alot. My problem is for the last couple of weeks it’s been just like water and I’ve been cramping bad double over cramping. For the last couple of days I’ve been passing round black things that look just like raisins, but I haven’t ate any raisins. I did dig one out of the toilet and it is real soft but the inside was like mucus. Hate going to the doctor. I just had my check-up at the cancer center and they said all was well. Oh yes the cramping, hurting is around my navel, and my stomach is bloated and hard. Has anyone else ever had this problem before.

    • That doesn’t sound good at all. You need to go to the Dr. asap!!!

    • Definitly see a GI specialist. I have Celiac Disease. Your symptoms are similar to mine. You should also read The Whole30, and try following their eating plan. It eliminates all potential trigger foods for 30 days, and then you gradually add them back in to see what is causing your distress. Even after eliminating gluten, I still had issues. But when I also eliminated corn (which is a GMO) and processed foods, I stopped having gastric distress. I feel amazing now! And I have normal bowel movements for the first time in my entire life.

      • Yes, cornstarch (modified foodstarch and malodextrin), gluten andl refined sugar cause the worst digestive problems for me. Corn also causes face rashes. I need hot water with lemon when I ingest too much fat, as I think it helps the gallbladder.

  118. Love this article! I make a little drink in the morning 1/2 cup spinach, 1/2 cup pineapple, 1/2 cup cucumber, 1 cup filter Water and dash of lime juice. Blend together with ice and it’s filling and cleaning..lol

  119. Thanks for the post it was very helpful.

  120. I had gastric bypass surgery and ever after I usually only have a bm once every couple days or so. I take 11 pills in the morning and 1 is an iron pill sometimes within 10 to 15 minutes I’m in the bathroom pooping and it’s mostly like diarrhea but has pieces in it and it smells horrible

    • Gastric bypass creates malabsorption syndrome. You can expect bowel issues for the rest of your life. Can’t believe they didn’t tell you about this. But in talking to people who have had GB, none of them were made aware of the gas or the smell, and the general GI unpleasantness.

  121. Thanks for the post, you have cleared up a lot of questions I have been asking for years.

  122. Hello, I think I have fat malabsorption. I have been struggling with weight loss from past 7-8 months inspite of a good diet. Please help me.

    • Gdev, I too experienced weight loss without dieting. What I called “unearned” weightless. I dropped almost 35#. I was 170# to start. It happened a little at a time. Each morning I got on the scale I lost a little more. It took forever to find out the problem. I had endoscopy, colonoscopy, was checked for parasites, had ultrasound for gall stones. All came back negative. I thought for sure I was going to have the dreaded “C” word – cancer. They finally did a HIDA scan on my gallbladder and determined it was only functioning at 4%. You may want to ask your doctor if a HIDA scan would be a good idea. I wish I had not had to take all the other tests, but generally they do those first. Good luck!

  123. Having Acute Anaemia and consuming large amounts of iron in tablet injection or infusion form as well as recently finding out I have Celiac have left me extremely extremely constipated. My norm would be to go daily and naturally it would be black in colour due to iron. However i am at a point of needing to take colon cleanse in order to have a movement and even there it can be extremely painful. I do consume fruit and vegetables daily I don’t particularly like the idea of medication and would prefer natural solutions. This has been very interesting I will increase my pear intake and when I see my physician will bring it to his attention. Thank you for this informative read.

    • I had the same problem when I had to take iron and to keep things moving I took a stool softener once a day usually at night when I took my night time dose of iron.

    • Try “smooth move” tea. That works!

    • I had the exact same problem. I also have Celiac’s and constipation is my primary symptom. Even after being on a gluten free diet for six years, my movements never returned to normal. I take a magnesium supplement as needed, which is usually one 500 mg tab per day. It’s natural and it has helped me tremendously, it is not a stimulant. It’s like using Miralax, but one tablet instead of drinking it in water. Hope you feel better soon!

  124. It’s not all about food. I believe that some of our constipation issues are psychological. Funny that I never read or hear, (even Dr. Oz talk about that). But why is it that some people poop the minute they go shopping, or to a book store, or when they start doing something that they love??? How is this not bing talked about?

    • I agree!!!! I experience this! When my toddler goes through some rough times, I am more tense hence my stools get slower and I get a little constipated…..

  125. Great to know. Thanks for sharing.

  126. Align is your answer for great elimination.
    I have Celiac Disease and my GI DOC suggested it about a month ago. I recommend Align to everyone I know.
    I can tell people with problems because they make comments about not eating certain foods. Dead give away. Then I just say “my GI DOC recommended Align and I can now eat anything but gluten, rye, and barley”. No unpleasant conversation.

  127. Hi my name is Krista I am 14 years old and need help. I have type 5 I think and by that I mean it looks like someone diced an apple and put it in the toilet. Also it changes the water brown. The weird thing is though it only happens first thing at about 2 am till 9 am and it wakes me up. I also get Really bad stomach aches to. It all started last week. Plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dude I’m having the exact same problem have u find any solution or why is it happening

    • Hey,I want to tell you one thing that I had anal toying sex(insert cucumber in my ass) after this,my metabolism is disturbed and I think it’s type 5 poop that I have.before anal sex I had never face this problem. It’s very easy for me to insert object in my ass from outside but my poop is just thin like type 5.
      So please help me what can I do to correct this and I am very scared and don’t want to reveal this to anybody.
      So please help me

    • Sounds exactly like Gluten intolerance. Try going 100% without it for at least 2 weeks and see how you feel 🙂

      • I have same problem when I eat corn, corn starch, modified food starch, gluten and sugar. So many foods have a form of corn in them especially disguised with names like maltodextrin.
        Many gluten-free foods have a cornstarch as a replacement for flour.
        Corn seed is infused with pesticide designed to slowly kill insects. Well, that’s what’s happening to me, at least when I eat cornstarch….

  128. Hello Genevieve , I enjoyed your posts. I have Severe IBS from Fibromyalgia . I may have MS. . I have to finish more test for the MS .
    I cannot stand going to the bathroom.For over 20 years now . I take the advantage probiotic and Magnesium . I either have constipation or horriable diarrhea. I definitely lean more to be constipation because I am on morphine .
    My question is what do you recommend for the severe bloating and pain ? I don’t want to have to take another medication but if I have to I will. The stomach spams are horrible . Sometimes I have to glove up and disempact myself . My stomach is so painful at times I often wonder if something else going on . I am 42 years old .What is the normal age to get a colonospy ?

    • 50 but you can request one sooner

    • Hello Guenevere,
      After reading the posts, I felt I had to respond to yours. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis…also have Fibromyalgia however, I believe them to be separate issues. In regards to your stomach pain, bloating, etc. I would suggest a colonoscopy and am surprised your doctor has not recommended it. As for the magnesium, I started to take it only to learn that it can cause diarrhea. Probiotics should be very helpful as they have been with me. You may want to check out any side effects from any of the medications you are taking. Also, be aware of any foods that may affect your pain. I have come a long ways with my issue and refused to take Prednisone and Humira. I was on Arava to save my hearing and ended up with this colitis which has been extremely challenging not to mention that I almost died from it. Also have been on steroids off an on for many years. Always check side effects of medications…..I’ve had my share as a result of an autoimmune condition and am now listening to my body. When we are going through any type of illness I realize we do whatever we have to do to get better as I have done the same. All the best to you.

    • I also suffer with fibromyalgia. Before I knew that I had fibro I was diagnosed with IBS but for the last 15yrs I have had #1 type of stool. Sometimes I don’t go for a week at a time. It is always hard rocks that are a struggle to get out. I do take morphine for my fibro but I also take magnesium and stool softener morning and night to ease this problem. The problem is that it only helps a tiny bit. I also eat yogurt with Chia seeds and drink warm lemon water in the morning to start things moving and still I am plugged up. Even walking doesn’t help so if anyone has any ideas PLEASE help.

      • Hi, I’m hearing all of your complaints and I, too, am suffering with stomach and bowel issues with my bowels coming out like rocks; actually I can’t have a bowel movement on my own without taking/tricking my bowels with products. I have found that Organic Whole Husk Psyllium has been a little instrumental in add the bulk to get things moving for me. As I also know my family has a history of stones, this product has been helpful: Planetary Herbals Stone Free (can be purchased on Ebay or Amazon)

        Also, I just learned this last night through a cousin. Our family has a history of stomach problems and she said our 17 yr old cousin was diagnosed with “Abdominal Migraines”. I had never heard of this but when I looked it up online, finally, I had a name to one of my problems. Here is the website: https://migraine.com/migraine-types/abdominal-migraine/

        Hope this info helps someone.

  129. Why would your poop smell musty?

    • I had floating poop for years and was concerned about living-parasites. Finally I heard about garden of life probiotic with HSO and when I took it I Got sick and expelled a lot of mucus and an orange parasite. I have never had floating stool again!

    • I am experiencing that number one on the Bristol stool chart little round hard balls hard to pass this is been going on for weeks now I also have blood clots what should I do I know I need to talk to my doctor but does anyone else know besides drinking water and seeing my doctor please help

      • Increase your healthy fat intake, eg coconut oil, olive oil, walnut oil. I have had a weight problem since the birth of my second child so have been on low fat diets for many years and have IBS with constipation. Only the other day did I read (12 weeks to change your life by Rebecca fields) about increasing healthy fat in my diet and it sure does work.

      • I have has exactly the same and I had to increase my fruit and veg intake and it worked. The blood you are passing could be due to skin around the anas breaking and it is good to sit in warm water with betadine it really helps

  130. Suffering from mushy stool and bloating from last 7 years. Any suggestion welcomed.

  131. Sounds like severe constipation. You should talk to your doctor.

  132. Hi,my son’s ever since they were babies there poops have been very huge and I don’t know why..There doc. Says that it is normal that they have a very good digestive system, they are twins and are 12 now and they still have the same poops.Is it normal???when I say big I mean width wise and length..they don’t complain about it but they did suffer for a while when they were babies until the doc. changed there formula. Why do they poop so big???

    • It could help if they drank more water. But the most important thing is that they aren’t hurting them 🙂

      • Hi I have a question. A few months ago I was passing huge blood clots and pink tissue not feces, I had a CT and a colonoscopy and I found out my colon in the cecum area was black and at the start of ischemia so the Dr did a CTA and it showed it was getting some blood but not much, so he recommended I get another colonoscopy in 1 yrs to watch it. Now my bowel movements are only once every 1 to 1 1/2 weeks and it is very long, smooth and sinks but the issues I’m having is that it is extremely pastey and I have to use almost a half a roll of toilet paper plus wipes to clean myself. Also there is so much of it that 9 out of 10 times I have to plunge the toilet and it leaves remnants all on the toilet that will come off after you wait a while and re flush or clean with the toilet brush which I really don’t want to do and get it all nasty so I wait. What do you recommend?

        • Probiotics made me a frequent pooper! My Dr swears by Schiff Digestive Advantage (recent name change). I thought I had to take super expensive live probiotics, but these worked for me on day 1. They are super cheap and you can buy them at Wagreens and Target, or order from Amazon. I was lucky to poop once a week, but I do have thyroid issues and take a lot of medicine. I was taking bentonite, but the probiotic capsules are portable and not icky tasting or messy.

        • I feel you should see a gastrointestinal dr for a second opinion. Why wait a yr. Could cause irreversible damage.

        • I just LOVE herbdoc.com. His Formula #1 has helped me so much and I could even take it while preggo it’s so very safe. I would suggest his book as well. Very informative!

        • Use a sheet of single ply toilet paper in the water before you have a BM. That should help it flush more easily and not mark the bowl. Flush half way through the BM if it is too much to flush just once. I bought myself a Bidet Seat. Google it. It replaces your normal toilet seat and therefore you can use your normal toilet and still use it as a bidet. It helps tremendously in that you can wipe yourself and then wash yourself clean before giving a final wipe with toilet paper. Compared to installing a proper bidet in your bathroom, this is much cheaper and for those of us with chronic bowel problems, it is a complete game changer – a life changer, for me!

  133. Also, take into account that our medicines and even some supplements will affect the way we poop. 🙂 ie Allergy meds, Antidepressants/ Anti-anxiety meds, Antihypertensives
    Anti-Parkinson’s Agents, Cholesterol-Lowering Agents, etc..

    I know Vit D, the B vits, Calcium, iron etc..affect me as well!

  134. Hi,
    I’m 22 and when I was 20 have
    I had to have my gallbladder removed due to gallstones. The doctor has said that eating fatty, spicy, or greasy foods could cause me to have type 5-7. Over the past two years it has gotten better but I find there are times when I eat something and have an immediate bowl movement with in an hour of eating usually a type 5-6 and light tan depending on how spicy the food (as it is my worse trigger). My doctor only tells me to cut spicy foods out of my diet but the food I’m eating can barely be called mild let alone spicy. I don’t take any supplements but I keep a well balanced diet ever since I had issues with my galbladder. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Holly, have you seen a GI doctor? my daughter had same problem we found out she has Crohns Disease also my niece had her gallbladder removed 2015 now 2016 she also got diagnose with Crohns as well . Good luck

  135. Suffering from mushy stool from last 2 months.

    • Hi it could be too much spicy foods or an imbalance between soluable and insoluable fiber. In other words, balance your cooked veggies with a little cooked brown rice or some basmati rice. Also cutting back on spiciness (even if you love it!) could do windeed!

  136. My daughter is 2 years old and has been having infrequent poops since 3 months. She has type one and the doctor has suggested stool softener as needed. But I’m concerned there’s a bigger issue. Any advice?

    • Sounds like you have good instincts. Magnesium is the first thing that comes to mind if she’s constipated. https://www.mamanatural.com/magnesium-deficiency/. Also, find a functional medicine practitioner or naturopath to help you. Good luck!

    • Just a thought, but what about a probiotic yogurt? You could add granola or fruit to it, so it’d be more appealing to a child, perhaps? I know probiotics have done wonders for me and I have dealt with constipation since I was a child as well. Just thougt I’d offer my two cents. 😉

      • Yogurt worked wonders for my youngest. I used yo baby or any yogurt with a probiotic. We started this at age 1, I have used ir ever since. He is 8 know still as issues with pooping, he is a 1 or 2 without the yogurt.

    • Hi ask the Dr to check her for Celiac Desease. Many Dr think that Celiacs suffer from diahrea only but I was the opposite. I suffered with constipation my whole life until they discovered I was Celiac. Now I follow a gluten free diet and I feel so much better. It’s worth looking into. They can tell by a simple blood test now. Not like when I was diagnosed. They had to take a biopsy of the small intestine. Best wishes to you and your baby. ?

  137. A BRAT diet is Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast!!! Not Tea!

    • But not everyone can eat toast. So some people say tea instead 🙂

  138. I have an occasional situation that no one has mentioned. I have what feels like a huge bullet being expelled. It reminds me of a huge light yellow colored kidney bean. Once I fished one out and cut it open to see the center displayed with a substance that resembles the inside of a kidney bean. I do not eat those beans on a regular basis. When I told my doctor about it, he just gave me a prescription strength fish oil but it has not stopped it from happening occasionally. Also, for those who have stomach difficulties but no clear- cut diagnosis, I was like that and found that eliminating soy and switching to organic as much as possible cleared my issues up. Thanks for your input!

    • Hi there! See a functional medicine doc. More than likely you aren’t digesting your food properly anymore. The first three years after removal was rough. Eating things resulted in huge tummy rumbles and a run for the bathroom. After five years things leveled out and I could eat ANYTHING…except for super fatty things. 10 years and I’m sort of a mess. I have not been taking enzymes with my meals to digest fat properly and have become low on many things like D and iron and so on…if anything get a good probiotic and take enzymes…the HCL/Pepsib is good! Right now I’m suffering from an intestinal overgrowth. I want to punch that surgeon 😉 would have rather dealt with stones another way but had no clue how. Anyways! Good luck and it’s very possible you don’t have crohns. Hoping so anyways!!

  139. My daughter is 2. Shes been a type 6, grainy consistancy and can be greenish. This has been going on for 2 months. She is gaining weight but shes on the low end for her height. Shes a bit on a picky eater, i have a hard time giving her meat but she will eat fruits, grains and eggs. Anything you can recommend to help her out?

    • It could be artificial foods that she eats if she eats desserts, candies, or other processed foods often.

      • Also try vegetables too, they are very important

        • Cooked veggies at that the best are steamed carrots, sweet potatoes, and if you choose cruciferous veggies(broccoli, kale, cabbage etc) they must be steamed for at least 30 minutes. Babies and many adults these days cannot handle and break down raw veggies. Even if they are promoted to have more nutritional value. Our bodies don’t have the digest r powers to break them down in the first place. Please always cook your veggies!

  140. So I think something is wrong but I’m not too sure. I always have this minor stomach ache especially in my lower abdomen and I think it is because I poop probably every three days. I usually have like a number 3 poop because it is always so hard. It actually hurts to poop, I feel like I’m straining just to push it out and when it does come out, only a little comes out because the rest is stuck inside. I always seem to rip my butt hole every time that I do poop and it stings every time I wipe afterwards. There is always a little blood on the toilet paper as well. I just need advice, should I see a doctor? I should mention that this has been going on for a while now, I cant remember the last time I had a normal poop painless poop

    • I too have that problem often, but I mentioned it to my doctor and he called it a Fischer. If my stool gets hard I get blood on my paper as well. I was told to use a medication called procto foam and to use wet wipes to wipe. It works. I only use it when my stool is hard and I’ve noticed a new tare.
      My Fischer came from the birth of our first baby.
      I use psyllium capsules with lots of water when I notice I’m not regular enough.

      • * fissure

      • You can also try coconut oil capsules (or just a spoonful of coconut oil) daily along with slight change to your diet. It will help lubercate your bowels. I’ve suffered from the same condition.

        • This definitely works. Get the raw organic kind (you can find it at Aldi’s cheap) and be careful how much you take.

      • It’s fissure not fischer. Tiny tear around rectum due to your straining

      • You might consider magnesium citrate. Often when stool is harder your body is lacking in magnesium – and often plain water or water with lemon. Keep in mind that magnesium sucks up your calcium and you’ll probably also have to (very lightly!) adjust either your diet or calcium supplements. You are likely to crave chocolate or sugar (sometimes peanut butter or cheese) if magnesium is in short supply.

    • See your doctor immediately. It could be a twisted colon. I had one and nearly died.

      • My doctor told me I have a twisted colon .what do you recommend and what do you do about it . I have issues with my colon any advise

        • Please go to ER!!!this is very dangerous!!

    • Magnesium supplements will help you have fecal movements that are easy to pass.

    • It sounds as though you need a lot more water. I don’t know how much water you are drinking now but you definitely need to increase it.

    • Sounds like severe constipation. You should talk to your doctor.

    • Have you ever been tested for diabetes? There is a type of diabetes that causes difficulties or being unable to absorb water properly. It is rare, but I would ask.

    • That use to be me. I have increased my water intake (1 gallon a day) I will also use 100% all Natural Peppermint Essential Oil like 2 or 3 drops and rub it on my belly. I will also do abdominal massage and that helps alot. Some times I even have to take Dulcolax once a month. Hope that helps you…

      • Wow, a gallon a day of water? How do you ever get all of that down?? Yes, when I was drinking more water, about a qt. I had more regular and less hard stools.. Also, exercise and a lot of veggies. I don’t eat meat.

    • You need to increase your water intake.. it seems like your body is dehydrated.. if you need to jazz up ur wate to get it in your system try adding Chia seeds , cucumber, fresh pineapple, strawberries, watermelon peppermint leaves , parsley lemon , red grapefruit , and whatever type of fruit veggies or herbs your like and let it flavor your water (it’s best to make it the night before In a pitcher with a lid/strainer for best flavor and refill it at least 2x with the same ingredients before disguarding them). If your water intake does not help after 24 hours of drinking at least the right amount for ur body ( take ur body weight and divide it in half will give u how many ounces to drink per day)..

      • Go see your dr

    • I had that problem a long time ago and I was very dehydrated because of a parathyroid issue.

    • You might want to see your doctor, but in the meantime I would try a tablespoon of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in about 8 ounces of room temperature water. I usually use Bragg’s (with the mother). It is magical. Hope this helps.

      • I found that when I tale a spoonful of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water every morning, it helps my overall digestion and helps balance my body pH…most M.Ds don’t have much knowledge about acid/alkaline balance in the body, yet it’s very important to overall health and the immune system, eapecially as there’s way too much sugar in our diets. Do some online research or go into a big bookstore and read some on this subject.

        Hang in there; there’s a lot to be learned from a simple spoon of cider vinegar in a glass of water every morning. Give it a few weeks and see what happens. Also, be sure to

        • Be sure to WHAT? Leta rose tree. You didn’t finish our sentence.

    • Make sure you do an exercise where you move your legs back and forth like a scissoring motion daily, this activates the psoas muscles which helps gut motility (moving waste matter down the GI tract) and drink the daily recommended amount of water.

      48 oz – 64 oz water per day normally when you aren’t exercising strenously or exposed to extreme temperatures. Drinking a gallon per day (128 oz) if you don’t sweat profusely is excessive and forces the kidneys to work harder and also is likelier to flush metallic salts (e.g. potassium) from your body which when done on a regular basis without significant replacement makes the chance for heart failure to increase, or so I’ve been told by multiple doctors.

      If you are very large with an extreme amount of muscle tissue then adjust your water intake higher, the water intake guidelines are designed for people who fall close to average with fairly normal health. As with all health advice, consult a medical professional that is knowledgable of your specific health conditions before undertaking changes.

    • use flushable wipes. They help when you are having many bowel movements. I keep them in every bathroom. My son had his colon removed and he goes to the bathroom a lot. This was recomended because using paper is rough. Using a flushable is wet and soft.
      Good luck everyone.

  141. So since I’ve been taking medication for a pinched nerve, I have been constipated. I like to think that I drink a fair amount of water and eat my fair share of fruits and veggies. Unfortunately, my insides do not agree. For the first time, I didn’t have a BM for five days and when I did it was extremely painful. It came out as enlarged pellets or big balls of poop. It felt like it weighed a ton or a couple of lbs (to be more realistic). It also left the left side of my abdomen sore. It’s been about four days and my side is still sore from that BM. The next BM didn’t have for about 2-3 days. It also came out the same way. I’m just curious, why is my poop coming out in big balls of poop? I see that’s not actually an option of the stool chart. Any suggestions or advice? Thanks.

    • You are constipated. Buy some Metamucil and take it daily. It will loosen it up and keep things moving.

      • Dear unknown …..it is because of the meds it happens often with those types of meds ….Metamucil like Mama said every day will help

        • Smooth move tea everyday.

      • Flax seed solved my constipation problem…in my orange juice 1st thing in the morning, in my smoothies, in my cereal, even in my salads.
        Hope this helps.

    • Pain meds make the muscles in your colon and intestines relax, so they don’t pass waste along with enough “gusto” to get the job done. Cut out meats and refined sugars, both of which are difficult to digest while you’re on the meds. Dairy is a big trigger for me too. When you get off the pain medication, slowly transition back onto your regular diet. Also drink about twice as much water as you think you need. Americans are chronically dehydrated, which exacerbates the problem.

      • I’m glad now I read your post! I’m on pain meds for arthritis and what you’ve said makes so much sense! I also have large and knotty looking stools so that makes sense that it’s probably the pain meds relaxing the colon! Thank you for posting! I’m going to try some flax and more water. I do a lot of salads too, and will add some magnesium. Hope that your post will help others also!

    • Opiate-induced constipation. Your pain med blocks the nerve response and also the nerve response necessary to move the bowels. Try Miralax one cap per day until you can move them while on the medication.

    • Reading ur story is a lot like mine part from iam in a wheelchair an I am lucky if I go toilet once every 2 weeks if iam lucky mine so hard to part with its hard dropping iam on an off the toilet for a week to pass with one poo and it’s grey an floats it’s living he’ll iam on lot of medications an morphine tablets an morphine liquid to for my m.s xx

    • If you’re taking an opiod medication for your pinched nerve you could have opiod induced constipation. This is a serious condition and you should contact your doctor as soon as possible. There are medications specifically for OIC. I’m a anesthesia nurse who worked in the pain part of our clinic (epidurals and injections) so I am aware of these issues as I had alot of patients with this condition

  142. My poop is type 1 but it is so easy to pass? What does this mean for me? I am vegan for more info.

  143. Hey its tilly you don’t know me I’m 11 my name is actually tilly-mae not may people annoy me about it all the time but I don’t under stand why people call it poop and not poo or the swain word bye xxx

    • Swair not swain

      • Swear?

  144. Hi Genevieve, I know this is from September but are you still responding to questions concerning the above subject? Thanks

  145. Hi Guys

    I tend to poop more thant 5-6 times a day but is not a dirreah and i drink lots of water a day but im always tired.please help

    • Same here..anyone respond to this?

      • Do you eat a LOT of fruits and vegetables? I am asking because I remember when I used to see an applied kinesiologist for my back problem…he used to tell me I should have 3-7 bm’s per day. He was a huge fan of plant based diets. (I am lucky to have one per day, so I was blown away by his suggestion). Maybe you are eating this type of diet and that is why? Feel better. 🙂

      • Try keeping your knees up close to chest level. Use a trash can upside down. Not sure but it seems like y’all are not emptying your bowels fully. I’ve read the best way to poo is squatting so basically keep those knees up.

  146. My son is 7 and can’t wipe his own bottom because the poop breaks off so when he wipes it goes everywhere so I have to do it but now he has started holding it in at school and can’t stay at friends houses coz he is embarrassed his poop is the shaped of number 4 and a good colour I always make him wipe his butt but end up having to finish it I’m at a loss

    • If it’s a 4, there won’t be anything to wipe. By 7 he should be able to wipe himself, make him practice till he gets it on his own, or you’ll be wiping him in college.

    • He’s probably in a rush and squeezing it off early. Talk to him about taking his time and finishing. You’re being a good parent for helping him.

    • He’ll grown out of needing your help. Try buying him baby wipes, and remind him to throw in trash not the toilet. My son had the same issue….he grew out of it. He’s still not a fan of pooping at school but he will now if it’s absolutely necessary. Sometimes he calls to come home because he feels more comfortable pooping at home but thankfully as he gets older this is fading out as well.

      Hang in there….trust me, at some point a boy doesn’t want his mom’s help in the bathroom. 🙂

      • I know this is an old thread but I thought your comment was awesome. I agree 100%, at some point a boy will no longer need his mother’s assistance (or girl for that matter). This child has been on this Earth only SEVEN yrs, you would think she stated seventeen, my goodness. Your comment shows what a nurturer you are. Again, best comment on here! 🙂

    • Wiping it for him might be babying him too much. Maybe your presence will help him feel more comforted but you really should have him wipe all by himself completely. He will learn how to wipe correctly and completely only if you allow him to do it himself. Yes as time goes on he will grow out of it and a boy gets to a certain age where he is no longer comfortable with his mother doing such things but making him wipe completely now without help is best. Doing things for himself will help him so much more now and in the long run of his life, especially when it comes to wiping his bum at such an age as 7 years old. If his poop is hanging and he mashes it everywhere he needs to learn to poop completely. If he simply can’t a doctors care might be needed as it shouldn’t be hard to empty when passing a bm. If he simply is sloppy with his wiping the above is needed. Babying too much is harmful, again you’re presence might help his confidence but he needs to wipe himself.

    • I don’t have any kids, I’m only 18& still in highschool. But take him to a doctor. He may be breaking it off early because it hurts (or it.may be riping his an us)…

    • Try having him use cottonelle wipes….. teach him to wait until he is finished then wipe and be relaxed about it …being uptight will just give him more anxiety ..best of luck

    • Have your son pull the cheeks of his bottom apart before pushing. Good luck.

      • My granddaughter had issues holding her bm, which made it bigger and harder to pass. She became afraid to poop cause it would hurt. What fixed the problem was mineral oil. I started slipping a spoonful into her drinks. It’s tasteless, odorless, and lubricates the wall of the intestine and rectum, allowing for a bm that doesn’t hurt.

  147. Hi, I have had flu for 1 week when
    I cough hard, stools come out and I have to wear pads. when I have urge for Bm I just do a little but when I wipe a lot comes out on toilet paper. been going on since I’ve had the flu. my poop not coming out like it should.thanks

    • hi coud anyone plz help me do not know wha to do i go to bathroom 1-2 times in everytwo other days its a scale of 4 but it comes out green is ben like that for 2 weeks now what to do?

      • Green is a sign of your food digesting too quickly, always call your doctor for concerns such as these. Most doctors will gladly talk to you on the phone.

        • Wow! I don’t know where you are, but in my 45 years of doctor’s visits I’ve only ever had one (an ob/gyn) that would actually call me back herself & answer questions. The rest just had their nurse call.

  148. Is there a way to test to see if we are absorbing enough or any nutrients?!! Now I’m starting to think I’m not! Mine is in the 5 range lately…

  149. This is such a wonderful post, I’ve spent the past hour reading through all the comments and it great to see people advising others and sharing experience. So here’s mine….

    For the last (I think) three or so months, my bowel business has been different. It started with what I thought was piles. Pain/discomfort, blood/ mucus in stools with one very messy stool that had what looked like small clots in it. This cleared away in a week or so, and so did the frequent need to ‘go’. But ever since then I can’t remember the last time my stools were ‘normal’. They have been loose mainly with bouts of diarrhoea in between randomly. I have also had a few dark/black looking stools here and there. Mucus is a feature quite often as well. I’ve also recently noticed food on my stools like banana, raw carrot. Yesterday evening I was at a BBQ and had a couple of sausages without the bun and notice bits of it in my stools last night.

    Other symptoms are feeling warmer than usual on and off for periods of time. Aches in my wrists, arms and feet. Also a ‘weird’ sensation in my stomach, like a very mild burning?!

    I can be a bit of a hypercondriac at the best of times but am not imagining any of these symptoms. I’ve been to the doctors and had a regular blood test done last week which came back normal. I felt no better and decided to go back yesterday because I noticed I’d lost 7 pounds since last Friday and around 10 over all the the last two weeks. Although I did suddenly cut out all rubbish (chocolate, crisps, beer, fatty/fast food etc). I am 294 pounds btw.

    Doctor says he can’t explain the aches and pains as blood tests didn’t show up any signs of arthritis etc and he can’t explain what’s going on with the bowels so said the only other option is to send me for a colonoscopy to check for any ‘inflammation of the colon’. Sorry to labour on, any advice will be gratefully received.

    (I feel somewhat silly posting this having read of some people suffering for years with similar/worse symptoms.)

    • Well I think it’s great that you went to the doctor. I would reccomend a colonoscopy if you haven’t already. It would be better to be prepared than unprepared if there were to be something wrong.

    • My name is Harry Dague I have the same thing wrong with my stomach and thats what they keep telling me to they can’t find anything wrong.so i know what your talking about and how you feel if they quit adding all those additives to shit,you never heard people in the old days having all those stomach problems

    • If you see a pieces of sausages what about chewing your food right.
      Start to chew until smooth watery like. It takes between 40 and 60 chews but it pays off.
      Your gut loaded with enzymes took place in mouth will work out a food optimally. Stomach problems will
      disappear, the stool becomes fine and regular.
      As you will feel much less hungry pounds will fly off.
      To make it perfect drink min. 3 liter of water (from natural spring of tap one if not – then bottled but at least in glass). Start your day with pound of water and drink it between the meals.

    • Sounds like like an ulcer to me. All of the things you described are symptoms of an ulcer or maybe acid reflux disease. If your stools are black then you may even have a bleeding ulcer which can be very dangerous. I would opt for an upper g.i. scope rather than a colonoscopy.

      • I agree with you. And now worrying even more about it will make it increase.

        • Also try taking a really good probiotic. Get your gut flora up to do its job. Increase intake of fermented foods.

    • I suffered much as you are now many years ago. I was living overseas and contracted helocobactor h pylori…not an uncommon thing. But it went untreated for years and reaked havock. I have suffered for many years with thyroid disease, fibromyalgia and Epstein Barr…with all that being said I woke up hurting one day with a horrible pain in my right shoulder…turns out C5-C7 were crumbling and the pressure on my spine was affecting EVERYTHING from going to the bathroom to the way I felt every day…I tell you all this because I feel if my spine had been checked sooner I could have avoided taking unnecessary medications and gotten relief alot sooner. Good luck feel better!!!

    • I have had the same symptoms as you and still no answers… Arms wrists and hands as wells as lower legs and ankles ache. Dr’s checked for most everything including sojourns and RA then said Fibro and I told them not to give me that diagnosis. I told them it’s something but No, Not Fibromyalgia. The burning in my stomach is just under my left ribs. I’ve had tests & scopes, upper and lower and stay on Rx for it but no help.
      Have you had any answers yet? I’d love to know.
      Thanks 🙂

    • The burning sensation in your abdomen to me says a light case of diverticulitis. I’ve suffered from intestinal issues for 10 years now and when things get out of control I get a bad case of diverticulitis. So yes schedule a colonoscopy to see if you have polups that could be getting inflamed. If the burning gets bad to the point you can barely walk go to the er immediately. They’ll do a CT Scan and find fluid and infection in your intestines. This will have to be treated with Levaquin. Things to avoid…corn, lots of nuts and seeds, if you are feeling that burn immediately REDUCE your fiber intake. When your intestines are irritated fiber acts like sand paper on them. And switch to a clear diet for a little while. Hope this helps.

    • Dr. Isabella Wentz wrote a book called “The Root Cause” It covers a lot of issues that doctors generally never find while doing blood tests and other routine checks. It references Hashimoto’s disease, most commonly undiagnosed by doctors. You can find information about her and her work on line before spending money on her book. I would definitely suggest doing an elimination diet for allergies. Hope things start getting back to normal for you.

    • been there done that,
      I too used to have the very same symptoms, my Dr. insisted that I have a colonoscopy. Well, am I ever grateful to her!!! They found that after many years of being told (by another Dr) that I had severe Ulcerative Colitis and was dangerously close to losing my colon in exchange for a colostomy bag! 🙁 So please please go see a gastroenterologist and have it checked out. Remember be safe not sorry.
      Best of luck!!

    • My mom had many of these symptoms and turned out she had chrones or colitis! Get a colonoscopy asap!the sooner you get checked the less permanent damage you will do to yourself

    • It sounds like the milder symptoms of celiac disease, or another form of gluten intolerance. However, other types of food intolerances could be the issue. Your options: 1)Have the colonoscopy and full celiac work up. 2)Eliminate gluten (wheat, rye, barley and all the hidden sources of these). 3)Do an elimination diet to ferret out the offending food. I’m a retired nurse, who has celiac disease and has dairy issues. I hope you feel better soon.

    • Please get the colonoscopy! I had many of the same symptoms and kept thinking they would go away. Eventually the pain was so bad I had to go to the doctor. Most of the pain was from a twisted intestine but they did find stage 3 colon cancer. After 2 years of dealing with ostomy bags and chemo I finally got reconnected. October will be 5 yrs. cancer free. Get checked!

  150. I may have solved this but no harm posting.My poop tends to have the consistency of a bowl of oatmeal. A big blob of pasty thick brown oatmeal is the best way to describe.

    I started adding a fiber supplement to my diet (spoonful each am) which seems to be helping.

    Does this make sense? or just coincidental.

    Btw overall I eat healthy with very little if any junk food, no soda etc


    • Stop drinking all kinds of alcohol.
      Stop eating gluten.
      Order liver cleansing program.

  151. Hello!

    I need some advice. I don’t poop as regularly as I should, but I poop probably every other day if not once a week..now I know your opinion on it, but that’s not the main issue. The problem I’m having is:
    I poop like I regularly do, but since sometime in January of 2015, it comes out as diarrhea. I know that when someone has diarrhea, they usually have to run to the bathroom often, so I am confused on how to explain it. I poop whenever I need to go, but it comes out as diarrhea, make sense?? So if I had to rate it on the scale you showed, it would range from 4-6 sometimes 7. I don’t know if this is relevant or not, but I haven’t had my period for the same amount of time, almost as if they coincide…but anyway, do you think they have something to do with each other? And what advice could you give me for my weird poop encounter?


    Btw, I posted this comment on March 6, 2015 (To help you understand the date above ^^)

    • You’re pregnant.

    • Diarrhea and constipation together are offen seen. Your colon is so loaded that allows only fluids to pass. Get yourself colon hydrotherapy.
      Then (besides eating healthy):
      Start to chew your food until smooth watery like. It takes between 40 and 60 chews but it pays off.
      Your gut loaded with enzymes took place in mouth will work out a food optimally. Stomach problems will
      disappear, the stool becomes fine and regular.
      As you will feel much less hungry pounds will fly off.
      To make it perfect drink min. 3 liter of water (from natural spring of tap one if not – then bottled but at least in glass). Start your day with pound of water and drink it between the meals.

    • You could be pregnant. Or you could have a cyst on your ovary. That happened to me, and I lost my period until I had the cyst removed.

      There are many reasons for a period stopping.

  152. Ok so I have an issue and I need some serious help/advice here…. I have lupus fibromyalgia osteoarthritis osteoporosis and ibs…. I went to the er the other day because I was passing a kidney stone and they said I was constipated …. so bad I was at risk of some serious problems… I was so confused because I was in the hospital in November for kidney stones and while I was there they ran a shit load of tests…. no pun intended lol….. one of them being a colonoscopy ….. all was good other than a small irritated spot in my small intestine and my gallbladder was fine as well…. problem now is since I drank the golite to clean me out in November I’ve had diarrhea then I took two doses of Imodium and then that’s when they said I was constipated then today…. 3 days after taking the Imodium…. I have diarrhea again and last week it was a grey color until today now it is a light tan….. I need some advice because the dr at the hospital didn’t like me standing up to him and wouldn’t help me sent me home and told me to go to my regular dr because he couldn’t do anything …. he got mad because I told him he was wrong for talking shit to my nurses behind my back and making everyone but one of my nurses treat me like crap!!! help me figure out what to do im with a husband and two daughters and they need me so I have to do something!!!

    • Did this happen at a hospital? If so this is what I would do… get all my facts straight of what happened and then I would go back there and talk with the patient advocate and go in with a major demanding..somewhst….need to report these people because without patients they will go belly up…they will at the very least be reprimanded and don’t see that dr. Anymore…my advice

    • Chelsea is there an email address I could possibly reach you at?

    • First…I agree with Amanda, see a patient advocate. Second…Your list of diagnoses are all in a list of possible misdiagnoses when one has celiac disease. I can’t say that yours are misdiagnoses, because I don’t have the information on all the testing that was done. For example, a positive Lupus titer must be accompanied by a false positive VDRL to actually be Lupus. However, I would recommend checking with a gastroenterologist, and doing a celiac work up. I’m a retired nurse, with celiac disease, who was misdiagnosed for 35 years. Going gluten free was a miracle for me.

  153. Hello, I’ve been having what I think is digestive problems for about 4-5 years now. Ive been having black stool, most of the time its watery with few little chunks. The times it has been hard it looks like an old sunk ship that has been on the ocean floor for years.( best way to describe it) I go the bathroom 4-5 times a day almost ever time is black. The last episode was in november ended near the end of december. I’ve have stomach pain sometimes the other times but this time it was a sharp pain in the lower right of my stomach and was there at the end of the episode. The pain over the years have gotten so bad I almost have to over does on pain pills but then I turn to marijuana. Not only did help with the pain it helped my stomach push out everything that stuck. I would always feel like there is more left even though I went several times. The last episode made me go to a specialist, he said nothing was wrong since i didnt got to the in years that everything was in my head. I was homeless for three of those years and couldnt afford to pay for it nor could did I have insurance. And still don’t So i delt with it the ways I could. The symptoms come and go like episodes that maybe last 1-3 months. He said that it was in my head and that I have nervous problems which I don’t just not comfortable with doctors. Thanks for reading. Is there something wrong or is it in my head. P.s does having heart burn cause any of this?

    • Hey,

      So I am no doctor but I can relate to your 4 to 5 times a day bathroom trips. I use to think YAY I have a great metabolism, now not so much. I had this issue for years as well and recently it has stopped. From what I understand, having loose stools means you are not absorbing your nutrients (I am sure there are other reasons too like eating something that doesn’t agree with you, etc) So I ask you, do you eat at set times of the day? I didn’t do this for years and in the past month I changed to a set meal time and I have noticed a HUGE change. Wow. I now go only once a day in the morning like clock work.

      1) maybe look at what times of day you eat, your schedule, and try to find times you can commit to. mine was breakfast between 8 30am and 10 30, lunch and the biggest meal between 1 30pm and 3 30pm, and having a lighter dinner 6 30pm to 8 30 pm. Do what works for you and stick to it!

      2) drink LOTS of water. I know it seems funny to drink water when your poo is like water but do it. It will help flush out your system and add lemon or lime to it to help your body actually absorb the water rather than chugging a ltr of water and feeling like you have a water bed as a belly. I wake up and drink about 500ml to 1ltr of water (room temp or warmish) in the morning until I poo. Try to drink at least 2 ltrs of water a day.

      3) Drink TEA. like mint tea, ginger which is good for upset tummies! I have an awesome mint green tea I like to have after breakfast or in the afternoon. Tea helps clean out your digestive track. Sometimes stuff gets stuck in there and we can eat awesome but if some other stuff is stuck in there it can prevent the lining of our digestive track from absorbing it as it passes through. make sense? tea is said to help move it all through.

      4) Keep a journal of what you eat and how you feel after, immediately after and an hour or so after. I know this sounds boring or maybe hard to do but it really helps. You could be eating what is said to be a healthy breakfast to the majority of people but it could leave YOU feeling like crap after, so its good to keep track of how you feel after you eat. If you feel great AWESOME, that is how you should feel after. Food it to give us energy, period. If you feel like you need to take a massive nap after you eat that is a great indication that you could have consumed something that is hard on your body so keep track and if you feel like shit, take note! AND when you feel great take note too.

      I hope this helps!

      Alanna : )

    • I would ask to get a celiac panel done. Celiac has a lot of different symptoms and they are different for everyone. Several of the symptoms you talked about could be celiac. Do you know your vitamin levels, vit D, B, etc? Iron? If these are low it could be due to malabsorption. Ask your Dr for a complete blood panel work up and the celiac test. Doctors work for you! Without patients they wouldn’t have a practice. It’s your body ask for what you want. Celiac is usually diagnosed with a blood test and a upper endoscopy. Also, people may tell you to avoid gluten. Please do not do this until you have had the testing done. Unless you’re celiac or gluten sensitive you should NOT be on a gluten free diet without consulting a registered dietitian.

    • black poop usually indicates an upper GI bleed. paired w/ the heartburn, i’d guess that you’ve got stomach ulcers. probably need a scope to confirm. look for low-income health clinics in your area; any reasonably-sized town ought to have one.

    • Just a thought, it could just be anxiety. My anxiety makes me have really bad stomach problems.
      It doesn’t mean anything is wrong with your head, your just more anxious. If the specialist said nothing is wrong then there probably isn’t anything really concerning. Some people just get the pain a lot worse than other.

    • Please see your doctor. Black poop is never good and nothing to mess with or wait with. Go now.

  154. Floating stool is BAD, period!
    A healthy stool should sink, which means everything you ate was digested properly.
    Ever since my stool started to float and break apart, that’s when my health problems started.
    I insisted stool test for fatty acids and guess what? The test showed fatty acids in my stool, that’s why it’s floating. Fatty acids in stool means, that you’re body can’t digest fat ( good fat) properly, which can lead to multiple health problems over time.
    As for frequency, 1-2 times daily is ideal.

    • Hi Marie, my stool went from solid sinker to floater in 3 weeks. I know he reason as I changed my diet. When it was a long banana sinker like number 4 I was eating a raw diet only with virtually no fat. The carbs were high but felt really bloated (like I was 7 months pregnant) had no energy, was always hungry and cold. I then changed 3 weeks ago to the keto diet which consists of high good fat and no carbs. My poops have started to float but I go regularly and pass easily. The shape is no longer long but round. The science behind
      keto is that your body will take its energy from the fat as it has nowhere else to take it from as there is no carbs converted to glucose for energy. google it , it is fascinating!!!!!! Doctors are now saying that good fat is not to culprit in disease but sugar is!!!! anyways i feel fantastic, energetic, not hungry and no more bloating. My skin looks awesome where as the raw diet made me breakout. So I my have floaters but my health seems to have improved. I don’t believe floaters or sinkers tell the story behind your health.

      • Your body needs a balance of everything, it isn’t it good to cut out whole food groups. Your body NEEDS healthy fats, it NEEDS carbs (obviously not refined ones like talking Bbb let sugar), and it NEEDS protein. Your body won’t function the way it should without a good balance. Atkins, keto, paleo, etc., are all fad diets. Instead . Of picking restrictive diets, it’s better to eat a balance of healthy, nutrient-rich foods. Avoid highly-processed foods as much as possible of course. your body will function much better this way because it will be getting all the nutrients it needs.

  155. Here’s one for you… I’ve had a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery in 2005. Gallbladder removal in 2007. Which lead to Hemorrhoid removals in 2008 and 2011. I’m struggling to avoid a third surgery. So I’ve altered my digestive system twice. Obviously the gastric bypass was a huge one. I joke and say my digestive system hates me; however, it’s no laughing matter. In fact, I HATE and DREAD having to poop.

    • Amanda, I know what ya mean about dreading bathroom business. I too had, yes had, problems… Thank Goodness I don’t have issues now! I got my hands on a secret weapon 🙂 cuz there’s almost nothing worse than a horrible trip (or stay) in the bathroom on the potty! My bathroom business was a nightmare…. I compared my BMs to giving birth to a FOOTBALL with tiny shards of glass glued to the whole football…. No joke. It was just horrendous… Never wanna go thru it again. My heart goes out to you hun… If ya wanna connect just shoot me an email 🙂 I’d be glad to talk to you to see if you got your issue straightened out…
      Hope ya have a good day!

      • I’m wondering why you didn’t share your “secret weapon” with everyone on this site? Anything you’d have to offer to help someone would absolutely be appreciated by everyone here, including me.

    • I was having chronic constipation a while back. I started taking Phillips caplets. 2 every night before bed. They are just magnesium, which is what my dr recommended. You can adjust as you need to, but I never have trouble now. Best of luck.

  156. Interesting article, but I found one discrepancy. The BRAT DIET consist of Bananas, Rice, Apples, and Toast. In this article tea was mentioned as the T in BRAT instead of toast which is incorrect.

    • Ha I seen that too.

    • When she is mentioning brat the t referring to tea she is talking about having tannins in your diet….toast doesn’t have tannins but they both still have the letter t still making it a brat diet

    • Tea also loosens or hardens poops as well

    • Years ago when my kids were young, a medical professional suggested the BRATT diet, which consisted of bananas, rice, applesauce, TEA & TOAST. So that’s not necessarily incorrect, as you state, Glennda

  157. You know those yogurt covered raisins and peanuts? You’ve probably eaten too many when your poo turns *white*. Not pale tan, *white*. Freaked me right the hell out when that happened. But, if it’s white and you have *not* eaten those (or things with white dye, like Mountain Dew White Out) you could have a blocked bile duct, which is pretty serious and needs medical attention.

    • Poo is serious business that ppl just dont realize it is! Glad I got my bathroom trips better!

    • my granddaughter is celiac and her mother can always tell when she gets contaminated by her white poo.

  158. If you could please define “toxins”. This is a nonsense word used to promote nonsense. P.S. Your body doesn’t “get rid of acids”, or bases for that matter. Your pH is regulated in your blood stream and unless you’ve got some serious kidney problems it is impossible to alter your body’s pH. Thus spake science. Have a beautiful day!

    • I think you need to go back to school Nate. Learn more about what toxins are, how to regulate pH and how to spell too. Good luck to you! 🙂

      • “Spake” is an archaic past form of “speak.” Not misspelled.

        • Hi! I am a nurse and yes you can change ph by intake of certain items out else people who intake for example to much k in diet and not as much mag..it’s not rocket science. But I’m glad I seen some responses from web owner I was thinking why talk about your poop if your not going to get an answer? Anyways very interesting reading…have a great day! 🙂

  159. I guess you could say…. I learned some shit.

  160. I have the opposite problem as most people. I go often.. Sometimes too often, like 3-4 times a day. This would be fine except when I have to go it is sudden and urgent. The poo itself is typically normal, occasionally loose. Any suggestions?

    • IBS, probiotics help, your diet is extremely important (you might be allergic to gluten or something), and reduce your stress if needed.

    • I personally would do 1 teaspoon of bentonite clay to firm things up.

  161. I poop only like 1-2x a week! It’s always painful to go, usually in the mornings thankfully, because they’re almost always an “emergency,” and are somewhere between type 4 and end up around type 6. Sometimes it’s all type 5. In between my once-a-week type 4/6, i usually end up around type 1 or 2. Are my eating habits just competely off? How do I get consistent type 4, daily? I’ve never been regular!

    • Are you drinking enough water and eating enough fruits and veggies? Drinking warm water as soon as you wake up is a great way to hydrate your body after it’s mini hibernation (and helps with regulating bowel movements-being properly hydrated). Also making a fruit and veggie smoothie every day helps me with getting enough nutrients in my diet and all the leafy greens help with getting bowel movements going….I Kidd you not within 30 mins of drinking I’m going! Hope this helps! 🙂

  162. My step dad had serious issues with his bowel movements he went to the dr to find out he didn’t have enough fiber. His dr told him that his poop should float not sink… So now I’m confused bc this artical said it should sink…

    • I agree. As far as I know, “sinker” indicates that the vitamins and minerals in the food were not absorbed by the body making the poop heavy and tend to sink. My professor told me before that floater is better.

  163. I have good form and have a daily release of my poop – I have a problem with the smell – what causes a really strong bad smell and what can I do about it besides open windows??

    • shit is supposed to stink, don’t worry about it

  164. What does it mean when you have a never ending wipe? Like that happens often sometimes never clean tp! Help!

    • not sure about a source solution, but you can ease your bathroom experience by using flushable wetwipes and/or getting some spit or hot water on that TP. Be nice to your hole.

      • Careful with the flush able wipes, they are not so good for the waste management process. If you can, place them in the bin and only flush the ones that truly need to be flushed.

        • So wishing bidets would get popular here!

          • Why? You can get one here quite easily. They don’t need to be “popular.”

            In the M.E. they have a nice, metal covered flexible hose that hangs on the side of the toilets. Serves the same purpose as a bidet. Those were awesome. I plan to fabricate one for my personal toilet. I feel cleaner, less “abraded,” and flush no paper products down my septic system. It’s a 3-way win. Four, if you consider how much money can also be saved by not having to buy toilet paper.

          • I wish the same it is a lot cleaner than Toilet Paper they are becoming more popular but there are way over priced for a pensioner to buy

    • I’ve been having this issue for years. I’ve been recommended to add more fiber into your diet and drink more water. For fiber I’ve bought some powder at the grocery store and it works like a charm. Ask your doctor about it first.

    • Use better quality toilet paper. I find that the cheaper the toilet paper, the longer the wipe..

    • There is still poop stuck in there. That’s what causes the never ending wipe.

    • Buy yourself a bidet. They make them that attaches to your toilet and the cost is very reasonable at Home Depot! They also have a travel one that is very cheap. Good bye to the forever wipe! Just a pat dry!

    • I bought myself a toilet seat bidet. Google it. It’s fantastic. It replaces your normal toilet seat (keep the old one so when you move you can take your toilet seat bidet with you). To fit a proper bidet in an established home is very expensive. This is expensive, but not so expensive and a game changer. For me, with my bowel problems, a life changer! It’s discrete too. PS. I bought mine over the internet – buying locally can sometimes be totally ridiculously expensive! Just do your research and buy a decent brand.

  165. About 2 weeks ago, I accidentally swallowed a quarter while playing a drinking game. And the next day, I pooped out 25 pennies. Is that normal? The pennies were very shiny, so I kept them.

    • 😉 don’t spend them all in one place lol

    • I call BS. Theres no way that your body could turn a quarter into 25 pennies. There isnt enough metal in the quarter to make 25 pennies.

      • Perhaps, he was pulling our combined legs. Ya think?

      • You ended up in the back seats of a lot of cars in high school, didn’t you?

    • Maybe you’re going through the change.

  166. One day when the only thing I ate was Trix cereal, my poo was PURPLE! Seriously! I haven’t eaten Trix since. I now try to avoid buying anything with artificial food color. After a little research I’ve found that some countries have actually banned certain colors that our FDA claims are safe. That stuff is not good regardless of what it does to your poo. My son exhibits autistic behaviors when he has artificial red or yellow food colors (which are in almost everything)!

    • L…. o…… l

    • I read recently that the disease porphyria can cause such symptoms as purple/violet excretions such as excrement and urine. I would consult a physician if it happens again.

    • Your son has a sensitivity to food dyes then, very common in children who are on the Autism spectrum and who may be ADHD. We discovered this when my son (now 8) was 2. The differences in him when he has had anything with red dye as compared to no red dye are astronomical.

    • There are a lot of things in our food that are banned and even illegal in Europe. Too bad our government allows such things.

  167. Good article to read and very informative. I had been having issues off and on for 4 years, often for months at a time, dr couldn’t find anything “wrong” with tests done (blood & stool). About 8 months ago, I was chatting with a sales lady working in the health food & supplements dept at a local grocery store and happen to mention in passing my condition. She immediately went and pickes out a bottle of PB8 capsules and told me to try them, and definitely keep the contents refeigerated after opening. Sincw then with occasional use of the product, my bowel movements have been once a day with normal poop. Hard to imagine a grown man getting excited but I sure was!

  168. I’ve had a problem with pooping since I had my gall bladder removed 20 months ago. I had huge gall stones which caused a severe and painful attack, landed me in the emergency room and surgery a month later. Still can’t figure out what causes my problem.

    • Hello Kathy,

      Since your gallbladder has been removed, you are no longer producing the necessary bile to aid in digestion of fats. Pick yourself up a bottle of bile salts (Trophic makes one), and take it every time with food. Unfortunately, this you will need to do for the rest of your life, but you will feel so much better.

      • Wrong!!! Bile is made in the liver and stored in the gallbladder. So, when your gallbladder is removed, the liver will still make it and your digestion of lipids is still possible. It will just take time for your body to adjust.

        • I had my gallbladder out many years ago, my Dr told me that most people who have had the gallbladder removed will have looser stools and some may get real loose if they eat real fatty foods, such as bacon. I find soft stools are the norm for me and I can eat bacon with no effects. But my son had his out and bacon gives him the squirts

    • I had the exact thing happen. The liver makes bile and the gall bladder stores it for when extra bile is needed after eating fatty foods. The gal bladdder then secretes extra bile when needed. So, your body will still produce bile, however, if you eat a lot of fatty food or greasy foods, the kind of foods that need the extra bile to digest, you will have bathroom issues. The extra help those foods need to digest won’t get that help and cause issues.

  169. I’m confused on the poop advice of taking probiotics to get rid of irritants like glutten, wheat, nuts, n seeds? So the breads that have nuts n seeds can irritate your stomach?

    • Probiotic help to regulate your system. Irritants like wheat, nuts etc… can cause you to pass more quickly, which can lead to malabsorption. What they’re saying is eliminate the irritants and add in beneficial probiotic to help balance things out and regulate.

  170. For those of you wondering about toddlers, I wanted to point out that you’re most likely looking at poop in a diaper, yes? That would certainly change the shape / texture from what you might see in a toilet bowl. I think that a #4 poop WOULD look squished in a diaper (especially if it has been sat upon at all). I think it would lose it’s shape in that context.

  171. I have also heard the T in BRAT diet to be for Toast too.

  172. I have had diarrhea since my son was born almost 4 months ago my doctor did lab work which all came back normal I have tried eating different foods and nothing seems to help

    • Hello Im,

      I suggest taking high doses of Probiotic, about 150 billion a day in divided doses for at least 4 weeks. Repeat if necessary.
      Eliminate sugars and processed food. Include about 35g fiber, such as vegetables, grains & legumes, chianti and ground flax.

      • All I know is I had diarrhea that would not go away a couple years ago, Every test that could be ran on a stool was ran and all came back just fine. The Doc put me on a strong Probiotic and the problem was gone in just a day or so! Worked great!

    • Ginger root helped me get rid of an 18 month long stint with diarrhea. None of the meds, procedures or changing my diet helped at all. Two doses of ginger root and I had some relief. Problem completely gone and digestive system healing after two weeks. Give it a shot.

  173. Yeah I don’t think my poop is healthy.

  174. So, my hemerroids have been leaking like a sieve for the past two weeks, which irritates my butt hole, so I’m always clenching my butt hole when I go to the bathroom which distorts my poop as it comes out. And makes wiping a mess, usually have to shower. The color looks healthy except for some of the blood, but I can’t get an accurate description of my poop because of the hemerroids distorting it. How would I be able to tell if it’s a healthy poop with the hemerroids interfering with the looks of my poop?

    • Honey, if you are having hemorrhoids you already have a problem. I would look into food allergies and intolerances, and other causes of inflammation in your body.

      • Hi Eric. As i also agree with Anna, you also should try not to push really hard to force out your poop. That pushing can ALSO cause bad hemorrhoids, as it has happened to me on a few occasions. Eating more fiber, drinking more water and washing your butthole with only NATURAL soap, like ivory, is another good way to help those hemmies go away. the perfumes from scented soap can make hemmies worse, so avoid those types of soap. If my and Anna’s advice don’t work, please see your doctor. ALL THE BEST!!!

    • Brother, it depends what kind of hemorrhoids you are going through, however whenever I had a little crack due to straining or something sharp edged through my anus, I immediately applied antiseptic cream like Boroline before sleeping. It always worked.

      • A stool softener might also help you to go without straining so hard.

      • Use cocnut oil it works

    • I also was suffering severe hemorrhoids and still am, but after seeing a specialist about having them removed I had a scope done and found I had bowel cancer on a positive note they got the cancer but not the hemorrhoids so if you are also bleeding please don’t pass it off as only hemorrhoids get screened.

    • I have had hemorriods for years, ever since I had my youngest 30 odd years ago. Keep your bum happy! Get a stool softener so stools can pass easy and invest in a bidet! No irritating wipeing! Just a pat dry! Most likely your problem will go away! They make them that attaches to your toilet seat!

  175. Awesome, I was totally eating apples and almond butter while watching this. Very informative!

  176. I’m guessing squash can color poop as well, correct?

    • So can dyes in some of our food! I ate a cherry snowcone once and I thought i was bleeding to death later that day! EEEK!

  177. HI Mama,
    Is the Mg supplement safe while pregnant?

    • Talk to your doctor but many, many mamas take it. I took it while pregnant and some doctors recommend it.

    • Hi Sarah. I’m currently 5 months pregnant, and my doc advised me to start a 500mg Magnesium supplement, but for migraines. I am told though, that a 250mg supplement will also help loosen things a bit.

  178. Glad you are “going there.” Ha! My question is– What about size of stool? I have had terrible issues with hemmeroids since giving birth, and my hubs insists my poops are too big in diameter. Can’t find any credible info to know what is normal! Thanks for the links to the different supplements. Very helpful post!

    • I feel you! Oh man… Same boat. Curious to know as well. Raw dairy seems to help me.

    • I have not had too much trouble with hemorrhoids but have had much larger poop (many times feeling like I am going to rip my hole apart initially!!!) and more at one time since having my children (2yr old and 7 month old)…. But according to this chart and color I got healthy poop.. It just makes me wonder how pregnancy and childbirth effect your GI tract…

      • virgin coconut oil ( found in grocery baking isle) or health food store is good for hemrhoids and other issues..

  179. the T in BRAT does NOT stand for Tea, everyone knows it stands for Toast. Do a better job of researching, wrong info like this damages your credibility.

    • There are other forms of the BRAT diet. BRATT (second T stands for tea) and BRATTY (yogurt). But yes, the first T is toast (maybe not discussed in this post due to gluten concerns for some people).

    • RUDE comment… Try a little more tact and humility when offering your opinion.

  180. I love your video! Thank you for talking poop! People always think I’m kidding when I say I love to poo, but I do because it can tell you so much!

  181. This is great. Just curious: do the same rules apply to babies? My son is 9 mo and I always wonder what’s normal/whats not – especially in terms of color and undigested matter. Thanks!

    • I wouldn’t worry about kids poop until around 2 or they are out of diapers.

  182. I also want to know about toddler poop. My child still nurses and his stools are always looser. Not runny like when ebf but not hard by any means. Also they are usually lighter in color. I have always attributed this to the breast milk so should a child that still nurses have the same poop as everyone else? Thank you.

    • I’m curious about this too. But I’m guessing that’s normal because my 15 month old is the same way. She still nurses a lot and eats really healthy.

  183. My 4 yr olds stools are typically light tan (unless she’s on a broccoli kick and tgey are light green) is this not ok? They’ve always been this way.

    • Griffin had this issue at times. I give him 1/2 tablet with each meal of this supplement and it’s totally normalized things –> http://amzn.to/1vaWmCg

    • When my son was younger and went to his dads for the weekend he would come home EVERY time with neon green poo! Doctor said too much sugar and junk. It would take two days to get back to normal.

      • Cool aid jammers also discolor the stool, especially the blue one

  184. What should you do for a toddler or young child with very light colored stools? (almost always a light colored tan)

    • We’ve had that at times. I give Griffin 1/2 tablet of this supplement with each meal and it has totally normalized his stool color –> http://amzn.to/1vaWmCg

      • Thanks so much!!!

        • Hello,
          I have one problem with my poop, last two year mean end of December 2015 I always diarrhea and stool come out with very small blood stain and every hurt like spicy and my stool like No.6/7 and I meet doctor for treatment.
          Doctor did stool test and blood test many time but result not serious and give medicine around 6 months and get better but not 100% still diarrhea sometime. And I continue to BKK for treatment and consult with doctor at Thailand and doctor said because I am older mean age change so my symbol also be come old too.
          After that, doctor treat me 1 year with fiber(Mucilin) and I drink it everyday my stool get harder, round like normal not soft or diarrhea like before but doctor said maybe I had hemorrhoids because I’m feel hurt like eat spicy food after poop or diarrhea . In current situation, I finish medicine around one month and my stool be come small like snake, soft,smooth, like No.4,6 and diarrhea sometime and color always yellow like kids stool and hurt that area like eat spicy food after poop. .
          Could I know what happen in my bowel and my stool? I want like normal, mean long as sausage but not hard.

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