Beaver Nightmare! – In Real Life #5

Mama’s gotta wear a sports bra to church, and Griff’s getting badgered by a beaver. It’s In Real Life Episode 5!

Here’s the sore nipple remedy mentioned here, and here are the top nine leafy greens (and one dud).

How about you?

When did your kids start skipping naps or dropping naps? Was it challenging? How did you cope? Share with us in the comments below!


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  1. I have an 11 month old. He always takes a good nap in the morning, but already catnapping the second nap at in home daycare. He takes the second nap with me on the weekends. Probably because we nap together.

    Mama Natural thanks for the tip about the eat wild website from another post. I contacted a nearby farm and am going to buy a whole chicken. I am little bit out of my comfort zone, but am excited.

  2. My 29 month old stopped napping about the start of the new year. She sleeps late anyway, until about 930-10 a.m. anyway. Her nap wouldn’t be until 2 or 3 in the afternoon and then she would be up ALL NIGHT. She still requires help falling asleep and we would be up with her until 12 or 1 nightly, with no time for chores or mama/papa time. Eventually we decided to do away with the nap, which made for some long evenings and she would want to crash by about 7. We learned, though, that 7 was too early–she treated it like a nap and wanted to wake back up at 9 or 10. So we ‘keep her awake’ with bath, playing, snacks until at least 8:30 or 9…then she sleeps very well, very soundly πŸ™‚

  3. I am on Baby 5 and all of them dropped naps at a different age. Right now my 4 year old is at the evil stage of a nap means she is up until midnight or later and no nap means Mama has a head ache and is looking for the Bach’s Rescue Remedy :/

  4. lol…needing a sports bra to go to church…sounds like a great worship time

  5. I hear you on the swaddeling thing. It was such a nightmare for me to even think about stopping, until I found> it was a LIFESAFER!!!! Seriously, worth every penny. My daughter used it until she was 12 months! Cant recommend it enough!

  6. I love your videos, Genevieve! So uplifting! Owen will be 3.5 in April has always been a great napper but something has changed recently. When he does nap, it’s usually 2 hours or more and sometimes I need to wake him up because if he sleeps too long he won’t go to bed! For the past couple months he seems to skip every other day. He really still needs one too, or is in meltdown mode by dinner time. On the days he skips, I let him have quiet playtime for an hour or so and then maybe watch a show while I make dinner. I hope Griffin keeps napping for you!!

  7. My son has been acting like he doesn’t need a nap either. When he does get one he literally fight’s going to sleep at night sometimes until midnight which is awful because Mommy needs her “me time” after bedtime! lol So I started to take away his naps during the day cold turkey one week and after day 3 he was up at night having nightmare’s just like you mentioned with your son. So this is what I started doing. He now goes two days without a nap and one or two days with a nap and we rotate. It has been working wonderfully. No more nightmare’s, he sleeps from 8:30 until 7 or 8 the next morning (with the exception of nighttime trips to the potty) AND no more sitting in the nursery singing for 3 or 4 hours every night. It takes just 5 minutes for him to fall asleep. I hope this helps. My son is 2 1/2. It’s a tough age to figure out!

  8. My Son is 2 and he skips naps every once in a while. I find that having an hour of downtime/quiet time makes it easier on me. Meaning that we (if we can, I also have a one month boy as well) lay down and read together and/or snuggle. This helps me because I’m not up chasing him around or doing any house work. We just kind of chill out and give our muscles and body a rest.

  9. I am not sure if you know of this product, but Zippadezip is an amazing sleep sack for swaddle transitioning. Many testimonials on their website! Check them out. πŸ™‚

    • NO! I had NOT heard of Zippadezip! THANK YOU! Just ordered one! Right after we filmed this video, Paloma turned onto her belly in her swaddle so we are for sure done with it. But the last two nights it takes forever for her to fall asleep because she keeps waking herself up with her hands. I’m hoping this will help! Thanks again πŸ™‚

      • My son did the same thing and these were a lifesaver! I hope Paloma loves it too.

  10. What I’ve read is that every kid is wildly different. My 2 yo has never been a ‘sleeper’ and it became impossible to get him to nap. Allowing him to shuck it made him sleep MUCH better at night, get more total sleep, and his behavior is actually better bc he starts the day well rested…although on avg most kids continue napping for another 1-2 years.

    Our second kid was just born TODAY & doing great. All natural – you know it! Soooo nice to have that not-pregnant feeling, too!

    • WOWOWOWOOW!!!! Today??!?!? CONGRATS, mama! Woo hoo!

  11. How beautiful is Paloma ?!!!
    Stoping naps such a painful, cranky time! We did like most others and implemented a quiet time when they started resisting the naps. Sometimes it works and sometimes I just pray to make it through the rest of the day:)

    • Awww, bless you for commenting and tuning in, new mama! Victoria Rose is a beauty too! Hope the whole family is resting and adjusting and enjoying new baby bliss πŸ™‚

  12. Genevieve, I can totally relate! My daughter is Griffin’s age and has just started doing exactly the same thing. Luckily she is happy to go to bed by 6pm if she doesn’t have a nap, but the day is really tough as she gets really grumpy, tearful and clumsy by about 4pm. I’ve also noticed that she doesn’t sleep as well at night if she hasn’t had her nap, and seems to be waking with nightmares and is scared of the dark when she wasn’t before.

    Of course, as soon as my daughter falls asleep then my 10-month old wakes up to nurse, and most nights I’m up at least 3 – 4 times. Its hard!

    The things I’m trying to do to manage are:

    1) I have a feeling she doesn’t want to nap because she is scared of missing out on playtime (there’s just too much fun to be had!) so I’m going to try incentivising her with extra playtime after naptime (for example, her favourite game, hide and seek or a dance-a-thon to her favourite music). That way we have dedicated fun time together that she can look forward to.

    2) On weekends, I’m going to involve her in extra exercise (swimming lessons, bike riding, walks, playing in the park) so that she is physically really tired by lunch time and is ready to nap. (We can’t do this on weekdays as she is at preschool, where she is really busy, but not necessarily exercising.)

    2) If she just won’t nap, I let her have ‘quiet time’ in her room reading books for an hour, so that at least she has a break (and so do I).

    3) I’m just trying to stick to a good day routine as it seems to help settle them both better at night.

    4) I’m trying to get to bed earlier (8pm) so that I can cope a bit better with all the night wakings. Otherwise I’m zombie mom during the day!

    Thanks again for the great blog! XXX

    • Awesome, awesome game plan Heidi!!!! I do many of these things but it’s so good to see in a list like this! I think I need to be better about a daytime routine with Griffin. Thanks for sharing!

  13. My oldest dropped his only nap just before age 2, and it was very frustrating for me since he still needed that rest and I needed the break (esp. newly pregnant). I implemented “quiet time” in his room alone every day (except on rare occasions when we are out or he’s doing a good job playing quietly downstairs on his own). It’s anywhere from 30min to 2hrs, and he’s so used to it now (he’s 5). Rarely, when he’s sick, he’ll fall asleep. Otherwise he builds trains, reads, listens to music, etc. – as long as it’s generally quiet.
    My youngest still naps at almost 3, and I finally got the kids’ nap and quiet time to coincide so I can rest, get things done, actually reply to e-mail – do whatever I need to recharge for the afternoon/evening. I’ve had to overcome some guilt over not constantly entertaining/being with my oldest, but I actually think that time apart is good for both of us, and often I’ll spend the first part of his quiet time with him playing games, coloring, building, etc. and we get time alone together (which is nonexistent since my youngest is always with me).
    I’ve found that on days when my oldest doesn’t take quiet time, it can be like he missed a real nap because he is exhausted and doesn’t feel great by the end of the day. So it’s become important to him physically to have that down time and not have to be with others. When he starts kindy next year, I’ll probably reduce the time or only do it some days, but he does seem to need that time alone. Also, it’s so ingrained in our lives that on the days my youngest doesn’t nap or barely naps, she is willing to stay in her crib and take a 30-min “quiet time” with books and a few toys. I’m so glad I implemented quiet time so long ago! I know lots of families use TV for this break, but we watch very little TV and I’d rather my kids learned how to entertain themselves and be alone with their thoughts than to avoid solitude by using TV (and it backfires and seems to overstimulate them anyway).

    • Thanks for talking more about the quiet time. I do that will Griffin as well but sometimes I flake on it as I don’t think it helps. But, after reading your comment, I’m going to be more diligent about!

  14. Hey Genevieve. Love this video. So fun to hear Griffin talking more and see Paloma’s sweet smiles. Our 3 year old stopped napping a while ago, because he’s #4 and wants to keep up with his older siblings (our first child kept napping until 3 or almost 4). However, he’s been really tired and often napping again lately – I suspect a growth spurt coming. We just kind of roll with it and read their body language, since things are always changing in our house anyway. The baby (now almost 9 months) naps very sporadically throughout the day (again because things are pretty on the go in our house with older kids, one homeschooling), but he does usually take a couple good naps either on our bed, on a car ride, or in the mei tai on one of us. πŸ™‚

    • Gotta love the 4th kid going with the flow πŸ™‚

  15. I love the videos! Thank you!

  16. My daughter is just turning 4 and takes a nap probably twice a week. Seems like days when we are on the go a lot she is willing to nap when we get home. I don’t force her to nap BUT I do make her have 20-30 mins of quiet time in the bed. She can look at books or just lay there. Sometimes she even falls asleep. πŸ™‚ but, I think if they don’t nap having quiet time is really important. I encourage her not to talk because we are ‘resting’. πŸ˜‰ really helps give her and me a little refresher before dinner!

  17. My 4 year old looked like she was going to give up naps and she still needed it. So we came up with she has to rest for an hour with door closed. Then I go open the door if she’s asleep she knows she can come out when the doors open and if she’s awake after the hour she can come down. Sometimes it ends up being longer than an hour bc in nursing her sister.

    • That’s exactly what I do with Griff! I’ve been more “encouraging” about taking the nap and he’s been surrendering to it. BUT, if he doesn’t, it’s 1 hour quiet time.

  18. Naps…LOL with my 2 oldest daughters (now 11 and 8) and my now 2.5 year old I have always kept doing “naps” even when they don’t sleep. I have always found that the quiet time is important….both for Mama to unwind and more importantly for the kids to have some time to themselves. I found that this was an important social development thing as well because they have to realize that we are not on this earth to amuse them, they must learn how to be their own best friend sometimes.

    The amazing stuff they come up with – if you listen at the door, just be careful not to laugh! Seriously though the quite time always them to decompress and they are just that much better for it πŸ™‚ Don’t drop the “nap time” just drop the expectation that they will go to sleep “just like they used to”.

    Good luck πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks Tracy! I once caught Griffin sitting on his potty and reading a book out loud (he can’t read yet but he knew the story). Hilarious!

  19. My oldest was (and still is) a great sleeper. She probably could have still used a nap at 5/6 when she started Kindergarten. When she got a little older, we still had a quiet time where she went in her bed with a few books. Sometimes she stayed awake and other times fell asleep. With my son, who’s 3 now, he’s full of energy, and like Griffin still really needs his nap, but sometimes doesn’t want to take one. We’ve been doing the same thing lately with the quiet time and most of the time he reads for a bit and then falls asleep. It still gives them the down time they need, let’s them think that they are having some say in the matter and it’s mostly a win-win situation.

    • Isn’t it a gift to have at least one good sleeper πŸ™‚

  20. Both my girls stopped napping at 2-2.5 years old. Now that my youngest is 5 and in preschool, she takes a nap after school in the car.

  21. I have 4 kids ages 9 through 2 and we still do naptime. Every afternoon we have a quite time. You don’t have to sleep but you have to be quite and find a restful activity. Sometimes the older kids read or just cuddle with their siblings but our 2 and 3 year old always fall asleep. Even mommy has to sit and rest. It helps make our evenings more enjoyable. No one is cranky for dinner and daddy time.

  22. I just had #5 and let me tell you every kid is different. I have 2 nappers and 3 non-nappers. I’ve learned a few tricks. My babies always wanted to be bundled for sleeping and had to have white noise. My youngest is 3 months old and has to have our Dyson vaccuum right next to his head to nap. He sleeps great at night though as long as he is bundled and we have the fan on. My non-nappers were frustrating since I couldn’t get much done during the day. My non-nappers have a lot of issues with sleeping now that they are teenagers both insomnia and oversleeping… I think its because since Iwas a SAHM didn’t have them on any schedule and I didn’t push for naps so they didn’t learn positive sleep habits when they were younger. If I had it to do it over again I would have tried more tricks to get them to nap and had them on a more strict schedule… which is what I’m doing with Lochlan (3 mo)

  23. I’m crying over and over about my inability to get raw milk where I live. It used to be so close and cheap where I lived my whole life, until last year when we moved. GAHHH

    • Bummer, honey. No fun! Have you checked

  24. My daughter is almost 3.5 and stopped napping right before 3. But to the day if we’re in the car mid-day she’s out cold. So I’ve started reinforcing nap time because its the only quiet mommy time of my day and she’s better the rest of the day. BUT now she’s up and at ’em until around 10 pm. Which I really don’t love either. (Sans nap I have her down by 8.) So I’m stuck in a dilemma. Hoping that by bringing the nap back she’ll even herself back out and fix a few other bad habits along the way. (Waking EVERY night and sleeping with us!! –which I totally hate but I think she does it because she’s over tired.) Ideas there?

  25. I just LOVE Paloma!! She is so cute!! My son Dean is at the same stage of the nap/no nap you mention here. We have tried both things, and I have to agree that a SMALL nap (1 hour) really is necessary for him to not be crazy every day. If he goes without a nap, he will be just out of control and its not worth it. Unfortunately, every night trying to get him to go to sleep is always a struggle and takes major time. Usually, we end up laying with him until he falls asleep. Still haven’t found a way around that. Boo.

    • Thanks Bethany! With the nighttime routine, we give Griffin choices. He can brush his teeth quickly or we can read only 2 stories rather than 3. He can floss his teeth or he can not have his yogurt drink with story time, etc. By doing this, HE chooses to cooperate and go quickly with the tasks before bed and it goes well. Hope this helps you in some way!

  26. OMG!! I know about late night sleep this week!! with 4 kids and the youngest is one week older than Paloma…it was awful!! The worst this is that is I don’t get enough sleep I get massive headaches the next day and my milk supply goes down too πŸ™ so no fear!! our son is 3 and 5 months and he some times takes naps specially when he is bored lol! or when we are out in the car… same problem if he takes naps then he later goes to bed till like 10-11pm…I’m hopping it can get better when he starts school next August and he can get all his giggles out πŸ˜›

    • Amen! I think that’s the big thing. Griffin is BORED! This winter hasn’t helped things. We signed him up for summer camp which I think will be GREAT for him.

  27. We got to a church with contemporary music. I love it too and love dancing before The Lord. Truly one of my favorite things!

    My daughter is 15 months and was not on any napping schedule until probably 9 months because I didn’t have a clue what I was doing LOL….that’s the honest truth πŸ˜‰ She takes one nap around noon and it’s heaven. I get 2-3 hours to clean, do laundry or make supper. I love it. Those two shorter naps when she was younger were more difficult to get things done.

  28. I’ve been blessed with 4 kids that love to nap! My oldest outgrew hers around 5yrs old, about the time she was starting school. My next kiddo will be 5 in a few months and is right on the cusp of being able to give up the nap. We have a mandatory quiet time later morning because the 2 younger kids are napping anyways. My 4yo is required to go lay down quietly for a while, which more often than not results in him falling asleep for about an hour. On the days that he doesn’t sleep, the laying down quietly still allows him a chance to relax and recharge so he isn’t grouchy later on.

  29. My son is in the same stage with his nap. He goes to preschool once a week and has to skip his nap on that day; let me tell you he is a mess by 6pm! (Normally goes down between 7-7:30pm.) For the rest of the week, I still put him in his bed with a few books and stuffed toys. Sometimes he sleeps, sometimes he doesn’t. If he doesn’t, I get him up after an hour. It is good for little ones to have some time to rest in the afternoon, even if they aren’t sleeping. It is also good for them to get comfortable in their own skin and spending an hour in just their own company is actually a really healthy thing! I had to get past the mental block of imagining him bored or lonely up there… he’s actually just fine on his own, talking to himself or looking at books. It might not be a bad thing that Griffin is in his bed chatting to himself; may be a healthy way for him to get to know himself better! Good luck!

  30. Hey Mama Natura! Thank you for the awesome weekly updates! My husband is actually starting to watch them with me…I can’t believe it. Griffin cracks him up:) We are expecting our first in July and I have been using your baby registry as a guide. Question: Is there anything you would change on your baby registry? Add? Remove? Any updates at all?
    Thank you!

  31. I love your videos.

    But I was looking little paloma. Daddy need to do a ADN test.



  32. My kids needed their nap! When it was time to drop it we started with naps every other day and then just one in the middle of the week. My kids are 11 and 7 now and there are still times when they are home for a long school break we will take a nap in the middle of the week if it has been really busy or staying up later.

    I also believe just the quiet time is good. Even if they don’t fall asleep, that down time is helpful! I always says naps are more for Mom than the kids!

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