The House is a Wreck! – In Real Life #26

How we healed my son’s eczema, and why our house is such a wreck. It’s In Real Life, episode 26.

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How about YOU?

Have you ever witnessed an awesome natural healing? It may have been something minor, like Griff’s eczema, or something more miraculous. Share with us in the comments below!

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Genevieve Howland is a childbirth educator and breastfeeding advocate. She is the bestselling author of The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth and creator of the Mama Natural Birth Course. A mother of three, graduate of the University of Colorado, and YouTuber with over 75,000,000 views, she helps mothers and moms-to-be lead healthier and more natural lives.


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  1. I have a lot of healing stories- my favorites are the ones that lead to salvation. I will give cliff notes version.

    At a fair with my husband (then boyfriend), got to talking with another couple. The guy’s back was messed up, we prayed for his back and the pain went away. He shouted out “F***!” In surprise. In the next moment, he received Christ.

    Another incident that sticks in my memory is when my husband (then boyfriend) was playing X-box live and asked the other players if any of them had any pain anywhere in their body because God was gonna heal them. Two guys ended up being prayed for, one was a migraine and I think the other was a sprained arm or something. They lived in different parts of the country (US), one was an atheist and another was a spiritual satanist. God healed them both, then they both received Christ, then the Satanist renounced by name all the demons he worshiped. My husband continued to talk and disciple with these guys over the phone for many months after that as well.

    There are so many stories. A boy’s broken arm healed. A girl’s scoliosis corrected, bunions removed from feet. A man in a wheelchair (from a stroke) walking… my favorites lead to salvation. Inner healing is so much more amazing to me though.

    What God has done in you with your health is encouraging. I was told I had diabetes early in my first pregnancy. I got prayer for it and never showed symptoms for diabetes thereafter, even with all the tests. I don’t know for sure if it was a fluke or a healing but I believe the latter. It was this incident that made me even begin to question my unhealthy lifestyle. That was 4 years ago and I still have not overcome in this area. But I won’t stop trying and growing and surrendering 🙂

  2. Genevieve, I have a little girl a bit older than Paloma. I’ve been watching since your Postpartum videos and I have to say that your positive energy and real faith have been so uplifting! I look forward to your show every week. Would love to see what you feed the kiddos in a week now that you’ve cut out some things and are juggling two different age groups. It would be great to get some ideas for my baby girl it feels like I’m stuck in a rut.

  3. My son has psoriasis. It showed up at six months old and was severe. Thankfully we had just become friends with an oriental medicine practitioner. He tested my son for food intolerances and I removed those foods from my diet since we was exclusively breastfed. We also switched to using all healthy oils on his skin and taking oil supplements. Within a month he looked like a new child! It took about 9 months for his skin to clear completely, his hair to turn back to brown, it had turned red and blonde. He still stays away from his primary trigger, at 9 years old, and only has one remaining symptom of psoriasis, pitted fingernails. I am thankful that God brought us into contact with the right person at the right time to bring about our sons healing!

  4. I was healed of severe eczema in 24 hours. It was supernatural. It was covering half my face; I received prayer and anointing with oil and within a day it was completely gone. The Lord Jesus truly does know us and is able to heal us! I have witnessed many other supernatural healings among the people I worship with, of bodies, minds, and spirits. He is good and He is Lord.

  5. Paloma is so stinking cute! My poor 2 yr old is having terrible ezcema and itches it and makes it worse… We are trying the steroid creams and had allergy tests done. When I just put oil on it does not get much better! Not allergic to anything / I almost wish he was so I could eliminate it and watch him get better …

  6. My son’s story is here. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the same luck with eczema and resorted to the steroid creams the doctors said were okay. Ultimately, they made his eczema WORSE. After being told the problem was severe, worsening eczema, I found the International Topical Steroid Awareness Network website and knew immediately that my child’s supposed “cure” of topical steroids was actually the CAUSE of his new worsening condition. I took him off the topical steroids, and he immediately got worse as he entered a drug withdrawal, at the ripe age of 3yo!, but then slow but sure, his body started repairing itself in ways it hadn’t done for ages. The skin immediately started getting stronger again, his scalp eczema healed, his facial and arm eczema healed, then the torso, then thighs, then calves. It has been a slow but miraculous thing to see the body heal from the trauma it sustained from the topical steroid creams used as directed by doctors who should know and warn of the risks they pose to our young children. He is still healing 14 months later, but since the HPA Axis (controls hormones of the body), thyroid, and growth was affected by these drugs, I’m pleased he’s continuing to heal. The body is truly amazing. BodyTalk sessions have always, without fail, eased the rough spots on this journey. NAET cured my husband’s food sensitivities to apples and cherries. It’s possible not many of your readers have used topical steroids on themselves or their kids (over the counter hydrocortisone is a steroid too), but then again, I never thought I’d resort to them, either, so I post this hoping if someone is using them, they will read the warning signs and risks as I wish I had done more closely and listened to the mama gut when the doctors kept brushing my concerns aside. Natural healing and methods is always going to be harder than the quick fix, but it’s going to be longer lasting and healther is the lesson I learned. So glad your son’s eczema is better!

  7. I hope you see this among all the comments. Could you please say what tests they did and then what supplements? It sounds exactly like something I need done so I’m curious. Is he still on supplements? Does he still have to avoid honey, mango, and gluten? Thank you!

  8. What’s tests , Genevive?

  9. Our house is a wreck! Under construction all summer long. It’s killer. Due with #4 in September(!) And oldest starts kindergarten as well. Yeah. Blah! Anyway, healing. Yes, sort of. We were trying for almost a year to conceive our 2nd child (charting, exercise, diet change, etc) and nothing. I was getting depressed and feared we couldn’t have anymore kids. We went on a trip to st.Augustine Fl and I stopped in to the la leche shrine and asked Mary to pray for us. I cried my heart out and told her or hopes and dreams. The next month there were 2 pink lines and I cried again. It was such a tremendous gift, and answer to prayer. It healed my heart. Not to mention our first was very colic and failed to thrive… our 2nd was the healing my heart needed from a traumatic go the first time in almost every way including the birth. Maybe not the healing you spoke of, but it really healed my heart.

  10. Please tell us what tests are these and what supplements did you give your son.


    • I too would like to know what tests you did.

  11. Love mama natural and am interested in essential oils, but feel like it’s taking over the show! Both my fave natural living websites I feel are pushing the EO on me!

  12. I think you should look into herbal medicine too Genevieve. I think you would Love it!

  13. I also had eczema. I hade it throughout my childhood life and very badly during times when it was hot out. I started studding herbal medicine a few years ago and found out that Dandelion was my cure for this. Most often skin issues come from the liver. If the liver is taxed in any way you will have it appear on the skin. Within a few days of taking Dandelion tincture my eczema was gone and now I don’t have to take it anymore. 🙂

    • Where did you get dandelion tincture? Or did you make it? If so, how?

  14. What supplements did you use for Griffin?

  15. I am so very grateful for my husband and 2 of my children being healed of food allergies (and one is almost done with the treatment). They went to see a chiropractor who specializes in getting folks bodies healed of their allergy. One of my daughters would get extremely severe nose bleeds and we did not know what was causing them. It ended up being an allergy to dairy! She is now completely healed and no more no bleeds, thank God!! For those in the mountain area of North Carolina, here is the doctor we saw: Dr. Tom Gross at Mills River Family Chiropractic, (828) 891 8868. (He uses muscle testing to determine the allergy and homeopathic treatment to cure them and so cares about patients!)

  16. My friend was suffering from a disease that she got from a long-term missions trip in Cambodia. The doctors weren’t even sure what was happening. It made her so weak in her muscles that she struggled to even walk sometimes. One day, we were praying for her and God spoke through another friend to jump up and down as an act of faith. Her response was “No way am I doing that! Last time I tried to jump, I got terribly sick.” Well, she finally obeyed and was instantly healed. That night I witnessed her dancing with her sister, something she hadn’t done in years. And now she’s able to go on missions trips again! Come on, God!

  17. I was just talking to a friend today about a healing I experienced long ago. It’s been coming back to mind lately, as I’m praying for a miracle for a hernia in the area of my currently growing pregnant belly. (I acquired the hernia during our last pregnancy.) So, back to the healing… I had to wear oral braces/rubber bands for perhaps only 9 months, but it led to an approximate 5-year struggle with TMJ. My husband and I are both on the worship team at our church. We were still on stage when I realized what had happened. After the worship set they were making announcements, and we were to play one more song for offering. I realized I could move and open my jaw like I hadn’t experienced in years, but it seemed I couldn’t catch the attention of my husband or anyone else who knew the situation well. Haha! I was simply healed during an ordinary worship service at church one Sunday, and since then (maybe 8 years ago) I’ve never experienced any issues with my jaw. God is good!

  18. Genevieve, or anyone who can clarify: what tests exactly did you have done for Griffin? I would really like to do this for myself, as I think I have sensitivities to some things. Thanks!

  19. I love that you include God in your Real life episodes…I have seen multiple healings, cancer, HIV, tumors and a bunch more. It’s super amazing what God does, my husband and I are in ministry full time so we have had the privilege to see God do awesome things.

    • Awesome! Love hearing stories like that!

  20. Maybe not exactly like yours, but I used to have some pretty sever anxiety that I cured with daily yoga practice and natural living. It was such a blessing to be able to turn off the negativity in my head. I swear processed foods bring it right back!

    • Amen, Julien. Processed foods can definitely be a trigger for me. And exercise is usually the cure.

  21. My husband’s eczema went away when he started using vitamins. If he forgets them while traveling or runs out before ordering more, his eczema flares up again. He just takes a Garden of Life multi.

  22. My mom had her tubes tide and asked her lady prayer group to pray for complete healing from the procedure. She should have been more specific because God did completely heal her . Hence I am here!

    • Ha! That is awesome, miracle baby 🙂

  23. When my great uncle was much younger he was instantly healed from epilepsy at a healing service.
    A man at my current parish had debilitating colitis. He began the SCD Diet. He decided to make a pilgrimage at Lordes at asked for the intercession of Our Lady. He was instantly healed and was able to eat ice cream without any problems to celebrate. Usually he would have been in pain for days from that. A few weeks on the SCD wouldn’t do that for anyone.
    He is now just on a Weston Price diet and thriving.

  24. If you decide you want Griffin to be able to consume mango, etc again, look into NAET to simply eliminate his sensitivity altogether. Our daughter was born with allergies to dairy, corn, bananas and a host of other things we could only detect through strict elimination dieting. Without telling my acupuncturist what she was allergic to, he identified everything that I had and (via muscle testing) then we did a series of elimination treatments. She has actually been cured of all of her allergies. A little crazy, but you can’t argue with the results:)

  25. I introduced egg to my daughter at 6 months as part of her first food and she had a severe reaction (projectile vomiting 11 times!). So after our pediatrician misdiagnosed her with a stomach bug a few times he finally realized (as I already knew) it was a food allergy. We ditched the Doctor and took her to the holistic Doctor my Husband and I go to ( I wasnt sure if he would see a client so young but we were in luck!). I, like you, was greatly discouraged of such a violent reaction as I have ate organic, grass feed, pasture raised blah blah blah for years before even getting pregnant and when pregnant made sure to eat alot of fermented foods and take probiotics. However there was NOTHING wrong with my munchkin. It was me who had the issue. See I had neglected to go see him for some time and I had developed many food sensitivities that was causing my body to produce a mass amount of histamine that was going through my breast milk and into my daughter causing her sensitivities. I eat the same foods in a week. I am just that plain jane and apparently eating the same foods day end and day out is not good for anyone and you will develop a sensitivity. EVERYTHING IN MODERATION. This holistic doctor does kinesiology so he can “tap” you to make you no longer sensitive (one he has restored you gut health). Its worked for my husband and myself and we are so blessed to have healed us.

  26. Hi Mama Natural!

    I would love to know what type of doctor you took your son to as well as what the type of tests done? Also, what supplements is he taking to aid with his skin condition? What supplements do your children take on a daily basis? My daughter is 19 months and she takes cod liver oil and probiotics daily but wondering if I should give her a multivitamin.

    Thanks so much and keep up the good work!


  27. Hi Mama Natural and your readers,
    I too have a healing story. I have been dealing with women’s cancer and other health issues and in my research found out that being more alkaline was a way to put a hedge between most illness and me. What I found on the internet was a wealth on info about wellness and food. So I marched down to the supermarket and brought green things and fruit. After about a week of eating everything green I asked GOD how many green things can a person eat?!!!! But I knew I needed to eat green. I was concerned I pushed myself and husband to fast into a new way of eating. About two weeks later a lady I met at physical therapy taught me about Kangen Water. I thought water is just water, BUT this water has made a world of difference in my and my husband’s health. We have been using it for 4 years now and have not been sick one bit. My husband dealt with skin cancers, eye issue, and allergies and now they are way low on his concern list. I have had sugar, triglycerides, and cholesterol issues and they too have been on the low side of concern. All because we did something we thought was impossible. We drank a better water than what is on the market. We learned that when you hydrate your body properly it can do a lot of healing. But is that not what GOD wanted in the first place. Now we did not quit changing our foods. We are on a lot of green thingies and much less meats and white stuff and I don’t do the package foods much anymore. So to GOD be the glory great things He has done. There is a lot on this website about it. Thanks for the time to share and for the opportunity for a business plug. But when you have something good don’t you just need to get it out there. If you visit the web site please call for the password.
    Thanks Edwina 904-771-2094 God’s Refreshing Drink

  28. Hi Mama Natural,

    I’d LOVE to hear what supplements you are giving to Griffin and in what amounts.

    My two year old has digestive issues and we are giving him Noni Juice (1T), Cod Liver Oil (1/2 t), Vitamin D3 drops (1 drop), L-Glutamine (1/2 t), Digestive enzymes(1/4 t) (with every meal) and probiotics (1/4 t). I also give him kimchi and goat milk kefir (thanks to your inspiration).

    It has helped tremendously! I think the digestive enzymes were key for us. Anyway, I thought I’d just share what has been helping for us and I am very excited to hear what you are doing.

    • Hi, I am not sure how to share so I just hit reply? My now 23 year old son had a strange/scaly rash at the hairline on his for head when he was a pre-schooler. I don’t think I ever asked the Doc for help because I have yet to see them heal a skin issue. I saw a bottle of tee tree oil on sale and thought it was worth a try. To my delight within 2 weeks the skin was clear and has remained so for 20 years! To this day he LOVES the smell of tee tree oil. He is to only one I know not repelled by it. I assume he associates it with his daily head rub from mommy!

    • He’s taking soil based probiotics and some digestive support. I’m working with Anne Fischer Silva. You could contact her and get help as everything is so personalized.

  29. I would love to know these tests along with the supplements 🙂 My baby is 9 months old and has suddenly had a bad flair up of eczema on his back after he got sick a month ago. He is breastfed as well.

  30. Being a highly sensitive person, and picking up on all different types of energy, it’s a miracle that at rare moments I can connect with someone on a very deep level. Sometimes it’s overwhelming. Other people who are sensitive show discomfort in many ways. The amazing healing aspect comes when our mind and body connect and we begin to hear our own needs, healing ourselves and getting ready to connect with the worlds energies again! I wish you the best and I’m sending you and your family lots of positive support! 🙂

    • I love the way you said this. I to have been listening and tuning into my body more. It’s amazing what I’ve found out. I’m learning to trust intuition which I believe comes from God. I also really like muscle testing because you can find out what products and foods are best for your body. Everyones body is different because of the experiences we’ve had and everything else that effects the body. So one product that works great for someone else may or may not be the best for me.

  31. It is so hard when you know something is wrong with your child and it takes time to figure it out. I am so glad you were able to! Have you cut out wheat and gluten completely? Have you been trying new recipes because of it? My little guy is also sensitive to gluten (he gets extremely constipated), is allergic to dairy and soy, and gets eczema from nuts. We do a lot of coconut flour/ Paleo recipes.
    I have already shared a healing story but I have one more to share. I was diagnosed with Colitis when I was 23 and put on medication with a follow up colonoscopy for a year later. The medication did not help. I was down to 119 pounds which at 5’10 I should have been between 135 and 145. I had no energy, I did not want to eat, I was bleeding daily and I really felt like I was dying. A week before my follow up appointment I cried out to God in anger/fear. I really felt like he had left me. I asked for something, anything to let me know he was there and I was given this verse “Can a women forget the child of her breast? Even though she may forget, I will not forget you, I have inscribed you on the palm of my hand.” Isaiah 49:15-16. The peace that washed over me at that moment was AMAZING. I did not think at the time that God had healed me but it was enough that he had not forgotten me and I knew that if he was by my side I could go on. The colonoscopy showed nothing wrong, not even scar tissue which would have shown up if I had gone into remission. I am so thankful, it still brings tears of joy to my eyes 10 years later.

    • Tears! What an amazing story Tanzi! Yes, I’m still keeping Griffin off gluten. We just don’t do breads. Rice, gluten-free pasta, sprouted corn tortillas, etc. instead.

  32. I’m interested to hear about how you’ve transitioned away from gluten with your son. Is the whole fambam going gluten free? Also interested in who you used to test Griffin. Naturopath?

  33. Oh my word! That video of Paloma!! So cute!

  34. I have struggled for years with horrible menstrual issues and had trouble getting pregnant. After much prayer and guidance/Chinese herbs I received from my naturopath, I was able to conceive. I now have a beautiful 2 year old. God is good!:-)
    P.S. Love your blog

  35. I had the privilege of witnessing what I call a miracle. I shared a very small office with my co-worker who had increasing eye problems. After returning from a Doctors appointment, she broke down in tears explaining that she would be having surgery to save the vision in one of her eyes that she could not see out of for the past week. I asked her, “Have you asked God to heal you?”. She stopped and thought about it for a moment and then She replied, “No”. I said, “Well it can’t hurt, right? Perhaps he will heal your eye!” I offered to pray and ask God right there on the spot for her and she agreed. We bowed our heads slightly. I simply asked God to heal her eye in the way a child would ask their parent for a toy. Nothing special. Just asked. We went back to our regular work after that. 10-15 minutes later she said, “Oh, I can see out of my eye!” I quickly responded, “He said yes!” And she replied, “oh, it’s probably just a coincidence” She went to the Doctor after that — No surgery needed and the Doc offered no theory as to why she had vision! She was fine. I was really blessed to have witnessed that but equally concerned that she didn’t give any credit to asking God !

  36. I would love to know where you got the tests done for your son’s eczema and what supplements you used. My 11 month old has eczema all over his face and hands and has suffered for several months now. I am breastfeeding and tried an elimination diet but was unable to narrow down any allergens and the only thing I accomplished was starving myself. I am at a loss and desperate for help but I don’t know what kind of practitioner to take him to. More info would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

    • I am so sorry about your son; that sounds very uncomfortable for him. I wonder if it is something he is eating (I assume that he’s eating some solids at that age), rather than something in your diet, since it would be more usual for his symptoms to have been present much sooner if it were from breastfeeding (unless you recently changed your diet considerably). How long did you keep up the elimination diet? Remember it takes a while for these items to leave your system. There are also hidden ingredients, so if you just eliminate milk but not all milk by-products, for instance, that won’t make a difference. My son not only had eczema, but small amounts of blood in his diaper. I took him to a pediatric gastroenterologist, which you may want to look into.
      Gentle non-soap washing and lots of hydration on the affected areas really help with flare ups if you cant find the culprit.

    • You can also try bio feedback. That’s where I took my daughter to find out why her hands were turning slightly blue randomly at school. We found out she had an allergy to sulfer in the hand soap she wasn’t washing off all the way. We also found out she was allergic to lime, penicillin, and pineapple. We’ve also had body code work done on her for her allergies.

    • Hang in there! My first born was completely covered with eczema, and the elimination diets just ended up making both of us lose weight, and hurt my milk supply. Only recently did we get some skin allergy testing (not the complete bloodwork). By cutting out most processed foods, limiting even natural sweeteners, we saw big improvement in his eczema, but Fermented Cod liver oil has truly been the biggest help. At 3.5 years, he is finally down to one recurring patch on his foot.

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  38. I also would love to know about the supplements you gave Griffin, as well as the tests you did to check his gut health/allergies. And, I love your blog! 🙂

    • He’s on soil based probiotics and digestive support. We did a LEAP test for allergies and a stool test (I can’t remember which lab?). We worked with Anne Fischer Silva…

  39. Mama Natural, what supplements did you use to help heal?

    And can a regular pediatrician perform a gut profile?

    You’re always so insightful. Thank you!

  40. It’s a small thing but it really boosts my faith. My daughter (9) and my son (8) had worts all over their hands, but mostly on their thumbs. In fact my daughter at one point had over twenty of them on her thumb, to where you couldn’t even see her thumb through the warts. I had tried a few over the counter topical remedies, but I new the issue was deeper. Those things were just not effective. One day I told my daughter to curse the warts and speak to them, command them to leave in the name of Jesus. I knew that in the word he spoke to a fig tree and cursed it. I also know the word said that life and death are in the power of the tongue. So she would curse her warts every day and comand them to leave, and within two weeks every wart on her hand vanished. Now my son who also has warts on his hand is experiencing the same thing, slowly his warts are vanishing. He’s been at it now for about a week. God is always good and always faithful!

  41. I’m battling Candida and losing. Just lost my wife a little bit more than a month ago. Having a rough time right now, but looking at your emails help

    • I’m so sorry. Praying for you!

    • You’ve got to check out the eight ingredient recipe for radically transformed health. Just look it up or go to You can buy the ingredients yourself at and save a lot of money. My friend and her mom are taking it right now and my family will be soon also. I know that my friend has noticed a major difference in health since taking it, more energy, and no more problems with menstrual cycle. I wish you the best. You can also look into biofeedback and muscle testing from body code to see what are the underlying issues.

  42. My 2 year old was gettting very itchy eczema from multiple things. We were very determined to find out the cause. No wheat, no strawberries in his diet. And he can only be exposed to very clean body products and laundry detergent. He will break out from just being exposed to clothing that others are wearing if he has close contact. He is so sensitive. We know vaccines would have been a mistake for him.

  43. Our son, Levi, was born full term with a grade four brain bleed, multiple organ failure and also not breathing, which led to even more trauma. This all happened upon birth and he was in the NICU for two months and then had three more brain surgeries his first year of life. The 20+ specialists that saw him, never decided on a diagnosis, because everything was so random. They said he probably wouldn’t live to be one and may be seriously disabled if he did. After thousands of people spent months praying for him, he made tremendous strides! He now has a permanent shunt, but other than that, he is a rambunctious two year old with no outstanding issues!! He was the March of Dimes ambassador baby in our county last year and is truly our miracle child!!

    • Wow! God is awesome!

  44. I’ve survived 2 suicide attempts and later I found Christ, he saved me from death as continues to restore my life day by day.
    God healed my baron womb, I now have 4 miracle babies that I was told by specialists and doctors that would never happen.
    God healed my knees, after several serious support injuries and damaging treatments I was told that I would need a double knee replacement. I was anointed with holy oils and prayed over by our church staff and elders and I went in for another mri and Jesus had regenerated cartilage and bone where there wasn’t any in the previous mri.
    2 years ago I had masses in my stomach and had cancer. God led to sell out naturopath, iridologist, chiropractor, and nutritionists. Tons of o prayer warriors, strict diet, herbs, supplements, oils and lots of treatments later I’m cancer free!

    • Wow, you’ve lived a miracle life! Thanks for sharing. God is so good!

  45. I had Environmental Illness (basically allergic to just about everything), along with many other related illnesses (chronic ear infections, clinical brain fog, asthma, and anxiety to name a few) when I was a teen. We tried all sorts of things to fix it to no avail. Then my family and I attended a seminar at Be in Health ministries where we learned about the spiritual roots to disease and how to overcome them. My brother (who also had EI) and I were completely healed within a week of being there! And we have never relapsed (we’re 12 years out now!). I’ve experienced true healing in myself and my family and also witnessed many more healings through that same ministry. I’m now married and have two happy, healthy children–all because of what The Lord did in my life!

    • Praise God! I bought his book. What helped you the most? Did you read certain Scriptures? Prayers from others? Would love to hear more 🙂

  46. I would love to know exactly what supplements you gave to griffin for the eczema and where did you get those tests done. I have a 5 month old that has had terrible eczema all over his body since he was 2 months. I am exclusively breatfeeding so I’m sure it’s something that I’m eating but haven’t been able to pin point it. Thanks in advance

  47. My oldest was born deaf in her left ear (bilateral hearing loss). We found out just before she turned 2. It was sensorineural, not conductive, meaning the nerves from her ear to her brain were not connected. This type of hearing loss cannot be corrected. I was naturally shaken by the news but continued on with life, learning and teaching her signs, attending speech therapy, etc. My husband took it way harder than I did and he prayed often about it.

    Well, just over 2 years after the diagnosis, she miraculously had hearing in that ear. I had her retested a few times just to be sure – and yes, she’s still hearing in that ear! She’s 8 now and while she has other challenges, hearing loss is not one of them. Personally, it didn’t/doesn’t matter to me if she had hearing loss. But I know much of my family, including my husband, and the doctors are quite thrilled with the outcome. Her pediatrician said it can’t be explained medically; it has to be a miracle. And she felt in awe to witness one herself.

  48. My son had eczema as a baby due to milk sensitivity and now that he’s nearly 2, he only gets eczema as a result of strawberries–or so I thought! He also got a rash around his neck while we were on vacation, which I attributed to swimming in a pool and some starchy collared clothes his grandma gave him. I noticed it went away, but then came back, less so, so I will have to explore the idea that it’s a possible sensitivity.

    Also, I’m intrigued by the Peace and Calming and, with your description, I wonder how it compares to the scent of Lush’s Karma….anyone know?

    • Don’t know Lush’s Karma… sorry.

  49. We used to use peace and calming on my cat when he was a kitten. He was a NUT! I would just rub a little on his paws and he would be a sleepy kitty in no time at all.

    As for healing, I can’t say I have witnessed anything major but in myself I have seen some pretty crazy healing. When I was pregnant with my first I completely changed my life. I quit smoking, I started watching my diet eating healthier foods eventually switching to a real food diet. Before I was pregnant I had terrible asthma that caused me to be sick all of the time! I was always at the doctor always on puffers and I never seemed to get better. I also had warts all over my hands! ALL OVER! I was so embarrassed!

    All of these things completely disappeared with my first pregnancy. I no longer have warts, they vanished! And I haven’t used a puffer in almost 3 years! Thank you real food! and hormones??..I don’t know, I am just super thankful 🙂

  50. Back in May we took my son to the naturopath for his snoring. My family snores a lot so it never seemed like a big deal, he snore even a little as a baby. But it was bad, you could hear him rooms away, he had trouble waking up and he was pausing while breathing and even waking himself up. She looked and said it didn’t look structural but very inflamed…maybe he had a food allergy. We were all surprised by the results, Leaky gut, broke my heart. So yes he’s highly allergic to diary, gluten, eggs, nuts and banana. And mildly allergic to more. SO we have taken out the major allergens and are rotating the minor every four days. Hopefull we can heal it but it’s been two month and you can’t even hear him when he sleeps and it’s a deep sleep now, he wakes up alert and happy and doesn’t need a nap anymore. Major bonus he talking finally too, clear sentences with descriptive words. He nearing 4 years old so we’ve been super concerned but I think we’ll be alright now, I really do.

  51. It’s really strange but my son started having eczema when we moved to a house that we lived in for a year and a half, he was 9 months old. As soon as we moved out in May it jus vanished. I was convinced it was something in the house (bugs? dry air bc it was a little further east and hotter/dry inside) in the beginning but my husband didn’t buy it. I still have no idea what it was but glad it’s gone. So strange.

    • Interesting! Could have been mold or something that was bringing down his immune system and contributing to the eczema.

  52. Heidi B’s sister here again… I have seen an old school miracle! I was diagnosed with a couple of degenerative, live threatening diseases when I was in my late teens. By my early twenties I was too sick to even use my power wheelchair most of the time. I was listening Beauty Will Rise by Steven Curtis Chapman and felt very strongly that the Lord was telling me to get up and dance (I have NEVER been a dancer). I did and I have never had to use a wheelchair again! That moment brought me up to about 20% normal energy and changed the nature of my illnesses from degenerative to able to reverse. The last 4 years God has performed a slower miracle in showing me how to use the gifts He blesses us with, like food and sunshine, to heal even more. I suppose I am at something like 80% now. This afternoon my husband and I are planning on taking our two kids on a 2 mi. jog. I would have laughed you out of town if you said that to me before my first healing! Sometimes I really wish I knew why God doesn’t heal everyone who is suffering. I am not a remarkable person at all. It would just be wonderful if everyone who cried out could see Christ’s face clearly right away.

    • AMAZING!!!

    • Totally awesome, Rachel! Such an inspiring testimony!

    • BEAUTIFUL!!! So happy for you! God is good!

  53. I think God through his promptings combined with our own intelligence can lead us to be healed. I’ve searched my own mind for ideas and prayed for guidance about some extreme knee pain. I remembered reading about trigger point therapy. I found the trigger point that corresponded to my pain and used the technique. I went from not being able to walk and thinking I was headed for knee surgery to being pain free the next day. Now if the pain ever returns I can deal with it early. I have also found natural nourishing foods and herbs that keep the pain away.

    One tip for eczema. Even if you use natural laundry soap always do a second rinse in the laundry machine. That was the final piece of the puzzle to fully heal my kid’s eczema.

  54. My miraculous healing story came in the form of pregnancy! I suffered a rather emotionally traumatic childhood and recommitted my life to God in July 2013 for help to cope and forgive those who hurt me. It was a long process but leading up to this my husband and I had been trying to conceive for almost 2 years. In November 2013, I decided to complete a 21 day spiritual fast (The Daniel Fast) for guidance in my career and in healing those damaged relationships and we discovered we were pregnant on December 10, 2013- which meant we actually conceived during my fast. It has truly been a gift from God and I’m at such peace knowing that this little one (who is currently 3 days past his “due date” was placed in my life for wonderful reasons. 🙂

  55. Where did you get the gut test for allergens?? I totally need that!

  56. I’ve been trying new organic shampoos to see what works best for me. I tried bubble and bee shampoo, Dr. Brauners shampoo, the no poo method, but none of them seemed to work very well. They are far better then other brands of shampoo as far as ingredients go but they didn’t work for me. I’ve finally found one that works. It’s called the Morrocco Method shampoo and it’s works amazingly well. He also has on his website how to cut and brush your hair in a way that keeps it healthy. His shampoos have organic raw ingredients. I love these products and I only need to wash my hair once or twice a week and the shampoo lasts longer too. I cut my daughters and my own hair for the first time and am so excited with the results.

    • Whenever I see or hear someone speak of shampoo I have to comment. I have coarse/curly difficult to control hair, and I color it! It has always been my preoccupation to tame it. Four years ago, this coming December I have washed my hair with nothing but Wen. You may have seen informercials with it but I have only gotten it from QVC. It is an all natural made in USA product and it works great! It is worth checking it out. May you always have a great hair day!

      • Thanks I will check it out. I love learning new things. There was also a gal on the morocco method who had similar hair type and was able to get awesome results with this method too. But hey sometimes certain products work better for some people and other for other people.

  57. My daughter has severe allergies to pineapple and lime. Anaphylactic reaction type of allergy. We brought her to get a bio feedback done, which doesn’t hurt at all and is very insightful. This is how we found out about her allergies and also to sulfer and penicillin. There is energy work that people are getting done for their allergies to clear them up. We had our daughter worked on by a certified body code practitioner that we found on the internet to help clear her allergies. We still have an epi-pen just in case. We have come to learn that some allergies are trigured by trapped emotions. I’ve also had what’s called the heart wall removal done with emotion code on myself and it’s amazing the difference I’ve felt. I’ve recently been going to a friend for foot zoning, which is amazing also. It’s kinda like reflexology but way more specific and a different technique. It actually teaches your body how to heal itself. I found out that my adrenals, liver,thyroid, and stomache lining are unhappy and have issues. My body doesn’t like dairy products either. It’s amazing.

    • Hi,

      Where did you go to get a bio feedback done? Was it a test that you order online or did you go to specific doctor?

      • I was recommended to a gal who had a professional biofeedback machine and had been using it for a long time. You could probably look it up on the web to see if any people have one near you where you live. I just looked it up their called biofeedback therapists. So just plug that in and add your state and city and it should bring up people that have them. See if you can find someone that also has other skills like nursing or nutrition to compliment the biofeedback.

  58. Genevieve,

    Your show is always a little gift to my Thursdays!

    If you don’t mind sharing, what are the specific names of the gut and food allergy blood work you had done on Griffin? Did you work with a traditional pediatrician or alternative med practitioner? My 2 year old daughter has reactive airway (asthma) and we’ve done a skin allergy test which shows she’s not allergic to any foods but does have some environmental allergies. I suspect some food allergies and gut issues may be hiding.


    • I’m very curious about this too, should we ever need something similar!
      Also, since I know you’re familiar with all the natural pathways out there, is this something that the GAPS diet could possibly heal (reversing the sensitivities) for Griffin, even though you know how to keep the eczema at bay?

    • I am interested too! I have a little one that ha eczema that resolves with fish oil, then back so fast if I run out and forget to pick it up. I think it is a food sensitivity and I want to fix it instead of masking it with the fish oil : / I need to try the detergent change or extra wash too.

    • Would like to know what these tests are called as well

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