How a snorkel saved the day, and my life in a swimsuit. It’s IRL #50!

The last five years of my life I’ve either been pregnant, postpartum, nursing, recovering, or somewhere in-between.

But now, baby Paloma is 15 months old, she has weaned (sniff!), and I actually have my body to myself again (what?!).

And over the last five years, I’ve pushed myself in so many ways – emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. But now, for the first time, I’ve started pushing myself physically.

And you know what? It feels good. I feel like I’m breaking into a new level of fitness. It’s boosting my confidence… Enough to live life in a swimsuit. For a little while, anyway 😉

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How about YOU?

Have your workouts changed since you’ve had kids? When was the last time you challenged yourself physically. Share with us in the comments below!