The End Of The IRL Show? ☂ IRL #60

The 60th episode of our weekly vlog? Crazy! If you have been watching from the beginning, God bless you ♡

My husband Michael and I tend to get restless with our projects after a year or so. We spent a year doing pregnancy and postpartum videos with our daughter Paloma. And before that we spent a year doing news style videos called The Mama Natural Show.

And now that’s it’s been over a year doing IRL, I think it might be time for a change.

Is it the end of IRL? Find out in today’s video!

Stuff mentioned in this episode

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What is (was?) the IRL show?

IRL stands for In Real Life, and it’s our weekly video blog where we talk about the stuff of real life. You know, food, faith, family and fun. Tune in every week to see what the Mama Natural clan is up to. Click here to see past episodes.

How about YOU?

Have you ever done a big move across country? Got any tips for our family? Share with us in the comments below!

About the Author

Genevieve Howland is a childbirth educator and breastfeeding advocate. She is the bestselling author of The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth and creator of the Mama Natural Birth Course. A mother of three, graduate of the University of Colorado, and YouTuber with over 75,000,000 views, she helps mothers and moms-to-be lead healthier and more natural lives.


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  1. I have been watching the Mama Natural Show since the beginning! I have seen every episode of all three variations of your shows and love, love, love them.
    The biggest thing I hope you keep updating us with is just your experience in the adventures of parenting as your kids continue to grow and change. What challenges you face and how you overcome them, the phases of development the kids are going through and what you are doing to nurture their growth through those phases, etc.
    My son is one year younger than Griffin, and we have another one on the way, so I feel like I get great advice from your family who has already been through the trenches of so many waves of this great parenting ride we’re all sharing.
    I also love seeing your grocery store haul each week and am curious how that might change once you relocate. I would love to see more meals that you prepare, so maybe each week with your grocery store haul you could highlight one meal that you made for the whole family. We all get stuck in a rut with feeding our kids the same things we know they like, but I get bored and want to try new nutritious meals that everyone in the family will enjoy.
    Keep up the great work, I appreciate you all and am sharing this virtual adventure with you every step of the way!
    Yours in health,
    Danielle Finden, D.C.

  2. I will miss IRL, it has been such a blessing in my life. I love how you share the light of Jesus and your joyful attitude in all of your videos! I can’t wait to see what is next. Genevive, I know it will be awesome! I love seeing your faith, food/recipe videos, and I’d really love to see more parenting help. How to help toddlers have a voice and confidence but still be well behaved, fall asleep in their own bed, and stay there, how you’ve navigated parenting from newborn on up. There are so many opinions out there it can be really hard for a natural mama to find her way. My little one is just a couple of months older than Paloma. We’re approaching two and it’s getting more complicated! Thanks for all you do keep it up

  3. Hi Genevieve! Paloma is so cute!!! I am deffinetely going to miss IRL!!! The show has been so much fun! I loved that I could go through your daily life! Btw., this reminded me of the food products you bought each week 😀 i wanted to ask something… You seem to be less strict with your diet ( you eat fruit, sometimes pastrurized milk, bread etc, unlike some other bloggers) and I wanted to ask, do you get any cavities? When was the last time you got one? I am really confused, because your lifestyle seems to be way more relaxed and nutritious… However, other paleo-ish bloggers say don’t get any cavities. Could you help me out with this?

  4. I will miss the IRL show but looking forward to new exciting stuff you have for us, mama natural style! probably you can do some gardening stuff, or like homemade shampoo etc… ?? Anyway, thankyou for being a great influence. My family and I are slowly transitioning to natural lifestyle.

  5. Genevieve! I bless the day (2 years ago?) I stumbled on a link for the *S*** Crunch Mamas Say”, and the ensuing related videos you made. What a scream! Who are these people? I wondered, and how did they know the people in my town-including me? hahah! It was a great way to laugh at myself. I was hooked.

    I really liked your “news” style format, which is the first way I got to know your show, and I liked the music too.

    When the IRL’s came along I adjusted. Truth be told, I preferred the old way but maybe that was b/c that was how I first came to know you guys. I’m sentimental that way. That being said, in almost every show you’ve ever done I have learned something, have opened up my capacity for compassion in some way, usually towards myself. Many times towards others. I’ve deeply appreciated the ability to speak my mind here and read what other have had to say. Some things I’ve liked, some I didn’t, some not at all. It’s all ok, and a continuing process for me. This is what community is about.

    I absolutely do believe that the connection is made between us when you face that video camera to share whatever it is going on. I don’t think it’s weird. I see it as two-way psychic and spiritual mirror in a way, and means of being in a safe space together. There’s some good things technology can offer and I have seen you use it for good.

    I appreciated that you spoke your truth about your relationship with God. I relate to some parts; I have a different path with my Creator, have grown even further and I am welcome here. I have not felt otherwise by you. Thank you.

    I have loved seeing your children. So many times they have knocked me out with their natural charm, and make me even more grateful for my own ball of fluff, now 8. Thank you for sharing them with me, and I honor and respect your position to protect them further as they get older.

    Not once have I ever tuned in and thought, this place isn’t for me. It’s been a fun comfortable place to come hang out for a while each week. That is huge! It’s just hitting me now. With all the choices we are given, with the little time “extra” to tune in to something online, I’ve always enjoyed my time spent with you.

    Some highlights for me, besides the funny parody videos: when you said to walk on the sunny side of the street when people don’t agree with one’s style of raising a child as consciously/naturally as possible. That comment reminded me to keep my chin up proudly, non-judgmentally, while also being myself and not above others.; I’ve enjoyed the invitation into your home-yes, settling in with a friend with a cuppa as another poster said was just right. Sometimes it’s been as I’ve done the dishes and everyone else is in bed or otherwise engaged. Let me tune in and see what Mama Natural has to say today! It’s often been like that. Oh, another one: when you and Mike looked at and reviewed your framed marriage promises to each other. Very moving and real for me. Brave too, I would say.

    Oh, the births of your divine children! wow, girl!! I bless you, sister. Teaching moments right there.

    I have been inspired by your partnership with Mike. My husband and I have also done the work of Harville Hendrix and I know we will again. It was good to know that you had work to do, too, that although you are very connected you had stuff to work through, and perhaps still do on occasion. I would be excited to see more information about relationships.

    There’s probably many other things I can say, and I might post again. In the meantime, thank you Mama Natural, Papa Natural and Kids Natural for everything thus far.

    Lots of heartfelt hugs,

  6. I’m sad to see the IRL show go. Might I suggest something in addition to the childbirth series for the rest of us mama’s past that stage 🙂 food related, how to save money buying real food, sustainable gardening, exercise- maybe like 30 day segments we can follow, how to’s, or dyi crafts naturally… blessings to you

  7. I am so sad to see the IRL end. I have really enjoyed getting these in my inbox every week. I love the new tips and products you share each week. I lI’ve seeing your grocery haul each week and what you are eating. but most of all I LOVE your God section each week. It is the main reason I watch. You sharing what God is teaching you has really made me think and helped me grow in my relationship. We are done with the pregnancy and childbirth phase of our lives and our youngest is now 1. So I genuinely hope you do pursue and continue with the Mama Supernatural channel and continue to share what you are learning because it is really such a blessing. Thank you for opening up about such personal things in order to help so many. You are a blessing Geneveve.

  8. I just discovered your site 2 weeks ago and really enjoy what I’m seeing. I recently had a very difficult first child birth experience, but am thankful it was basically intervention free and wonderful outcome, but have been terrified of fulfilling my life-long dream of having a house full of little ones because of the labor, rough and long postpartum recovery, and then super hard time nursing! I was comforted when I watched both of your birth videos and am definitely going to pursue getting the book, “Supernatural Childbirth.” I am also eager to see your childbirth series coming in July and hope that I can retrain my brain and emotions concerning child birth! Thank you for sharing so much of your life. I also appreciate you sharing your faith as well! (-:

  9. I will miss the IRLs! I loved watching your kiddos grow along with mine. My favorite section was NOM and I enjoyed all things natural. Would love to read/watch along as you and your fam make such a big move…one I hope to make some day. Wishing you all the best and thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your family with us.

  10. I’ve been watching since the beginning of the Mama Natural Show! I now have a 2.5 year old and a six month old, and it makes be sad to think that if future videos are only geared towards the pregnancy and the postpartum phase, that I wouldn’t really be able to relate anymore. I love when you post food related thing and natural things for the home. Your recipes for homemade gummies are a favorite with my daughter. As a fellow Christian, I love the God section as well.

    • Emily I feel exactly the same way! I too have been watching since the beginning and have a 1 yr old and 4 yr old.

  11. I’ve really enjoyed IRL, no real favourite section. I enjoy the God segment and Aww but especially like natural living type stuff.

    I have Little miss 3 months at home and enjoyed watching/reading the pregnancy and post partum segments knowing that this would be my future. Even though we hope to have a second and maybe third kid I did a LOT of research (including your articles and videos) on the subject and don’t feel like I need to know heaps more. Probably more interested in natural living topics and parenting a toddler/child.

    I imagine the pregnancy/birth course would be good for newbies but probably not what I would choose for myself.

    Your natural/real/honest style is what is most appealing I think so keep that up. And I hope that you link any supernatural mama videos into your regular emails as I don’t subscribe to youtube channels (I get your weekly email).

    Thanks for being part of my parenting journey.

    • Thank you for your feedback! Bless you…

  12. I understand your need for personal growth and movement and hey a year is a long time to do anything so consistently …. but I’m gong to be completely selfish here….I’m done having my babies. I have 4, ages 1-12 years old and so having been watching since your pregnancy updates, I have always felt like I could relate to all that you have posted, but going back to pregnancies and birthing shows etc. I just can’t relate anymore and I would be feel very “left behind/out of the loop” if that was all you were posting.

    I would like to see more on the new “cook” perhaps a venture into learning on how to become a natural cook, you show us all those healthy foods you buy how about how to cook them? You were doing a meal prep thing … perhaps show us what you have learned both from doing that and what works with kids because hey the most difficult thing I find is not having the babies and family but feeding them!

    I also think that Q&A video slant is great!

    • Thank you! I will definitely be doing a wide variety of videos! Stay tuned!

  13. Mama Natural Show has always been my favorite! I started watching long before I was pregnant and hoped to send a birth story but by the time I was pregnant there was no more mama natural show

    I love learning ways to do things naturally and esp like anything baby/birth/pregnancy related. Which is why I come here! Also like grocery runs and new recipes and how to cook and home make naturally 🙂

    Pretty much love everything yall do and am sad you didn’t pick Austin bc it’s much closer to DFW than Florida!!!

  14. Feedback: More Paloma! (lol j/k) She is so stinking cute!

  15. I love the grocery runs, recipes, food stuff! Always looking for more food ideas. I hope there will still be some content for those of us whose kids are growing up with yours. I really think the pregnancy and baby content is great but I’m well past that stage now!

    • Definitely will continue with health related topics for EVERYONE!

  16. I’m going to miss these shows, it’s become one of my weekly rituals to watch them. I feel like you’re so real and relatable. What I love hearing the most are your spiritual thoughts on mothering. I’m Mormon and I feel like our views are very similar; I definitely think parenting is a spiritual practice and I love your emphasis on family.

  17. Well, I must say I am sad to see IRL go! My husband and I (barring a surprise) feel our family is complete and don’t plan to go down the pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum road again. Our youngest is 6 months old, and our oldest will be 3 in June. So, if the focus of your show will be on pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum, then I will feel sad as I’ve watched pretty well all of your episodes and enjoyed them so much and felt connected to you through them. I have LOVED your God segments and they’ve made me like you and relate to you all the more! So I’m definitely subscribing to Mama Supernatural and hope for more content from you there! I’m also thrilled you are moving to Destin! Destin is GORGEOUS! I went through ministry school in Pensacola Florida, so I’m very familiar with that region and visit it pretty well every time my family come home from Asia on furlough. It would be so cool to meet you in person when we come through there again sometime the end of this year or beginning of next, if you’re up for that sort of thing. Anyway, all that to say, for those of us who’ve been following you through your pregnancy journeys, and are now done with that stage, please don’t leave us out entirely because we’ve grown to love you and enjoy having you in our lives (at least virtually!)

    • Amen Samantha!

    • Samantha! Thank you for your kind words and glowing endorsement of northwest Florida 🙂

      We will DEFINITELY do other videos relating to all sorts of health issues and topics! The birth course will be a paid, private offering for pregnant mamas.


  18. I’ve enjoyed all of your segments xoxo

    Excited for new ones to come! Especially natural birth. I had a home waterbirth almost 7 years ago (yikes), and am praying to start a Midwifery program soon. Itll be so cool to watch your videos about it as I learn in my program as well. Love growing and moving forward with you and your fam. Its a beautiful thing!!

    So much love xoxo

    • Wow! You go girl! So exciting. Thanks for your well wishes 🙂

  19. Hi Genevieve,

    I’d love to see more ‘how to’ type stuff, like when you did the homemade Mama Chia video. It doesn’t have to be food ‘how to’, just anything related to healthy, natural living (i.e. clever natural living hacks, bits of advice, etc). I know you promote a lot of brands/products now to help support your channel/lifestyle etc and that’s all understandable, but not all your viewers are based in the US, so the commercial aspects of your site/vlogs don’t relate to us, so some more generic content would be great. Look forward to seeing the next incarnation of your vlogging!

  20. It sounds like God has honed your focus and passion for women and families in pregnancy, birth and postpartum! What a blessing, He is so faithful to guide us and direct us where we need to go. I’m looking forward to checking in on your course. I am reminded of the verse in Timothy about the older women mentoring the younger women. Thank you for this.

  21. You’ve been such a joy to watch and follow in these IRLs. Also, great inspiration in everyday life. Good luck with moving and with the next adventures you’ll take us on!
    lots of love to your family!

  22. Yea for new chapters! I joined during the end of your pregnancy w/ Paloma & really appreciated the postpartum videos our babies are close in age and it helped a lot! 🙂 keep up the good work!

  23. I’ve been watching since Griffin was an infant and I am sure everyone will love your new series and videos as much as the last!

    I couldn’t help but notice the crazy cat? t-shirt Mike had on in his segment of the video. Could we get a wide-angle shot of that shirt please? I need to see the rest of it to share with my animal loving friends.

  24. My husband and I have enjoyed the videos from back in the Mama Natural days to now. Thanks for all the great content and updates. We are looking forward to see where your whims head next!

  25. I have really loved IRL. I’m sad to see it go! Although I am in the “building a family” stage of life and am looking forward to your birthing series, I also really like the other topics you post about and am disappointed to see them go. Please keep making videos that relate to lots of people and times in life!!

    • I will absolutely do so! The baby/pregnancy stuff will mostly be a private, paid offering for pregnant natural mamas.

      We will still be doing videos about health, food, wellness, etc.


  26. I’ve been watching you since Mama Natural which I loved, loved loved!!!! And I have thoroughly enjoyed the IRL as well – especially since I gave birth to baby #3 similar time as Paloma was born. I’m so sad (for me but happy for you if this is your calling) to hear you are going to concentrate on pregnancy and postpartum area. My baby #3 was also nicknamed ‘my finale’ :).

    Since you asked for feedback – here are my two cents :). I feel like there are a lot of natural experts on the web who specialize in that area. However, I’m finding that there aren’t many people that have this type of a thing for parents of older kids. My oldest is 7 1/2 and find it challenging to find people / blogs and such who are bringing their kids up on the natural/holistic side (we don’t homeschool). As we enter more and more of the ‘real world’- aka public school, sports, activities … There are so many challenges these days that we didn’t face 30 years ago. I think it would be interesting to continue the journey with your family as the kids get older.

    Thank you so much for all you have given throughout the years. I have such a passion for natural living and in this mainstream world sometimes feel lost…but your videos and such make me feel like I’m not the only ‘crazy’ one! Peace!

    • I second Jukie’s opinion. I have loved the IRL shows and would love to see more content related to kids!

    • So agree with you! I have a 1, 3, 10 and 12 year old and there isn’t anything that gives a great fit. We don’t home school. I work full time and my husband is the stay at home dad… doing anything natural is hard when its first Dad that you have to convince!

    • Thank you Jukie!

      First off, the pregnancy/baby stuff will only be part of the site. The birth course is a private, paid offering for pregnant mamas.

      I definitely hear you about the older kids and navigating that. I do have a tension there though as Griffin is getting older and I am protective of his own anonymity and process. In other words, it may not be cool for mama to be making videos about him when he’s 7.

      I do and will address things more general like food pressures, safety issues, etc. but the deeper emotional stuff doesn’t seem like a good fit for me for this reason.

      We will be doing food, health and other fun videos that will appeal to anyone wanting to live a healthy, natural life 🙂 Xoxo

  27. If I had to pick one thing that I’d like to see continue, it’s NOM. there’s something about seeing your grocery haul on film instead of in pictures that is really appealing. I’m not a recipe follower, but I love to see meal plans. I’m pregnant with my 4th and make nearly everything from scratch, but I’m always curious about healthy convenience food options, health and body care as well as spirituality and centering/prayer practices. I look forward to Thursdays when you do your weekly vlog and probably get too excited when I open a video to find that it’s 8 minutes rather than 3 🙂

    • I will miss the IRL show very much! I would love to see the NOM section continue in some way. I love seeing your grocery trips!

    • Thank you Meghan! We’re gonna continue the NOM somehow…

  28. I’m happy to see a change is coming. I enjoyed the irl shows but it wasn’t quite as exciting to me as past shows.. and mama natural shows, which were my fav! Especially since I was preggo when you were doing it, now I’ve recently had baby #2 so I’m happy to watch more baby related topics.

    I do really enjoy anytime you talk about food. I really liked seeing what you shopped for and what meals you’be been makin etc.
    I’d be nice to see some shows on what are good foods to feed baby. Especially since I’m starting round 2 of BLW next month when DS turns 6 months.

    God bless! Can’t wait to watch!

  29. Take it to the kitchen mama! Would love to see more of what you get into food wise 🙂

    Also more AWW, I’m thinking you and the fam can highlight some activities you do, bring your family closer and give the community more family friendly ideas!

    Just my 2 cents.

    Looking forward to seeing more!

    • Thank you April! I always dreamed of doing a cooking show… “Welcome to Mama’s Kitchen ;)” Cheesy I know 🙂 Will definitely be including more foodie videos! XO

  30. Oh no! I will be so sad to see IRL go! Sniff sniff. Many of us are done with babies and pregnancy, so hopefully whatever new you have in store will appeal to all of us, as IRL does. Good luck on your new adventure!

  31. I have enjoyed your show. Good luck with your move.

  32. Thanks for all your efforts to do the IRL show! I have enjoyed all 60 times when the email has popped up on Thursdays telling me that they are here 🙂

    I understand the change and look forward to whatever you decide to do. While I understand your passion for pregnancy and birthing, please include a lot of other things too as many of us are not in that time or space. I am personally struggling with infertility so it is hard to see those types of things and I might have to tune out for awhile. Thanks for all of your advice and guidance!

    • Absolutely! We will be doing lots of different topics! The birth class will be a separate paid offering. Xoxoxo!

  33. Been watching since The Mama Natural Show which I loved! I actually miss the natural news updates and would love if you brought that in to your new show somehow.

    Also I loved all the parts of the IRL and think that the reason I love it so much…what it all comes down to… Is that I love inviting you, Genevieve into my home each Thursday! I grab a cup of tea and sit on the couch and feel like I’m having a little “coffee date” with a good friend. I love your personailty and your optimism and your outlook on life and if it’s not too weird to say, I love your kids and family too. I’m very grateful that you share so much with us! Blessings and hugs to you! And keep sharing your genuine heart with us all!

    • Aw, tears! Jessica, thank you for your sweet words. I love sharing from the heart as I feel like it can potentially touch another heart, even through the internet 🙂 Thank you for showing me that it can. Bless you… xoxoxo

  34. Howdy, I have really enjoyed your videos, but I am so disappointed that you are following the current trend of separating your spirituality from your daily life – in your posting. It is so refreshing to watch your videos, especially knowing that you do believe in God and He does matter to you and your family. I hope you will rethink that decision. God bless you and your family in your new journey and I pray you will not put Him in a corner away from all the gifts He has so generously offered you all. 🙂

    • Thanks for this perspective. Good food for thought. I will definitely still incorporate my faith in my videos where appropriate. I was thinking Mama SuperNatural would be more like a Scripture reflection or mini mama sermons. More in depth 🙂 We shall see…

  35. Thank you for sharing your discoveries, your thoughts and for your awesome dedication to us. It’s been so fun watching you and your family grow. I stumbled upon your world 2 years ago when I was looking for tips on flying with and infant. (Griffin was the baby star of that show!) I then watched more from you and totally got hooked. I’ve been following every show and evolution since. You have taught me so much, stimulated me to research & stay natural and reminded me of many other things, and for that I thank you. I look forward to your new ideas, you’re always getting better and more relevant with us!! How do you do it?! You rock! All the best to you! xo

    • Lisabeth, Thank you! You rock too 🙂

  36. Initially I kind of want to cry because I’ve really loved IRL. But, then, I REALLY loved the Mama Natural Show way back when (think I started watching when Griffin was under 6 months) and I’ve loved each new video series that’s replaced it more than the last. I too feel like you’re a good friend. If I happened to bump into you somewhere I just know we’d strike up a conversation and it would be totally natural. Mama Natural to be exact..LOL

    So I trust that whatever you come up with next will be a blessing to me and your wonderful subscribers as well. I definitely LOVE the God section of IRL. It’s the thing that makes all this natural living stuff feel balanced. Because why even care if we take care of our bodies, minds, the earth, etc. if we don’t find our sense of purpose in a loving creator and respond accordingly? But I also just love that you share your family and whatever you’re processing each week.

    Not only were you inspiration for natural birthing, but I also have been inspired by you over the past few years to overcome compulsive overeating. When God lead me to the support I needed (and I was finally willing to engage there), it suddenly became clear to me that you had traveled the same path and I’m so encouraged each time I see your videos and how you’re living sanely. So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your service and your ministry! 🙂

    Can’t wait to see what’s next for you in so many ways! <3 <3 <3

    • Thank you Tara! Your kind words made me so happy! And so thrilled that you’ve found freedom around food. Such a life changer! With God, all things are possible 🙂 xoxoxoox

  37. Yay it’s Thursday! I get my dose of IRL! I love looking down the FB news feed and taking a quick break from work to watch. I’ve been watching from the beginning and I really can’t say what my favorite parts are because they’re all my favorite! But if I had to pick I love the food haul and meals you’ve made with those groceries but overall its all my favorite!

  38. Mama Natural. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for being you. You have become a friend to me over the years. I found your blog by looking for natural birth videos back in 2012 and found the videos of Griffins birth and started watching your blog way back when you did your “Show” and you highlighted people in “our community,” in fact you even told my story. yay. I love all your cooking tips and recipes. I love seeing your sweet babies grow. I love that you and papa natural are such a team, I can tell he loves and supports you. I love it when you have giveaways and are introducing us to other bloggers and businesses. I feel like i can be a better wife and mother when i watch your show. I feel empowered because you are so real and i feel like i can relate. I will always follow you no matter what changes you make. thank you Family Natural.

    • Oh my goodness, tears to my eyes. Thank you so much Jessica for being with us through the long haul! Your words are so kind. I need to put them in a scrapbook to keep me going some days 🙂 Xoxoxo

  39. I LOVE IRL! ❤️❤️ It’s been so fun to see your kiddies and your tips are always fun. I love the God section and I LOVE seeing your grocery haul every week!

    I’s sure whatever is next will be great too but I will for sure miss IRL!

  40. Oh I love IRL! My favorite part is your God section. Because of something you shared I now have my phone to chime 3X a day and “I am here” scrolls across my screen. Sometimes I have time to stop and really pray and other times I just say “Thank you” to God.
    It has been huge in how my day rolls and it seems that it always chimes just hen I need it most. I didn’t realize it when I scheduled the alarms, but I made them go off at the times of day I am most likely to be overwhelmed!

    • Aw, so glad you’ve adopted that! I love it!!!! Perfect amount of reminders in a day 🙂 Xoxo

  41. I know you 2 will come up with something creative, informative and fun just like IRL!!!! Can’t wait to see what is coming up 🙂

  42. Say it isn’t so! Nah, change is inevitable and good. I have been a follower since I stumbled across Sh*t Crunchy Mamas Say vids, which led me right to the post-partum series (perfect timing as I was struggling through my own post-partum). Then I was hooked right into IRL and my YL oily journey. Its ALL God’s timing. Thank you. Can’t wait to see the next chapter! <3

    • Thank you Kara for your faith in us 🙂 Xo

  43. I love the IRL show! Sad to see it go. I’ve been watching since you were pregnant with Paloma and have loved being along for the ride. Your family is beautiful and inspiring to me and mine. Oh and I loved the God segments. The topics you brought up have been catalysts for great conversations between me and my husband and my friends too. It’s just been great. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see what is next for you 4.

    • Thank you Molly for your kind words! Xoxoxoxo

  44. Well, that’s a bummer. Being done having kids myself, I really hope you continue to do videos about food, cooking, health, your weekly food hauls, etc. At this point in our journey, we don’t have much use for the birth videos and colic videos!

    • Lol! Absolutely! We’ll be doing lots of video on health topics. Stay tuned! Xo

  45. It’s funny, I was just thinking after your last video how much I love the format of IRL videos. I especially like “God”, which is interesting because I’m not religious, certainly not christian, but the way Genevieve discuses her relationship with god is so beautiful, inviting and relatable. It’s become my favorite part.

  46. I love the “Aww” section. You have some cute younguns! I missed where you’re moving to – Good luck on the move! 🙂

  47. Aww I’m sad to these coming to an end but excited for the future! I’ve watched since before you had Paloma. But really got involved when I found out we were due around the same time. My daughter was born 10 days before her. It’s been so fun to watch them grow together from all the different videos! I also have another daughter around the same age as Griffin 🙂 I hope you continue updates on them. I also love the food part and seeing different things you buy and make and getting ideas for my family. Another thing I liked was the updates on your trips, so great to see different places and cultures. I really just love all the videos! Best of luck for you all in whatever you do next 🙂

  48. Hi Genevieve,

    Of course it is great to move on and try something new!
    Though I am seriously gonna miss these IRL’s!!! :/

    What I love is hearing about your realizations because I can relate a lot of the times with you!

    Will you still have two videos/posts a week?

    I just had my second child and know for sure that I will not be having a third! I am still in the first year postpartum.
    And, I am not sure if I should comment this next thing, but I will….
    I hope your weekly posts/videos will not only be about pregnancy, birth and postpartum!!!

    I ( like many others) just love you and if I could would love to just give you a super huge HUG!

    Such good vibes here!

    Oh and I just sprouted something for the first time Quinoa! I am going to try the pizza crust. I also wanted to know if you make your own sprouted bread or tortillas?

    Thanks for everything you post!

    Lots of greetings from the Netherlands!!!!!☺️

    • The pizza crust is good! And sooooo easy. I wish I had tried it a lot sooner because I followed another quinoa pizza recipe that was way more involved and it didn’t taste any better. My husband raved about it, and he does not like most of my “weird” healthy spins on his old junk food favorites 99% of the time. lol.

    • Aw, Malissa! How did you know that I love the hugs 🙂 Xoxo

      And yes, we’ll be doing lots of content that’s outside of just babies 🙂 I’m going to do some food ones, some vlogs, and a mix of other things.

      Stay tuned! Thanks so much for being here. Xoxo

  49. Please don’t stop making them! I just started watching them!!!

    • Awwww…. well, you have 59 in the archives that you can watch 😉 We will still be doing fun videos so stay tuned!

  50. I have been a follower for awhile, but I didn’t become a real weekly reader/viewer until IRL. I tend to follow bloggers who are more relatable and who seem like real people. It’s easy to find natural living sites, but there is always the “Who are you, and why the heck should I listen to what you have to say?” factor. Not necessarily in a “guru” sort of way, but just in a way that allows me to see that it’s a real person who is really interested in what he/she is saying, and not just spewing off as much content as possible in an attempt to make a buck. I think IRL sort of solidified that when I came across it, although I had been reading some of your older posts off and on. I think it is rare to find bloggers who are also doing it as a business or a source of income who get that aspect of it right. Finding that balance of “business” and “connection.” Most of them wind up lagging in the content department. Almost like their posts become fillers for their continuous “buy my stuff!” posts. I used to follow this one writing blog for the useful tips, and then she started selling ebooks and such, and now every single post leads into a sales pitch. I like that you haven’t done that. You have your affiliate links. You have the sponsors and courses. But you still seem real and like you care about what you’re saying from week to week. It’s not just “Oh, here’s some natural stuff, and also BUY MY NEW COURSE!”

    I would be sad if the more personal aspects were gone. This site almost seems like a big kitchen table of women sipping coffee (Dandy Blend?), talking about kids and giving tips from a more “in the trenches” point of view. You never seem intimidating. Like “I’m miss natural living guru, and I’m smarter than you.” lol. Which is also something many bloggers lack, IMO. So I’ll be sad to see IRL go, but I’m excited to see what you come up with.

    • Me too Erin!!!

    • Erin you said it perfectly. Totally agree!
      I have been watching IRL since the beginning and have LOVED it! But I am sure I will love whatever you have next 🙂 So excited for you natural birth course too!!
      And I will definitely check out Mama Supernatural on Youtube. The name is so great!

      • Thank you. 😉

        You can really tell when someone is speaking from a true interest and passion and not just “Welp, I bet I could make a killing off those crunchy chicks. They’re everywhere!” lol. I’ve recently started mentoring mommy business owners in their marketing (sort of… I’ve been asked to start a blog, and we’ve been chatting) and one of the things I have tried to beat them over the head with so far is that you have to have that passion and interest in what you’re doing. People can tell if you fake it. I have used Mama Natural as an example of that in my correspondence with the moms I’ve been speaking with over and over again already because she just exudes what I’m talking about when I tell them “You need to CARE about what you’re doing.”

    • I totally agree Erin! I have really enjoyed the IRL show and getting to know Genevieve and her family. I also really enjoyed learning about her food journey and their food hauls and meals. I have surprisingly appreciated the God section too. I hope you continue to do more of these topics.

    • Ditto what Erin said!

    • Erin,

      Oh my goodness, I about fell over when you said about drinking a Dandy Blend together. That’s exactly how I feel when I’m making these IRL videos! Sometimes I think I’m crazy that I can feel so connected as I stare into a video camera, but I do. They’ve been my labor of love.

      I so appreciate your perspective and kind words. I definitely still want to keep that personal/connecting/real component moving forward, no matter what we do. I’m excited to see how it will all unfold. Thank you for being here and taking the time to write! Xoxo

  51. Ahhhhhh I am going to miss the irl show !!! I am mourning it already Hahaha but I know whatever you decide to come up
    With next will be fabulous ! And definitely subed to mama super natural ! Sisters in Christ gotta sick together! (Family! ❤️) Xoxox

    I just speak blessings to you and your family on this new chapter and journey!!!

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