When people see our treadmill desk, they say, “Can you actually work while you walk?” Well, see for yourself in this video.

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My LifeSpan Treadmill Desk Review

We got this Lifespan treadmill desk shortly after Paloma was born, and little did we know that we were entering into a new Ice Age here in Chicago… so I’m incredibly glad we got it. The idea was that Mike and I could both use it for some winter exercise, and that it would help me lose some of the baby weight.

There’s also an irony that, as a health blogger/vlogger, I spend a lot of my time sitting. So I wanted to change that with the help of this treadmill desk.

Here’s how it works

It’s a regular treadmill on the bottom, with a special desk that’s designed to fit right over it. We chose Lifespan because they’re the leading manufacturer of treadmill desks, and we liked the workstation’s clean design.

With our model, I can use the treadmill up to 4 miles per hour… so it’s not a running treadmill, but I can certainly work up a mighty sweat on it. During times when I don’t want to sweat, I just walk a little slower.

The controls for the treadmill are all on the desk, along with controls to adjust the height of the desk. The desk also has two memory pre-sets, so Mike uses one and I use the other.

How fast can you walk and still type?

Before we got this, I thought I’d have to walk at like 1mph in order to type and do my work. But now I find I walk at either 2 or 2.5mph, depending on what I’m doing – 2 if I’m typing or doing precision work, and 2.5 if I’m just surfing.

My goal is 10,000 steps a day

I usually reach this goal after 1.5 to 2 hours of walking. The awesome thing is that the treadmill has a built in pedometer that is extremely accurate, so I can track my steps as I walk.

I love walking while I work

I literally get “lost” while writing or doing social media stuff. I’ve been on treadmills at the gym that are attached to TVs, which is cool, but I’d still find myself checking how much time I had left pretty often. Whereas, while surfing the web and watching YouTube and whatnot, time just flies. As we all know, the web can be a major time warp!

It’s an investment for sure

But it’s an investment that is paying big dividends for us. It’s a game changer in my mind. And it’s been a lifesaver during this brutal winter that has had our whole family cooped up with our newborn!

How about you?

Could you walk while you work? Would you like to? Would your employer allow you to use a treadmill desk in your workplace? Share with us in the comments below.