Mama Hulks Out on a Processed Food Company ☺

Yes, I feel strongly that kids need real food. And I’m not a fan of GMOs or food dyes.

But I think I took this just a little too far.

What do you think?


Big thanks to Vincent Cyr for his awesome depiction of a food scientist! This video also features the fabulous Emmy, Karin, Ashley, and Eric.

Want to see what I actually DO feed my kids?

Here’s what my toddler eats in a week.

Here’s my healthy goldfish cracker recipe.

Here are ALL my recipes.


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  1. Hey Mama Natural, I’m in a little bit of a pickle here and need some help. After doing so much researching on processed chemical laden foods, I’m about ready to throw all the boxed foods in my pantry in the garbage. Problem is, my significant other is addicted to it and refuses to eat natural and healthy meals. I also am a finicky eater and although I LOVE vegetables, I prefer them raw and uncooked. This makes it very hard to come up with great tasting meals for two picky eaters. How can I get around these problems? I am in desparate need of recipes and ways to get my SO to completely be on board with organic food. Any help is greatly appreciated! Love your blog and your amazing videos, thank you! 🙂

  2. Breastfeeding haters. What is tgat about!? Recently had such a bad experience with formula feeding mamas. They are so agressive….

  3. I want to see you hulk out on all of them! So tired of being “weird” for avoiding formula, GMOs, and choosing breast feeding (seems like people are grossed out now that my lo is walking, but HE still considers it the best part of his day)! I don’t ‘hate’ when others bust out Cheetos and Jello, so why the flack? Probably guilt! Hulk out!

  4. That’s hilarious, my five year old heard the computer and came running, he loves super heroes, he wanted to watch it over and over 🙂

  5. Wow, looks like I’m in the minority! GMO backers for me! 🙂

    • Oooo, I would love to do Hugh Grant, CEO of Monsanto!

  6. Breastfeeding haters, i couldn’t breastfeed with my first child, but when my baby girl was born when she started breastfeeding i was so thrilled i started to cry 🙂 tears of joy of course.

      • Thank you genevieve it was a beautiful experence both my births where natural 3 and a half hours for my first and 24 hours for my second. With my second baby she torn my cervix and i lost4 litres of bloodhad to get a transfetion despite all that i never gave up on breastfeeding. She is still breastfeeding succesfully today 🙂

        • WOW! What a birth. You’re tough, mama 🙂

          • thank you geneiveve that means alot, your my role model 🙂

  7. Hahahaha, that was awesome! We are dealing with some major antibiotic pushing doctors around here, that would be a funny one to see 🙂

  8. Breastfeeding haters! xoxo

  9. Breast-feeding haters. (Can you believe we even need to say that?)

  10. Wow, Mama Natural! You def need to do formula pushers/breastfeeding haters (or at least bf “discouragers”) next–especially those who push formula as the only way to get baby to gain more weight or sleep through the night–so not true! And those who are breastfeeding “discouragers”–if it is hard to nurse, then it’s time for formula, right? Not! I used to think breastmilk was maybe a bit healthier than formula, then my midwife gave me a whole brochure on the actual dangers of formula.

  11. Definitely Breastfeeding haters!!!!!!

  12. Mansanto!!!!

  13. Formula!!!

  14. Can’t you do them all?! LOL. Let’s go with breastfeeding haters!

  15. Haha that was me the other day.. I was yelling in the grocery aisle as I’m reading ingredients “WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE SOY”!! Haha people think I’m crazy. Including my kids. It’s all good.

    • I could add “Soy stuffers” to the list – they stuff it in just about everything conventional シ

  16. Definitely breastfeeding haters!

  17. Breast feeding haters!
    Loved the video kind of scary though! Haha.

    • Yep, not for kids. Especially not mine! Talk about a scarring image – “Why’s mommy all green?” シ

  18. Funny how Formula Makers hate Breastfeeding and dump toxic waste while making the formula, and the formula contains GMO’s. So….ALL OF THEM!

    • Ha! We’ll get to them all… eventually 🙂

    • Agreed! Its all just one vicious cycle. Thank goodness for sane people (aka natural mamnas n pappas everywhere. Lol)

  19. This is too funny!

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