Finally! Week by week pregnancy updates from a natural perspective! See what’s up with baby, mama, and more each week and have a healthy, natural pregnancy.

Finally, a pregnancy week by week series from a natural perspective!

When I was pregnant, I loved getting weekly pregnancy emails that showed the development of my body and my baby.

But I found them all to be pretty… conventional. I wasn’t interested in low fat yogurt, and I didn’t want to see ads for formula.

So, for over a year now, I’ve been working with an awesome team of people to develop a week by week email and web series that comes from a more natural perspective. It’s been a major labor of love… And it’s finally ready!

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With our natural pregnancy week by week series you will:

  • Get weekly updates by email or TXT message
  • See what’s up with baby, mama, and more each week
  • Discover natural remedies for various pregnancy symptoms
  • Prepare for your best and most natural birth!

Did I mention it’s all FREE?

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