Amber Teething Necklace – 12.5″ – TRULY Raw 100% Baltic Amber

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  • TRULY raw 100% BALTIC amber 💛
  • The PUREST amber necklace available! 😇
  • DOUBLE knotted, durable & safe 💪
  • POP CLASP safety release 💥
  • GIA certified authentic 🎓
  • Rainbow
  • Milk
  • Multicolor
  • Rainbow Chunky
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Many amber necklaces claim to be raw, but in fact they’re heat treated in a process called autoclave. This makes the amber easier to work with…but it does not make it RAW.

Truly Raw Amber Teething Necklaces


Our Baltic amber is TRULY RAW, never adulterated with autoclave or any other heat treatment, so it contains the highest levels of succinic acid (up to 8%), which can naturally help quell inflammatory processes in the body.

Amber Teething necklace with bag and card – rainbow


The Baltic amber used in this necklace was tested by the Gemological Institute Of America (GIA) and certified by be 100% genuine and authentic. You may verify our report #2201949098 at

GIA report for Mama Natural amber teething necklace


Handcrafted by skilled artisans using only the finest amber in the world. This amber is 44 million years old, the product of fossilized resin from ancient forests around the Baltic Sea.

By popular demand, our necklaces are 12.5″ in length, with knots between each bead, and a safety pop clasp.

Amber Teething necklace clasp yellow

What’s up with the Chunky versions?

Our CHUNKY necklaces are the same 12.5″ length as our standard versions, but the stones are 50% larger.

That’s means there’s more magical amber goodness for you!

And they offer a bold, striking look that is sure to draw compliments.

Chunky Amber teething necklace by Mama Natural Amber teething necklace model standard vs chunky
Weight .063 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 8 × .5 in

6 reviews for Amber Teething Necklace – 12.5″ – TRULY Raw 100% Baltic Amber

  1. C. Cabrera

    I am unsure on this product.

    Pros: We are able to put baby down for naps without resorting to teething gel. I have noticed slightly less drooling.

    Cons: Not sure if the above things are placebo effect or not. Baby still wakes at night every 2-3 hours due to teething.

    We do remove the necklace from baby’s neck and wrap it on his ankle for naps/bedtime (sleeps in a sleep sack) so maybe it’s too far away from the teeth to make a difference. All in all, the difference is noticeable but slight for us.

    The necklace itself is very nice and it came well packaged and fairly quickly.

  2. Justin

    Very Helpful!! I have a 6 month old now and recently her teething had gotten really bad. It was to the point where she couldn’t take naps during the day and the only way I could get her a nap during the day would be by driving her around for a few hours. But as soon as we got this necklace and started wearing it every day she almost seems like a different baby! So much less fussy.

  3. Natalie

    It really works. We love it. It’s the second one I buy, so I already knew it worked, but I’m still so pleased when I see it working. The same day I put it on my baby there’s an improvement. I recommend it to everyone even before your baby shows signs of threshing

  4. Cynthia P.

    I bought this necklace because my 6 month old was going through a phase of teaching his guns and being fussy. By time I got the necklace he seemed to be doing better but I put it on him anyways because I didn’t think it would hurt anything. I wasn’t sure if it was helping, but last night I forgot to put it on him (I wrap it around twice on his ankle) and he was crying and grabbing at his gums. So I’m guessing it was helping more than I thought!

    It’s also very durable and cute. He’s never pulled it off and I love the clip instead of screw for safety reasons. Recommend!

  5. Loud Lemur

    I don’t believe in witchcraft, but somehow this works.

    My baby has been teething pretty badly since three months. Drooling, screaming in pain every night, it’s been a real sad thing to witness. My partner and I tried a lot of different things to help said baby but frankly, all of it sucked.

    Then someone suggested this. My partner asked me if I could get it.

    I scoffed. There’s no way something like this would work. NO WAY. The scientific claims made by companies that sell them are backed by zero evidence, and it seemed about as good a solution as putting an amethyst in your child’s mouth while chanting a medicinal mantra. I was very resistant. I don’t like like woo woo, BS solutions to real problems. My partner pleaded with me saying that if it didn’t work we would return it. I finally caved based on that.

    Somehow, it worked. No more crying. A lot less drooling. I have zero idea how, and I’m sure the people who sell products like this don’t know either, whatever they claim; but it works. It works really well. We went from using 20 bibs a day to just four IMMEDIATELY after we started using this. How? How is that possible? I don’t know. But I’m happy it worked. And though I could never explain how it worked, or endorse the unverified claims made by vendors who sell products like this, I would highly recommend this product just on the basis that SOMEHOW it works.

  6. Alice M Ruiz

    WOW! I was skeptical at first but figured we had nothing to lose. My 3month has been gnawing on his fingers and drooling,soaking his shirts. On the 2nd day of wearing the necklace he stopped drooling by about 90%! He’s also no longer gnawing on his fingers, just the usual playing with them in his mouth but I can tell he’s not hurting anymore. The clasp is easy to secure and it comes apart with a tug for safety reasons which I love. The beads feel secure on there. Obviously don’t put the baby to bed or in the car seat with the necklace. The necklace needs to be touching the babies skin and not over the clothes. Love our amber necklace, thank you mama natural!

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