When Do Babies Crawl? Stages of Crawling (Newbie to Pro in 1 Min)

When do babies crawl? Well, as you’ll see in this funny and educational video, it depends. Does slithering across the carpet constitute crawling? Does the wounded soldier count? Or is the elevated speed crawl the only answer?

Here’s Griffin from six and a half to eight and a half months going through all the crawling milestones and stages.

When do babies crawl? Griffin from newbie to pro in 1 minute

♥♥♥ Watch his little sister learn to crawl right here ♥♥♥ It’s a similar crawling development video, only she learned faster than him!

Consider sharing this video if any of these stages look familiar!

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  1. My mother told me I skipped crawling and started walking at 7 months. Later, working as a nanny, I was at a children’s dance class and the teacher mentioned that crawling is a critical part of development and if you never crawl then it means you miss out on some important development. It’s there any truth to this? My 5 month old started dragging himself across the floor his first week into being 5 months so i think he will crawl soon enough, but honestly I’m concerned I missed out on something!

    • Maybe, but I’ve also heard that babies who skip crawling will go back to it at some point…so I wouldn’t worry.

  2. Hi Genevieve,

    I’m Zania from South Africa, I love your web sight. A lot of your video’s help’d me through my pregnancy. My lil grl (Karlien) is also starting to crawl now, she’s almost 7 monts old. Thanks for all you updates! X

  3. Adorable, but I do wish you would rename the “wounded soldier” one. I am married to a Wounded Warrior and I don’t think it’s very funny. I mean no disrespect, and I know you don’t mean to offend and you can’t please everyone, but I just had to say something. Very cute video nonetheless.

  4. Adorable! My little ones didn’t go through this many stages! My youngest now learned to scoot forward in her crib before she learned to roll over! She’s still working in the other stages! I used to watch a little girl who did, what I affectionately call, the bear crawl! She crawledon her hands and feet with her butt high up in the air! I really saw her on her knees! It was adorable, especially when she got going really fast!

  5. Aww…. SO adorable!!!

  6. I’m not sure when i started to crawl, but my mum told me that i took my first steps at 9 3/4 months. Im 13, 14 in Sept and i love sprinting! Like i have represented my local area and i don’t train and stuff. I wonder if that’s the reason i can run fast because neither of my parents were very fast. Anyways, when did Griffin first walk? He has the cutest smile by the way! 🙂

    • Thanks Sophie! And I’m so impressed that you sprint! I could only do distance running 🙂

      Griff started walking at about 11 months and hasn’t stopped since…


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