Stages of Walking – Newbie to Pro in 90 Seconds – Baby Walking Development video from Mama Natural

Stages of Walking (Newbie to Pro in 90 Seconds)

When do babies start walking? How do they progress? What sort of baby walking toys do they use? How long does it take? What is the average baby walking age? See how our daughter Paloma went from crawling to walking like a boss in this fun little video.

How about you?

Did your baby’s stages of walking look similar to Paloma? Did they wait longer to walk (like our son Griffin)? Or were they early birds like our girl? Share with us in the comments below!

  1. I was wondering if you had any type of shoes you love for those early walkers! I like her to go barefoot, but the cement outside and she starts walking is a bit hot sometimes!

    • Anything with a soft sole is ideal.

  2. I know this is a ling time after this video was posted but I wanted to throw out my two cents anyway.

    My son is 14months and will not walk. we try to encourage him and lrt him practice but he seems very shy (or stubborn, cant be sure) about really going for it.

    how old was Griffin when he started? is it usualky the second child that “gets it” faster/earlier cause they are trying to catchup with the older child?

    also I would love to read any articles you have done on when to start trying for the second child as I have severe baby fever but my husband needs some convincing.

    Thank you! May God make your family strong, protected, and glourious in all His light. Keep this beautiful website and videos coming, I love every minute.

  3. So cute! I love her hair bows and I remember you mentioning them in a video. Will you share where you found them? I think it would be the perfect non-candy stocking stuffer for my little girl. Thanks!

  4. Here, first steps on daddy’s Bday in October (He was 10 months then) and now he is kind of a pro that still want to rush like a hellion in conquest of the world -obstacles? what are those? BAAAammm!!!!

  5. My girl started walking late at 16 months. At 14 months she could do 5 steps by herself and stayed that way for 2 months. Then all of the sudden she could walk like a pro! Still no running though thank goodness:)

    • That’s kind of how our son was – a little hesitant at first, then BAM, he was a pro.

  6. my little girl (#2) was born just weeks before Paloma. it’s been fun to see them both grow up! This little one started army crawling at 5 months, and scooted herself around like a (very fast) seal for 3 solid months before she decided to include her legs. I forget when she started cruising. But she was full-on walking at 9 months! She’s now 13 months, and everyone at church knows her as “that little one that I chase around” lol

  7. My daughter was walking before 9 months. She seemed so little to be walking around! Our second girl is now 6.5 months. I’m not sure she’ll be walking quite so early but we’ll see 🙂

  8. Could you comment or do a post about shoes? xo

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