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  • Quiz: Am I Pregnant? Find Out Instantly!

    Are you asking yourself, am I pregnant? Take our quiz to see what your body is saying about whether or not you may be pregnant.

  • QUIZ: What Are Your Chances of Having Twins?

    How likely are you to have a twin pregnancy? Take our quiz and discover your chances of having twins – fraternal or identical. Plus, how to have twins.

  • QUIZ: What Kind of Natural Mama Are You?

    Every natural mama has a different crunch-quotient. Where do you sit on the spectrum? Take our quiz and find out instantly!

  • QUIZ: How Likely Are You To Have An Unmedicated Childbirth?

    Want to have a natural childbirth? Take this fun little quiz to see how likely you are to have an unmedicated delivery. Developed by a nurse/doula.

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    QUIZ: Just How Crunchy Are You???

    Every Mama has a different crunch-quotient. Want to know how just how crunchy you are? Take our quiz and find out instantly!

  • Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Childbirth?

    What’s your childbirth IQ? Take our childbirth quiz and find out instantly! Are you a Birth Novice or the Birth Master? Answers these questions to find out!

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    Quiz: What Sort of Homestead Do You Belong On?

    What kind of homestead do you belong on? A permaculture hobby farm? An urban area with community gardens? Something in between? Take our quiz to find out!

  • Breastfeeding Quiz: What's Your Breastfeeding IQ?

    What's your breastfeeding IQ? Take the quiz and find out instantly! Are you the newbie to the boobie, or the breast in class?

  • Kids Sleep Quiz: What Kind of Sleeper is Your Child?

    Kids sleep quiz! What kind of sleeper is your child? Textbook sleeper? Power napper? Night owl? Take this fun little quiz and find out instantly!

  • Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz ? Test Your Turkey Day Knowledge

    Think you know your turkey? Take our Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz to see just how much you know about everyone's favorite national holiday.