Top 10 Ways To Play With A Newborn

Top 10 ways to play with a newborn by Mama Natural
This is a list generated by YOU, all my natural mama friends on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Thank you!

It is a joy to plunge into this adventure called “motherhood” with my newborn Griffin.  Despite the sleep deprivation and lack of time for basic personal hygiene, I find the experience to be fascinating, humbling, enlightening and so rewarding… and also HARD.

Case in point, as Griffin’s newborn slumber started to wear off and he had bigger stretches of “alert” time, I found myself at a loss as to what to actually *do* with him.  It’s not like I can whip out Candyland or watch a Disney film with him. That’s light years away from today. As much as I was looking forward to him tuning into this planet’s wavelength, I found myself a little nervous as to how to connect with him when we was awake.

That’s where you came to the rescue…

With dozens of ideas submitted, we picked the top 10 and brought them to life in this video with the help of baby Griffin.

And here they are written out.

1. Make Eye Contact

Recommended by Julie McSorley, Shona Giroux Steineckert, Addison Dayna on Facebook.

2. Sing

Recommended by Tara Dukaczewicz, Addison Dayna, Mistie Moore Jones, dreamflight6000, Dayle Batistic, Amanda Ross, Julie McSorley, Amy Lanigan Zak, Jennifer Centola, Tatiana Pegado Leas, Shona Giroux Steineckert on Facebook. MsEz81, chatabox0girl, StephaNoid8, JessC00k, yesimatwintoo on YouTube. And @cmcriverdawn on Twitter.

3. Dance

Recommended by Mistie Moore Jones, Amy Lanigan Zak, Shona Giroux Steineckert on Facebook.
chatabox0girl, dreamflight6000, StephaNoid8, JessC00k on YouTube. @cmcriverdawn on Twitter.

4. Do Baby Games

(This little piggy, blow raspberries, peek a boo, bicycle legs, alphabet, make faces at them, tickle, imitate, patty cake)
Hannah Giles, Dearani Abel, Kimberly Vance, Meshele Coleman Tomplait, Heather Plourde, Sarah Klodt, Jennifer Centola, Melissa Dawn Nodine Horton on Facebook. dreamflight6000, chatabox0girl, yesimatwintoo on YouTube.

5. Give Baby Massage

Misty Moore Jones, Jessamina Longislandgoddess, La’El Pierce on Facebook, @safetymd on Twitter.

6. Snuggles

Jessica Asayake Trunk, La’El Pierce on Facebook.

7. Skin to skin

Jessica Asayake Trunk, Amy Allearth on Facebook.

8. Kisses

Amy Allearth, Jessica Asayake Trunk, Addison Danya, Mistie Moore Jones, Beth Wehmeyer, Tatiana Pegado Leas, Melissa Dawn Nodine Horton, La’El Pierce on Facebook. chatabox0girl, JessC00k on YouTube.

9. Stick your tongue out and have them mimic

Heather Plourde on Facebook.

10. Read to them

dreamflight6000 on YouTube.

Did we miss anything? Leave a comment if you’ve got another idea.

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  1. Nursing! I played and bonded more with my babies by nursing than anything else.

  2. Great list! Forget Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh, President Obama and Bob Dylan should have a series of adventure books for children! 🙂

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