It’s finally here! The Social Security Administration’s list of the Top Baby Names data from last year is out, and it’s full of changes. There are expected rises in popularity that follow today’s top trends along with some surprises. Buckle up! You’re in for a ride.

Top 10 Baby Name Changes

Top 10 Baby Boy Names
2018 2019
1 Liam Liam
2 Noah Noah
3 William Oliver
4 James William
5 Oliver Elijah
6 Benjamin James
7 Elijah Benjamin
8 Lucas Lucas
9 Mason Mason
10 Logan Ethan

Bolding indicates a shift in rank from 2018 to 2019.

Top 10 Baby Girl Names
2018 2019
1 Emma Olivia
2 Olivia Emma
3 Ava Ava
4 Isabella Sophia
5 Sophia Isabella
6 Charlotte Charlotte
7 Mia Amelia
8 Amelia Mia
9 Harper Harper
10 Evelyn Evelyn

The Top 10 Baby Names didn’t change dramatically, but they did shift as you can see from the bolding on our comparison charts above. The only new member to the crew is Ethan, who replaced Logan as the 10th most popular baby boy name.

For the boys, Liam held onto his crown as the king of boy names, as did his second-place buddy, Noah. Lucas and Mason also held their spots at 8th and 9th, respectively. The other top boy names shuffled a bit, with Oliver rising from 5th place to round out the Top 3.

On the girls’ side, there’s a new queen of the castle: Olivia! She took over for Emma, who’d previously held the throne since 2014. Ava, Charlotte, Harper, and Evelyn are all unchanged, while the remaining names saw some spot-switching.

Some names that may break through in coming years are Luna, a moon-themed moniker that has exploded in popularity and Henry, a classic name that fits in with the vintage movement.

Top 100 Baby Name Changes

The 2019 Top 100 Baby Names look a lot different from the previous year’s list, with many names migrating on the charts. There are some definite trends, and as name nerds, we love them all.

There are four new names in the Top 100 Boy Names: Luca, Declan, Wesley, and Kai. They replace Brayden, Bryson, Sawyer, and Jason. This marks the first time that Jason has been out of the Top 100 since 1965! On the horizon, we could totally see Weston, Silas, or Emmett making an appearance next year as classics continue to rise.

For the girls, the Top 100 said goodbye to Alexa, Arianna, Kaylee, and Brielle. In their place, we welcome Arya, Clara, Peyton, and Rylee. Unfortunately, Alexa seems to be impacted by the Amazon accessory, but we still think she’s a gorgeous form of Alexandra. We aren’t at all surprised to see Arya, either, as we predicted her rise last year. She made quite the splash in Game of Thrones. Next year, we may see Reagan, Athena, or Natalia within the Top 100 Girl Names.

Names on the rise in the Top 100 Boy Names include Maverick, Miles, Ezekiel, and Jameson. Again, not a shocker as Maverick has a contemporary style that parents are gaga over, while the other three match the in-demand vintage styling.

Among the Top 100 Girl Names, the highest risers are Ivy, Isla, Eliana, and Valentina. Ivy is a nature name darling that continues to branch out, and the others work well with the growth in ultra-feminine girl names. On the flip side, two favorites fell in popularity: Sarah and Samantha.

Top Girl Name Movers of 2019

Throughout the list, some names made a heck of a splash in popularity. They may appear far down the list now, but these are names to watch, with their chart ranking improvements:

  • Amoura [+1075]: A twist on Amora, this beauty entered the Top 1000 and is still relatively rare but certainly rocketed in popularity!
  • Theodora [+548]: This vintage treasure is resting at 859, but she’s poised to keep rising.
  • Navy [+459]: A word name wonder that doubles as a colorful pick, she’s a name to watch.
  • Emani [+422]: A variant of Imani, this stunner is turning heads.
  • Yaritza [+406]: Meaning “small butterfly,” we adore her.
  • Alaia [+400]: A beautiful Arabic name, she means “sublime.”
  • Alaiya [+361]: This variant of Alaia is rising fast, too!
  • Oakleigh [+313]: An alternative spelling of Oakley, this nature-themed cutie is setting up roots.
  • Ainhoa [+305]: A gorgeous Spanish name, she’s gaining ground on the charts.
  • Salem [+260]: This place name pick has Halloween vibes and unisex styling.

Top Boy Name Movers of 2019

On the boys’ side, we’re blown away by the popularity explosions. If you’re looking for a name on the upswing, look no further than:

  • Sekani [+6159]: A handsome African name, Sekani erupted onto the scene, entering at slot number 872.
  • Ermias [+5302]: The real name of rapper Nipsey Hussle, he saw a spike on the charts after the musician’s premature passing. With a meaning like “God will rise,” he’s a sensational pick.
  • Amias [+666]: This Latin cutie means “loved.” No wonder he’s rising!
  • Kyro [+623]: An alternative spelling to Cairo, this place name pick is ready to reach new heights.
  • Ambrose [+516]: Meaning “immortal one,” this Greek great has our attention.
  • Aziel [+511]: A Hebrew name, he means “flower.” Love his style!
  • Eliel [+471]: As vowel names trend, this Hebrew classic is a natural on the charts!
  • Seven [+426]: As word names continue to pop up, we aren’t shocked to see this cutie on the move!
  • Atreus [+406]: Plucked from Greek mythology, he’s a mighty moniker.
  • Archie [+316]: We wonder if a certain prince might’ve influenced his boom in popularity.

Top Girl Name Drops of 2019

While some names are making massive gains on the charts, others are trending down. This isn’t a bad thing, seeing that names on the downswing are amazing choices if you’re seeking something you won’t see everywhere. The biggest drops on the girls’ side are:

  • Archie [-463]: This variant of Emery saw a dramatic drop.
  • Saniyah [-376]: Meaning “resplendence,” this Arabic beauty lost over 300 spots on the charts.
  • Tatiana [-257]: A nickname powerhouse, this Russian gem fell in rankings.
  • Zhavia [-235]: This “golden one” saw a surprising drop.
  • Jayden [-232]: After a spike, this unisex cutie is moving down. This may be the result of fatigue since she’s been so popular, but we love her nonetheless.
  • Aislinn [-218]: This Irish cutie was once galloping full speed ahead, but she took a few steps back.
  • Aiyana [-206]: A Native American name meaning “forever flowering,” she saw a dip.
  • Avalyn [-201]: An English name, she dropped out of the Top 1000, but we still adore her.
  • Emilee [-194]: A variant of Emily, she cooled as the original namesake stays steady at number 12 on the charts.
  • Avah [-194]: A variant of Ava, she’s losing steam on the charts.

Top Boy Name Drops of 2019

The boys’ side sees a few surprising names trending down, including:

  • Jaxtyn [-381]: An ultra trendy twist on Jackson, he’s cooling after splashing onto the scene.
  • Brysen [-248]: A form of Bryson, he slid down the charts.
  • Chad [-229]: Memes may have played a role in this classic’s decline.
  • Bowie [-226]: This rock-and-roll moniker saw a sudden rise after the famed musician’s passing, but he’s heading back down in use.
  • Coen [-219]: After making steady gains, he dropped out of the Top 1000.
  • Imran [-211]: This Arabic classic saw a surprise downturn.
  • Payton [-202]: As this unisex pick continues to rise with girls, the male form is dropping swiftly.
  • Jaxen [-201]: Another variant of Jackson, he’s saw a big dip.
  • Deshawn [-195]: We aren’t sure why this cutie is falling in popularity, but we still think he’s a solid choice.
  • Konnor [-194]: He’s danced around toward the bottom of the Top 1000, but this Connor variant disappeared in 2019.

2020 Girl Name Trends:

If you study the new ranking, you’ll notice clear trends in rising names, including:

Word names: Blessing, Legacy, Halo, and Treasure are just some of the amazing word name wonders on the uptick.

Vintage nicknames: Winnie, Nellie, and Poppy are gaining fans.

Place names: Denver, Vienna, and Holland are only the tip of the iceberg.

2020 Boy Names Trends

Boy names have notable trends as well, like:

Word names: As with the girls, word names are hot, with Seven, Banks, Baker, and Crew leading the pack.

Alternate spellings: Parents are embracing unique spellings, with Malakhi, Mylo, and Eithan some of the selections.

2019 and 2020 Baby Names In Review

Overall, it was a list of pleasant surprises, and there are loads of names getting their chance to shine. What trending names are your favorite? Did any of your top picks rise? Let us know in the comments!