What We Are Doing About Vaccines for Children Now

What We Are Doing About Vaccines for Children Now

One of the most frequent questions I’ve been asked is, “What are you doing about vaccinating your children?” I answered this question at length a couple years ago in a nine-part video series on vaccines for children and babies.

dr-sears-vaccine-bookI based much of my research around Dr. Sear’s The Vaccine Book, which I still regard as essential reading for all parents who aren’t 100% at peace with the standard immunization schedule by the American Academy of Pediatrics. In very plain language, Dr. Sears describes all of the vaccines for children and the ingredients that go into them, along with the corresponding risk of each disease. He then challenges the reader to make their own decision about when and if to schedule each vaccine. He also provides helpful guidelines for different child and family scenarios (for example, a breastfed baby who stays at home versus a child who spends the week in daycare).

I structured my videos the same way, breaking down each vaccine, the ingredients, and the diseases it treats. Think of them as a Cliffs Notes to Dr. Sears’ book (although I still recommend buying his book to go deeper).

Here are all the videos in my series on vaccines for children

So that was then

When I made the original vaccines for children series, my son Griffin was still very young and taken care of exclusively by me, Mike and my mom. At that time, we were only going to consider vaccinating if we planned to travel to the developing world, or if we were having a second child.

Well, that day arrived with the birth of Paloma Skye.

Vaccines for children: What are we doing now?

Griffin is three years old and not vaccinated. We’re still not comfortable with the idea. And the more vaccine injury stories I hear, the less I want to vaccinate our kids at all.

Griffin is entering preschool this January, and we’ve elected to practice our religious right to decline vaccines in the state of Illinois. You can find more information on state exemptions here.

Griffin is a very healthy child, and we continue to find natural and gentle ways to boost his immunity. Of course, one of the best ways to do so is through diet. We keep his sugar and flour consumption to a minimum at home. I prepare nourishing foods that include pastured eggs, raw cod liver oil, butter, grass-fed meats and organ meats, vegetables, probiotic foods like pickles, kefir and yogurt, as well as fruits and the occasional treat (such as these or these.) I also boost his immune system with probiotics and use elderberry syrup and mushroom complexes to ward off colds, flus and other sicknesses.

Additionally, I’ve started looking into homeopathy as an alternative or a complimentary course of action in preventing childhood diseases. This book is an excellent resource for folks who want to learn more; it’s based on the work of Dr. Isaac Golden, an Australian doctor who has had great success treating infectious disease with homeopathy.

Vaccines for children: The bottom line (for us, for now)

Our stance on traditional vaccines for children is the same as it was when Griffin was an infant: We are refraining for now. But I never want to say never. If we’re planning an extended trip to the developing world, we will look into selective vaccinations. Ditto if there is a huge outbreak of some sort.

In the end there are no easy answers. Vaccines have saved countless lives over the years. But I do think the side effects aren’t very well researched, and that vaccines contain some nasty ingredients. The CDC wants to paint our children with an extremely broad brush when it comes to vaccinations. Additionally, other factors have “saved” lives in regards to infectious disease like better sanitation, clean water, and good nutrition.

How about YOU?

What do you think about vaccines for children? How did you make your decision about vaccination? Please share with us. And please be respectful toward the opinions stated in this post and in the comments.

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  1. We should have the right to choose to vaccinate our kids or not and WHICH vaccine(s) to use or leave out. The government should make it easy for parents to select single vaccines, but they do just the opposite by allowing big pharma to many vaccines into one shot while not providing single shots anymore. This is what happened with the MMR vaccine (for instance) and then they blamed dr Wakefield for the outbreak of measles in England (6 months after dr Wakefield’s study made people aware of the problems with the MMR vaccine, they took the single measles vaccine off of the market thereby making it impossible for worried parents to select the measles vaccine without the mumps/rubella vaccine mixed in with it! Of course the goal is to force people to take ALL the available vaccines (and many more to come, for kids as well as adults). Big Pharma (and all the politicians, doctors, hospitals, etc., who are profiting along with them) keeps laughing all the way to the bank while more and more kids get bombarded with allergies and (other) very serious auto immune disorders as a result of vaccines triggering dangerous, one sided (Th1), inflammatory immune responses. People should read up on how vaccines actually ‘work’ and don’t just believe the horrific lies about vaccines providing the same kind of immunity against infectious diseases as one gets after going through the normal (natural) disease process! I’ve studied this vaccination subject thoroughly and when I watch ‘pro vaccine’ video’s (especially the bs of dr profit), it’s so easy to see how they’re misleading the public. Please allow our children to develop strong natural immunity against mild childhood diseases again, which will make them overall strong and healthy like we were. Stop making everybody feel as if their bodies are badly designed and need toxic chemicals to survive the dangerous environment they’re in (and please stop manipulating our environment by adding toxic chemicals all over the place, in our foods, air, water, etc. and by manipulating the foods even before they’re planted into the soil – and please stop manipulating that soil too, and please… and please…..). What a weird world where the bad guys get to control the good people so easily…

  2. This was a very educational talk! Check out this link!! Vaccines help certain people, but for many others, only cause harm. Sometimes that harm isn’t noticed until much later in life. Clean up vaccines, which the way some are designed to work, they can’t or it won’t work at all, and maybe people would be more inclined to shooting up!


  3. I basically have the same thoughts as you it seems. I’m completely convinced we do not need to add toxicity to anyone, especially a baby or child of any age, just to combat something that does not even (yet, if ever) exist. If I was a modern day woman going to a job and sending my child to daycare, I may need better, fake immunity for her. But I’m a stay at home mom and we live a pretty healthy lifestyle and are very rarely sick and very mildly when we are. I didn’t eve. Go to doctors to have her, and I only believe sixties are for pathology and emergencies, not normal human functions, such as pregnancy, birth, immune system activation (illness), etc. I believe in maintaining a healthy life. I compare my child’s overall mental, physical and emotional wellbeing to others I know about her age and I cannot even imagine what those people go through! I’m not lucky. I’m natural. We bed share and still breastfeed from the breast and have done infant potty training and highly limit processed foods and sugar. I’m not perfect at all, but I don’t buy into the modern lifestyle of filling my kid with sugar and medicine. I see a difference and so do others. When they ask and I tell them it’s a combination of all of the things I do differently that make up my natural, chemical free lifestyle, they look at me like I’m a freak. Too bad. They could learn a thing or two. And some feel so far gone that even though they want to start somewhere, they think they need to do a major overhaul and get overwhelmed and change nothing and allow life to drag them down. People must understand, not one single things gets you well. It’s a whole lifestyle. And not a whole lifestyle can be overhauled instantly. One must be willing and patient and open and must just start with one simple thing that feels like it fits into their life. It begins there. It’s taken me over a decade to be the freak that I am. I’m no better. I’m just different. It works for me. It may work for others too. Vaccination is not something that should be mandated. That’s not right and I’ll get penalized before I allow it to happen to my family. We are the type of people who would get sick from all of the toxicity in them. We are healthy and therefore, would notice how it feels to be poisoned.

    • I agree with you!!! 100%!!!

  4. I had a pediatrician tell me that he prefers to postpone vaccines until 36 months because the blood-brain barrier is more established by then. This is probably why the African-American boys who received their MMRs earlier than 36 months showed an increased incidence of developing autism (as exposed by the CDC whistleblower, Dr. Thompson).

    I had a naturopathic doctor tell me that she was most worried about the immune system and recommended delaying vaccines until age 7 or 8 years. This is because the adjuvants that are added to vaccines stimulate the immune response. This may explain the increase in the number of childhood autoimmune diseases being diagnosed.

  5. Hi, Mama Natural! I know this post is really old, I hope you get this comment! I am a Science teacher, and I’ve been making a project with my students about immunization and some controversies of pharmaceutical industries. We are gathering information about people who are not very comfortable with the idea of vaccination and it would be really nice to interview someone who knows a lot about it! I can see from your website that you are very well-informed about this topic and we would really like to talk to someone from “the other side”, your experiences and how you’ve been dealing with all that. If you feel like helping us, I’d appreciate a lot! Please contact me at my e-mail, it would be very helpful! Thank you!

  6. All of my children are vaccinated. I have always believed it was the right thing to do. We are a very natural family when possible and reasonable. However after my son was born with a very severe heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome we learned just how important vaccines are.
    He can’t fight off any types of illness. Including the common cold. He came down with a runny nose in January that landed us in the hospital until April!! He can not even be around people who haven’t been vaccinated. Not just the flu shot. If you are not up on vaccines you don’t see my son. We believe vaccinating is very important! However we do respect people who chose not to vaccinate. It’s a choice just as everything in life is a choice and we don’t believe in telling people they need to be one way or another. However I have become a very big advocate about vaccines and educating people about the benefits!

    • Thank you for having strong beliefs and respecting those with different strong beliefs.

    • Did you know that vaccines contain retroviruses that cause disease including cancer, autism, etc. in children and people. They create diseases in us. Youtube Judy Mikovits so it may seem that it may be fine with your baby but if the vaccine is contaminated with retroviruses from rats then those viruses are passed down to the next generation that’s why small children develop cancers.

  7. Any thoughts on meningitis vaccine. There was a small outbreak where I live and am considering but would love your opinion.

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  9. Geneveive,

    When we were on our honeymoon, we met an interesting lady. She does homeopathy, and her specialty is the recovery of various kinds of autism and other things, like ADHD. Her treatment consists of detoxing from various injuries (vaccines, past illnesses and the antibiotics used to trest them, etc.) Of many kinds In a sequential order. She said she has seen many kids diagnosdd with things such as Asperger’s make recoveries and have their diagnoses removed. She works at the Homeopathy Center of Houston (http://www.homeopathyhouston.com/), if you’d like to look into it more.

    As a newly married person and now an expectant mother, this is an issue that has really taken my interest. And hearing her stories and learning about this has led me to lean toward being safer than sorry and not vaccinating my child.

    • I should add that and countless hours talking with a PA friend about vaccinations from a medical aspect are helping me form my opinion. She opted to have some but not all because of concerns regarding them.

  10. I suggest all of you to go to http://www.immunize.org and read package inserts from various vaccine manufacturers. These vaccines are suppose to be safe and protect the herd, right? and yet you will read sentences like: 1) Apnea following intramuscular vaccination has been observed in some infants. 2) Across Studies 494-01, 494-03, 5A9908 and P3T06, a total of 8 participants experienced a seizure within 7 days following either Pentacel vaccine. 3) In 14 clinical trials, 5 deaths were reported among 8,088 (0.06%) recipients of PEDIARIX and 1 death was reported among 2,287 (0.04%) recipients of comparator vaccines. 4) Causes of death in the group that received PEDIARIX included 2 cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and one case of each of the following: convulsive disorder, congenital immunodeficiency with sepsis, and neuroblastoma. 5) During the entire course of 8 clinical studies, there were 68 (0.19%) deaths following administration of ROTARIX. 6) Safety and effectiveness of ROTARIX in infants younger than 6 weeks or older than 24 weeks of age have not been evaluated.

    And I could go on and on…

  11. Dear Genevieve,

    Have you and your family faced the decision of vaccinating for international travel yet? My husband is from East Africa and I expect that we will be traveling there in the next couple of years. I am expecting a baby in 6 months and am already fretting about this. I would otherwise want to keep my child on an alternative vaccination schedule, but traveling abroad means protection is needed–I am torn because we know even less about the vaccinations typically given for travel to continents like Africa (Yellow Fever, Hep A, B, & C, Typhoid, Malaria prophylaxis, etc.) Any advice of source for researching the effect of these types of vaccines on a baby/young child are much appreciated.

    Thanks for your great website!

    • Does anyone have a vaccine schedule starting at 2 years old they could please share? Thank you.

    • I am not sure which vaccines but My Father bypasses some vaccines for international travel by having a good doctor sign off that he is allergic to eggs and can not receive vaccines.

  12. Oh geez, my daughter hit the keyboard and cut off the rest of my comment LOL please read the one directly above to continue on =)

      • great website , people have their right to disagree or agree i personally would have loved to have information like this available when my son was born , perhaps then i could have saved him the miserable childhood his had from his vaccination MMR
        my sons gastro consultant told me it was his MMR that caused his ulcerative colitis, at the age of 6 when he was diagnosed but was having symptoms way before that, my son is 18 now and his been through more then the average person will ever face in their life time , to date his had acute severe colitis with toxic megacolon, [ his colon actually perforation when the surgeons handled it] ileostomy ,relaparotomy for obstruction , abdominal sepsis, ischaemic mucosal changes with widespread subacute fat necrosis, J pouch / active chronic SB inflammation , severe diarrhoea with hyponatremic dehydration , acute prerenal failure, fistulas, ulcers, erythema and ulcerations throughout his small bowel now, possibility now turned to crohns , so this is my sons life up till now this lady has kindly put out information for anybody searching for vaccine safety , you should do your research first , especially if your child’s premature and develops any illness including jaundice

      • Hi! Curious if you know of any studies comparing vax vs unvax children and the differences in the rates of all these different “issues” that are becoming normalized in children such as ADHD, Despression, anxiety, migraines, seizures, diabetes, chronic illnesses, lupus, etc etc etc

  13. Hello everyone!

    I don’t normally post or comment online, but I hope that the little bit of information I do have can help people who are unsure of where they stand on this topic.

    My husband was against vaccinations (the whole autism possibility), while my mother was all for them and urged me to go ahead anyway. I did not know anything about them so I was really conflicted. I did some research and a few things really stuck out to me, and I haven’t seen anyone mention them on blogs/ comments, etc. The first one is that acetaminophen or Tylenol is the 4th most common drug that people overdose on, and thats on the same list as morphine. It is because the recommended dose to bring relief is not too far off from a dose that could cause harm. When we get our children vaccinated, the thing we always hear is that if they get a fever, give them Tylenol or Advil. The second thing is a study I found that said children who have acetaminophen right after a vaccine ( in particular the MMR or measles mumps rubella) had a higher chance of developing autism than those who had ibuprofen or Advil. I am NOT saying tylenol or vaccinations give children autism, but think of it this way: our baby has a traumatic event like their first shot, then we give them drugs they may have never had before. And if it was someone’s first child, perhaps they think a little more medicine will work better?
    Im sure at some point we have all self- medicated or taken more/ less of something than we should have.
    What we do once we bring the child home afterwards can have just as big of an effect. In short, we all love our kids and want the best for them. Since we are not all doctors or medical experts, all we can do is research, study, and ask questions for anything and everything to do with our children. I do not think any aspect of their lives is too small or insignificant to spend time on. Its cheesy to say this but knowledge is power. Good luck to anyone in the same boat as I was.

    Just in case you’re wondering, here is what I chose to do. I am not pushing this decision on anyone, I know how hard it is to come to a conclusion.
    I did eventually start vaccinating my daughter at 2 years of age. She never developed a high fever with any of them! (Perhaps her age was a factor?) I bought Advil just in case, and would have used as directed if I had to =)

  14. I believe that science is NOT the perfect and infallible answer to disease and neither are our human immune systems. After having a background in science and working as a healthcare professional, I have to say that I’m not fully for or fully against vaccines because they are a very difficult subject to research and the sheer amount in the first five years of life is complicated (at best) to truly prove safe. I feel that vaccines are neither perfect or completely useless.

    I can say that it is exhausting to hear people say that unvaccinated families “rely on the herd” or that “they are not qualified to make that decision.” I think those are arrogant and hurtful statements and there are plenty of parents who do the research and understand (very well) their decision not to vaccinate. The decision to vaccinate is very personal and I respect each person’s autonomy in that decision.

    Each family has the right to choose what they desire to do even if it’s not a popular decision. Throughout the history of science, massive improvements have been made by questioning theories and making improvements. Vaccines are no exception, I truly hope that they can be continually improved on to be made more safe.

    All that being said, I take a middle ground stance of “not all of them and certainly not in such a rush” and I fully respect the opinions of each family to make their own choice.

    • It’s so great to know that in all of the hateful speech and media shaming, there are those who understand that this decision is tough, and not made lightly or without countless hours of research. Your post here is wonderful, thanks for sharing!

    • I really appreciate your thoughts and outlook. So often I see people being downright violent with their words about vaccinations and parents who don’t vaccinate and I think they are forgetting a lot of important information.

      My parents were incredibly well informed and chose TO vaccinate. Unfortunately, my little brother was one of the rare children (often thrown around as a statistic that doesn’t matter by people who are FOR vaccination) that had an adverse reaction. He didn’t speak for three years after that. He struggled for most of his childhood with learning disabilities, anger issues, and a horrible speech impediment that took years of therapy to help. After this, none of my other siblings were vaccinated.

      I am really on the fence about vaccination because I experienced my brother’s relapse and speech and learning struggles first hand. I think it is so sad and even hateful how some parents toss aside adverse reactions like they don’t happen and leave people like my parent’s out of the conversation entirely.

      I really don’t know where I stand on vaccinations but I find it hopeful to see so many people on both sides agreeing that it can be a tough decision.

  15. Dr. Sears recommends that children receive ALL the standard, CDC-recommended vaccines.

    Every doctor, nurse and midwife I have ever met (at all points on the crunchy/conventional spectrum) has recommended that I vaccinate my kids according to the CDC schedule. Family practice doctor, home birth midwife, hospital midwife – every single one.

    I hire medical professionals (all low-intervention and respectful of natural lifestyles) to give me medical advice about things like vaccinations. And when they are 100% in favor of immunization, I trust them.

    I respect parents’ right to decline vaccinations. But it is irresponsible to suggest that these diseases aren’t serious. Measles can cause blindness, miscarriage and deafness. Polio ruined the lives of thousands of children before it was vaccinated against. The internet is full of stories from people who regret NOT vaccinating.

    I don’t think vaccines should be mandatory, and I know that for a minority of health-compromised kids, vaccines are not worth the risk. But I’m concerned that unqualified people are giving medical advice (actually, suggesting that readers ignore medical advice).

    • I don’t think anyone is discounting the seriousness of any disease. It’s not a decision that it easy to make for many parents, and the media shaming and hateful ganging up against parents who simply want a choice, makes it even harder. The access to both sides of vaccines is there, but one side is completely minimized and ignored, not presented to people at all in the media shaming tirades, while the other side is touted beyond actual data. Truthfully, they are risky, just as much as not getting them might be. The longterm research is not there, it is assumed. Assumptions are not science based, inferences aren’t facts. Mandatory vaccinations are being sold on the measels controversy alone, but we forget that more controversial vaccines, like HPV Gardasil and more adverse ones like the flu shot are part of the mandates too..where does it stop? Saying yes is easy when you want to, but if you decide to say no one day, the option will no longer be there. And vaccines actually compromise the immune system, and most often, those injured are children like yours and mine, whose parents wanted to “do the right thing for the herd”

    • I’m a Registered Nurse, I educate all
      of my patients on vaccines and the dangers they pose. You have a false belief and associate vaccines with eliminating diseases you fear. You give hem more credit than they deserve. If you spend some time digging deeper you will learn that it is not so black and white.

      As for “every medical Professional you have ever spoken to” recommending you to follow the CDC schedule.. There are reasons for that. Medical licenses and nursing licenses are not easy to come by, and they are very easy to lose or have tarnished. To speak up against the system isn’t worth it to most.

      What we do know for sure. They have never been adequately tested for safety. Never had a double blind study done, and have injured thousands of people.

      We know that the manufacturers can not be sued, even if it is proven in court that their vaccines harmed you or a loved one, even in the case of death. They are not held liable, what other product would you buy with this same disclaimer?

      We know that there is a lot of money to be made off of vaccines, not only from administering them but from the chronic illness they cause later in life. We know that in all of the developed world we by far require the most vaccination and we are by far the sickest.

      The theories of herd immunity don’t add up, and it’s really common sense when you compare us to other developed countries who have a total of 3 required vaccines and yet their people aren’t dropping like flies.

      I could go on and on.. Frankly I’m tired of the discussion, so I’ll try to wrap this up. People have a right to informed consent. No one should ever be force vaccinated. Kids or adults. My kids are not vaccinated and like you will read time and time again, their health is far superior to their vaccinated cohorts.

      It’s not an easy decision. We spend most of our lives being indoctrinated to love vaccines. Remember this. This is your child, they didn’t ask to come into this world. You owe it to them to be 100% sure about something that could potentially destroy their entire lives. People have lived with measles and chicken pox forever. The potential side effects people like to toss around (such as blindness) are rare. The vaccines themselves pose a much more severe risk and a much higher likelyhood of experiencing such risk.

      As for polio.. Again, per the CDC website itself. 95% of people who get Polio NEVER KNOW THEY HAD IT. Never experience and side effects or symptoms. 4% experience TEMPORARY symptoms, including paralysis, but heal completely with zero permenant side effects. So equal to or less than 1% of people who get Polio suffer long term effects. This is a smaller percentage of people then those that will be injured by the vaccine. The information is out there if you know where to look. Fear is an excellent tactic to get people to do what you say. Big Pharma figured this out long ago.

      One last thing. You will often hear it is one in a million. One in a million vaccines administered cause harm.. HOWEVER, the Manufacturer website (Merck) itself states it’s 1 in a million per dose! This is simple math. Consider most vaccines require multiple injections.. Like the Mmr.. It requires 3 doses. That mean it’s more like 1 in 333,000people, not 1 million. This doesn’t include boosters and that’s just the math for one required vaccine. The chance of injury is much more common, but it’s easy to fool people in this country especially when dealing with skewed statistics.

      You can always decide to vaccinate, but you can never decide not to.

      • Nurse RN, I love your insights! Makes commonsense to me! My kids are all teens now and luckily they don’t have any obvious long term effects from all those vaccines but I just wonder in hindsight how much easier toddlerhood would have been. I’m sure there would have been less illness, less tantrums, etc. I’m a long way off from being a grandma but I’m already stressing about vaccines for my grandkids. Obviously it will be my kids decision if they vaccinate their own kids but based on how we are educating ourselves now on wellness I bet they will at the very least do the alternative schedule. It just does not make ANY sense to vaccinate an infant on day 1 (welcome to world, here is your Hep shot) or to ever have multiple vaccines on the same day. The body is amazing & if allowed to heal it can handle quite a lot if everything else is in balance. I get that unfortunately most people wouldn’t come back for their shots & some would argue that it costs more to have kids come in for more visits to space out the shots but just imagine the savings if we weren’t dealing with so many of these chronic illnesses which cost families and our country TONS of money. But I know that is a ways off for “mainstream” to understand that concept. And at the very least I highly recommend people really check in with their common sense re: the flu vaccine. It’s insane how much marketing there is for it when really the message needs to be…”from the start of Halloween until Valentine’s Day (aka “cold/flu season”) increase your real food intake & limit the processed cr@p foods. Get out in the sun as much as you can & have your vit. D levels checked & supplement if you need to. Exercise & mediate.” but that is not as catchy as “Get your flu shot NOW”. No thank you!

      • NurseRN, I can’t thank you enough for your comment, thank you! And thank you mamanatural for being so transparent with us mamas about your personal decisions, I’m very grateful. Blessings!

  16. Vaccination is a very, very, very hotly debated topic. I don’t think we have any doubt about that.

    Now, I’m not a doctor. I’m a student – which is why I’m not giving a recommendation.. or condemning those who make their own decisions. You can just scroll past my post if you don’t want to hear my opinion. I’m fine with it. There are more educated people out there to listen to.

    Now, my speech:

    What we need to get into our heads :

    Everyone is different, and one’s person decision to vax/not vax is THEIR OWN CHOICE.

    What with the increase in technological advancement over the past 150 years, especially Louis Pasteur’s germ theory, the idea of herd immunity is accepted and used widely. Studies then and now (and BOTH people not dying of diseases with vaccines AND terrible side affects of said vaccines) prove and disprove their effectiveness.

    Now, no matter how we say it, vaccines have (unless there is a massive study out there) contributed to the lack of disease in the human first world civilization. Not deaths, not risk. Just actual people getting actual diseases. I’ve never had measles, mumps, or chicken pox. I got vaccines.

    I don’t think I’ve ever even seen a person with any of those diseases.

    Now, people without vaccines are (quote doctors) ‘compromising herd immunity’. This could be true, and it could be false. Yes, vaccines wear off in time. Yes, vaccines can make you sick. (ever felt awful after that tetanus shot?) Yes, vaccines can save you (potentially temporarily) from getting meningitis.

    I don’t think I want meningitis.

    But technology is new. Modern medicine is new. Vaccines, in the large scheme of their existence and human history, are new.
    What do we do with new medical techniques? We test them.

    What we really NEED is a scientific inquiry into the risk rate of side effects vs. the risk rate of disease contraction in years after vaccination.

    What is this, as opposed to (very wonderful) muckraking crunchy blogs? An actual study.

    I’m not putting crunchy blogs down. Y’all are great! Fantastic! I changed my diet because of you, and the studies you cited. But the thing is, you cited studies. Or, you used your own Ph. D’s to illustrate your point.
    All the anecdotal evidence in the world is not going to convince the scientific community of something they’ve believed in for decades. And rightly so. A society of pot-smokers could testify that pot makes them feel better, concentrate better, be better people. But, doctors (and most people) have suspicions. They don’t trust those affected by the pot. They hire a committee to conduct brain scans, analysis, and medical tests to discover pot’s effects on the human body.

    And guess what? In marijuana’s case, it didn’t boost intelligence, or concentration. It dimmed it down. It damaged the brain. We only know this through the scientific testing researchers conducted.

    And yes, you could say that the majority of people believed it was bad. But anecdotal evidence is opinionated. It is conditional. It is different for EACH and EVERY person. That’s why we need research. We need a neutral evidence source, away from all supporters and dissenters.

    Whether or not we believe it worked then or works now, we should conduct ACTUAL CLINICAL STUDIES. Yes. We have some now, conducted recently. Those can/will be considered valid. These new studies should take into account the factions of people who do/don’t vaccinate, and analyze health/disease rate according to the different sections. They also need to be conducted in an area without any government sponsorship of any vaccination/non-vaccination program, or in an area completely untainted by drug company buyouts.

    Let me remind you, though all you crunchy people probably know 🙂 – that the United States bans 11 chemicals in makeup and food. Up until 1906 (Pure Food and Drug Act) , Formaldehyde, Salycilic acid, and Boric acid were used to preserve (usually rotting) canned meats. (Armour Meats, Panama Canal etc.). Until the Meat Inspection Act of 1906, slaughterhouses could easily grind up rats, wood, and the residue on slaughterhouse floors and package it as ‘potted ham’.

    Yes, it’s true.
    And yes, I just compared vaccines to rotten canned meat. But not in the way you think.

    Pro-vaxxers, before you x out of this page, before you switch to another website debating the use of vaccines, please continue. And anti-vaxxers, I’m not considering rotten bits of meat, wood, and rats bad as vaccines. In fact, I’m considering vaccines better.

    What I’m considering is American progress. It’s been a century since this act was passed. So many scientific advancements have happened – the discovery of penicillin, the use of titanium bones for accident victims, the current development of artificially grown internal organs. This is simply amazing.

    But what isn’t is the amount of regulation and research. In the progress of one hundred years of medicine, wouldn’t you expect there to be more chemicals in food and pharmaceuticals that are potentially toxic?

    And wouldn’t you expect there to be more laws concerning the addition of potentially harmful substances to food and drugs?

    Right now there aren’t any. It’s been over an entire century since a law/act was passed dictating allowed contents of consumable goods.

    We need new laws. Laws that protect the safety of the general public, especially the young and the elderly. Laws dictating the safety of vaccinations and laws regulating the distribution of those newly lab-grown internal organs.

    How can we do this?

    Fair, unbiased research. Research not concerned with money. Research not concerned with status. Research not contaminated by human greed, lust for power, and manipulation of ideas for personal gain.

    Research. Like love, it’s all we need.

    • I completely agree, but this is not the situation at all. And so we have to wonder, why is it so hard to have unbiased research on this central practice? It is frustrating beyond measure! My daughter had what was likely a vaccine reaction, and her doctor (who has a reputation as a very friendly to alternative schedules doctor, but mainly because she wants to get people in there and convince them to vaccinate) REFUSED to discuss the possibility of reaction (like, no conversation at all, and shut me down when I tried). More disturbingly, when we returned to the same office but a different doctor, her medical record did not have her vaccines written down in it. Now, I can’t swear to it, but I remember the medical assistant writing something down. So did she forget the crucial information, or did the doctor falsify the records later? This is the kind of behavior that our current set up with very little unbiased research, laws that mandate vaccines but do not mandate doctors to report any and all unusual medical happenings within that time frame of having a vaccine. We have a situation in which believers can pretend there is actual unbiased and scientific research, and so never look deeper. It is partly so frustrating because with less emotion and more science we could have improved vaccines and deepened our understanding of both the human immune system and infectious disease. I hope that someday soon the unbiased research, or at the very least mandated reporting, will happen.

    • Wonderfully said!!!!

  17. The fact that you will vaccinate only when travelling to developing countries that do not have the resources to implement a vaccination policy says it all. You know perfectly well that the only reason you can opt out of vaccinating is because they rest of us do. If your “natural” immunity you have described (diet, oils etc.) is so effective then you would be willing to travel to developing countries without vaccinating. The fact that you won’t says so much but I bet the majority of those who don’t vaccinate and read your blog will miss that little nugget.

    • I think it says that she understands it’s a measured risk. But if she ISN’T engaging her child in behaviors that put them at risk, why put the at risk of vaccine injury needlessly? Vaccines are awesome, in many instances. But vaccine injuries *are* real and we don’t have any real numbers on what the actual risk is, because a) vaccine injury reporting in VAERS is voluntary and b) when a settlement is reached with a manufacturer of a vaccine after an injury usually court docs are sealed and gag orders placed. Not only does the CDC flat out *refuse* to do/release an overall wellness study of vaccinated vs non vaccinated children, there’s literally no way for them to track accurate numbers of vaccine injuries to give you accurate statistics on the risk.

      • It says that she understands vaccines really do work but that her children are more important than everyone else so she will ride the coat tails of the rest of us because she is selfish and entitled. It says she’s willing to reduce the immunity of her community for unsubstantiated medical opinions not based on any real science because she thinks her kids getting a fever are above protecting children who are immuno-compromised or too young to vaccinate. It says she has an irrational fear of vaccines not based on any real evidence but based on one “Doctors” opinion and well selling book which he has made a killing on. But hey it’s big pharma who is all about the Benjamins.

        Vaccine injuries are real yes, but the serious life altering injuries are incredibly rare. Whenever there has been anything major attributed to vaccines it has been pulled. Everything else that people have attributed to vaccines such as autism has not been proven with science yet it is still reported as a vaccine injury. A soar arm and low grade fever is not enough to not immunize your child which is what the majority of these injuries are. You want to see what happens in countries where there is no vaccination policy? Look it up. It’s sad and scary. We are blessed to live in a place where vaccines are easily attainable and affordable. Unfortunately, this same affluence has brought us this anti-vaccination movement. The people most likely to not vaccinate their children are white middle class yuppies hence ENTITLED.

        • Very well said!

        • What? This country is nothing like a third world.country, and not just because of vaccines. Vaccines are not the only reason we don’t have these diseases… we don’t all crap in a hole, have refrigeration, clean water, etc. Big reasons why diseases spread more easily there.

    • If you reread the post, and countless sources if you are familiar with search engines, there are many contributing factors to why underdeveloped countries are at higher risk for the same diseases..such as sanitation levels, water sanitation, and general practices which tend to be more unsafe due to lack of access to proper diet, hygiene, and contaminated water supplies..which all adds up to a breeding ground for disease. Disease is not simply controlled by vaccinations, I hope you realize that, because it’s pretty common sense. No non-vaccinating parent is out to get your child or their own sick, some parents don’t want to take a risk, no matter how small. If you believe in forcing children to be put at risk (since there’s an injury margin to all vaccines, and someone’s child has to be that casualty) then by all means, take the risk, but not for anyone else’s benefit, or “the herd” do it knowing fully what the risks are, and that if your child is injured by a vaccine, you’ve voted away your right to hold any one accountable. To take a vaccine you should be aware and fully accept that your child could be injured, and if they are, you must accept is a casualty for the greater good and get over it.

  18. Thanks for taking this topic on, I know it was probably not a fun prospect. I have five children, and none of them have been vaccinated, against anything, ever. The two sources that informed my choice the most were Dr. Sherry Tenpenny’s video “Vaccines: The Risks, the Benefits, the Choices” and the book “Raising a Vaccine Free Child” by Wendy Lydall. Both of them, to my surprise, came to the conclusion–using the CDC’s own graphs and charts–that vaccines don’t even work. So for me, it’s not just a matter of the side ingredients or the way vaccine cultures are grown, but simply the fact that I don’t believe they would make a difference either way.

    (Dr. Tenpenny found that the only vaccine she saw to make a difference was the meningitis vaccine, so there IS one, actually, that seems to do what it says it does.)

    Today, when the pediatrician told me condescendingly at my fifth child’s newborn appointment, “I know you are just relying on the fact that the population around you is vaccinated,” I wanted to scream, “No I’m not! I would be happy if NO ONE got vaccinated!” …But I kept my mouth shut. Smile and nod, smile and nod. I knew an argument with her would be fruitless.

    Does anyone else not vaccinate because of the same reason? I seem to mostly have found people that refrain due to the nasty ingredients, not because of the idea that vaccines don’t work. But I believe what I believe for a reason, and I will take the condescension from the doctor for now, as long as I retain my right to refuse.

    • I’ve found very few parents my age (late 20s) who understand how vaccines actually work, and when I point out that their vaccinated children can make a non vaccinated child sick they immediately shut down and call me names and tell me I rely on conformation bias and “junk science”. But in reality, the CDC information hand out (that most people don’t read..sure, just inject my kid with crap, whatever…) actually states in some cases that your child can still transmit the disease to other children without showing symptoms. They don’t understand “shedding” (which is responsible for the measles outbreaks the past few years, they’ve now shown, but who will care about that? Not the media!), they don’t understand that “Herd Immunity” is a made up buzzword for something that statistically doesn’t exist.

      No, I’m not a medical professional. I’m also not an idiot, I can understand things that are explained to me, I can take in information from different sources and make an informed choice. This isn’t my parents generation, in the 70s and 80s (and even early 90s) where information was hard to come by and you HAD to rely on your Doctor’s word as if s/he was God. Doctors are people too, with biases, grudges, traditions, mistakes, etc. Just relying on what any one doctor says for my kid, without understanding and educating myself on the medication/procedure and the risks entailed to the best of my ability is just shy of negligence.

      Everyone should choose for themselves, but everyone should do so after through research. If someone calls me an “idiot” for not vaccinating because they saw a scary commercial about whooping cough, and they don’t know how a vaccine actually works and that it’s not magic, I assume they’re not the brightest crayon in the box.

      • I’m so glad you brought up the point that Doctors are only human and like all of us can make mistakes. I think far too many people think that the opinion of anyone with a medical degree is without question. Totally non-vaccine related but just to show my point – some years ago my husband was involved in what at first appeared a minor accident. He walked away from it with what at first seemed only minor injuries, but over the next couple of weeks experienced pain and tingling down his neck and arm. A visit to the hospital had junior doctors recommending that it was neurological, but the senior consultant disagreed, and recommended that it was junior arthritis and sent him home with pain killers.
        Two days later and another trip to a different hospital, this time in an ambulance, a very similar thing happened only this time the senior consultant said it was a trapped nerve and again he was sent home.
        That night we had to call an ambulance again, but by the time the ambulance had arrived he had experienced burning pain starting at his feet and sweeping up his body and in the time it took for this to occur he was paralysed. After further investigation it was shown that he had a haematoma on his spinal cord, caused by the earlier accident, which having been left untreated had swollen and compressed the spinal cord, an operation was needed immediately to prevent death. My husband is now a tetraplegic and lives everyday with the use of a wheelchair and many other associated complications.
        I think up until that point in my life I believed that doctors knew everything, but these days I have come to realise that no matter what your field of expertise, all people can make mistakes, have bad days and be prejudiced about there beliefs. What we need to do though, is not get caught up on in all of that and respect that everyone should be entitled to there own beliefs and opinions without trying to bully them into thinking as we do.
        It has been a pleasant surprise to see that MOST (but sadly not all) people on this page are respectful enough to let everyone have there own opinion while contributing useful information.

  19. Thank you for sharing this. Most of us unvaxing parents tend to avoid the subject, and it’s nice to hear from someone who seems fairly level headed about the subject, share their decision. My son (2.5 years old) is getting his first vaccine today, and I’m a bit worried. We have #2 on the way though, and he is in day care, so I don’t see a good reason to wait any longer. 🙁

    • Can you please share your vaccine schedule for you 2.5 yr old child? What was the order or your vaccines and what was the timing in-between each shot? I have been researching vaccine schedules to begin with my 2 year old and I haven’t found one yet. Your input would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

  20. If you were going to travel to a devolping country, which ones would YOU get? I am curious. We are going to be doing so next year. Which ones and why those and not others? We will be going to a country in Central Asia where many things are still endemic and a doctor friend of ours there has recommended to keep on with the traditional vaccine schedule. I am VERY curious about what your choices would be, as this is a subject I ponder frequently myself and have so far felt a lot of back and forth tug of war inside myself.

  21. Please vaccinate. That is all.

    Source: student with healthcare training raised by two parents working in healthcare.

  22. There is no (legitimate) evidence that “vaccines have saved millions of lives”. This statement is entirely non-factual. The Polio vaccine was purposely given at the time when Polio, like all major outbreaks do, was naturally declining, and it was eradicated faster in countries that did not use vaccines. There is a doctor on YouTube who explains the medical reasons why injecting a virus in your body and causing it to create antibodies is bad for your body. And MOST of the things that vaccines exist for, are not much harmful anyway. We have a chicken pox vaccine now, if you remember. Many of these diseases for other vaccines are like chicken pox. Finally, these un-naturally created antibodies don’t actually protect you anyway. People who have gotten the chicken ox vaccine may still get chicken pox, while those who have previously had chicken pox will not. And of course it is FAR more dangerous when you have never gotten it as a child and then get it as an adult instead… so the chicken pox vaccine, and the others, would be dangerous even if the only “questionable” ingredient in the vaccine was the disease itself.

    • Hello Raven,

      I am curious to know what Dr. You are referring to so that I can take a look at the videos. I always want to try to educate myself further on both sides but consider myself an anti-vaccinist.


      • “Dr. on YouTube”…..nuff said.

  23. One question for those of you claiming unvaccinated people to be carriers of the diseases: if you are vaccinated, and truly believe in the vaccination, why don’t you just continue putting (who truly knows what) vaccines into you and your children’s body and quit worrying about getting sick. That is the purpose, correct?!
    Vaccinate = don’t get sick.
    Or are you worried that your vaccine will not work?
    You should ask yourself:
    If in the chance case of being exposed to and possibly contracting a communicable disease do I feel confident enough in my/my child’s vaccination to know that I/my child too will not get sick?
    That is what the controversy is truly over. Faith in what truly is and what truly isn’t. And no one commenting on this blog has all the answers, therefor no one should be disrespecting each other’s views or opinions. To say you yourself knows for sure would automatically make you false.
    Both of my children are vaccinated. I don’t feel that it is at all necessary, in fact, I despise how difficult it is to opt out. My best friend’s child developed whooping cough (hospital style) as an infant after having vaccinations… Nothing is certain besides Mother Nature will do why she intends to do and we should simply better protect our bodies naturally for her wrath. It’s all a part of the bigger picture that very few of us can focus on primarily because of fear. Fear of poverty, illness and tragedy.
    Thanks for reading 🙂
    First time reader on this site. Will be bookmarking!

    • Because we know that:

      1)Kiddos too young to be vaxxed exist
      2)Vaccines are 90-95% effective
      3)Kiddos who medically can’t be vaccinated exist
      4)All of the above three rely on herd immunity
      5)Herd immunity is not a myth.

      • Agreed Sia

      • It’s not a myth is a theory. A theory derived from herds of cattle and sheep. The difference is ,it’s talking about naturally acquired immunity, which is 100% effective, something vaccines are not. The reason people argue it is a myth, it’s because human herd immunity at this point in time when most of the under 40 have been vaccinated, but never had a booster shot in 20 years it’s clearly full of holes. An clearly I do not advocate getting any vaccines. Vaccines cause autoimmunity issues, which are chronic and unpleasant at best, so I’ll risk measles, whooping cough any day( but then I am 50 and I had the vaccines and the diseases ) As a side note, completely anecdotal, I have 2 kids now 11 and 14 never Vaxxed, never had a course of antibiotics in their life, I would argue they have uncommonly good health. I’d rather be an anecdote than a statistic.( if you can trust those from the CDC and Pharma that is)

  24. I was wondering what your stance is on the vitamin K shot newborns get in the hospital? I know it is not a vax, but just the same I have a concern or two. What are your thoughts?

  25. It really pains me that we as a society have turned into such judgemental and hateful people when it comes to differences of opinions. Yes, vaccines have helped wipe out horrible and deadly diseases and have helped children in poorly developed countries live longer. But NO, there haven’t been enough studies on vaccine injury related issues. I chose to vaccinate my oldest daughter despite research that may have said otherwise. It doesn’t make me a bad mother. Not vaccinating your child or vaccinating them should not be what defines you as a “good” parent. Opinions are like a%_holes… We all have them and they’re all different and they can be really ugly. But that’s the whole thing: they’re OPINIONS. Instead of jumping down someone’s throat for not believing what you do, be respectful and ignore it if you don’t like it. I’m glad there are medical professionals out there who give an unbiased opinion and allow you to do what’s right for your child in accordance with your beliefs and views. I’m expecting baby #2 and I’m planning to vaccinate this one as well… because I feel it’s important and right FOR ME. If you don’t like it, that’s not my problem. I’ll wake up tomorrow still feeling good and knowing that I’m a good parent even if no one else agrees with me.

    • I have yet to speak to a health care professional who doesn’t feel it’s necessary to hound me with vaccine information or make me feel like an inadequate mother for not getting my child vaccinated. I feel that certain people are more susceptible to side effects than others and as my cousin developed autism after receiving the mmr, I think that gene that makes people more susceptible is already in my family. I’m 24 and have never received a single vaccine until 2 years ago when I moved back to California during the pertussis outbreak. 2 kids and pregnant at the time I felt it was necessary to do so. To each their own, no you are not a bad mom for vaccinating, but you’ve probably never been at the receiving end of a doctors judgmental conversation or accusing stare. My son and I were quarantined when he had an asthma attack once. (illness induced asthma which he has grown out of) my step mom was an ER nurse and when I told her about it she said that they has done it basically as a punishment for not vaccinating. So no, I have not met a single unbiased doctor.

  26. I have a child that is 3 years old. Although she did not receive any vaccines at her 3yo checkup, so is up to date thus far, except that we did not do the flu shot last year and will not this year. That being said, I’m on the fence about whether to continue her scheduled vaccinations. We have been blessed so far that she has not had any reactions to them, but I have learned a lot since she was born, especially in the last few months, since we have decided to homeschool and have been made more aware of the risks. I would love to get some feedback on what it would do to simply stop vaccinating. Is there any risk in not completing a series of shots? Also, are there some things she may already be at risk for that I should watch for? There are some we have decided definitely not to do, but I’m 100% sure that we would need to find a new pediatrician if we decided to alter the schedule (not even sure where we would look for a doc at all), but I would deal with that if it’s best for my kids. Watching my sister’s kids, it is obvious that vaccines don’t keep them from getting sick. I know that I’ll get a lot of flack from her & hubby (who works in a hospital) and my SIL who is a pharm-D. Ugh…this is so hard!

    • Yes, I read that if a person only gets the first shot for measles, that the person is actually at a greater risk of contracting the disease if exposed. I’m not sure if there are possible negative outcomes for not completing other vaccines though.

      • *A person would have a greater risk of contracting the illness compared to those who did not receive the first shot at all*

    • Alyssa, my daughter was fully vaccinated until she was 2 years old. We stopped vaccinating after she had very bad reactions to the vaccines twice. We saw two different doctors and they both said it was most likely a stomach bug. She had terrible hives, lethargic, and didn’t eat for two days. I thought it was absolutely ridiculous that two medical professionals could not see any link between the vaccines and reactions, while I knew right away the vaccines were the cause. It happened at 5mos and 15 mos. that is when I started doing the research. I knew I could not rely on what thee doctors were telling me.

      We recently had to get our blood tested because someone in our doctors office Ed exposed to measles (exposed, not contracted). Public Health demanded we get tested, so we did. My daughter received one MMR shot, and the results came back showing that she is immune. The nurse at a public health even said she was surprised by these results. I was never vaccinated back in the 80s for measles. My mother had measles when she was a child and I was breastfed, I truly believe it is the reason why my lab results also came back showing that I was immune as well.

      As parents all we want is to what is best for our children. Go with your gut instinct and research the heck out of vaccines. Not just anti vaccine sites, but also pro and make the best decision for your family based on ALL data.

  27. I also read Dr. Sears’ book (loved it). Based on the info, my plan was to not vaccinate my firstborn son until he was older. Well, those plans had to be changed when my son decided to arrive 11 weeks early (29 weeks G.A). My first thought was to keep with the plan, especially since he was small and more fragile. However, due to the fact that he’s in a hospital where there are more germs than there would be at home, and the fact that if he did contact something it would real HAVOC on his premature system, we decided to vaccinate. I’m still torn on it; it was not my first choice. Hopefully our next child will be full term so I can go with the original plan again. 🙂

  28. Hi
    I just want to say that its encouraging that more people are refusing to vaccinate their children.
    My 3 children are not vaccinated – the oldest is now 14yrs the youngest is 9yrs.
    During the years my eldest daughter had measles and breezed through it, without any major problems. Just a little discomfort.
    My youngest when he was 7yrs contracted whooping cough. Strangely enough, though it wasn’t nice, he did not get it as bad a myself and especially my husband who was very sick with it. Both my husband and myself were vaccinated as children and we were extremely sick with it. My son however seemed to cope best and though mostly at nights it was uncomfortable, during the day he was coping well and did not get anywhere sick as us.
    I’ve always maintained good health natural foods with the kids and natural supplements, not tablets and I think this helped them both greatly and made a huge difference in letting their natural immune system cope with illness.

    • I do not know a single person who has had a single negative reaction to any vaccine. Please think not only of yout child, but the countless others they come into contect with – some are more vulnerable to these diseases and cannot get vaccinated. Sadly, your decision poses a threat to their lives.

      For example, your vaccine simply wore off – this is a well documented fact fir that vaccine. Further, children bounce back faster from illnesses – but, in this case, a vaccine could have saved you abd your husband the illness. Who knows whp else you may have passed it on to – perhaps soneobe elderly, who may have died.

      It is curious that you deny vaccines – with a well documented, very very low chance of side effects – but feel just fine about your child contracting serious diseases. While you got lucky, both thise cobditions can kill children – and with a much greater likelihood than a vaccine reaction.

      • My child had very bad reactions to vaccines after her 5 mo and 15 mo vaccinations. She was lethargic, horrible hives, and did not eat for two days. My child was one of the luckier ones. I know children that suffered seizures and brain swelling days after their vaccinations.

        Just because you may not know anyone who have been injured from vaccines doesn’t meant it doesn’t exist.

        If you do some research you can read countless cases of vaccine injured children.

        • Sunny, to which vaccine did your child react so badly?

      • Hi – If you would like to meet someone whose child has had a reaction, I’m sure it can be arranged. Many of us then become part of “those people” who no longer follow the schedule or blindly defend vaccines. People with major reactions are not allowed to talk about them, many of us with “minor” reactions (my then 9 mo daughter had regular seizures/motor tics for a year) have the experience Martyna and I had – the doctor won’t even discuss the idea that it could be a reaction. And yet, many pro-vaccers say that we can rely on the VOLUNTARY vaccine reaction reporting system (VAERS), acting as if both recognizing and reporting possible reactions in this climate could possibly provide complete and accurate information about reactions. In fact, a pediatrician who specializes in kids with vaccine reactions said she believes most doctors can’t even see obvious reactions as possible reactions because the idea that they might be wrong, and might have caused harm, creates so much cognitive dissonance for them. Because of the way our economy works, and because we have married our healthcare system to it, we have created an inflammatory, emotional (on both sides), unscientific, profit driven system. I’m guessing you do know people whose kids have had a reaction, but they haven’t told you about it.

        • Oops, I didn’t mean Martya, I meant Sunny – sorry!

        • Elise, to which vaccine did your child react so badly?

    • Hi my daughter is 6 months old and I am looking for a doctor that will not yell at me for not vaccinating her yet.how did you go about that? she has not been sick so far and i am afraid to bring her for check ups because they are going to penalize me for not vaccinating.

      • You will have to do a lot of calling around. Where are located? There is a list on askdrsears.com of vaccine friendly doctors in each state. You can try that first. Don’t worry, it will be a challenge but you will be able to find the right doctor for you and your family.

  29. I live in WV which only has the medical exclusion and it is actually illegal not to vaccinate your child (misdemeanor for every missed vaccine and fines). I’m coming up on my son’s 1yr visit and feeling more and more concern for all these vaccines. He has been vaccinated up to this point and it worries me so much. I’m thinking about pushing a couple vaccines back on his next visit to minimize the number of viruses/diseases he receives at one time (this will be his largest dose to date). I know that there are no proven methods but any helpful tips in regards to minimizing any potential danger would be greatly appreciated and help ease my mind some. He is still EBF and occasionally eats organic veggies, organic meats but NO grains.

    • move.

    • Have no fear, because the documented side effects from vaccines are far less harmful than the diseases they protect against.

      The majority of anti vaccine research was published by one team – all of whom, save one, have since recanted. The one author who has not recanted faces legal charges for falsifying data.

      There is really no danger. Your child is more likely to die in a car crash on the way to the hospital than to have any adverse effects, especially consideribg the first series went fine.

      My daughter recieved everything scheduled, all at once. She is great! Today I think she may have recognized herself in the mirror, even though that is supposedly ahead of schedule for 6 months (but we parents always imagine they are ahead of schedule!). I have seriously never known anyone to have even mild issues with vaccines.

      • I find it fascinating that someone could say they haven’t yet met one person with a vaccine side effect, when there are many on this webpage alone, but also all over th einternet, and of course there is the Vaccine Compensation Fund set up by the government, paying out to those people who have won their case in court. People are screaming it from the rooftops.

        But this may be one of the issues that separates people. I, for example, have been surrounded by people whose children were harmed by vaccines, since I was in my 20’s long before having children of my own. By the time I had my own children, I had been exposed to dozens of credible people, in person, to explain the horror of their lives and their child’s lives.

        Was I to ignore this information, when it came time to vaccinate my own children? These people are real. Their stories, their testimonies are real. These are human beings, with brains, intelligence….

        What’s more, you can pinpoint many chronic diseases faced today – Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus – and looking back in history you will find that for hundreds of years the people suffering these illnesses were told ‘it’s all in their heads’, by doctors. For years they suffered without medical treatment, research, or even validation. How can we as parents, look at fellow parents, and totally invalidate what they are saying.

        Don’t most of us, somewhere deep down, wish that vaccines could not only be effective, but completely safe, for everyone? Isn’t that what a compassionate society would want?

        The FDA was quick to approve the use of Vioxx, later linked to about 27,000 deaths. FDA (that’s government) approved. Why? They had the data in clinical trials to prove that a heart attack could happen – they ignored it. Hmmmmm…….could money be a factor here? Image?
        Of course.

        There has been so much dishonesty by the government, and decisions based on financial gain rather than human safety, is it any wonder that anyone might question them?

        Oh right, and they also said that the DPT vaccine was completely safe, denying any involvement in SIDS death cases. But wait a minute, there’s a “newer and safer vaccine now called DTaP”…… Seriously? How can there be a newer and safer one, when the old one was supposedly perfectly safe?

        How about honesty, integrity. Admit where the problems are – and start fixing them. Stop claiming something is safe, when it isn’t, and invest all those millions into developing a safer product, for everyone.

        • Thank you!

        • Nothing in life is perfectly safe. The DTP had more side effects but was more effective. Most of the side effects were things like febrile seizures. DTaP has fewer side effects but is less effective.

        • ♡♡♡

        • well said Cassandra!

    • Take to a Nautopathic Dr. I have been told that there are homeopathic/natural things you can take that can help with the negative side effects of the vaccines. I have a three month old, and she hasn’t received any vaccines yet. I am still researching vaccines and haven’t completely made up my mind on the subject. I have been told though that there are natural things that can help if you choose to vaccinate.

      • Sarah, did you ever find out what they are?

      • Looking for this info as well!

    • No, it is not illegal to not vaccinate in WV. It is mandated for school if a medical exemption cannot be obtained. You can home school and not vaccinate though. Although I realize it is not an option for all. Still even if they will have to attend school, you can delay.

  30. Genevieve, I commend you for staying strong, taking a firm stance and voicing your opinion. Its obvious that vaccination is a very controversial topic, as can be seen by the multitude of comments to this blog. As a health care provider I have done an immense amount of research and have come to the same conclusion that you have. Ultimately, the risk just isn’t worth it. There simply isn’t enough valid research to clearly demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of vaccines. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny MD, is also a great resource at: http://drtenpenny.com. A great video that covers several vaccine topics is done by Dr. David Ayoub MD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S39kmstBNkk.

      • Just so you know… Dr. Kipp is a chiropractor (alternative science – i.e., chiropractic until today has failed to meet the standards of the evidence-based medicine). He’s not an immunologist.
        I feel disappointed seeing how people who don’t have a degree in medical science going around and doing “research” about such a complicated topic.
        This is something to be asked to a specialist. Someone who really do real research, I mean, a minimum of 7 years of research on the topic. Googling around and downloading papers from WebMed and discussing them with your partner what you guys think is not real research.
        I know every parent wants the best for their child. But just because it’s easy to access scientific papers on the web, it doesn’t mean you have the complete knowledge to judge which ones are good or bad. And just because it was published, it doesn’t mean it’s the final answer. It can be debunked anytime.
        Today people feel entitled to decide over things they don’t have knowledge about. And unfortunately everybody feels like they know a lot about immunology nowadays.
        I didn’t mean to be rude, but I just feel really disappointed knowing you’re taking into consideration a (pop) pediatrician, not a specialist, in order to decide whether to vaccinate or not your child.
        Please, Genevieve, you seem to be a very smart person, if you really want to know the truth about vaccines, go for it. But do it right. Take the time to compile all the data you can and talk to the people who work with immunology and diseases everyday. Not sitting on the comfort of your home arriving to conclusions that make sense to you. Doctors and researchers are out there working hard to find the best answer and I’m sure they have a lot to say.

        • doctors and specalist who reseach on medicine and herbs are sometimes paid off by the big pharma a lot of plp are coming and said that some of the reseach are not real or have being tamper, with, so what should she do ehen alot of plp are getting side effects from vaccine and still getting sick, thought vaccine was to protect u

        • A degree only shows where your loyalty is. It says nothing about knowledge. Naturopath doctors say things like, when they get their degrees is the point when they can just throw away everything they learned getting it. This should be obvious.

        • The medical world thought Thalidomide was a great drug in the late 50’s and 60’s, but I’m sure the people who were effected by it would have something different to say.

      • Came upon your site while looking up the anti-vaccination point-of-view so I can understand that side better. I am pro-vaccination, but also pro-parental choice, so I was just curious to understand the “other side” though I may not agree.

        Other than anecdotal evidence, is there anything I can read from the scientific community that can support the position? If you can recommend some, that would be great!

        I checked out the comment above where Dr. Kipp made some recommendations, but I’m afraid it just does a disservice to the anti-vaccination side. It doesn’t qualify since Dr. Kipp himself is a chiropractor, Dr. Tenpenny is a DO and not an MD (her field naturally would make her biased on the topic), and Dr. Ayoub is a radiologist and not qualified to speak on the topic.

        Having said that, I am not giving up on finding out more about the anti-vaxx side and I know the studies are out there! I think it’s always healthy to question my own beliefs now and then (either so I can reaffirm them, develop them, or change them – as the situation requires). As it stands, my pro-vaccination stance is re-affirmed, but I don’t think I’ve exhausted the qualified literature yet.

        Thank you!

    • Dr. Kipp, I am very surprised at your opinion, seeing as you are a medical professional. I agree that not every vaccine is worth the risk, but what would you do if these disease come back, and they are coming back because of the lack of consistent immunization? Would you rather your child have polio, even Pertussis (otherwise known as whooping cough), which is a minor cold in adults, often lands children in the hospital on ventilators. I am a pediatric intensive care nurse, and I’ve seen it far too many times. You can boost the immune system, you can keep them isolated from others, but the truth is that children do not have mature immune systems until they have mature bodies. This is what makes vaccination so important for the little ones. If you vaccinate, you not only protect your child, you protect your child’s child from a disease that could potentially become irradiated if everyone would vaccinate. Claims of vaccine’s causing Autism were retracted by the medical journal because the author falsified data. Harmful preservatives and mercury are no longer used in the majority of vaccines. I highly recommend vaccinating at whatever schedule you feel comfortable, but please think of your children’s children, as well.

      • I totally agree with you!!

      • Have you read the latest news about the CDC whistleblower who came out and ADMITTED that they LIED about a 2004 study that allegedly disproved the vaccine Autism link. He admitted to omitting data that proved there is a 340% increase in Autism risk to certain race/ age ranges. The fact that the CDC would go so far as to falsify studies just to keep on pushing these vaccines is enough for me to realize that they are more out for profit then for our well being. Many of these diseases we vaccinate for were being eradicated BEFORE the vaccinations came out, it was truly a coincidence. Advances in clean water in the 1950’s caused many diseases to be eradicated, including Thyphoid Fever, which has no vaccine. Furthermore the cases of pertussis children on ventilators is the worst case scenarios and fear porn for big Pharma. The fact is 90% of pertussis cases are from fully vaccinated kids. There are even reports of the vaccine spreading the disease, including the current outbreak in CA. There is so many sides to this discussion. I wish there could be a true unbiased study to prove safety and which ones are really necessary.

    • So you haven’t looked at the thousands of studies on PubMed?

  31. Don’t you see? Dr. Sears is a quack. He’s using your money to win you over. Vaccinate your children. This is becoming a third world country. Nothing in vaccines will hurt you. Homeopathy will not help your child against catching polio, measles, rubella, pertussis, etc. Be as crunchy as you want, but draw the line at vaccines.
    Autism has been proven time and time and time (and time) again not to be linked to vaccines.
    And religious excuse? God told you not to vaccinate?
    You’re spreading lies, and so is “Dr.” Sears. And so hypocritical of you to say you ‘would’ vaccinate, but don’t.
    Grow some, lady.
    And stop spreading the word.. You’re ruining your herd. Derp.

    • Em, have you been to a third-world country? I’m just curious, for I have and I can guarantee that the US is nowhere near those conditions (thankfully). Also, are you an expert on every religion that exists to know why the religious exemption even stands as a right in this (third-world, according to you) country to opt out of vaccinating? I’m not taking any sides re: vaccines here, but just a tip – if you’re trying to win an argument, you may want to back up your statements with scientific studies and not use opinion-based, heated hyperboles.

      • Yes, I agree. And I have been to Mexico in which all of the children are very heavily vaccinated, but they have no record of what they have had. El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras the children are heavily vaccinated also. So much for third world.

    • Em, you may want to watch the video at the bottom of Dr Kipp’s comment. It may help you see the bigger picture we are all up against… Genevieve is just doing her best given this bigger view. It’s not easy for anyone, pro or anti vaxx, to learn about. It’s 1-1/2 hours, so set aside some time. Good luck.

    • Em,
      Have you read The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears? Just wondering, because he is a pro-vaccine doctor who is providing valuable information to new parents. He gives mostly non-biased opinions, and when he does voice opinion it is usually pro vaccine. Which, for me becoming a new parent makes the choice even more difficult. I went into this process feeling like I would avoid vaccination except for travel to India, but now I am weighing my options more closely. You should really pick up the book next time your at BN and just read a little from the introduction.

    • why then is brain damage listed as one of the rare side effects of MMR?

    • American children are the most vaccinated children in the world. Shouldn’t they then be a picture of health? and yet, they are also the laughing stock. Nowhere in the world are children more drugged to “cure” their asthma, allergies, ADD, ADHD, Autism. So please…

  32. We don’t vaccinate. The more I read and research, the worse the story becomes. I prefer to feed my two healthy food, let them run around a lot outside, give them a healthy dose of Vitamin D and fresh air daily, and my children have always been healthy and happy. The only communicable disease we have ever caught is parvo which has no vaccine (and the children barely noticed it, while I was struck down with severe joint pain as a result). We have travelled to developing nations when the children were babies and then preschool age (and we are living in South America now) – vaccines are not the answer: sanitation, clean drinking water and healthy food are.

    • Wow. You could be responsible for bringing diseases back. And responsible for giving children deadly diseases. You should be so proud.

      • Em, I respect your opinion to vaccinate, but what I do not appreciate are the comments you feel the need to leave. Genevieve specifically wrote as the last line of the post
        “And please be respectful toward the opinions stated in this post and in the comments.”
        This includes praising only people who agree with you, claiming Vik is responsible for giving children diseases, and your unnecessary rant in your initial post.
        If you disagree, that is absolutely fine. We were invited to share our opinions. But do it respectfully. Not petulantly. Telling Genevieve to grow a pair is not at all polite or mature.

        • I apologize, but there is opinion, and there are facts. If someone came here saying their child had a bleeding head wound, butvthey heard bandages are bad, we would all report them to child services. Sorry to say, there is simply no factual basis for refusal of vaccinations. None.

          It would be fun to be a nice guy and not comment, but you people are putting your children abd millions of other innocents at risk under false information, and i can’t take that lying down.

          • Well, before you say there is no reason, have you read the literature on the opposite end of the spectrum? I recommend Dr. Sherry Tenpenny’s video “Vaccines: the Risks, the Benefits, the Choices,” and Wendy Lydall’s book “Raising a Vaccine Free Child.” Also, “The Sanctity of Human Blood” is a great resource. Normally I find that people who are 100% pro vaccines for all, ARE UNWILLING TO READ UP ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY. That is very telling. I have read both sides, and find very compelling reasons not to vaccinate.

      • Hmmm…..Em, I think there are numerous diseases out there with no vaccines that individuals catch daily, so are those people damned in your eyes, too? What about my neighbor who received the MMR vaccination 3 times and still got mumps? Or my young student who received the full series of dPT vaccinations and caught whooping cough and then spread it to two other students in my classroom who were also fully vaccinated? What about the un-vaccinated student I had in the same class who was exposed to and never caught the same whooping cough virus that spread to other students? My point: your flippant and “absolutism” approach here isn’t really convincing anyone in your favor, as there are cases where vaccines aren’t 100% effective and some people who have not been vaccinated won’t catch particular illnesses due to natural immunity. I understand your concern to want to vaccinate; I just think the way you are going about it here is as caustic as the diseases you a preaching about.

        • Amen. I am also convinced that vaccines don’t even work.

          • Evidence? Not anecdotes, actual evidence.

    • Hello. I am contacting you as you say you didn’t vaccinate your children and you now live in South America. My partner and I are expecting next year, and I feel very strongly that I do not want to vaccinate. However, I am just really confused, and want to be able to to defend myself, and have all the information I need to confidently decline when I am no doubt grilled for refusing. We live in Spain at the moment. I have already been told I need to receive Whooping Cough Vaccine at 7 or 8 months, which if I don’t my ”baby could die! because this disease attacks babies!!” After that comment, I kinda got a feel for what it might be like to refuse. I decided not to go into anything with the nurse at that moment as her stern manner caught me off guard and made me realise just how prepared one really needs to be. My partner is South American. We ideally want to move there when our baby is about 6 months old. Just to hear a little more about your move to South America would be of great help in this quest to know what’s what before the birth. I still don’t feel there is enough time before then to learn all I need to know, but i’ll try! Many thanks.

      • I have a 7 week old, which I did not get the Whooping Cough immunization with while pregnant. He got the Whooping cough along with my other two out of four children, after a few weeks all three where fine. Mind you, I did get the other two immunized, yet they still got it the same or worse than the newborn. That was enough for me to pay attention to the false claims of immunization.

        • Whooping cough vaccine claims it has a failure rate, so your report matches claims exactly. Further, if you had inoculated the first child to catch it, it may not have been spread in the first place. This is the idea behind herd immunity, even imperfect vaccines can help a great deal if everyone takes them. Furthet, did your two vaccinated ones suffer any danage fron the vaccines?

        • YES. I would love to hear more stories of people who have gone through their children (esp. babies) having whooping cough and what that was like for them. I am informing myself on how to treat the illness and not be afraid of it. But people really REALLY need to hear that vaccines often DO NOT WORK!!! People just don’t hear that, or they think that it is an anomaly when they hear of a case where they didn’t work. The pharmaceutical companies, what’s their solution? “Our product didn’t work? YOU MUST NEED A BOOSTER SHOT.” Give them more of what didn’t work. Hmmmmm….

  33. I’ve just recently come across your website & I think you & your husband are so cute together. I’m in my 50’s & truly regret having vaccinated both of my children. And it didn’t stop them from getting sick quite a lot. And they are not as healthy as young people their ages (28 & 30) should be. I have done much research over the years & haven’t liked what I’ve read about vaccines. Both of my children have listened to me talk about the dangers of vaccines over the years. Because of that, & the fact that two family members got autism after having vaccines, they decided not to vaccinate their own children, My two granddaughters are 8 & 9 & have never been vaccinated. They are both beautiful healthy girls who rarely get sick. And the few times they have gotten sick over the years, they get over it very quickly (with concoctions from grandma) & are even healthier afterwards.

    I think everyone should have the right to make their own decision, but I have seen a lot of prejudice towards people who don’t vaccinate. The most irritating thing I’ve seen at my granddaughters’ school is that some of the parent’s won’t let their children be near anyone who isn’t vaccinated, which doesn’t make sense to me. Vaccines are supposed to protect you from illnesses, so if that were true, they have no reason to be afraid of unvaccinated children. Anyways, this is just my two cents, & no offense to anyone.

    • I think whether or not you get sick a lot depends more on genetics and other factors than on whether or not you were vaccinated. I know children who weren’t vaccinated who got sick, and some who didn’t, same as with vaccinated kids. I’m not convinced that vaccinations do anything at all to change the strength of your immune system. What they do is build up antibodies towards a very specific disease, so if you’re vaccinated against the measles, your body is equipped with the antibodies to fight the measles, but you might still get a lot of head colds, the common flu, mumps, whooping cough or whatever sickness you encounter, if your immune system is generally pretty weak. You can boost the immune system in various ways, through healthy living and eating lots of healthy food, consuming probiotics, etc (as Genevieve described in her blog post).
      I think that if you have a strong immune system, you’ll do pretty well if you’re not vaccinated. If you have a weak immune system, you’ll get sick no matter what – but through vaccination you can help your body cope with the more life-threatening illnesses.

      Keeping non-vaccinated children away from other non-vaccinated children would make sense to me, but keeping away vaccinated children is a little paranoid, I agree.

      I’m not sure there is a “correct” answer to the question of vaccinations… for some it might be better to vaccinate, for others it might make perfect sense not to.

      • Cytokine Storm mean anything to you?

      • Aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, calf serum, lactalbumin hydrolysate, formaldehyde, glutaraldhyde, neomycin sulfate, polymyxin B, polysorbate 80 – yeah, real immune system boosters 😀

  34. I have chosen to do all vaccines except the flu shots. So far no one in my or my husbands families has had bad reactions to the shots or immuno diseases and it seems so many of these diseases are held off by herd immunity. I feel that it is important for protecting my son and those who can’t be given vaccines. I do think that we should demand high standards of vaccines and have all open information policy about all public medicine. Ive only chosen not to do flu shots because they are newly created every year and I don’t feel have enough supporting their use. Also I have to say other than slight fevers my boy hasn’t had any reaction to vaccines.

    • Good for you! 🙂

  35. Hi, I have an unvaccinated, almost 2 year old boy. My question is regarding what to do instead of vaccinating. I’ve seen a lot of different options, on this site and others, but throughout this site I’ve seen Prescript-Assist Broad Spectrum Probiotic Prebiotic Complex, Nature’s Way Sambucus for Kids Bio-certified Elderberry, Thieves Essential Oil, Flora Udo’s Choice Infant’s Probiotic and Biogaia Probiotic Chewable Tablets. This seems like so much to give him daily – am I wrong? I’m a young mom and learning as I go. Any advice would be great! Right now, I’m just feeding him well and keeping sugar and junk (fast food, candy, things like that) out of his system! He has only gotten sick once and eventually, after feeding him lots of foods to build his immune system and to aid with his illness, he got better quickly.
    Thank you!

  36. Everyone should really do their research and realize that there are a lot of harmful additives and adjuvants within th vaccine itself that can really hurt a young child’s body, especially since that body is not fully developed. So many little children have become vaccine injured due to the astronomical rise in the number of vaccines now administered to each child.

    Try and take a more indept look at the facts and not just what the government and pharmaceutical companies push. It’s a dirty industry and makes huge profits, all the while gambling with childrens lives.







    • Vaccines are NOT linked with autism. The doctor who published this research was proven wrong shortly after, and actually lost his medical license.

    • Natural news is not SCIENCE. THIS IS NOT research. This is some quack’s opinion. You’re not a doctor with a phd, and until you are, quiet down with your homeopathy junk.

      • Wow. You’re language is still extremely distespectful. It begs the question how you are still allowed to post comments after all your immense rudeness, just because there are people who have different beliefs than you. Your immaturity and inability to accept that not everyone is like you shows that your thinking is limited, to say the least.

        • Her language is not disrespectful. It is absolutely true that every single link this woman posted is not a reliable scientific source. Deal with it.

        • You get to have your opinions, but sometimes they are provably wrong. This is one such time.

          • Cognitive dissonance…look it up. There is truth to both sides of the story. You can’t have a credible argument if you don’t open your eyes to both. what do you think would happen if all these natural news articles may have some truth to them? Big pharmaceutical companies would lose out on billions of dollars and more importantly trust. They will do whatever it takes to discredit anything that goes against their ideals…it’s happened before in history.

      • The only vaccine I ever received received was pertussis while pregnant when we moved back to California. The only disease I have have ever caught my whole life was chicken pox and that was back in the day when parents would get healthy children around a child with chicken pox. I’m 25, I rarely get sick, I was not home schooled and was exposed to plenty of diseases growing up but did not catch any. Amish communities do not vaccinate and they don’t have a single case of autism. My cousin developed autism immediately after receiving his MMR. You have so disrespectful and close minded you really need to just stop. Everyone has opinions so respect that. I don’t look down the parents who do decide to vaccinate just as they should not look down on me for not vaccinating. Keep your nasty judgmental comments to yourself. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

    • Ack! I disagree. Genevieve is a great mom for taking responsibility for the well being of her children. Her assessment of each vaccine demonstrates an educated, balanced perspective.

      • There’s nothing “educated” about spewing forth links full of pseudoscience from places like Natural News. Give me a break.

    • Meredith I think you need to do some more research. For example in most states the rise in whooping cough (in 2012) has shown to be related to children who have already had the vaccine. This is just one of many articles that articulates evidence to show that the problem does not intact come from the non-vaccinated children. In fact over 1/2 of the cases were children who had received the dose more then 5x. Take a look for yourself.

      • Vt digger is also not a trustworthy source. You’d have to know sone math, but compare the spread rate of something 10% contagous (all vaccinated children), versus 10% contagous to 97%, and 100% contagous to 3%. You’ll find that the sicker kids can expose far more of the vaccinated kids in this way.

        Further, less than 2% of children are not vaccinated, yet they still account for 10% if the outbreak? This actually proves the effectivness of the vaccine, and that is the least effective vaccine of many, many vaccines.

        Here is a less biased, mainstream news report on that matter. It also references other outbreaks which clearly go back to people opting out, and have claimed lives.

    • Yes!!!

    • I got vaccine and almost everything that spread i caught it, anyway im 21 female and im moving towards homeopathy remedies i have done some research about the FDA and what i found out wasnt pretty, when i decide to have children i try my best not vaccine but to feed them with organic fruits and vegetable with herbs and essential oil to build their immune system, there are herbs to prevent and cure all illness all we need to do is research, the internet is reachable almost to everyone so there should not be excuses

  37. With my first born in 2002, my motherly instincts guided me to choose “only those vaccines that are required for school” in my state. So fortunately I declined vaccines like rotavirus (gmo vaccine) and the highly reactive pvc (pneumococcal), but from birth to 4 months she got everything else.

    My daughter was born premature at 34 wks and was 4 lbs. It worried me that the peds were so keen on keeping her on schedule and giving her the same dose as 8 lb babies were given. But I went along. Interestingly she was born healthy and strong and for the 2 months before her 1st post delivery “well child” check she was doing beautifully. Then when I started those well visits everything changed. I might never have put 2 and 2 together that the vaccines were harming her, making her go from calm, sleeping baby to apnea-prone colicky, sleepless infant if not for an immediate reaction that happened at her 4 month visit. I took my healthy baby in and 30 minutes after the shots she began her “encephaletic scream session” a non-stop wild-eyed, crazy look mad screaming pain cry for 6 hours straight. It pains me to think back on that day 12 years later. She stopped coo’ing and stopped eye contact with me which had been beautiful prior to that day.

    I was so naive, I thought for sure my thinking would be endorsed by the ped. You know, we tried vaccines and they just didn’t work for my daughter. In fact, I really expected that the MDs of the world would want to look at her, enroll her in a study so that doctors could better understand what it was about her immune system that caused her to react so violently with long-term side effects. Did anyone care about preventing this from happening to another child?

    The sad but true answer to this question is, “NO!”

    In fact, there have been billions of dollars paid out to vaccine-injured children. Injuries including death that were far more severe than what happened to my daughter.

    Have any of those injured children ever been studied. Again the answer is “NO!”

    It is a myth that vaccines are the safest and most studied medical invention. If that were the case why have there been no studies performed on vaccine-injured children? Wouldn’t that be a basic way to improve vaccine safety. Of course it’s common sense but it’s just not done.

    So those were the last routine shots given in my house and I’m very comfortable with that decision. We have a laundry list of natural remedies and preventives that we use to keep everyone in the family non-toxic, safe and healthy.

    Despite my peds urging to continue full-steam ahead with more shots, I opted out. My vaccine-injured child does have some very mild sensory issues but they are nothing compared to what they could have been if we did not educate ourselves on vaccines. Very grateful to Barbara Loe Fisher and http://www.nvic.org to this day for all they do and especially for providing that key nugget of info that all classically trained MDs in western medicine are in denial over…that children who react to vaccines tend to have worse reactions with lasting problems with subsequent shots.

    That sad reality – that western MDs will unwittingly and without hesitation sacrifice the health and well-being of babies and children – by denying the significance of vaccine reactions and by dismissing parental concerns post-vaccination – has me still here 12 years later sharing my story so that some other family can learn from our experience and keep their own kids from harm.

    For the record I’m not saying don’t vaccinate. That is a decision only a mom can make. But I am advocating for educate before you vaccinate and learn the signs of vaccine reactions, and by all means if your child has a reaction, follow and trust your God-given instincts.

  38. Great article! Thank you for posting. I am not a crazy anti-vaccine person, but we don’t vaccinate (my oldest is fully vaccinated, which I fully regret, my middle is partially vaccinate – also fully regret, and my youngest is vaccine-free). I truly believe it is a parent’s choice, but encourage my friends to research both sides of the debate – thoroughly before decided for or against vaccines.

    Here are just a couple articles I’ve found helpful – the first goes through each vaccine and contains tons of links to the cdc and other research to back up what they are saying and so explains why these parents chose not to vaccinate (very eye-opening and helpful to making a decision):

    and this one refutes a recent article put out by the LA Times on the whooping cough:

  39. We vaccinated my first child up till six months. After each vaccine he would scream uncontrollably for up to eight hours a day. Our pediatrician told us it was “coincidence”. We were nervous new parents who’d been through years of infertility and were afraid to not listen to a doctor. A friend urged me to seek a second opinion; the new ped took one look at T and told us to stop vaccinating. We did, but the damage had been done.

    Today he is eight years old. He’s autistic and has sensory processing disorder. Every day is a struggle. Some days I don’t know how we get through it.

    My second son is unvaccinated and a typical little boy.

    I have a 1000 hours of research into vaccine theory and pediatric immunology. But in the end it doesn’t matter. I just look at my son. I would do anything to take those vaccines back.

    • Vaccine injury is such a common thing now and so many children have to pay the price because of greedy industry.

      Did you know that vaccine makers are protected from suits claiming vaccination injury? That’s how much our government cares about us. They protect those who harm our children.

      I’ve read stuff online where a mother practically cured her son of autism by making him drink coconut kefir everyday. She also implemented a gluten and dairy free diet and cut out all chemicals, preservatives, colourings, msgs, etc from her son’s diet:


    • I am sorry for your son, but these are coincidences. Vaccination comes right at the time that autism presents itself, and autistic children deal less well with fever and discomfort from vaccines. Completely unrelated.

  40. Whether a parent decides to vaccinate or not is their choice however out of respect for others they should inform parents of newborns they come into contact with if they have chosen not to vaccinate. A one year old might be able to recover from whooping cough but for a newborn it can be deadly.

    • A child is more likely to get whooping cough from a recently vaccinated child than from an unvaccinated one. I wish parents would inform others when their children are recently vaccinated. For a period after one is vaccinated, they are a carrier of that disease and therefore more likely to spread that disease.

  41. Wow, alot of comments on here and some of them aren’t so nice! It is every parents right to do what they believe is the right thing for their child. They are the ones who will answer to God for how they cared for their child- not me, the pediatrician, or anyone else. I would like to encourage everyone, no matter what your choice is, to watch this fabulous interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yh4bGWvFcsE
    Dr. Palevsky (a board certified pediatrician) very clearly explains how vaccines work, their history, the risks and benefits, what is known and what is not known about the affect that they have on our children. It is great!! Please take the time to see this.

  42. You’re a breath of fresh air. I admire your bravery to be honest and your ability to remain strong but respectful in your personal beliefs. We could totally be friends:)… Ill be back to visit your site. I’ve enjoyed all your posts I’ve read thus far.

    I too am not vaccinating my three year old daughter, but it’s not a decision I take lightly and I’ll continue to educate myself on the subject. I also am looking into HP. Ill be interested to see if you post more on the subject.

  43. I did a lot of extensive research on vaccines while pregnant. I have friends that do and friends that don’t and I believe we’re all doing what we think is best for our own children. With that said we decided to vaccinate. I grew up traveling to the less glamorous parts of the world and my family still does often. Also my husband is in the military and he also travels often. I’ve seen unvaccinated communities first hand and it’s devastating. Thankfully, we live in a country where it’s safe to not vaccinate but I felt due to our unique circumstances it would in my daughters best interest to be vaccinated.

  44. Hello! After a ton of research I decided to vaccinate both my children. After weighing the pros and cons of both decisions I decided that I could not in good conscience risk a very deadly disease to possibly prevent the small chance of a reaction to a vaccine. I would never be able to live with myself if my son contracted polio or smallpox or measles someday when I could have prevented it. Luckily my sons have never had a reaction to any vaccination I have given them. I have many mommy friends who choose not to vaccinate and while I obviously don’t agree with it, I would never tell someone what to do with their child. There are very real risks on both sides and all a parent can do is make what decision they feel is best at that time. Having an older son who is autistic makes me a huge target for many parents to question my decision to vaccinate so sadly, I have to deal with this topic on a regular basis. I don’t advocate for or against vaccinations, but I do advocate for parents to support and encourage each other in every aspect of parenthood. We are all in this together.

    • I’m sorry to sound combative, bc I really do want to be respectful and I fanatically support any mom who does tons of research before making this decision, but one sentence in particular sounds way off to me. You said you’d feel terrible if your child got polio, smallpox or measles and there was something you could have done about it. Well, polio has not had a single case in the US in decades and the last case was CAUSED by the vaccine. We don’t vaccinate for smallpox at all in our country, and measles is a mild, easy disease for kids. About 1 in 100,000 to 200,000 die from measles in developed countries and more cases of encephalitis/encephalopathy occur from the MMR than the diseases themselves. Again, I totes support your right to make any informed choice you want, but your information may be way off.

  45. personal experience I lived in jakarta for five years before returning to Canada never got shot for anything and never contracted any vaccine preventable disease. have met at least 3 expats who had received vaccine for typhoid before traveling to indonesia who were sick with… you guessed it typhoid fever. back in Canada the grand son of a friend of mine spent 3 days between life and death from meningitis after vax for… you guessed it again meningitis. The friend contracted guillain barre syndrome and was hospitalized for many weeks after getting the h1n1 flu shot. My 2 children were born in Indonesia. They are now 8 and 6. the last time they saw a doctor was on the day they were born.

  46. You say you will vaccinate in the event that there is an outbreak, but vaccinating now can prevent such an event from happening in the first place.
    And what if (Gd forbid) your own children are the first ones to be affected by an outbreak? Someone is always affected first without any warning or time to prepare.

  47. Ah.. this is an article about rates of mortality from infectious disease in the last 70 years. MORTALITY as in how many people died from infectious disease. The mortality rates were, again MORTALITY, declining, due to better living conditions and better medical care. Probably MOSTLY due to better medical care. THEN, in the 80’s more people were dying from infectious disease. Hmm what was going on? What could have skewed the numbers back up again? Oh yeah, we had an AIDS epidemic for which there was no treatment!! Everyone was typically dead 2 years after diagnoses.

    There was something else that was happening. A medication resistant TB was killing people. So these two main factors changed the declining trend.

    Then in the 90’s exactly what you would expect happened! The new HARRT regimens came on board for AIDS patients. AIDS units in hospitals that used to be PACKED with dying patients, closed down and don’t even exist today!! HIV has become a treatable chronic disease and people who once were dead in 2 years, are now alive and thriving 20 years and more. That is unles you are an hiv infected AIDS denialist, who doesn’t believe the drugs work. Heck, most of them don’t accept the realization that hiv most definately causes AIDS. But those who think this dare dying off, one by one. Soon they’ll all be gone. But I digress.

    Your article proves nothing as it relates to vaccines and their efficacy.Because vaccines DON’T cure or treat disease they PREVENT disease.

    This article has nothing to do with the effectiveness of vaccines.

  48. Here are some excellent graphs and data on US Moralities from infectious diseases and even all causes for all of the 20th Century.

    Feel free to draw your own conclusions as to the “effectiveness” of vaccines based on these death rates.




  49. Mama Natural,
    Now that I have watched each of your vaccine videos (I had previously read print material similar to Dr Sears), I wonder what your plans are? Griffin is now attending pre school and there’s a new baby. Also I wonder if you plan to space the 3 vaccines you mentioned getting Griffin at 5 years old, namely chicken pox, polio, and isolated Mimps? I also wonder, since you clearly mention some of the vaccine preventable diseases are caught by children but never realized by parents or health professionals, if you have thought about tigers (blood tests for antibodies)? I will be asking my Ped this week at baby #5’s 4 month check up.
    Here’s praying for God to guide each of us to the right decision for our children / family and to keep our children healthy / safe.

  50. My husband and I made the decision to do a modified version of Dr. Sear’s vaccination schedule. I used to work in pharma and I have a huge issue with vaccines as a whole. I can’t help but look at the list from the CDC and wonder how much of those are necessary or how much of it keeps money in pharma. Then I also think to myself….my coworkers were the ones making the vaccines….thank you but I will pass as much as possible! The only reason she has the vaccines that she does is my husband is from another country and she will have to travel by plane a lot. Thank you for the information you provided.

  51. Additionally, even though they have something set up to compensate those who have been injured by vaccines, money can never make up for the loss of a child, physically or mentally. Shame on those who think this is enough. Would you have liked someone to put a price tag on your child?

  52. @Susan g. I’m sorry but if you look at the nature of human beings most people are “every man for himself” when it gets down to the nitty gritty. So can I just say what everyone is thinking? I don’t give a FRACK about what’s best for “society”. My child is my #1 and if I felt I could save her from a world of suffering at the expense of society you bet your butt that’s what I’m going to do. So stop mentioning how someone else could benefit from my child being vaccinated. I don’t care, and I am pretty sure that I am not alone in that.

    • Trying To Do Right,

      I understand your passion, love, and protective instincts for your own child. I most certainly felt the same way when my children were very small.

      I don’t believe you have bothered to read my comments. No where do I even mention one time anything about someone else benefiting from your child being vaccinated. I never even brought that issue up.

      It’s ironic that you’ve made the decision NOT to vaccinate your child thinking it’s the VERY BEST thing you could do for your child to keep them safe.

      When in fact it’s not. Pro-vax and anti-vax can argue all day about whether vaccines causes autism but one thing they CAN’T argue about is that the statistics have shown over and over again that the chances of your child having a serious reaction to a vaccine is far smaller than the chances they might contract one of these childhood diseases and die. Did you know that 1 in every 1,000 children who get the measles die?
      Two in every 1,000 will get encephalitis and need to be hospitalized and could end up permanently brain damaged.

      The chances of dying from a vaccine is 1 in a million. There isn’t one scrap of reputable scientific evidence that shows there is any connection to vaccines and autism. None.

      Of course money can’t make up for the death or injury of a child, But to say it’s meaningless is wrong. Financial help in paying for medical needs is important and it’s wrong to discount that. There aren’t any 100% guarantees for anything in life and certainly not for medical treatments. Any time you put something into the body that affects he physiology not only good things can happen but sometimes bad can happen too.

      What you have to do is to look at the downside and ask how likely is it that could happen. Then look at the up side and the benefits. In the case of vaccines you are protecting your child from all of these disease that at the least are very uncomfortable and the worst can cause permanent damage or even death.

      • Oh susan:-) you typical troll. Where did u get ur statistics? Umm let me guess cdc’s website. Its time you, yes you Susan G.get a life think outside the box and look at other blogs and sites. Mama natural is known to be anti vaccine so are many of us here who come to this blog. So i find it interesting you coming here and speaking your war of words with us non vaccine people. I dont need you(who talks real big behind a computer screen) or anyone else to tell me what’s right for my kids and the rest of the world. In fact im gonna “assume” you think all things are ok in moderation (McDonald’s, gmo, fluoride,physcotropic drugs.)you probably follow the food pyramid/plate that the government puts out every year#robot…Well good luck susan I hope you have fun tonight trolling around. I certainly wish you the best of health my dear bc with all of nonvaxers running around its scary world out there #getalife

    • This article was in the Los Angeles Times a couple of days ago. It’s a no holds barred article that tells it like it is. If you are trying to decide whether or not to vaccinate your child this article is well worth your time.
      This video is only a few minutes long.


      This is the other part of the article.


      Thanks 🙂

  53. Just curious if there are now any large scale or longitudinal studies of unvaccinated populations such as some of the Amish or the Chicago group whom David Kirby refers to in his book, Evidence of Harm?

    I commend people like Barbra Lo Fisher (I think that’s the right name) who founded a vaccine information resource center. She neither advocates one side or the other. She merely says she wants people to make an informed choice.

    I hear people here arguing against immune boosting practices (perhaps less to argue if you say optimizing instead) or modalities like homeopathy, but we have to consider that the human being is more than a physical being. Just like we can’t see gravity but know it is there, so too humans have an energy or perhaps rather a vitality that goes beyond the physical person.

    Another issue is how things work together… Perhaps vaccines are not guilty the way many anti-vac people think, but perhaps it starts at a more basic level. That’s part of what Andrew Wakefield was working on… He, I believe worked in GI, and supported the idea now popular in Autism circles about leaky gut syndrome….if we eat bad foods (sugar, formula, processed foods, etc), have antibiotics too early or often but do not re-establish our normal gut flora….this causes leaks in the organ that is otherwise a primary bodily defense against disease….and then introduce a vaccine….therein lies the potential problem.

    Look at the very outspoken Jenifer McCarthy (right?) who ‘healed’ her child with nutrition. Heal the gut, recover the child.

    My point is perhaps if doctors, especially Peds were permitted more time during well visits with their patients and actually did prevention work like nutrition education….perhaps this wouldn’t be so debatable! Big pharm is not good for health but necessary…but maybe the really guilty party(s) is the food manufacturers (GMO stuff). A point I hope we could agree on and perhaps even collectively work to change!

  54. I am sorry that my existence poses risk to you if I chose not to take on personal risk of vaccination.

    As far as proof, when I want proof that the hen house is secure I do not ask the fox.

    But how about Level 1 Evidence – Randomized controlled trials —includes quasi-randomized processes such as alternate allocation. Is rather lacking in effectiveness and safety studies. Even most of those studies lack external validity because they induce “exposure” to the flu transdermally which is inconsistent with a person’s acutal exposure to the flu.

    I find it hard to accept the positions of “Authorities” and “Officials” when they ignore basic statistics
    In this study note that the 95% confidence interval crosses zero “(95% CI, -14 to 55)” This mean there is no statistical evidence that the treatment is responsible for the results. Yet the authors conclude the opposite, this is a textbook example of a Type 1 Error.

    I am most concerned about being forced to take risks that I do not find evidence that they provide benefit to me. This is a situation where risk and benefit are decoupled.

    I don’t want people to suffer or die from these diseases anymore than you do. I simply want choice and informed consent, Risks, Benefits, and Alternatives. How many alternatives do we overlook because of faith in vaccines? No vaccine is without risk, and no vaccine is 100% effective. You can point to unvaccinated immigrants, but you ignore the thousands of confounding factors that may also contribute.

    Part of the problem with epidemiological data is the MD makes the Dx based on the Pt Hx. When the MD sees a record of immunizations in the Pt Hx then they rule out VPD in their diagnosis, but this is serological evidence, and is in fact cooking the books in favor of the effectiveness of vaccines, in that it is a self fulfilling prophesy.
    When a Pt presents with flu symptoms but has a Hx with a flu shot then the Dx is not going to be that of the flu, but this is never confirmed serologically. This occurs in the situation of all VPD and distorts the statistics in a self fulfilling prophesy.

    Why endure 100s of vaccinations that only treat specific etiologies, when alternatives naturally support the immune system against most if not all etiologies?

    • My aren’t we a hypocrite. You want randomized trials? There are many. However I defy you to show me even one single randomized study that shows any of these Alternative TO medicine treatments work to treat any disease, let alone preventing a person from contracting these serious diseases. Don’t bother with anecdotal and testimonial evidence. It’s the most unreliable kind. Show me the same level and quality of research and study that you are requesting for vaccines. It’s laughable that you are complaining and whining that there aren’t any for vaccines when in fact there are thousands. Yet you are promoting something as a treatment that has zero random trials.

      As for your link. Your point is? It’s no secrete that the effectiveness of the flu vaccine can vary from year to year. Last year was a very poor year for coverage. It was at a very low 9% effectiveness rate. Most years it’s much higher at an average of 65%. Every year scientists must try to predict and anticipate which strains of flu will be a problem for that year. Some years they get it right and some years they don’t. Scientists are working on a universal flu vaccine. Hopefully that will be available in the near future,

      Doctors don’t make a diagnoses based only on the patient’s vaccine history, If a patient comes to the ER with flu symptoms regardless of whether or not they have had a flu shot, the doctor will test serologically to confirm for flu. There are many other things that can present with flu like symptoms. The only way to know for sure is blood test.

      People quite often think they have the flu. When in fact most of the time they don’t have the REAL flu. If they are standing in the isle at the drug store asking the clerk for something to treat their flu, you can be pretty sure they DON’T have the flu. Because if they REALLY had the flu they wouldn’t be standing in the isle. They’d be home in bed unable to get out of bed.

      Finally you refer to “enduring” hundreds of vaccines. The CDC site put the number of vaccines received by age 18 @ 50, and even a staunchly anti-vax site puts the number @ 70 by age 18. So I’m not sure where you get the numbers at “100’s). The other thing is I wouldn’t call what is routine vaccination as something that is “endured”. Most kids will never have anything more than fever, redness, slight swelling, and pain at the injection site. Symptoms that last a few days at most , that can be easily relieved with tylenol.

      • Get a freaking life..no one here cares about your words or your articles..this isnt an ask susan segment..we get it you love vaccines. Good grief

  55. I understand the concern new parents have regarding vaccines. It’s really quite amazing that what started as a fraudulent study by a de-licensed doctor and one blond playmate who thought her son had autism (turns out he didn’t) has become.
    First let me say NOTHING is 100% safe or effective. Nothing. Especially NOT vaccinating your child.
    So when making medical decisions in particular, it all comes down to numbers and statistics. After decades of vaccination the data is in and very clear.
    It boils down to these few facts.
    1. Your child’s chances of have a REALLY serious side effect (not including things like pain&redness&fever) like encephalitis or even death are very rare. 1 in a million rare. As for vaccines causing autism there hasn’t been one single reputable study showing any link.

    2. Your child’s chances of contracting one of the many diseases vaccines protect against is far more likely, and the chances that the child might suffer serious complications or even death from that disease is far more likely. Two in every 1,000 who get measles will get encephalitis and one in every 1,000 children will die from measles.

    So for instance, for measles the chance of having a SERIOUS reaction to the measles vaccine is 1 in a million.

    If you DON’T vaccinate for measles and the child contracts measles the chance of getting encephalitis is 2 kids in every 1,000 and 1 kid in every 1,000 will die.

    One of the moms who commented complained that her doctor acted like she was wasting his time. While it’s unfortunate that he gave her this impression I can also understand where he is coming from. He like so many others myself included can’t believe we are having this debate! Vaccines have been such an unbelievable advancement in saving lives.

    I lived through the polio epidemic in the 50’s My own father age 26 died from polio during it. It makes me very angry when I read the lies being spread by the anti-vaxx side. Lies such as polio was almost gone anyway when the vaccine became available. This is simply untrue. People were afraid to leave their homes. The country was so grateful for the vaccine. This horrible fear was lifted and the polio nightmare came to an end.

    One thing I can guarantee is this.
    Every time vaccines have been introduced to a population, diseases have GONE AWAY.

    Every time vaccines have been taken away diseases have COME BACK.

    Your choice. But remember the statistics. Which way presents the LEAST risk to your child.

    Oh, and for the woman who runs this site. Homeopathy is nothing more than sugar water. It’s a substance that’s been dilute down to a point where there is barely one molecule still present. Homeopathy is sheer quackery. Please don’t think you can treat disease with sugar water.

    One last point. Many don’t seem to have even a basic knowledge of how the immune system works. The idea that you can in some way “boost” or make the immune system STRONGER is false. In reality you wouldn’t even WANT to do that! A too active, boosted, strong however you want to say it immune system is what causes all of the auto-immune diseases. Diseases where the person’s own immune system is in over-drive.

    The other point is this,the ONLY way to prevent contracting a disease if you are exposed to it, is if your body has seen those antigens before and responded by making antibodies to them. How would it have done this? Two ways. Either you’ve had the disease before. Or you’ve received a vaccine for that specific disease. No amount of juicing etc. will prevent your child from contracting a disease if they get a really good exposure to it.

    • The danger from vaccine side effects is so low that Susan G volunteers to underwrite the risk to your children by posting a $1,000,000 bond transferring the miniscule risk from your child to herself.

      Just Kidding. The bottom line is cite whatever study you want none of them are perfect, bring up any example you want, it is all hot air until someone actually stands on their hot air and agrees through a bond or some other mechanism to transfer the risk to your child to themselves. I mean why not, if the risk is so small to your child, and the benefit is for everyone as a whole, then all vaccine supporters should be willing to underwrite the risk to your child since they gain the supposed benefit through herd immunity.

      Anyone willing to post vaccine injury bonds for those parents on the fence? Anyone….? How certain are you that the Risks outweigh the benefits? Post a bond and show us how smart and sure you are.

      Risk is transferred every day, its rather simple.

      • Your snarky remarks aside.

        That issue has been addressed with the institution of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP)

      • I did say that nothing can be 100%. It’s been proven that vaccines are safe and effective. Are they 100% safe and effective? No. You seem to want either a 100% guarantee or a guarantee that if your child is that rare case then SOMEONE has to be held responsible.

        Well the government did just that. They recognized that the availability of vaccines was extremely important for the health of the population. They also recognized a few other realities. We live in a very litigious society. There is the mentality that someone or something must be responsible when things go not as wanted. They also recognized how unpredictable a jury can be. Often they will award huge settlements against deep pockets, out of nothing more than sympathy for the plaintive.

        There had been a few large settlements. To begin with, drug companies don’t make that much from vaccines. With this added risk of being sued (regardless whether vaccines were even responsible) it just wasn’t worth the headache. The government watched as one drug company after another stopped making vaccines. They were afraid that soon there wouldn’t be any companies willing to make vaccines. Then they would have a real nightmare on their hands as these diseases came back one by one.

        With the development of the Vaccine Injury Court, a no fault system,and not being able to sue the drug company directly, the remaining 2 companies agreed to continue to make vaccines.

        The level of proof that’s needed to prove one’s case is much lower than regular civil court.

        Now you can stop harping on

      • I did say that nothing can be 100%. It’s been proven that vaccines are safe and effective. Are they 100% safe and effective? No. You seem to want either a 100% guarantee or a guarantee that if your child is that rare case then SOMEONE has to be held responsible.

        Well the government did just that. They recognized that the availability of vaccines was extremely important for the health of the population. They also recognized a few other realities. We live in a very litigious society. There is the mentality that someone or something must be responsible when things go not as wanted. They also recognized how unpredictable a jury can be. Often they will award huge settlements against deep pockets, out of nothing more than sympathy for the plaintive.

        There had been a few large settlements. To begin with, drug companies don’t make that much from vaccines. With this added risk of being sued (regardless whether vaccines were even responsible) it just wasn’t worth the headache. The government watched as one drug company after another stopped making vaccines. They were afraid that soon there wouldn’t be any companies willing to make vaccines. Then they would have a real nightmare on their hands as these diseases came back one by one.

        With the development of the Vaccine Injury Court, a no fault system,and not being able to sue the drug company directly, the remaining 2 companies agreed to continue to make vaccines.

        The level of proof that’s needed to prove one’s case is much lower than regular civil court.

        • Yes hide your opinions behind the government and the Vaccine Injury Court. I am not concerned with how companies and governments collude together to 100% eliminate liability for their products and actions.

          HHS profits from vaccines.

          Vaccine Injury Court is funded by taxes on vaccine sales.
          The VIC has 100% eliminated the downside risk for the pharmaceutical companies. And Government regulations guarantee a demand for their products. That is a sweet deal.

          What I am seriously asking is for you to consider the Risk and who bears it.

          How much risk of vaccine injury do you bear for your position on another mother and father’s Children being vaccinated?
          How much risk of vaccine injury does the government bear for your (pl) position?
          How much risk of vaccine injury do pharmaceutical companies bear for your (pl) position?

          But then, how much risk of vaccine injury do parents and their children bear?

          Again if you are so certain along with your government officials and your company officials, then you could actually make a living backing up your opinion by transferring the miniscule risk to yourself and those who think like you do to achieve your goals of 98% vaccination.

          So again, 100% Serious, Let those who bear the risk make the choice.

          • Hide my opinions behind the government and the Vaccine Court? LOL!

            I’ve been very upfront with my opinions. I’m not hiding behind anything. I understand that at one point in time there were some 20 diseases that were decimating populations. In this country alone they have all been wiped out. I believe vaccines work and I believe vaccines are safe. Is there zero risk? NO. But I believe the risk of getting one of these diseases and even dying from it so FAR outweighs the risk from the vaccine as to really be a no brainer.

            I’m a nurse and I’ve been at the bedside of an infant with meningococcal infection. I’ve watched as each extremity had to be amputated in an effort to save the child’s life. It’s a pretty difficult thing to witness, especially knowing just one vaccine could have prevented this tragedy. I’m sure your reaction to this will be to call it fear mongering. But it not. meningococcal infections are pretty rare. We used to see maybe 6 a year at a big hospital. Then the vaccine came along and the cases dropped off to almost zero, with exception of an occasional unvaxed immigrant. Now with the anti-vax movement these cases are starting to reappear. They are devastating.

            So you want to talk about risk? Have you even considered the RISK of NOT vaccinating your child? In a way vaccines are a victim of their own success. You and others have never even seen these diseases. It’s almost as if they aren’t even real, an abstract.

            My own Father died from polio during the 50’s polio epidemic. I can’t tell you how angry it makes me when I hear anti-vax people say polio was almost gone when the vaccine came along. This is just one of the many outright lies that’s being spread. How can a new parent even begin to know what to believe?

            I get that you want ME and other vaccine proponents to assume some of the risk for your child being vaccinated. What you are missing is what about the risk to society if you refuse to vaccinate your child? Are YOU willing to assume the risk your unvaxed child poses to society? The risk your unvaxed child presents is much greater than the risks of receiving a vaccine.

            As for the risk of vaccinating your child, a mechanism has been set up to compensate your child if by some small chance they are harmed. Why isn’t this adequate for you? There is no such way to address the risk i.e. your child poses to those who for medical reasons or age can’t be vaxed. Are YOU willing to compensate, place a bond whatever to assume THAT risk? Life is about risk. Seat belts save lives. But there are the very rare instances where they can also cause injury, even fatal injury. In some instances the good so outweighs the small chance of bad that you accept the risk.

            I suspect there are many other things going on here. Your opinion that the government, drug companies, doctors, are corrupt and don’t care about hurting children.

            What would it take to convince you that vaccines are safe, effective, have saved millions of lives, continue to save millions of lives, and are a very necessary medical treatment?

          • I am sorry, but you must be literally retarded.

    • Quakery? LOL

      There exists plenty of level 1 evidence to support my position that vaccines are dangerous, less effective than purported, and that alternatives are equally or more successful.

      This issue that you ignored is in the statistics and methods of the research published and the predetermined “conclusions” of the authors.

      The one study I cited I pointed out the 95% confidence interval crossed zero and then you go on talking about the point estimate which is meaningless from a statistical standpoint. Again this is a type one error to conclude as the researchers did that the vaccines was effective. Sadly this example improper statistical interpretations is not the exception but rather the rule.

      Additionally authors point to the Relative risk while ignoring absolute risk.

      As far as complementary and alternative medicine, there are millions of examples of level 1 evidence demonstrating effectiveness. And yes there are millions showing no effect, but again when I look at the methods of the researchers they carefully avoid following the protocols in question. An example, Vitamin D, shown in many studies to prevent and reduce recovery time from many illnesses. But also shown in others to have no effect. Again problem with the methods in the studies with the negative findings, they never measure the participants current vitamin D levels so their treatment may not even be sufficient to bring the participants to normal & protective levels of vitamin D. The same goes for ascorbic acid studies, many show effectiveness while other don’t, the difference lie in weather the researchers follow the protocols and actual test the claims put forth.

      Feel free to treat disease one at a time frankly I prefer to provide my body everything it needs to do it what it does, such as make interferon using ascorbic acid, all the amazing immune reactions vitamin D plays a part in.

      With regard to measles and all those other infectious diseases, death rates declined logarithmically from 1920, leading epidemiologists to actually conclude that sanitation and nutrition account for improved survival rates rather than immunizations. If you bother to read reports that have data for the entire 20th century you can see for yourself.

      And for the record I do not juice, but nice try at a strawman fallacy.


  56. Religious right? You haven’t mentioned that at all in this post except to use it to get out of vaccinating. Do you actually actively practice a religion that forbids vaccines or are you just taking advantage?

    • A religious or spiritual exemption can be “practiced” at any time. People may change or have different views of their beliefs. Some people believe their body is their temple and choose not to have harmful objects injected in them. 🙂

      • Lol, it’s a convenient excuse.

      • My religion does not allow me to pay taxes. Oh, it also demands I murder.

  57. I’d love a video on the Seasonal Flu vaccine… 🙂

  58. Isn’t part of the point of breastfeedimg to part natural immunities to the baby?
    So exactly right to delay decisions while breastfeeding!
    That’ll buy you at least 6-12 months…

    As for making other kids sick…we all carry germs. In fact, by count and weight, our bodies have more microbes than our own cells. I am more concerned about my 2 children in school bringing something home to the baby. I am lucky enough to know a homeopath whom I can email my concerns….plus we use oil of Oregeno (like thieves oil).

    Strong, safe, natural immunity is worth a million bucks!

    • And when your unvaccinated child kills a child with a weak immune system, from a preventable disease?

  59. Hello,
    I am a young mother(19) of a 5month old. I’ve tried to research both angles but when I look for answers on the pro backs side of things I’ve been met with impatience, hostility, and scare tactics. My child’s doctor has never seemed to genuinely care for her well being, doesn’t even call her by her first name (seems to refer to all children as “squirt”) and has told me when I questioned vaccines that I was wasting his time. He bullied me into getting her vaccinated at the first couple intervals. I want to be better prepared the 3rd time around.
    I understand that the diseases vaccines are meant to protect against are serious, or at least more serious than some anti vacs will have you believe, but I find the numbers of those who are harmed by vaccines to be staggering! I myself had severe asthma as a child and so did my mother before me so much so that we almost died of it. Both of us had all our recommended vaccinations. No where else in my family has anyone had this problem. When researching vaccines I came across theories that said some cases of asthma were autoimmune responses to vaccines. When I relayed this information to my mother she had no idea! To think I spent the majority of my childhood in a hospital fighting to breathe, missing birthdays and holidays, falling behind in schoolwork, could have stemmed from being injected with things my mother didn’t understand or question.
    I can’t bear to imagine my child living the way I had, but at the same time I can’t bear to imagine losing my child from a VPD. Everyone around me is blindly pro backs and wont discuss the pros and cons with me. Even my mother in law who seems to love her granddaughter very much is pro vacs though both her and my sister in law are allergic to certain ingredients found in medical practices. For example: penicillin eats through their skin! My mother in law has a hole in her cheek from it. I don’t know if it’s because she works for the government or not but she is one of those “certain losses are acceptable” people. Maybe she can say that because it’s not her child but my daughters life and well being is all that matters to me.
    In any case, please help! I’m so on the fence it’s ridiculous!

    • I’d say go with your motherly intuition! You sound like a loving mother who wants what is best for your child. Make an well informed decision and stand firm in it. Don’t let others bully you. They aren’t raising YOUR child. My mom didn’t have my brother fully vaccinated but when he was an adult he decided to get all his boosters. But he appreciated that he was able to make the decision for his own body. I can’t say I agree with his decision but I don’t say anything because it’s his personal choice. 😉 but anyways their is no rush with something as serious as vaccines so give it time and really think on it. You can always get them but once you have them there is no turning back. Good luck to you mama!

      • My intuition screams to stay away,and it’s almost never wrong, but I’m not sure I can trust it in this case as I now suffer anxiety attacks when in medical settings. Probably from all the trauma I endured when I was younger. I couldn’t even have pictures taken of my teeth at the dentist without having an episode. Additionally how should I go about it if I choose not to vaccinate my baby until a later time? One threat I have heard is that CPS could take my child from me for not vaccinating her. My mother in law has a background in Social Services and has “guaranteed” that should she feel I am putting my child in danger she could get custody in a snap. Is this true? I live in Indiana if that helps as far as my laws go.

  60. This is for all the parents who vaccinate and are upset with parents that do not vaccinate . Will you please , someone explain to me WHY do you care so much if someone else’s child isn’t vaccinated if YOUR child is? Isn’t your child “safe” because you vaccinated them? Why so worried about your neighbor who isn’t if the shot is a safe tool? Extremely curious.

    • because my child could catch something off your child before they are old enough to be fully vaccinated. Also most countries have public health care ( unlike the US ). So when your unvaccinated children get serious sick, sometimes needed life long care as a result , there is less money for healthcare for everyone else.

  61. In regards to the giving babies milk from other women. Please look into this very carefully. My husband was given milk from another women as there was no formula in the 80’s in Holland. Because you are them combing the immune system of 3 people (baby, mum and milk donor) , you can cause immune issues. He has a few server allergy’s ( anaphylactic twice, nearly died ) due to this. Not that many doctors understand this. No one else in his family has this allergy. When my milk never came in there was no way I was giving my daughter donor milk. Formula fed and fully immunised on time and healthy as.

  62. I like mama nAtural’s book suggestion for Homeopraxisis (basically vaccinating with homeopathy). The idea of vaccinations is to expose your immune system to a dilute or dead disease causing agent. This is true with homeopathy. Homeopathy takes a substance, dilutes it, and then takes the energy signature of that agent and allows your exposure. So in their own ways, each is doing the same thing…but with homeopathy you do not have the addition of ‘other’ components. Just a thought.

    Also, I want to share a thought I have been quietly nurturing since my son had a vaccine reaction. First let me start by saying some exposures are permanent and cumulative (think x-Ray, including dental and chiropractic). That means the more you get, the more potential for harm you have. Second let me say that I love the new science that coming out of the field of genetics called epigenetics. Put those 2 things together and who is not to say that vaccine exposure is not only cumulative for an individual over their lifetime but that the potential for harm therefrom is possibly transmitted genetically…on other words, my grandparents may have had 5 vaccines, my parents 10-16, and me 24ish. Now they want out kids to get in the 40’s(?). And if everyone is vaccinated, then we are talking about both sets of parental genes….just something to consider.

    There are way too many issues in this debate. The fact is that we, as parents have to sleep in the beds we make. If our gut says vaccinate, then by all means take every prudent precaution (extra vit C b4 and after, minimize Tylenol during since it interferes with glutathione, etc) and DO vaccinate. Illness and life itself is in the hands of God, we mustn’t make science, medicine, and pharmacology our God…


  63. Both of my children are vaccinated and were vaccinated on schedule. I respect each parents right to decide what they think is best for their child, but as a memeber of the healthcare community, I have seen first hand what can happen as a result of not vaccinating. With anything there are (rare) side effects and yes you will see the occassional (isolated) incident that resulted from a vaccine but those are so few and far between I felt that it was worth the risk. I am exposed to so much at work that I couldnt bare to transmit some of those illnesses to my sweet boys.

  64. My first two were vaccinated over 10 years ago on a delayed schedule. After much research as well as witnessing 3 horrible vaccine injuries (friends’ kids) I am not vaccinating my third. I don’t do it offend anyone, put anyone at risk or to rebel. I refrain because at this point in time it is the best decision for my child. Once you know something, you can’t unknow it. I struggle with these choices on a daily, they are not easy choices to make. But when a mom holds your hand, tells you about losing her baby boy to the Mmr vaccine, you have to think twice.

  65. HELP! Oh man, I have been struggling here. I really enjoyed watching your vaccination series a few years ago and swore that when my kids were born that I would delay vaccination and space them out. BUT I am ready to pop at any moment with my first (seriously Due date is Tuesday, It’s Saturday for me) AND will be traveling/living within a few months of birth to North Africa (Husband’s from/family). I wanted to delay vaccination but now I am thinking I need to almost “over-vaccinate” because of the international travel/living. Even if I am selective, where should I start? Which vaccination to get or wait on? HELP!

    • Dear Amanda,

      Did you find any useful information to help in your decision? My husband is from East Africa and I expect that we will be traveling there in the next couple of years. I am expecting a baby in 6 months and am already fretting about this. I would otherwise want to keep my child on an alternative vaccination schedule, but traveling abroad means protection is needed–I am torn.

    • For places with active outbreaks of yellow fever, typhoid, malaria, I would definitely consider vaccines.

  66. I am now the mother of 5 with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. I respect the history of the vaccine program, but am uncomfortable with the ‘one size fits all’ approach. With my first child 11 years ago, I was clear from the get go with the Ped that I wanted to wait until he was 4-6 months and then do one at a time with the vaccines, letting her recommend what and when. Well my son reacted to the DPaT and although we finished the series, we changed our ideas from then forward. We used homeopathy to ‘ clear’ our first from possible vaccine complications (he had a similar story to the boy in the homeopathy success story of Impossible Cure).
    Fast forward to today, my youngest 3 are unvaccinated, I do some though not as much as mama natural to boost immunity, and I have regular conversations with our very open minded Ped (God bless Claire McDowe of NWDP’s in Englewood, OH). Our family is rarely sick (thank God) and using homeopathy, aromatherapy, herbs and vitamins as a first line defense approach, we usually recover well.
    I am a SAHM and have homeschooled my eldest 2 for 5 years now. I currently have 1 in full day first grade and another in 1/2 day preschool. We are not immune to the coughs and runny noses, but again they clear up quickly for us (thank God) in general. More importantly, we have NEVER had a problem with our exemption notes to the schools. We do sign a waiver at the Peds office.
    For SAHM’s I would never consider the hepititis B at birth (maybe ever) nor would I do chicken pox since there’s more benefit in actually getting it. The rest, well, so far we’re avoiding, though my last conversation with the Ped was about college admissions.
    I think there is a You Tube video called The Greater Good on vaccine injury, among others.
    God bless all and prayers for protection and good health for our kids!

  67. You’re definitely a basket case

  68. That is ridiculous to say I am brain washed by big pharma because I vaccinated my child. Just because I researched this and dint come to the same conclusion as you dose not mean that I didn’t research it. I have conjoint science and technology degree so I know understand the research !. Also how to tell when something isn’t done to the correct scientific method. While many anti vax sites made points that need to considered, there are plenty who basically do not follow this at all. There for a not valid at all in a conversation based on facts. Many of you appear to have no concept of the amounts of these chemicals in the vaccines you are worried about. Some there is more of in an organically grown apple ! some of the ‘natural’ doctors are actually more unethical that the standard doctors that are much more regulated.

  69. Thank you Mamana for this post and for those videos I never saw! So useful and informative!!! 🙂

    Anyone interested more in this topic should also go to mothering.com. there is a whole forum on the vaccination topic which is extremely interesting and informative! Go check it out and learn more about this topic, whichever side you’re on.

    No vaccinations here. Many of the pro-vaccinators love to throw out lines that sadly, are so obviously from the brain-washing done by big pharma! So many of these pro-vax comments (but not all) are coming from that standpoint and it saddens me that you haven’t researched the issue further for yourselves and children. For instance, vaccines did not eradicate diseases but better living situations, sanitation and clean water! Look up areas in Africa where vaccines have been freely given and amply supplied for decades and yet, they are sadly still suffering from the diseases they were supposed to be vaccinated from. It’s because they still have poor sanitation and no access to clean water. That is what happened with the smallpox outbreak. But big pharmaceutical companies want to instill fear in you so you spend the money on the shots bc they can’t charge you for your healthy eating habits! I could go through the list of the brainwashing that the pro-vaxers have but I dont have time right now. Do the research yourself.

  70. We did start vaccinating our son, all but Hep B, due to pressures from the Pediatrician we were seeing. Now our son is 14 months and I’m 14 weeks along with Baby #2 and am feeling very differently about vaccinations and not wanting to proceed. My question is, does it matter if you just all of a sudden stop vaccinating? Any warnings, precautions, etc. if you don’t get the whole series of one? Does it matter? I’m curious and would love to hear your thoughts. I’m so excited and feel so blessed to have found your YouTube Channel and blog and have already started making very exciting, healthy and uplifting changes in our lives – switch from a hospital to birthing center last week for our second babe 🙂 Thanks for all your wisdom, words of encouragement, information, etc. – making a huge difference! Hard to find all-natural supporters and information in today’s world. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  71. Herd immunity is real and Vaers is not a database where conclusions can be made:

    “Herd immunity simply means that you can stop the transmission of a virus or bacteria by having a critical number of the population immunized, and that number really depends on the nature of the virus or bacteria.

    For example, Polio was introduced in the United States in 1955. When we got about 70 percent of the population immunized, that effectively eliminated polio, so it couldn’t spread anymore. We eliminated polio from the U.S. by 1979.

    Now, measles is much different, much more contagious than polio; you need a higher percentage of the population immunized. Overall the U.S. is in the high 80/low 90 percent immunization rate for measles, but there are certain communities where it’s less than that, about 75 percent, and that’s not good enough. When we had a measles outbreak in 2008, higher than anything we’d seen in a decade, it was in the communities with an erosion in vaccination rates — Southern California, Upstate New York.

    You also need to remember, there are about 500,000 people in the United States who can’t be vaccinated, because they’re getting chemotherapy for cancer, or are on immunosuppressant therapy for transplants or other disease. There are also kids younger than six months old who can’t get the flu vaccine or are inadequately immunized against whooping cough because they’re just starting their series. Herd immunity protects them.”

    “The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) is a hypothesis-generating system, a warning system, but it offers no proof. So while it might be a temporal association, that doesn’t mean it’s a causal association.

    When the Rotavirus vaccine was introduced in this country in 1998, it appears it could have caused intestinal blockages because there were an abnormal number of case reports. And it was investigated, and they found out that it did. But then there was a question of whether the human papilloma virus could cause chronic fatigue syndrome because there were a lot of case reports, and it turned out it didn’t. Or, frankly there were also a lot of vaccine-caused autism reported to VAERS, but the studies showed it didn’t. So you don’t actually learn anything from VAERS other than that this is something you might want to test.

    The chickenpox vaccine is stabilized with porcine gelatin, and people can have a serious reaction to the gelatin, it’s real but rare. But that pales in comparison to what chickenpox did before the vaccine: four million cases per year, 10, 000 hospitalizations, between 70 and 100 would die.

    Also, chickenpox lives silently in the body. It can reactivate later in life to cause shingles, it can reactivate early in life to cause strokes. We’ve seen a few children in my hospital with permanent paralysis from strokes caused by reactivated chickenpox. It’s a bad disease, it’s worth preventing.

    A vaccine’s benefits should always dramatically outweigh its risks, and I think for every current vaccine we use, that’s true. With the oral polio vaccine, once we’d eliminated polio from this country, the vaccine’s risks outweighed the benefits, and we switched to the inactivated vaccine. “

  72. Mama Natural,
    I have been looking to start my kiddos on Probiotics and I see you have link for the one you recommend. How much do you give Griffin? Do you give him the whole capsule? I have a 19 month old and 3.5 year and don’t know the dose to give them or a high quality kids version. If you could help that would be great!

  73. woah this topic always opens a huge can of worms!

    the problem I have with immunization is this- you can’t take it back. MOST kids will be just “fine” even if they have every vaccination. but if they do have a bad reaction- like my darling boy.. you can’t unvaccinate them. it’s done.
    Before my first child almost died as a result of his shot I was a rabid pro-vax supporter who believed those who didn’t vax clearly didn’t have a brain or maybe hoped that mother nature would relieve them of their parenting duties. The risks were always down played by my dr and I went along to that well baby visit completely certain my son would be more than fine- maybe a few tears. Then he coded, my world crumble and.. the medical people all tried their best to down play it and blame anything but the shot he was given less than 30 minutes before he reacted. still I trusted them and believed that without the vaccines he’d die and had the scheduled program kept, he reacted worse each time. after his 12 month shots i was done and so was my dr.. he signed a medical certificate stating that my children should not be immunized. And they haven’t since- i have two boys and they’ve never really had any virus’ or preventable diseases. Though both have multiple allergies.

    Since I’ve been on both sides of the fence all I can say is this; go with your gut, either way your kids will probably be okay, the idea that people who haven’t been vaccinated puts those who have been at risk is an oxymoron- if the immunizations work then they should be protected. And as for newborns and sick or elderly people? Don’t expose them to crowded rooms where people are breathing all over them and touching them if you’re worried. Seriously, if you have so much as a cold you shouldn’t be touching them. Peace and love to all. there’s no need to fight.

  74. I’m on the same boat as you when it comes to vaccines but my husband is the total opposite. What are some arguments that I could use that might convince him?

  75. Of course, had I clicked the link in your post, I would have know you were already reading The Solution. Haha. 🙂 Great stuff!

  76. Hi! I LOVE that you mentioned that you’re looking into the homeopathic alternative. We are doing this and loving it. It is SAFE and EFFECTIVE. Two things you will not find anywhere else! If you haven’t already, please get your hands on this book: http://hpsolution.org/vaccine-alternatives/ and talk to Kate or Cilla. Wonderful program!! I’m happy to talk about it more, if you want to contact me.

  77. My husband and I are Christian. We would never make a decision without praying and HEARING back in return with what the Lord has to say. We decided to chose not to give our child vaccines unless we clearly heard to.. When I was pregnant with my daughter I was asking God what I should do. Jesus answered and spoke a lot of The Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of Darkness. In heaven the complete rule, reign and authority of Christ is manifest. Its LIFE, health, and complete goodness! The Kingdom of Darkness is sickness, disease and death – none of that exists in heaven and it shouldn’t exist here on earth- Jesus came to heal and set people free from sickness and death. And the 2 were very distinct.. I wasn’t going to welcome the Kingdom of Darkness and disease/sickness into my daughters body. It just didn’t make sense. We’re (believers and followers of Christ) are called to get rid of darkness- not be afraid of it or embrace it in anyway.

  78. If vaccines do in fact protect humans from contracting diseases, then why should anyone who decides to vaccinate their children even give a second thought to people who don’t vaccinate? Hey, if you vaccinated your child and vaccines are so wonderful, then you’re covered, right? I mean, you specifically got the vaccinations in the first place to PREVENT your child from contracting a disease, right? Then it shouldn’t matter whether or not the people around your children are vaccinated because isn’t that what vaccines promise in the first place — to a person from contracting a disease when they are exposed to it?

    So in other words, if your vaccinated child is in school alongside a child who is not vaccinated and has, say, the measles — then you have nothing to worry about — you vaccinated your child 🙂

    • Wrong. Your unvaccinated child could still sicken another person such as a newborn who does not yet have all their vaccinations. Unless your child stays at home and never ventures into the community in which she livees. A community which thankfully has little of the most devestating diseases in the world because of vaccines.

      • Well, if the parents of the newborn are concerned, maybe they should stay home instead of expecting everyone else to act on their behalf.

        And tell me, if I take the risk to vaccinate my child in order to protect someone else’s newborn, then will the newborn’s family take full financial and medical responsibility for my child, should he or she have adverse reactions to the vaccinations that my child received in order to protect their child? By the way, I do have a newborn (baby #5) who is just days younger than Genevieve’s new daughter 🙂

        So, the bottom line is, everyone is entitled to make their own decisions. You can’t pressure someone else to take responsibility for your child’s health if you’re not willing to, in turn, take responsibility for their child’s health. (And by the way, I don’t direct this at you, or anyone personally).

        I applaud Genevieve for putting this information in the spotlight so a person can make their own decision based on their own conclusions.

        • That is illogical. I also fear drunk drivers. Does that mean I should never leave the house, or does it mean that drunk drivers should be arrested? Telling a mother of a newborn to never leave her home because YOU are too selfish to vaccinate your precious snowflake is wrong. If people put the good of society first this would not be an issue and these diseases would be done with for good in our country. We live in a global community. Diseases which were all but gone are now creeping back into the country ~ and we see EXACTLY where it is happening ~ generally around pockets of entitled white people who won’t vaccinate their children because of selfishness, or around people who won’t vaccinate their children because of religious beliefs. As to your child’s health and repercussions from vaccinations? Yes, were your child harmed from a vaccination (and you could prove it) you could sue and you would receive money (http://www.nvic.org/injury-compensation.aspx).

          • oh, wow, and that sure would make a mother feel better! What mother cares more about money than her child?!? I can hear you saying, “Well, if the vaccines harm my child, I’ll just sue and never have to work again.” Maybe you should read books written by DOCTORS as to the truth on vaccination; it seems you just listen to peds and the media propaganda.

          • Not true at all Chris, I already have the luxury of never having to work again. I was simply responding to Leah’s post (Directly above mine, if you were following along). I’ve cut and pasted it to make it easier for you to keep up with the discussion. The below portion is from Leah:

            “And tell me, if I take the risk to vaccinate my child in order to protect someone else’s newborn, then will the newborn’s family take full financial and medical responsibility for my child, should he or she have adverse reactions to the vaccinations that my child received in order to protect their child? – See more at: http://mamanatural.com/vaccines/#comments

            Back to me here, so yes, that is what I was replying to, that yes, if in fact her child was to have adverse reactions than yes, financial and medical responsibility would be taken.

            And I’m not sure why you think that I haven’t researched the subject, and read books by DOCTORS (why are you shouting?). Our family is blessed to be able to travel internationally with our children and we believe in protecting our family and positively contributing to the overall health of our community. My children are 100% healthy, with nary an allergy, delay, behavior issue, nada. Yes, I do feel blessed. And yes, I do feel incredibly grateful for vaccinations. And yes, I also feel so blessed to be able to read information written by DOCTORS which 100% support vaccination. I also feel blessed to be able to discern truth from fear mongering and non scientific or downright fraudulent studies.

          • Hah! That’s laughable. The pharmaceutical companies just LOVE people with your thinking — it’s people like you, after all, that make them rich. 🙂

            I can’t speak for all mothers but I do know that “Sorry your kid died…but here’s a lot of cash,” doesn’t comfort me a whole lot.

            But, in response to your opinion, if I need to keep my children home because you’re worried about the health of every newborn, then guess what!?! You need to stay home too!

            Unfortunately, having a vaccination doesn’t put you in some sort of impenetrable bubble. Yes, it does protect you (supposedly) from being infected with said disease; however, it DOES NOT prevent you from carrying the disease. That makes your children just as capable of infecting a newborn as my children so on your own advice — lock ’em up!

            And, just for a funny little anecdote: many people, and I’m sure you know such people, have contracted the chicken pox after having the chicken pox vaccine, or the flu after having the flu vaccine — 3 cheers for effectiveness, eh?

          • Ah yes, “people like me” making them rich. And rich is bad, right? Until your child gets cancer or something and then GUESS who is the first person to be grateful for those same pharma companies and their lifesaving drugs. But I’m sure you aren’t using the internet (which makes people rich) while typing on a computer (which made a manufacturer rich), because that would be so hypocritical of you. Rich is BAD, right? Again, your child has a much higher chance of dying from a preventable disease than they do from a vaccination. Its irrefutable. You are fear mongering. I’m in no way implying that cash would make up for a child’s life ~ I was replying to you as you didn’t seem aware that YES, were your child to be actually harmed through a vaccination, then YES you would be entitled to financial aid. Not sure why you are twisting that into something it isn’t.

            Your logic is still faulty. Not to mention I didn’t say (ANYWHERE) that you need to keep your children home, I simply said you are selfish and illogically fearful. Please don’t put words I didn’t say in my mouth ~ its like you are arguing against yourself here. I do think that your children should not be able to attend public school and I’m glad that so many states are beginning to take the steps necessary to tighten up religious exemption waivers. I’m also glad to see a movement towards allowing lawsuits of unvaccinated families when it is proven that they transmitted a preventable disease.
            The effectiveness is known and published up front. Many people who contract chickenpox “naturally” get it again, too. Not sure what your point is.

          • 1. You’re telling me about the huge risks of NOT vaccinating — aren’t you, then, fear mongering as well?
            2. When you’re charging money for something that is harmful, then yes, rich IS a bad thing (of course, we differ in opinion here).
            3. “Many people who contract chickenpox “naturally” get it again, too.” — then for the love of God, if you’re going to get the disease anyway, then why bother going through the motions of getting the vaccine?

            I don’t aim to change your mind but because I have life to attend to, I rest my case. 🙂 Cheers!

          • Well, aren’t you a preachy troll. How about you let people do what they feel is best and leave it at that.

    • 1. Forgive me, since you had stated that you were SO educated and well read on the subject I didn’t think that I needed to go into pertussis, polio, measles, rotovirus, etc. I thought that we could just stipulate that you knew about the lives they took. My bad.
      2.Again, I hope your child never gets cancer, leukemia, meningitis or…..an ear infection where they need some of that “BIG PHARMA” help. I’m sure your fine ethics would keep you from receiving treatment from these terrible institutions of evil and wealth.
      3. My job as a Mother is to mitigate risk. By vaccinating my children I vastly lower the chances of them getting the virus. That is why I ‘go through the motion’. To protect my children and those in our community who are at risk and cannot get vaccinated for actual reasons other than selfish fearful entitled mothers.

      I’m sure that we all have lives to attend to. I wish you well.

      • Melissa,
        I just don’t get it with these mom’s who think that by NOT vaccinating their child they are tipping the odds in their favor and protecting them.

        Of course in order for them to believe this they must also believe that vaccines cause a whole host of problems (of which there is no proof this is true) and in addition to that, some even accept the idea that vaccines don’t work at all. This is in spite of incontrovertible and overwhelming evidence that they DO work and are safe.

        It IS a numbers game. The numbers overwhelmingly show that your child’s chances of contracting a disease are MUCH greater than the child’s chances of suffering a serious side effect from the vaccine.

        The problem is, they want a 100% guarantee that their child won’t be harmed if they do get a vaccine. They just can’t accept what is even a small risk. For now most of them will get away with this way of thinking.

        Because most parents do vaccinate their kids, these diseases are being kept at bay. For now the parents who don’t vaccinate will be able to get away with not having to accept what is a very small risk. What they seem to fail to understand or not want to accept is, if this not vaccinating their children trend increases, the diseases WILL remerge. It’s already started to happen.

        Seat belts save lives. No one would dispute this and yet a tiny number of people are severely injured by the seat belt its self. Do we NOT use seat belts? Do we sue the seat belt manufactures?
        No medical intervention comes without some risk.

        As for big bad pharma, they seem to completely ignore all the good that they do. There are many drugs that keep people alive and improve their daily existence. I guess they think people can just make their insulin in their garages and organ transplant people don’t REALLY need those anti-rejection drugs. I wonder how many who are commenting on this blog were able to conceive with the help of big pharma fertility drugs. When the pharms do screw up they are heavily penalized and the harmed are at least financially compensated. I know they say “money” doesn’t completely right a wrong. But it can sure as heck help.

        • Nearly every pro-vaccinator keeps touting about the ‘tiny’ or ‘rare’ or ‘miniscule’ risk of vaccines vs the much more greater risk of ‘preventable’ diseases. This hasn’t been the case at all in my circle –almost every parent who has vaccinated has had at least one tragic reaction, if not more (we’re talking seizures, autism, coding, permanent immune damage, etc.) And their children..! Always sick, sick, sick. And if not sick, they have allergies, asthma, eat aches, anemia…

          Without even researching it was easy (and heartbreaking) to conclude: vaccinations are dangerous. Stay away!

          It was equally shocking (and exciting!) to learn more about personal health and wellness and how manageable these ‘fatal’ diseases really are.

          We’re raw milk, pasteurized meat and egg eaters, and love our kombucha. I can’t help but notice a direct correlation between those who vaccinate and seem to eat and live unhealthy lives and want a quick, silver bullet in health, and have their dr. on speed-dial compared to those who refuse to vaccinate who seem to take great care and effort in healthy eating and living and rarely, if ever, go to a doctor, and have a library and pantry full of herbs, natural remedies and self-heal books.

          Lastly, in CA, we who do not vaccinate must homeschool. Not vaccinating is THAT important to us, and so we’re homeschoolers. It’s easy to see how healthy our children are– they are often complimented!

          Realize that many of us who make this choice go to great lengths (as I realize those who vaccinate also go through great lengths in dr. visit after dr. visit to vaccinate and endure fever, tears, etc.) Let’s respect one another.

          But do please stop repeating over and over the ‘rare’ side effects or risks involved –even my momma friends who vaccinate (now very selectively) numbly agree to great risk. They are still shocked, but many of them are disgusted. Not a one of us has had the pleasure of NOT witnessing or hearing about a tragic reaction.

          I think this is so difficult because had their child(ren) suffered an adverse reaction to disease, the parent wouldn’t feel as outraged as an automatic decision to vaccinate, which resulted in permanent immune damage.

          There’s a lot to this, but please realize adverse reactions to vaccinations are much more common now! (Terrible, permanent reactions!) They are becoming the norm rather than the exception.

  79. I haven’t vaccinated. Your vaccine series helped make my mind up. Although I couldn’t breastfeed unfortunately, she is on goat milk and thriving. She will God willing have a healthy diet. Vaccines horrify me. Why do they need the bad ingredients at all? I put my trust fully in the Almighty, whats meant to be will be. I have prayed on this decision I feel at peace

  80. Thank you for sharing this post! I know it’s hard and divisivive for many to discuss calmly, so I appreciate you sharing.

  81. My son was vaccinated up to 12 months. After every round he would have high fevers and ear infections. They talked about tubes in his ears. I had never felt at peace vaxing him, but did so because I thought that’s what a good mom does. I had never done any of my own research. After his 12 month shots he had a high fever and his leg swelled up so badly, he couldn’t walk for 3 days. I couldn’t even put pants on him and he is a winter baby. They couldn’t tell me which shot it was and wanted to exclude the one they thought most likely to have caused it. I stopped vaxing him after and began researching. He has hardly been sick since and when he is, it is considerably milder than all the other kids with the same illness. He takes vitamins, eats lots of fruits and veggies (he prefers them to junk), has probiotics, we have taught him about being sanitary. It’s about lifestyle, in my opinion. I will not vaccinate another child. My son is now 7 and takes an active role in his own healthy choices. I just praise God he didn’t come to more harm than he did.

  82. I really don’t understand you view on this subject, it was a turn off to read this, it seems that you don’t want to take a stand and want to maintain in neutral grounds to keep both “sides” (vaccines and anti-vaccines) on the blog. Just doesn’t seem sincere on your part.

    • Honestly, just because someone doesn’t have a black and white stance doesn’t make them insincere.

      I am also not 100% on either side and I’m as sincere as I can be.

      Don’t expect people to “take a stand” when they aren’t ready to definitively disprove the other side. Being willing to write a post like this shows more transparency than anything.

  83. Griffin likely won’t get sick from one of the awful, life threatening diseases…because of all of the other parents who vaccinate. I find it frustrating that non-vaccinating parents, rely on everyone else to keep their children healthy. Just my 2 cents……

    • The only way you would ever be able to experiment herd immunity to arrive at any conclusive evidence is if you took a population and isolated them where 95% was vaccinated. Then you introduce a virus and see if the herd protects the other 5% from contacting the disease. According to Scientist Glen Dettman, “It is pathetic and ludicrous to say we ever vanquished smallpox with vaccines, when only 10% of the population was ever vaccinated.” Smallpox alone disproves your “herd immunity”
      I suggest you do more research and start with the name I just mentioned, whom I am sure you have never heard of or read any of his scientific papers. He Authored and co-authored numerous Scientific Papers and Books and he was appointed Head of a Research Team in 1969 to investigate the claims of Dr Kalokerinos in relation to Immunization Hazards and Efficacy of Vitamin C.

      to imply that us who choose not vaccinate are getting a free ride is ignorant at best!

    • Michelle, well said. The risk of vaccinations is miniscule, while the risk of more and more unvaccinated children is huge. So telling that G would consider vaccinations if traveling to a 3rd world country, but not in this country where vaccinations have made so many diseases rare! We live in communities and not to vaccinate is selfish.

      • obviously neither one of you chose to read what I wrote about “herd immunity”…not educating yourselves is irresponsible at best and dangerous at worst. Just my 2 cents and no I will not vaccinate to “protect” my neighbor, nor would I expect my neighbor to vaccinate to protect my child. Protecting my child is my responsibility and mine alone!

  84. I am new to all of this. I have a 6&7 year old that were vaccinated on time, my gut told me no, but I was young and listened to the docs. My 16 month old has only had a couple and it was because I didn’t know about the first one, they just did it, and the second one I felt kind of pushed into…my gut tells me NO, so I have started skipping well child visits as I know my kids is healthy and does not need them.

    I do have a few questions,
    I have never supplemented because we eat pretty healthy (almost paleo) but cannot afford to give up organic white rice, occasionally organic potatoes, and of course oatmeal. We are gfdf, as I am allergic to milk and my boy reacts to gluten. (I am also allergic to eggs, but we still eat our eggs as we have 30 chickens).
    I’m looking into the gelatin gummies, and I’m interested in the cod liver oil.
    Are there any other things my kids NEED? We are a single income family, and we homeschool, I don’t want to take too much out of our budget to put into supplements, but I want to ensure they are getting what they need.

    Does the cod liver oil need to be the fermented stuff? Do I only give it to the kids or should I be taking it as well? My husband wouldn’t want it…but I am still nursing my little boy and have lost a lot of weight from him nursing. If I take it with my 3 kids, how long would that bottle last? I know I need to add gelatin to our diets, as I do not have access to a lot of pastured meats with bones. We eat mostly venison as it is free. It is not recommended to make broth from venison bones in the cwd area, which we are. I want to do what is right for my kids, I’m slowly learning the natural path. I wish I had friends that did this stuff, I learn better face to face than I do by watching videos and reading blogs.
    Thank you, I hope to keep learning more!

  85. My parents did not vaccinate myself or my siblings in the 80s and 90s and I haven’t vaccinated my baby either. It was really a no-brainer for me, even though I was informed and continue to read information about vaccines, I feel more confident in homeopathic remedies than any vaccine. I also know that “outbreaks” are often times not REALLY outbreaks, but media blasts to encourage people to vaccinate their children. Mercury in vaccines is not something I’m comfortable with and for that reasons and MANY MANY others, we opt out in the same way my parents did.

  86. Yep, our girl is up to date on her vaccines and if we have another, I plan to follow the vaccination schedule recommended. We live in China. We see people crippled by Polio very frequently, and things like Typhoid Fever, Typhus, Tuberculosis are still very real threats here. Sanitation and hygiene are not what they need to be to prevent the spread of disease here. And so, I unapologetically have and will have my kids vaccinated.

  87. My husband and I chose to vaccinate our son. My son was born at 28 weeks gestation, and therefore had a weak immune system. We also had to be careful about his exposure to others during his first winter. I feel that the benefits of vaccines far outweigh the chance of injury, especially in the global society in which we live. The following article expresses many of my opinions on this topic better than I can. Please read: http://www.mamamia.com.au/social/vaccination-growing-up-unvaccinated/

  88. Both of my childten are vaccinated and incredibly healthy boys. I agree with previous comments about your site promoting anti-vaccination stances. It seems unwise to advise parents to the medical well being of their children without any scientific background. There have been strict limitations to thimersol in vaccines since the early 90’s and even then the amounts in vaccines are less than that of a tunafish sandwich. I have worked in pediatrics for nine years and have never seen any serious side effects of vaccines but I have seen meningitis and whooping cough in unvaccinated infants. I’m glad your children are healthy but don’t risk the lives of others with your ill conceived advice.

  89. Thank you for posting this series on vaccines! I have up to this point been 100% pro-vax, but we have decided to hold off on Hep B for as long as we can for baby #2. I would be very interested to see a video on the Vitamin K shot.

  90. mama natural i love your site and most of what you stand for but i think it’s unwise to voice your decisions on non-vaxing here. you’ve got loads of loyal fans who will follow in your footsteps–just because mama natural does it so it must be the right way. what happens when their children end up getting sick?

    we are a partial vaxing family, so it’s not that i don’t understand where you’re coming from. but i do believe in herd immunity and protecting those that can’t be vaxed. non vaxing has become a bit of a trend and it has no doubt gained gusto from popular “crunchy, natural” parenting blogs (i.e. soulemama) throwing it out there that vaxing doesn’t vibe with natural, gentle childraising.

    i just wonder if popular bloggers such as yourself realize the power of your words to sway the actions of others…

    • Actually, what I took from her article wasn’t “don’t vaccinate because I don’t”, but instead was “research, like I did, and form your own opinion”.

      She shouldn’t have to vaccinate her children to protect people who make opinions based on others opinions, rather than their own careful research.

    • Are you serious? She can’t share her rational, well thought-out decision on vaccinating because someone might copy her? Whose problem is that? Not Genevieve’s. Hopefully her “loyal fans” are bright enough to make their own well thought-out decisions.

      People need to take responsibility for the health of their children and do their own research. Don’t vaccinate just because a doctor or the lady across the street thinks you should and don’t NOT vaccinate just because a lady on a blog doesn’t, or your friend doesn’t. Do your own research!

  91. We’ve chosen to vaccinate. I did much internet research and have found nothing but pseudoscience in the anti vax sites, and what I know to be misinformation and a lack of basic chemistry knowledge. We both are in health care and have science backgrounds. I have a strong fear that these conquered diseases will reoccur, and I’m not sure I dare bring another newborn into this world. My area has had outbreaks of pertussis.

    • Tara- My Midwife is very worried about pertussis. She asked that we have any adult who will come into physical contact with our baby get a booster.

      When I hear arguments against vaccination, they sound like they are based in the fear of the unknown. People have the luxury of worrying about the side effects of vaccines because as a population, we’ve forgotten the real fear and consequences of these diseases.

      I know every parent wants their child to be safe, have the best shot at wellness. I do. I don’t want my unborn baby to die of whopping cough. I respect people wanting to keep their child safe.

      I think if we lived in a different time and people actually had to stare down the barrel of the gun and choose between the dangers of poli and the vaccine, we would see people making different choices. I think we are lucky to be so insulated that we can dismiss the very real consequences of some of these diseases.

      Here is a beautifully written piece based on a woman’s feelings with having an un-vaccinated friend transmit whooping cough to her daughter:

      After reading that piece, I thought about how I would feel to be in that friend’s shoes. To know my choices, ones I made in the best interest of my child, put someone I cared about in serious danger. I wonder if people who choose not to vaccinate take the time to consider how that would feel, because it is a possibility. How would it feel to have your child catch what appears to be a low-grade flu, take them to the grocery store and they infect a pregnant woman with rubella? Would you even be aware?

      To ask anyone to do something that causes them to worry about the safety of their kids for the benefit of mine, well, that’s a lot to ask. But what it comes down to for me, is that I don’t feel safe having my child around yours if they aren’t vaccinated. When it comes to my child’s safety, it’s too much to ask. I respect Genvieve’s choice not to vaccinate. I am disappointed that she would use a religious freedom clause to skirt the law.

  92. Bravo, agreed and more I learn about Young Living Eos and no sodes, and other homeopathics the more thankful I am for thess gentle choices. I wouldnt want to vaccinate my toddler with a newborn due to virus shedding.

  93. We have chosen not to vaccinate. My own research, as well as that of our pediatrician, has shown that too many early vaccinations actually compromise the immune system. The natural immune system does not fully develop until about the age of 7. When it is bombarded with vaccines it does learn to develop on its own which leads to more sickness in the end. It also fills the body with unnatural chemicals such as heavy metals and preservatives. Research the rise of childhood cancer, autoimmune diseases, etc. Poisons + poor diet+ compromised immune systems = more serious illnesses over the lifetime. We use probiotics, vitamins, healthy diet and supplements to naturally boost the immune system for long term health benefits. When the body learns to function properly on it’s own it can fight disease over the lifetime. There are many reasons to rethink vaccines, not just the autism link.
    In regard to the faith element – I would argue that as a Christian I am compelled to be a good Shepard and guide for my children through this life. Keeping them free from potential health hazards of a vaccine is doing just that. While I understand the concept of “heard immunity” as many argue, the risk for one child to develop even more serious side effects from a vaccine to avoid something like the chicken pox is not worth it. The chicken pox I can deal with, heavy metal poisoning I cannot.
    There are also many reasons for the decline in disease as Mama has stated, a great improvement in sanitation is one of them. Recent outbreaks are not necessarily contributed to a lack of vaccines, but more likely attributed to individuals who enter into the country illegally without being screened for disease. Years ago Ellis Island took care of this and limited the amount of disease being brought in, but these days are long gone.

  94. We chose to vaccinate our children. With my first I didn’t know anything about the risks of getting vacines. I did research with my second and we chose to vacinate. Our biggest reason for this was because my husband and I both work in Emergency Medical professions. We never know what we might pick up at work and not know we brought home. The risk of that outweighed the risk of vacinating.

    • fair enough. it’s all risk vs benefit.

  95. The entire idea of ‘herd immunity’ doesn’t make complete sense to me, personally. If someone is vaccinated, it in no way makes them immune to the disease and definitely not immune to carrying it. People who are vaccinated can still carry the disease within their mucous membranes and pass it to others which makes herd immunity, well, unbelievable. I’m more concerned with the efficacy of vaccinating versus the risks associated with it. I think there are more risks in contracting certain diseases than in vaccinating. That being said, my one year old is not vaccinated and I’m still not sold completely on vaccinating him. In the past 30 years vaccinations have increased exponentially. We need to remember that this is a money making business for the drug companies. It is without fail a fool-proof way of making money for them. Governments endorse vaccinations and in many states enforce the administration of them and people are forced to get them. I have heard many things about certain ones where the results were ‘helped’ or the virus used wasn’t wild and was one strain or the testing was faulty. Until there is more evidence and less money grabbing, I will delay it for my children. It has been shown that many of the vaccinated diseases were declining and almost gone before a vaccination was introduced anyway. Polio is the perfect example. Not only that, but just because someone is vaccinated, doesn’t mean they won’t contract the disease! Many cases have been filed of children (who were vaccinated) contracting MMR or whopping cough. Lastly, vaccination injury is very under-reported either by medical staff or the victim. The friends of my little one who have been vaccinated have been more sick than mine or others I know of who have never had a vaccination. They’ve had bronchitis, respiratory infections, croup, etc. My little guy has had nothing yet. He is super healthy and happy. Until I see more evidence showing that vaccinations helps make a child healthier, I will continue to delay vaccinating mine.

    • 100% agree with you mama Scott, I love the whole “unvaccinated people spread disease”. Vaccines are for the immunity of a person, vaccines do not stop disease from spreading. We all carry bacteria and virus’, whether we are vaccinated or not. In fact, people who vaccinate risk infecting the more susceptible people of our society because they are receiving vaccines that shed the virus and then go out in public! Especially the H1N1, the more people receive the flu mist, the more the virus will be spread! (This vaccine can shed up to 28 days!)

    • AMEN. And I really tire from all those chanting. “You must consider others, not just your child.” God gave me two children and one husband to take care of. I would never take my sick kid out around others especially who are frail, very young or very old. Sorry, but the “herd” is God’s responsibility, not mine. And I just don’t trust the science. The religious beliefs exemption says “if there is an outbreak you will be the first one called to take them home.” And I said that is exactly what I want to happen. I trust God to do his part and I’ll use the sense he gave me to do mine. Like you said, just follow the money and look at all those poor families with autistic or diabetic or fighting cancer kids. Every other family has a sick child or cancer themselves, or infertility. People need to wake up.

      • Follow the money is RIGHT and people do need to wake up. It’s so sad that everyone trusts what they hear on the news. Big Pharma is out to make money, money, money! Live a natural healthy lifestyle . The fact that there is no official study on unvaxed kids versus vaxed is a joke. There are enough of us unvaxed who follow Mama Natural that we should create our own study. My twin boys will be 2 in March. Healthy and happy and I’m not worried about the herd. They should be worried and wondering why there their kids are getting shot up non-stop and are so sick.

    • Every vaccine has an efficacy because each person reacts to the same substance differently. If the efficacy of 95% means 5% kids will still not be protected the herd immunity will mean that the disease if it resurfaces will not pass as rampantly from person to person if it were not for the herd immunicaty.

      Now imagine, if someone with live polio virus in them come to USA and an unvaccinated child comes in contact with that person and contracts the virus. Global travel is ubiquitous and people are travelling more than ever. Even if you protect your child by keeping them home, eating healthy and having a very healthy lifestyle, a potent virus will not consider these as a threat to their proliferation.

      Vaccination will not make your child healthy, it will prevent your child from getting a disease that can most likely be prevented by developing anti-bodies. There are two ways you can develop anti-bodies – getting the disease and getting vaccinated with a low dose of inactive virus so that the body can identify that as the enemy and learn to fight it by developing anti-bodies.

      It is like saying – we will not install a lock on my front door because they are not 100% likely to stop break-ins.

      • The only way you would ever be able to experiment herd immunity to arrive at any conclusive evidence is if you took a population and isolated them where 95% was vaccinated. Then you introduce a virus and see if the herd protects the other 5% from contacting the disease. According to Scientist Glen Dettman, “It is pathetic and ludicrous to say we ever vanquished smallpox with vaccines, when only 10% of the population was ever vaccinated.” Smallpox alone disproves your “herd immunity”
        I suggest you do more research and start with the name I just mentioned, whom I am sure you have never heard of or read any of his scientific papers. He Authored and co-authored numerous Scientific Papers and Books and he was appointed Head of a Research Team in 1969 to investigate the claims of Dr Kalokerinos in relation to Immunization Hazards and Efficacy of Vitamin C.

  96. My son was fully vaccinated up till two. I hadn’t read much about vaccines at that point. Our daughter was selectively vaxed starting at 6 months old when she began to eat other foods in addition to breastmilk. We chose well researched vaccines with low side effects. Vaccines are good science and I think need to be included in any health discussion especially as our world is ever shrinking and our exposure to various pathogens is more likely. The vaccines we opt out of include varicella, Hep B, Hep A, and HPV. For all of these we felt that the side effect risk were so closely aligned with the complication risk that there were less benefits than advertised. I think one key is to find a pediatrician that listens to your concerns and has a more valid answer than to give you a pamphlet and tell you that it saves lives.

  97. We all appreciate your honesty. It takes courage and lots of love to do what you do and say what you say. So on behalf of all us mama’s, we thank you.

  98. I chose to vaccinate my daughter. She stays home with me and probably won’t go to any sort of “day scare” until she’s older. My sister in law chose not to vaccinate her two children (based on a misinformed belief about a link to autism). I think as a parent we have to make the decision that’s best for our child. I’m keeping my daughter from getting diseases that have widely been eradicated thanks to vaccines. I think it’s a social obligation to vaccinate our children because not only does it protect the child, but it protects those whose immune systems are compromised and those who are simply too young to get the vaccine.
    I also believe that no matter your opinion, it’s right. If you have done your research and are making the best-informed decision you can, then who am I to judge.

  99. Have any of you heard of Dr Aviva Romm? She has the most balanced and informative scoop on vaccination that I have come across. She’s a family medicine MD physician who practices Integrative and Functional Medicine, and who used to be a midwife and herbalist….basically she rocks! Google her and check her website out if you want more information. By the way – I have a 1 year old and we are doing an alternative, delayed schedule.

    • I found her memoir interesting. What does strike me though is that she uses bacterial infections in her argument as well. She says that:

      “not like me who got so many illnesses which needed treatment with antibiotics that I developed a resistance to them, which led me to be hospitalized with penicillin-resistant quinsy at 21–you know that old fashioned disease that killed Queen Elizabeth I and which was almost wiped out through use of antibiotics”.

      No doubt she had a hefty virus history as well, but another can of worms was opened when she said she was medicated with antibiotics to the extreme through her childhood. As we know through our own personal stories and through our basic microbio classes, overuse of antibiotics wreaks havoc on the human body. So, I would be wary about taking her life story very religiously since her body functions were compromised each time she was dosed with more antibiotics.

      However to each his own, and I really commend every mother and father who goes to the extent of researching vaccines no matter what side of the fence you are on. There are too many things that we are being spoon fed (med and non-med related), and not enough people who are brave enough to go against the grain and with their own gut. 🙂

  100. I am so on the fence about vaccines. There is so much danger in them, and yet danger without them. It sounds though, to me, that healthy kids living a healthy lifestyle can live with the choice to go without. I’m in a different
    situation. My future kids (hopefully soon) will have the risk of an auto-immune disorder that I got passed down to me from my mom. I won’t even likely be able to breast feed my kids and a natural birth is out of the question, doctors orders. I wish I could say no to vaccines, but I fear putting them too much at risk. I was a sickly child (still am a sickly adult) and I do everything I can natural-wise to ward off illness. I think when there is doubt, sometimes it’s better to do what you can to prevent the worst if you don’t know you can handle it.

    • Either way there are many risks. It’s good to do your research. Since you do have auto-immune disorder history, there has been evidence that this can trigger reactions. I’m so sorry you won’t be able to breastfeed or have a natural birth. At the end of the day after you’ve done your research, go with your gut.

    • Laura, I would look into genetic testing. I’m getting ours done with 23andme.com. They give you the raw data, then there are other online apps that can help you decipher them. I’m expecting to see MTHFR gene mutations in my kids. I’m holding off on vaccines until I get the results and can see what we’re dealing with. People MTHFR mutations don’t detox well, and will be more likely to have issues (most kids with autism have an MTHFR mutation). So in my basic understanding of it, vaccines don’t cause autism, genes don’t cause autism ….but genetic predisposition (and inability to detox) + environmental factor/trigger (toxin exposure, from many sources and possibly vaccines) = big trouble.

      But anyways, if your auto immune disorder was “handed down” to you, it might be worth looking into your genetics. It’s all brand new science since the Human Genome Project has been completed.

      • it is possible to do IVF and get only healthy embryos implanted, I know a couple where the dad has cystic fibrosis and they did this to garauntee their child would be healthy. he was bottle fed as his poor mom tried and tried to nurse him but her milk never came in. despite his formula feedings he is healthy and happy and normal.
        If you’re really worried about auto-immune diseases this is always an option.

    • Hey laura I wanted to let u know although the Dr. Has said a natural birth is out of the question do what you can to mak it as natural as possible. Like get a midwife to assist or see a midwife once u get pregnant and see what she says. Also skip the epidural and or any drugs during labor. And my last suggestion is if u want ur baby to be breastfeed but ur not able to look on line there are many websites u can go on and buy brest milk its so much healthier than formula and ur baby will be getting all the immunities that, that women providing the milk has. And many times its cheaper than formula.

      Also dont let ur fear of what drs have told u hold u back do ur own research and get other opinions from other dr’s, specialist, homeopathic dr’s, midwife’s, etc. If u want a natural birth there are ways to get as close to one as possible never give up

  101. The problem I have with discussions about vaccines is that while individual may make decisions not to vaccinate, the consequences of their decisions can harm others.

    I am particularly worried about the infants that are too young for full protection from vaccines like TDaP and who can die when they become infected by someone else. This wasn’t such a problem when everyone vaccinated their kids. But with more and more people abstaining from childhood vaccines, these deadly diseases are on the rise.

    Sure, some parents may choose to gamble that the vaccine isn’t necessary because their children either won’t get infected or, if they do, will recover from such an illness. But is it fair that the decision they make for their own child can kill someone else’s child?

    I’d rather think we are not a society of individuals hoping to harm each other, but one that makes some individual sacrifices for the common good.

    • Her immunity does not exist now nor has ever existed and only used to instill fear! The only way you would ever be able to experiment herd immunity to arrive at any conclusive evidence is if you took a population and isolated them where 95% was vaccinated. Then you introduce a virus and see if the herd protects the other 5% from contacting the disease. According to Scientist Glen Dettman, “It is pathetic and ludicrous to say we ever vanquished smallpox with vaccines, when only 10% of the population was ever vaccinated.” Smallpox alone disproves your “herd immunity”
      I suggest you do more research and start with the name I just mentioned, whom I am sure you have never heard of or read any of his scientific papers. He Authored and co-authored numerous Scientific Papers and Books and he was appointed Head of a Research Team in 1969 to investigate the claims of Dr Kalokerinos in relation to Immunization Hazards and Efficacy of Vitamin C.

    • Not completely understanding where anyone would take a stance of “Risk YOUR childs health to POSSIBLY save mine” ??
      No one takes responsibility for the outcome of YOUR childs life after being injected with a myriad of vaccines, metals, preservatives etc. Each parent is pushed to vaccinate when the outcome of the said vaccine is all on the Parent.
      To ask ANY parent to immunize their child for the sake of YOUR child is preposterous.
      If ANYONE should be concerned, it is the children who ARE immunized with said myriad of ingredients as this may pose a threat to MY child.

      • Exactly, and what are the child’s wishes? I wish I never received the vaccines with the mercury in them when I was a kid! Who asked me what I wanted? Obviously, no one loves a child more than his or her parents, and we alone have to make the best choices in their favor until they are old enough to make informed decisions. (Sadly, many parents are not informed because we don’t have a lot of time to research everything and we cannot count on doctors to give us “informed consent” which they, by law, are supposed to do!)

      • Exactly, How do “you” get to say that “my child” should risk injury and death for the benefit of “your child”?



    • Am I missing something here… I don’t see how I am risking your child’s health by not vaccing? If your child has all his or her vaccines then you don’t have to worry about them catching these illnesses correct?

  102. Our family doesn’t vaccinate. We follow the Biblical health laws so the ingredients in the vaccines don’t align with them. We feel breaking a health law isn’t a spiritual sin (eg. Murder, adultery, etc.) but a physical sin to the body. So I don’t think someone is going to hell because they simply ate pork…it’s just God knows what’s good for our bodies and what isn’t. Simply, some things just aren’t meant to be ingested. So for no matter what reason or situation may arise we have chosen against vaccinating. When our kids are adults they can decide for themselves and their own kids one day. Thanks for your website. Love it!

    • There is no such thing as a biblical health law…

      • The bible is full of health codes or laws. Giving you a weird look. Maybe you should read it again or not get stuck on terminology that is unfamiliar but actually correct.

        • Hi,

          From another Christian standpoint… Yes you should treat your body as your temple… but at the same time Jesus said that what you put into your body doesn’t matter, its what you do to your soul that does matter. Example, he says this when his disciples eat the heads of wheat grains on the Sabbath. I forget which one of the books does say this, but it does follow up saying thus all foods were deemed clean. This same idea was mentioned again and applied to circumcision.

          Therefore you can take getting a vaccination either way. It is bad for your body your temple if you have bide side affects, OR because it is your body and not your soul you are vaccinating, it is ok.

          My standpoint: I hate getting the TB and Tetanus shots. TB I have an allergic reaction to and Tetanus just plain hurts and gives a nasty bruise. I will skip them for now if I can now that I am at the age of deciding for myself.

          Side note: My fiance actually works on the MMR vaccine, he’s a biologist and tests the potency levels of the different samples his team is given. He also said that the virus strains that they use aren’t live strains, they have been altered, but if you have a sensitivity to the disease, like my mom and measles, then it is best not to have the shot. And they do use chicken eggs for their viruses.

          • Susan/ Sami
            I’m a Christian/ messianic Jew. I first want to say let us not let the spirit of offense take over our hearts but humbly pray through all things. I do NOT believe it is a sin in any way to eat pork or anything else God has said he has made clean. However, in these scriptures The Lord was speaking of FOOD not vaccines.. in the same way we are not made righteous by our own doing (Circumcision or anything else) but by His grace alone. It is not true to say what you put into your body entirely doesn’t matter, ( in relation to food yes, it may not be beneficial but it is what comes out of you that makes you unclean) but here we are talking about something much different. Disease and sickness is NOT from God, He came to remove sickness and death and he COMMANDS us to do the same. By His power we are called to walk as free sons and daughters- not in fear of catching something that’s not His will in the first place ( this is for us who love by His Spirit alone) .were called to freedom from this fallen world and to be seated with Christ in heavenly places y’all! We don’t put our hope in being vaccinated or not being vaccinated by in Yeshua (Jesus) alone! He is the only one who has conquered death-
            they will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” Mark 16:18
            He’s talking about us!

          • I also believe it’s not a sin to vaccinate. I called it a physical sin because I believe vaccines do more than good for the body but it does not comdem your soul. I fully believe Yeshua loves and accepts vaccinated and non-vaccinated people the same. I just personally feel it’s unclean and yes I would still say Biblcally unclean to vaccinate. With that said we should not judge one another but educate ourselves and let each family decide what’s right for them. Bless you. 🙂

          • I also believe it’s not a sin to vaccinate. I called it a physical sin because I believe vaccines do more harm than good for the body but it does not comdem your soul. I fully believe Yeshua loves and accepts vaccinated and non-vaccinated people the same. I just personally feel it’s unclean and yes I would still say Biblcally unclean to vaccinate. With that said we should not judge one another but educate ourselves and let each family decide what’s right for them. Bless you. 🙂

          • My second post has my corrected typo! 🙂 lol

  103. Mama Natural’s blog is my favorite blog. I usually agree 100% and this definitely made me think. Still, I have to say I’m concerned about the idea of not vaccinating your kids. I guess it’s the social responsibility factor. Some of these vaccines are designed to help protect pregnant women or younger children, as well as the child being vaccinated. Plus, one needs to think about the long term consequences if less people choose to vaccinate their children. That’s my two cents. But I certainly agree in parents’ right to decide what’s best for their kids!

    • As a parent of an immunocompromised child I totally agree with the social responsibility part.

      Genevieve I would challenge you to consider your faith which is a very community driven faith and also one that calls you to look after the weakest in society and ask yourself if maybe even though you don’t think Griffin is at risk, is it worth the risk to save someone else’s child who is? Is Griffin’s life and well-being more important than a child for whom those vaccine preventable illnesses would be catastrophic?

      Vaccines are not without risk, however the risk IS worth the prevention for society as a whole. That’s how the CDC looks at it and I believe as a Christian that is what our faith calls us to. Sacrificial love for the sake of our weakest brother. Herd immunity is so important!

      • Sadly, “herd immunity” is a false concept. By 20, vaccines could have worn off. By middle age, they have. Also, it was people vaccinated against whooping cough in CA that came down with it. There is a case where some Amish (who don’t vax) had whooping cough, and it was found that it was the vaccine strain of the virus that infected them. Also, the vaccine strain of the measles can be spread along with any live strains in vaccines can be spread. Many vaccines contain fetal tissue from aborted babies. Fetal tissue is used to keep the viruses alive. As a Christian, vaccinating my child while knowing aborted baby tissue is used goes against my beliefs and values. It makes me compromise what I know is right. For me, it would be a sin (for another it may not be one…like the example of meat offered to idols in the Bible…but I could not do the ones with the baby tissue.)

        • This is the biggest of my reasonings.

        • I also read up on Whooping Cough after I heard about a friend’s family that got it. Once you get it, you are done. You can’t get it again (I am sure there are exceptions to this). I spaced out my daughter’s vaccines and then realized that some of them, once they reach a certain age don’t need them (or as pointed out- only need them if they are in group settings- which she wasn’t). She has had everything but MMR and chicken pox (which I won’t get her because I have a feeling that in a few years there will be a HUGE outbreak of adult chicken pox) It is my belief that the reason shingles is hitting people younger and younger is because of the CP vaccine. Also if one of Genieve’s babies had an ill effect from the vaccine, how does that make it ok? How does sacrificing her children make it ok for yours?

          • I agree! The varicella vac. (chicken pox) wears off so your child will need a booster at 4, and then it can wear off in 10 years supposedly, so then your child needs another at 14. Then if it wears off in another 10 years, your daughter will be at childbearing age (24) and you don’t want a pregnant woman with chicken pox AND you don’t want to vaccinate a pregnant woman (although doctors seem to have forgotten that rule). If she gets chicken pox naturally, she is immune for life in most cases AND she passes on those antibodies to her baby and will continue to in breast milk. The pharma companies have got us right where they want us with this one because now one will need to be continually vaccinated in order not to get shingles. More $$$ for them!

          • So weird thing, before I started TTC I had my primary run my titers. It showed I had no immunity to chicken pox even though I had it as a kid, my brother got it twice and I was fine though his second outbreak. Anyone hear about anyone else with a similar experience?

        • Christy you have made so many incorrect statements I don’t know where to begin.
          First of all the Amish DO vaccinate their kids. Here:http://www.padutchcountry.com/towns-and-heritage/amish-country/amish-lifestyle.asp

          Herd immunity is a very real and important concept. In fact it’s heard immunity that is allowing children who are going unvaccinated to not contract a disease. Of course if this very dangerous trend of not vaccinating continues heard immunity will drop and you will start to see pockets of disease break out. This has already happened in the UK and in some areas in the US.

          Your understanding of how vaccines work and how diseases are spread is completely wrong. There aren’t any live vaccines used in vaccines that are given to immunize against childhood diseases.

          There also aren’t fetal tissue or aborted fetuses in vaccines. The SAME cell line that was obtained from a miscarried fetus at 10 weeks are used to grow the viruses in the lab. The actual cells that are used for this aren’t put into the vaccines.

          The Bible is FILLED with stories of God killing babies and children. Are you okay with that? The fact is the cells that are used came from an embryo that was a miscarriage in other words it happened on it’s own.

      • So I should risk my child to save yours? How is that right? As the parent of a “suspected medically injured” child, no. Just no. My son should not have to be ravaged by seizures daily to ensure “herd immunity” which is an outdated ridiculous notion. Have you had your boosters lately?

      • I am JUST coming from the faith standpoint. Yes, we are about community and fellowship, however, we are parents and that is a serious role. It is OUR responsibility to care for our children, nowhere in the bible does it say to put doctors over our role or especially, God. BUT it does say in the bible not to fill our bodies with poisons (which vaccines mainly consist of). If vaccines cause autism and endless other horrible side effects, that is NOT right, especially when done deliberately; that is not right with God.
        Yes, we are a community, but we cannot put anything before God and his judgement towards us.

      • How do you get to say that my child should risk injury and death for the benefit of your child?



      • Most people who choose not to immunize do not do it on a whim. I certainly didn’t. vaccines nearly killed my eldest. he went into anaphylactic shock and had seizures, was in excruciating pain and screamed for days after wards from his very first shot and I was dumb enough to continue til his 12 month shots.. the dr even told me to get it done in the hospital in case he coded again. My other kids not immunized at all.
        I’m very sorry your child is immunocompromised but I don’t care the rest of society can look out for itself if the vaccines work then those who are immunized don’t have anything to worry about. I’m looking out for my own.

      • I highly recommend Dr. Tenpenny’s website (I believe she has some youtube videos too) and the movie The Greater Good for more information on vaccines and the dangers they pose.

  104. I am a mom of 3 children ranging from teenagers to a toddler . I vaccinated my teenagers because I thought that is what I was suppose too do as a young mom . My middle child suffered from a mmr shot . He was very sick and started having sezuires after the shot . His sezuires were constant until he was 4 (his last mmr shot ) . He had a load more problems from the sezuires and all , hole in heart , damange to his brain , he has a learning diasbilty now and anger issue . I know in my heart this is all from the shot , even though it is very hard to prove. I choose not to vaccinate my toddler . He is healthy , never been sick , he goes to many children activites , we don’t make him a hermit . I still breastfeed him , he does cod liver oil and we just started elderberry . I am very happy with my decision and feel like we did what is best for our family.

  105. We have chosen not to vaccinate either of our 2 children (ages 5 and 2), for reasons similar to yours, and so far they are both very healthy kids. While most of the people we know aren’t supportive of this decision, I am happy with it. We also try to maintain very healthy diets and do extended breastfeeding, and would be open to vaccinating should the need arise.

  106. The schedule when I was younger had one shot per visit….and the schedule for my son was supposed to have 4 shots per visit, each with one to three different vaccines. Sooo.. I delayed vaccination and spaced out the ones we did give starting at age two. We traveled and lived in a big city so I decided to pick and choose, and my pediatrician was fine with it. My younger child is still unvaccinated at this point. I support both sides, but don’t like the schedule that is currently used in the U.S. I do believe more studies are needed…. I mean, at one point, the tobacco industry found no link to lung cancer too, and it was recommended as healthy by doctors and is still subsidized in the US…:)
    Don’t believe everything you read. I am still waiting for the studies on the rest of the vaccines….. not just one combination of vaccines and one ingredient. (mmr and thimerosal)

  107. I am a nurse in a Pediatric office. We work with parents who choose not to vaccinate or vaccinate on a delayed schedule or the schedule recommended by the ACIP guidelines. While I do not judge anyone for their choice, it is wrong to assume that the pediatricians are ‘in it for the money’ and wish to do harm to your child. Their recommendations are based on what the CDC and the ACIP and AAP recommend. As a parent, you do have the right to refuse but should be informed of the risks of not vaccinating. My concern is with the increase in international travel, some of these diseases (once irradicated in the US) are making a comeback. I believe the pendulum will swing in the other direction as more of these diseases return.

  108. Vaccines are a public health issue. That is why so many people have very strong opinions on the matter. I don’t want to sound judgmental, so I will leave everyone with an interesting article to read about a first hand account about growing up unvaccinated. She has lived it, and the things she says may resonate better than anything I may have to say. I will say one thing. I think it is unfair that parents should have to fear their newborn getting sick, or child that is already sick and can’t get the vaccines because of the decisions of more and more parents deciding to take public health matters into their own hands, by not vaccinating their children. I speak directly to the Whooping Cough epidemic that was going on shortly after my son was born. I am aware that even vaccinated children got a strain of it, but common sense leaves me to believe it was started by an unvaccinated child. God forbid if it had been something worse that had spread like wildfire, but whooping cough in a newborn can lead to death, which for any parent, esp a first time parent, is just one more thing we have to worry about. With that thought, here is the article I recently came across.


  109. This is why I love you so much. You realize that vaccines can and do save lives. You realize that everyone has different opinions and beliefs and you don’t bash those that aren’t the same as yours. I selectivly vax my kids and have had a LOT of backlash in the crunchy community.

  110. We do not vaccinate and do not plan to. We follow a strict nourishing whole foods diet as well, strongly influenced by the Weston A. Price foundation. I have done extensive research and the problem with most sick people and children is due to diet. I believe that vaccinations taint your immune system and alter it in a completely unnatural way causing many problems in the future. The issue with vaccinations is that it has become a money making business, it’s political and there is people making millions off of vaccinations, so why would they say they are unnecessary? Also, many of the diseases that were plaguing America were already on the decline when the vaccinations were created, this was do to cleaning our water systems and living a more hygienic life in general. I believe if you can keep healthy gut flora and a strong immune system you can void off most sicknesses.

    • I agree that other things save lives like good diet, sanitation, clean water source, etc.

  111. We do vaccinate, my 3 year old is up to date on hers and my almost 2 month old will get hers soon. I will be staggering hers this time so she is not getting so many at one time. My husband and I were both vaccinated and we both have traveled out of the country to third world countries many times. We hope and pray our children will do the same, whether it is to do missions like us or just see the world. Every time we travel we are given a list of common diseases and knowing that our children are immunized against them make us feel more comfortable.

  112. This decision has been SO hard for me, but I am confident now in not vaccinating. My “mommy gut” was so strong in feeling like my first born would react negatively that I booked and cancelled a few times. I have researched to where I feel I could argue any doctor on it and will not vaccinate at all. We even travelled with our kids, aged 4 and 20mo to Europe last summer. We had no problems and will continue to travel with them. We won’t do any crazy travel to the jungles of South America or anything, at least until they are older :).

    I am actually more concerned with the repercussions of vaccine shedding and infants not being protected by their mother’s natural immunity. If we really want to protect the immune compromised population, maybe we should stop vaccinating at least with the live vaccines as those individuals pass on the germs for the next 3 weeks. Maybe that’s why the flu is so rampant this year, the flu-mist is a live vaccine.

    • Reading this I saw myself in your comment! I had a apt for 2 month shots but my gut told me to cancel and I have had public health call me and say come on your baby is delayed for her shots and I just say not now not now. I have been reading and researching so much and finally made the decision to wait to give my children shots, Its such a burden lifted off of me. I have been praying a lot about it too so thank you for this wonderful site and for the info you provide! I am not against them I like to consider myself cautious

  113. I was waiting for this! Thanks for the update and for being so transparent. It’s difficult to speak freely these days, as there are many who are on the attack of those of us who delay or forego vaccines altogether. Anyway, thank you!

  114. I have a 12 month old who actually is getting her 12 month shots tomorrow. I’ve debated and researched and feel it’s best for us to vaccinate. I have a good friend who does not vaccinate her daughter and I support her 100%.

  115. I am unvaccinated. My mother chose not to vaccinate any of her 7 children because of the vaccine I juries she had witnessed while living on base as the daughter of a Navy Officer. None of us have any life threatening sicknesses nor have we ever had any serious illnesses. We all caught chicken pox naturally, from our neighborswho were vaccinated for it, may I add, and the pox lasted just a few days and were not severe. We all went to public school and played with whoever we wanted. Our mother was not afraid of us catching anything. Fast forward to the birth of my first baby. I knew in my heart that a vaccine would not be good for her. I spoke to my mom when my daughter was a few months old and she reassured me that everything would be fine and that I needed to look at myself and my sisters & brothers. I had no idea that we werent vaxxed but then again, I never remembered being jabbed with a needle either. I started to look into vaccines and learned about all of the junk that was in them (aborted fetus, formaldehyde and antifreeze, anyone?) And then I researched side effects because there has to be side effects from injecting yourself with a toxic brew, right? I looked as far back as 1985 and saw that there are increasing numbers of autism and vaccine reactions. SIDS is also on the rise too. This could also be because of GMOs, vaccines also contain GMOs too though. And you cant lie when a baby is hospitalized with serious issues following a vaccination. I have just recently learned that quite a few family members on my fathers side of the family have autism (I wasnt in contact with them before) and I am so grateful that my mom chose not to vaccinate me because I could have the genetic mutation that they have as well. For those of you that dont know about it, there is a genetic mutation that is common in those with autism. I do not advocate vaccines if you do not have this mutation, I do not think that they are safe at all. I personally feel like there is more risk involved with taking a vaccine then there is with catching a disease, if you even were to catch the disease. I havent. And with my healthy lifestyle, I highly doubt I will.

    • I wish my mom was supportive like yours, mine think that I am a disappointment and she didn’t bring me up that way… its really hard but I am going to be strong for my baby. I was sick so much as a child and was fully vaccinated.

  116. We do not plan on ever vaccinating out kids or ourselves ever again since I believe the flu shot gave me an autoimmune disease. I also dont believe the efficacy.rates are high enough to justify shots. Anyway we still had to do a metal detox for our daughter despite no vaccines. I cannot imagine what she would have had to go through had we vaccinated. We plan on us in our philosophical.waiver if we choose to enter public school. Yay for.choices!

  117. Watch out as many doctors will brutalize and traumatize babies and children by injecting them with highly toxic substances having subscribed to the absurd belief that this will miraculously protect them against infectious diseases.

  118. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with family on this issue? We have two sons – 3 years old and 8 months old. Our 3 year old was vaccinated up until his 18 month checkup because we were really uninformed – just did what the doctor told us to (sadly). Now we are much more informed, and we haven’t vaccinated since then (either of them). However…. some people on my husband’s side of the family are VERY upset about it, and are telling us that we can’t be around them at all now, since we don’t get adult boosters and we aren’t vaxing the kids.

    I generally keep my mouth shut – I know it’s a complicated issue and there’s no one “right” answer for everyone. I’ve done a LOT of homework on the issue, and we are very comfortable with our decision, given our situation. But someone asked me about vaccinations at the last family gathering and I said we are opting out, and it feels like all-out (one-sided) war since then. Any suggestions for how to get people to leave us alone about this? And for Pete’s sake, to get them to stop bringing up Jenny McCarthy to me???

  119. We read Dr. Sears’ book, as well as others on the topic and have decided not to vaccinate for the time being. We are probably going to once our kids are older, though.

    It would be great if you could do a little episode on homeoprophylaxis. I looked up the book and would love an overview of how this is supposed to work. I am just venturing into the world of homeopathy and am honestly a bit skeptical. I am trying things here and there and would like to hear more.

  120. G- thank you for being transparent with your readers. I know this is a controversial subject. I appreciate your view point on this. And your videos are very helpful. 🙂

  121. We delayed with my 3 year old and we are slightly delayed with my 1 year old. I’m still deciding what to do about the MMR. I had a very uncomfortable discussion (if you can call it that) with my son’s pediatrician. It was mostly him talking at me condescendingly until I told him I had a degree in Molecular Biology and then it really just made the conversation more awkward and not really a conversation at all. I just wish I could have an educated discussion and not feel like I’m being spewed a bunch of talking points. He couldn’t actually answer any of my questions. I really hate having to make this decision.

    So far we have done the traditional vaccines. We don’t do the flu shot and don’t plan to do the HPV shot. We also use Thieves oil as well as other essential oils and avoid too much sugar and try to feed the kids as healthy as we can.

    I feel a personal conviction that I feel selfish for not wanting to risk vaccinating my child because of children who cannot be vaccinated relying on herd immunity. I have an autoimmune condition and I have to take immune suppressants so I am particularly susceptible to getting sick. I just wish people would quarantine more and not rely on people being vaccinated or even healthy enough to fight off whatever cold/flu/virus they are carrying. I had the checkout lady at the grocery store cough in my face after telling me she had a fever and shouldn’t even be at work that day. Yes, really!

    I know nobody wants to be the one who’s child has an adverse reaction. If you are looking at purely statistical reasons, everyone should vaccinate for those who cannot be vaccinated. I am glad we have the freedom in this country to choose. I hope that those who choose not to also feel the responsibility to protect those around them who are susceptible in case they are carriers.

  122. Our son is going on two, and has been vaccinated his whole life. However, we have been selective as to which vaccines we are okay with. We have looked up side effects and compared the pros and cons with each vaccine. Since my son is around other children (his cousins) I feel good about my choice to vaccinate.

    I think that vaccinating a child is just as important as choosing the right diet and maybe just as important as breastfeeding and so many other things. We have breastfed since birth and we feed him good, wholesome foods. The bottom line is that he is healthy, happy, and kind. As long as any mother shoots to make her child these three things, how can you judge?

    Kudos to all the moms making informed decisions, regardless of what they may be.

  123. Thank you for sharing and updating on your vaccine decisions since having your baby girl. I read the same Dr. Sears book and when my daughter was born, I selectively vaccinated her starting at 6 months (HIB and Dtap) but by the time she was 9 months, I had poured myself into more research and felt uncomfortable with continuing any more vaccines. My almost 2 yr son is completely unvaccinated. We do the same in our efforts to stay healthy and boost our immune system (my daughter nursed for 30 months and my son is still going strong). I keep pretty quiet on this issue because I don’t think it’s an easy decision for anyone on the fence about it. I go back and forth all the time about when and if I will ever vaccinate them (unless we are traveling abroad).

    My question is– what do you stay to those that say it is our social responsibility to vaccinate? Not necessarily the herd immunity argument but rather to protect the sick and vulnerable (i.e. newborn babies). Thanks!

  124. I was fully vaccinated as a child in the 1980s, when children didn’t receive as many vaccines as they do today. I was shocked to find out how many vaccines that my son is expected to receive at the doctor’s office.

    My husband and I believe in vaccinating our children because we believe that vaccines (although imperfect) are the best way to keep them from contracting some serious or deadly diseases. Our kids are going to be out amongst the populace in daycare, travel, etc. We read Dr. Sears’ book because we were trying to decide whether we wanted an alternative vaccine schedule for our first. Unfortunately, the science isn’t conclusive for a traditional vaccine schedule or an alternative vaccine schedule because not as much time has passed. I also was concerned about the suggested alternative vaccine schedule, which has kids getting the HPV vaccine around age 13 or 14, when they may already be sexually active. Ultimately, we decided that the best option that we have right now is to adhere to a traditional vaccine schedule. If we get more data in the future, we will reconsider our decision.

    Slate recently had an article about a woman who grew up unvaccinated. I don’t think her story is universal, but it is worth a read. http://www.slate.com/articles/life/family/2014/01/growing_up_unvaccinated_a_healthy_lifestyle_couldn_t_prevent_many_childhood.html

  125. Hi Mama Natural! I’ve loved you for a long time..but silently – I think this is my first comment : )
    So other than a diffuser and using thieves for cleaning purposes, how do you administer to the kiddos? Once I tried cutting it with a neutral oil, but I still burned my little ones’ skin when I applied it – and then I felt like a real jerk.
    Do you use colloidal silver? I use a gel by Nature’s Sunshine and shove it up our noses before we leave the house!
    Congratulations on your wonderful birth – I love all your wisdom, thanks for making the effort to keep us all educated! Love from Texas, Nicole

  126. How did you decide on that probiotic? There are so many out there! Is the one you linked to safe for kids and adults?
    Thanks in advance!

  127. Good for you for being true to yourselves! We do not vaccinate either and the thought of putting all those ingredients straight into my child’s blood stream is devastating. Praise God we have free will to care for our children the way God has put in our hearts!

  128. Thank you for this post. As a first time mom,due next month, I dream about the pros and cons of vaccinations. I really needed to see it broken down in the way you have. I feel everyone has their right to vac or not with no judgment. From the moment I found out I was pregnant I knew I did not want to vaccinate. But reading and talking to people can really blurr what you believe. Thank you again mama natural!

  129. My now 15 yr old has never been vaccinated. His older siblings (by many years were faithfully). My concern developed over the aborted fetus delema. So far…he has been the healthiest with no concerns whatsoever. My oldest daughter was slipped a HIB vaccine (w/o my permission) at 6, she has been my sickest child. We NEVER do flu shots. I passionately believe that building immunities is the best solution to adult health problem and that includes getting sick now and then. Call me old school, my grandparents were farmers, my parents as well, all but my dad lived healthy abundant lives without vaccines. My dad unfortunately was exposed to asbestos and radiation, but even then he outlived the projected by 12 years. Great topic!

  130. My 4 month old son is not vaccinated, nor will he be getting vaccinated. I did my research as soon as hubby & I started ttc. I knew I didn’t want to put that poison in his body, since I made that decision, I decided to go full on natural with everything else. He unfortunately was born with a vascular tumor, which causes his hemoglobins and platelets to be extremely low, he’s receiving chemo & was receiving transfusions up to 3 times a week. His oncologist & nurses said he couldn’t get vaccines because his hemoglobins are low (only if they knew, we weren’t planning on vaccinating anyway). We also took him to Mexico for Christmas, I asked if there was a certain vaccine he needed before leaving the country and his oncologist, oncology nurses (plural, keep that in mind) AND pediatrician said he didn’t need any, he’d be fine as long as no one was coughing and sneezing in his face (they’re all aware that my baby is taking probiotics, vitD, & EBF). He is EBF & spends 98% of his time only with me. Had he been in daycare or with a sitter, I might have considered a very delayed schedule, but he’s not. And I can’t thank God enough for putting our family in a position to where I CAN stay home with him and raise him. I do believe that vaccines can be safe, and they can also have severe side effects. It all depends on the body & how well it handles these foreign ingredients, but I am not willing to play Russian roulette with my child’s health. To each their own. Just like I tell people who feed their babies formula, formula isn’t the devil, and neither are vaccines, they’re just not for my child.

  131. I have a 4 year old and an almost 2 year old, our first was born a premier and I was only 17 with no guidance, his drs told me he HAD to get every shot they give or they won’t allow him to be there…. I eventually left and found another drs office because they did what ever they wanted to with him without even talking to me like I was his parent. As for that my kids rarely went to “well visits” because really most of them were only to get shots. Last time I took my boys to the.Dr.they gave my 14month old like 8 vaccines at once. I have vowed I will educate myself before they get anymore shots but I never felt I could turn any down (except the flu vac and chicken pox vac) because I wasn’t informed enough! I do believe some vaccines were created to help and prevent infections but more and more I see things and think they are now making them for more $$ not necessity. THA K YOU FOR SHARING THE BOOK TITLE AND FOR YOUR VIDEOS I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO USING THEM TO EDUCATE MYSELF!!

  132. I also enjoyed Dr. Sears’ “The Vaccine Book” and relied on it for information needed to make my decision not to vaccinate. My oldest son (14yo) is vaccine injured. I was against vaccines for him too but there was not as much information for me to learn from 14 years ago and I let the dr’s bully me into something I KNEW didn’t feel right. His last vaccine was the 18mo MMR, never again!

    My 3yo has zero vaccines, as will the new baby we are expecting in June. I do not believe they work and the dangers and risks far outweigh any potential benefits. Thankfully my hubby feels the same way and we are strong in our convictions.

  133. I read a lot about vaccines and read the studies and my husband and I have decided to vaccinate both our sons.

    I think the most compelling arguments came from our grandparents, who have seen and whose children have been affected by the diseases that vaccines protect us from. Most notably, Polio. My husband’s uncle contracted polio as a young child. Hearing what they as a family went through, the helplessness, the guilt and then the phrase “If there was a vaccine at that time for this, do you think we would have thought twice about having our son vaccinated?” The immediate answer in my head was no. That’s when I knew I had my answer.

    Given that story and the fact that my husband is a firefighter and exposed to everything, we figure it was better to be safe than sorry. I just want to know that I did everything in my power to protect my children from diseases and viruses that still linger today.

    Like circumcisions, which is another conversation that divided our family up, I think that it’s important to not only read both side of the story, but really evaluate your family’s situation and histories.

    Lastly, do yourself a favor, when faced with difficult decisions, talk to your grandparents. They have a lot of insight and will let you know how it is, with love.

    • Just some food for thought: yes, our grandparents saw these diseases, but don’t forget how far our knowledge of pathology and treatment has come since then! Just as the vaccines themselves are not the same as they were when they were introduced, the rest of medical technology has also advanced. It is very rare that people are dying of these diseases today. Albeit, they are still scary, but they are very treatable – and preventable by alternative means.

    • If you look at the data, polio was steadily declining BEFORE the introduction of the vaccine due to better sanitation, etc.

  134. Do you give Paloma probiotics as well? If so which ones?

  135. My son is 18 months old and is not and will never be vaccinated. I can say “never” with complete certainty 🙂 and I really don’t believe at all that vaccines have saved lives. Something I have done extensive research on and focused on the polio epidemic. I have not found any solid evidence that vaccines contributed to the eradication of any disease. Just like you, i strive everyday to nourish my son and build his micro-biome so that when he does get sick with measles, mumps, chicken pox and whatever other illness he encounters, his body will be ready for war and win. My grandmother had 10 kids and I asked her once when I was learning about measles if any of her kids caught the measles because my mom couldn’t remember if she had the measles as a child. My grandma said all ten of her kids had and she said it was horrible. I asked her why it was horrible and she said “do you have any idea what it’s like to have 7 sicks kids all at the same time running fevers and itchy”? I laughed because I’m sure it was horrible caring for 7 sick children. To her, what made it horrible was that 7 of her 10 were sick at the same time 🙂

    • I would also like to add that we have already traveled outside the US when he was 10 months and we are going to the Dominican Republic this summer and I feel completely confident

    • I agree with you on so many levels! I can also say “never” with absolute certainty. I believe that vaccines have harmed many many more lives than they have even partially helped.

  136. We don’t. And I’m glad we don’t. It’s not worth the risk for us.

  137. If anyone is still questioning their decision to not vaccinate, you might watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8FCJ_VPyns (its well worth the time) and then read the book: “What About Immunizations” by Cynthia Cournoyer http://www.whataboutimmunizations.com/

    It’s critical to be well educated and informed in your decision and not listening to what main stream media trys to convince you of.

    • Wanted to add that I was never vaccinated and am a perfectly healthy adult. My husband was vaccinated when he enlisted in the military and ever since has had nothing but problems. He now has allergies, and gluten intolerance, as well as extreme exhaustion. After being given his vaccinations he was sick for 3 months and it took him 2 years and an extreme juice cleanse to start to recover. He still deals with the damage done.

  138. Thanks for this article, Mama Natural. We gave my oldest son a tetnus shot when he stepped on a rusty nail :(, but we haven’t felt comfortable giving any more vaccinations so far. I don’t judge anyone who chooses to, and I always love it when I see responses like Erica (above). I love when we can all have our own opinions and respect each other!

  139. I agree that vaccinations are a complicated matter and it’s hard to say one way or the other for now and for forever. We do plan to travel to developing countries, it’s already in the plans, even if it is a few years away, so we’ve chosen to vaccinate, though we’ve opted out of a few of them and have done a very delayed schedule. Gratefully, my pediatrician has been supportive and helpful through it all.
    As for boosting your children’s immune system, I had one more thought to share. Recently we’ve started going to the chiropractor regularly. At first it was mostly for my husband’s aching back and because I am pregnant, but they also adjust our 2 kids (age 2 1/2 and 1) twice a month. I really think that having their spines healthy and in alignment has contributed to their immune health a lot. Something to look into at least!

    • We.also.go to a chiropractor for.the same.reason and because our 21 month olds legs.is twisted inward. She fixes it every time and we all.feel great unless we go off schedule.and don’t go for a little.and then you can tell a huge difference!

  140. We take the approach not out of fear but out of the fact that God has given us this child to raise to the best of our ability. The best of our ability is no vax. We were uneducated and did vax our first son and he started talking and interacting as per standard milestones and when he reached his 13th month he began having micro seizures and stopped communicating. Due to seeking medical treatment as a priority his 12 month vax got delayed and continued to be pushed back. By 20 months his micro seizures slowed and he started connecting again. The only thing that had changed was no vax so we began our journey of research and prayer. Now we have a second son and he will not have any vax.

    • I will also add that my first son is seizure free for the last year and a half and has caught up on his communication and interaction.

  141. My 2 1/2 yr old son is completely unvaccinated. I love seeing other moms take the time to read up on the side effects and make educated decisions for their children. Good job, Mama Natural!

  142. We don’t vaccinate for all the same reasons as you, Mama Natural. My husband and I also do not get boosters or vaccinate ourselves, though we were completely vaccinated as children.

    I am not against the idea of vaccinating, but am cautious about the ingredients in the vaccines. If the formula changed to omit the questionable and (known) dangerous ingredients, it would be something I would consider.

    I also believe that my decision to not vaccinate comes with an added responsibility to ensure my children and I have a healthy lifestyle to support immune health.

    We started a delayed schedule with my first and he received 1 DTaP and 1 Rotavirus. Through additional research we decided this wasn’t right for us and he hasn’t had any since. My daughter hasn’t received any.

    My decision might not be the decision of others but I am a firm believer that what is right for one family may not be right for another! The beauty of being a parent is making decision that are right for you and your family.

    We have also had to invoke our religious right in our state; luckily without issue. We have a very supportive health care provider and are lucky to have her as a resource!

  143. Such a tough decision! We were going to do a delayed schedule. At 2 months we gave him just one vaccine, the Pc. A week later, I noticed he had more trouble during tummy time and had developed a bad case of eczema. One might argue it was because of the weather, but we live in CA and it’s fairly mild. In fact, 2 months later he’s doing excellent and the eczema is almost totally gone (so thankful!) even though we’re breaking cold weather records in the US right now. He just seems to be one of those kids who is more sensitive and has a more difficult time detoxing the nasty adjuvant ingredients. We are going to reevaluate each yr since we plan to travel internationally in the future.

  144. My lo is 5mo and we have decided not to do any vaccinations. It’s just not worth the risk. If we travel, or maybe another reason, we will. Btw, how do you use the thieves oil? Thanks!!

  145. We have two. One was a 34 week preemie. I had a reaction to a vaccine, as well as my mother. I will not risk it. I went round with the pediatrician over my preemie, but I read the inserts, some say DO NOT GIVE TO A PREMATURE CHILD. Since he was having minor difficulties, in his first year, I was sure that injecting things that would require his body to work harder to be okay was not an ideal. Now both my children are very healthy. I constantly doubt myself, but I go back to the info and reaffirm every time I have made the right decision for us, too many risk factors. A one size fits all approach is not okay in medicine, why is it here?

    • I think that’s the best response ever, one size fits all doesn’t work in ANYTHING. Not medicine, not vaccines, not education, not diet, not exercise…… We chose not to vaccinate at all, I have talked to researchers, doctors, read, listened, studied; it was a decision that came from a lot of time and effort. We are the only ones in our circle that did not vaccinate our kids, some respect the choice, others don’t. I have watched kids injured by vaccines, and I have spoken with moms of kids who died from them. My husband and my brother both had immediate reactions to vaccines, and I have had some health issues that could be related to them in a more subtle sense. I couldn’t, personally, take the chance. I concentrate on maintaining the families health through natural means now.

      • Tara, people like you and Robin (and my former neighbor’s son and my niece with all her allergies) who really shouldn’t vaccinate because of your child’s or you family’s medical history are the reason why it’s so important that the rest of us do vaccinate.

        • Well, I don’t personally believe in herd immunity. You realize that an immunized person can still be a carrier, if you are immunized successfully and come into contact with someone with let’s say whooping cough, those germs can still live on you and in you, you just will not develop symptoms. The germs don’t magically disappear. But now we don’t know you are carrying it. So to me, a vaccinated person, that can carry germs and not know it, is more dangerous than a non vaccinated person. Also, my son has been sent home from school because he was in contact with vaccinated kids in school that came down with measles, chicken pox, and even whooping cough, and he never got any of those things. But now I have to keep my kid at home, missing class, while vaccinated kids are in class, taking turns getting sick. Makes no sense. Some diseases appear scary, and everything has risks, however pumping little kids full of carcinogens and heavy metals in the name of health is insane.

        • Well, I don’t personally believe in herd immunity. An immunized person can still be a carrier, if you are immunized successfully and come into contact with someone with let’s say whooping cough, those germs can still live on you and in you, you just will not develop symptoms. The germs don’t magically disappear. But now we don’t know you are carrying it. So to me, a vaccinated person, that can carry germs and not know it, is more dangerous than a non vaccinated person. Also, my son has been sent home from school because he was in contact with vaccinated kids in school that came down with measles, chicken pox, and even whooping cough, and he never got any of those things. But now I have to keep my kid at home, missing class, while vaccinated kids are in class, taking turns getting sick. Makes no sense. Some diseases appear scary, and everything has risks, however pumping little kids full of carcinogens and heavy metals in the name of health is insane.

  146. I really enjoyed this post. We do selective vaccinations – we have refrained from chickenpox and flu “vaccines”, and will not do the HPV vaccines either. Had I known more when my son was born, I would also have chosen to avoid the Hepatitis B vaccine. My son has had DTaP, Rota, and any of the other standard vaccines. Honestly, I am completely uncomfortable with either decision. I’m completely uncomfortable giving vaccines, as I know that there are a lot of unknown potential side effects later down the road. I’m also completely uncomfortable skipping all vaccinations, because I have an aunt who was disabled by polio, and I know folks who have had bad cases of measles, and I also know that these diseases are nothing to take lightly. So either way, I hate the entire topic. We did do the Dr. Sears alternate schedule, and that has provided me with at least some comfort. My state doesn’t allow religious exemptions (yay, West Virginia. *sarcasm*), so unless we go through the chickenpox illness, I’m going to be forced into that one before my son enters school. I cannot understand how ANY parent judges another on their decision to vax or not vax. It is such an incredibly complicated matter. There is no black and white; the whole thing is a gray area. Both decisions are motivated by fear, unfortunately, and there is no way around it.

    • Well said I agree with you completely!

    • Kiya, I feel EXACTLY the same way.
      I’m 8 months pregnant with our first and, after SO much reading on both sides of the situation, I’m just completely torn. Like you, I don’t feel great about vaccinating and I don’t feel great about completely abstaining. We’re probably going to delay vaccines and/or just do the alternative schedule as Dr. Sear’s suggests. For now, at least.

  147. Our family has chosen not to vaccinate as well. At first our extended family was very against the idea but in researching for themselves more and more are becoming weary of the vaccines that the govt. and big pharma love to push.

  148. I agree with everything in the post! My husband and I have decided, however, to go with a VERY delayed and selective schedule for our daughter. We live in a very densely populated, diverse area in Boston, MA and do not have a car– so, we ride the train and are with the masses often. All those factors plus our daughter being a young baby in the height of sickness season put our daughter much more as risk for catching something, so we have vaccinated for only dTap, Pc, and HIB because they were the most likely to be transmitted to her easily/ deadly. Beyond those, we will probably refrain unless there is an outbreak.
    However, if we lived in a suburban area and could easily keep her safe, I would not vaccinate at all!!

  149. What about the flu shot? My kids have never had a flu shot before, but everyone is suggesting they get one. I have a 12 week old and they are both in school right now. The flu is really bad here and just heard of a 10 day old baby and 13 year old girl that have now died from the flu. I’m so scared that one if my children or myself will get it. But I’m equally scared of the flu shot. Any suggestions?

  150. We have chosen to vaccinate on a very delayed and selective schedule. At 3 my son is mostly caught up. I truly believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure- but also believe that we are lucky enough that the majority of mothers do choose to vaccinate thus creating herd immunity and protecting those who choose not to vaccinate.

    It is best to do your research from reputable sources- like Dr Sears, AAP and other established reference material. So much of what you see online is very biased.

  151. We vaccinate our boy, but we are on an alternate schedule and spread them out and we also delayed vaccinations at the hospital. And even though he’s getting the same vaccinations as the other kids, we had to sign a waiver stating we were on an alternate schedule(watch out people!! hee hee). If he didn’t go to daycare I might’ve considered other options, but I feel this is the right choice for us: )

    We also chose a pediatrician that practices integrative medicine. When it came to vaccinations, they had a few recommended schedules for us and didn’t feel pressured in anyway. We also got a paper, now that he’s a bit older, of several ways to start boosting his immunity like echinacea or thyme tea.

  152. The only vaccine we have chosen not to give, so far is the HPV vaccine.

  153. I understand the concerns parents have w.r.t vaccinations and I agree that we need to make them safer. Anything that goes into our children needs to be as safe as can be.

    However, the fact is vaccination saves lives. I come from India and being in a developing nation teaches you to value life-saving methods of prevention over curing them.

    Being in America, I see that people under-estimate the power of preventable diseases through vaccination and the havoc a pandemic can cause to young infants and people with compromised immunity. We are collectively more protected with 100% vaccination as opposed to any other number.

    By choosing not to vaccinate, I think that you end up harming any young child who hasn’t had a chance to be vaccinated fully yet and such children although healthy are a risk to others.

    Yes, there are side effects to vaccines and there are some ingredients that are not perfect. We could have issue with the aggressive schedules and choose to bring it on slowly. But not vaccinating is very risky in my mind both to yourself and others.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. Developed countries that have largely eradicated vaccine-preventable diseases due to, in large part, the introduction of vaccines forget that in many developing nations these diseases are still an issue.

      Yes, there are ingredients in vaccines that may seem harmful, but when you look at the amount of the ingredient in vaccines and the incidents of that ingredient naturally occurring in foods or the environment, it’s a non-issue for me. The risk of the disease far exceed the risk of vaccine injury.

      I vaccinated my daughter according to the schedule except for hep b and varicella. Once she started in preschool, i started vax for hep b (her 3rd dose is coming up this month). I understand the fear parents may have in vaccinating, but I personally don’t buy into singled-out accounts of vax injuries or scare tactics by non-vaxers. I made my decision after reading and reading and reading and asking many questions to both non-vaxers and pro-vaxers.

      All world health organizations recommend vaccines. All of them.

    • I agree 100% with you. I don’t judge those who choose not to vaccinate but it is because of those who do that the unvaccinated children are safer.

      • Highly incorrect. My children never get sick. If anything, bc of vaccine shedding and virus mutation (bc of vaccines) vaccinated children/adults put the unvaxxed at risk. It is deemed the other way around but it not true at all.

        • Right, that’s why many diseases have virtually disappeared in vaccinated countries. :insert sarcasms:

          Hey I’m all about parent’s choice. I don’t judge those who choose to not vaccinate their children. I get the reasons why you wouldn’t want to. BUT vaccinations have eliminated many destructive and deadly diseases.

        • I hardly think an inactive virus can mutate.

          Its all a game of statistics. Luckily your kids have fallen into the category that did not fall sick with the regular exposure they must get to all forms of diseases. Its highly unlikely that anyone can keep their kids 100% germ free even in a clean environment like the USA.

          You get transient population from developing countries, you fly planes, you take trains, you basically interact more with people’s germs than you interact with people.

          So I am glad that your children are disease free without vaccinations. I hope they remain that way, but vaccines do save more lives than they hurt.

          • I was agreeing with you Poonam. I think it is crazy for people who don’t vax to say they are helping those that do. diseases have been eradicated because of vaccines. You can’t deny the facts.

        • Heather,
          Why do you think your children never get these childhood diseases? Before vaccines came along most all children had to suffer through them. Some were even permanently damaged or even died.

          Then an extensive vaccination program was instituted and the diseases all but disappeared. For instance polio USED to infect 30,000 people in the US every year. At the peak of the polio epidemic in 52 32,000 got sick Then the vaccine became available and the cases begin to precipitously drop off! By 1960, there were only 2,525 cases, and only 61 cases in 1965. My own father died from polio at age 26 during the epidemic.

          For now you are getting a free ride on the backs of kids who’s parents have made the wise choice to protect them by vaccinating them. But unfortunately the scales are starting to tip in the other direction. Pockets of people have chosen NOT to vaccinate and when the herd immunity gets low enough the diseases as predicted begin to remerge. This has already started to happen with measles in the UK and measles and pertussis in the US.

          Heather it’s really a VERY simple concept. It amazes me that the antivax crowd ever gained any traction with their argument against it.
          Everywhere vaccines have been introduced into the population these diseases have gone away, in some cases completely disappeared! Everywhere the vaccines have been REMOVED the diseases come back! Every single time.

          The idea that vaxed kids shed viruses is a myth. Misinformation spread by anti-vaxxers. When you Google the term “do vaccinated kids shed the virus?” be very suspect of the hits that you get. In other words consider the source. A number of hits pop up that are coming NOT from real medical experts, but from the anti-vax fringe groups. They are in no way scholarly or accurate.
          Here is a good explanation of why this claim is preposterous:


          As for your claim that vaccinated kids cause viruses to mutate the ONLY way for viruses to mutate is for them to become present in large numbers in the population, i.e. large numbers of people actually become ILL with the disease. In most cases it’s the UNVACCINATED who contract the disease NOT the VACCINATED. Therefore these diseases becoming endemic are what initiates the mutation of any given disease.



          • Susan, I am 100% with you. Unfortunately there are too many ridiculous people out there who think everybody is out to get them and believe anything that fits that irrational fear. Sadly, these people are going to be the reason their (in general) children get sick and/or die. One day they will realize the error of their ways, only it will be too late for that generation.

          • @Mom of an 18 month old,

            Yes one day they will be forced to see the error of their ways.

            But for now the reality of what these diseases are capable of doing is beginning to be played out in hospitals all around the country in the US.

            I live in a large city of 10 million. The fact that several people have contracted the H1N1 flu and died has been in the news. What they haven’t reported (yet) is that, for instance in just one hospital alone that has more than 130 ICU beds, those beds have been filled up with H1N1 flu patients on life support and not just regular life support but ECHO.(supports both heart and lungs) This hospital is now closed to accepting any more critical patients. There isn’t room for them.

            We are on the verge of a major pandemic. This is a particularly nasty strain of flu. It’s not jut killing the young and very old, but it is also killing the young who were one day healthy and just a few days later dead.

            Yet these knuckleheads are still going around crowing about refusing vaccines for themselves and their children. It’s both frightening and sad, because of what it’s probably going to take to bring them to their senses.

            And please don’t anyone bother to come on here and tell me I’m fear mongering or a pharma shill (BTW still waiting for my check, must have gotten lost in the mail) This is happening, I’m a witness to it every day.

    • A country can never be 100% vaccinated, mainly because the vaccines themselves are still not the safest they can be – some contain eggs, some contain peanut oil, etc. People can be allergic to vaccines, that is a medical fact, and those people should not be injected.

      Graphs to show that vaccines were not the precipice for the declining diseases.

      The whooping cough vaccine was never intended to eradicate the disease, just to slow down the effects – but instead whooping cough is spreading because of a different strain (viruses do mutate) and the majority of cases are ones who are vaccinated. It has nothing to do with unvaccinated children.
      http://gaia-health.com/gaia-blog/2012-10-31/whooping-cough-epidemic-caused-by-virulent-new-pertussis-strain-and-its-the-result-of-vaccine/ and

      There are many people who are concerned with both the safety and the efficacy of modern vaccines, and just desires there to be more TRANSPARENCY to the people of what vaccines are currently doing.

      Sometimes you have to go directly to the source. The cdc pink book:http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/index.html
      Scroll until you see View Online, or Download and Print the Pink Book-you can view it all online. They also publish a monthly newsletter of “outbreaks” see box on right-hand side to get email updates:http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/ make sure you check out their vaccine main page-lots of info on their site! Research, research, and research the vaccine and the disease.
      Just read the facts of what is in each vaccine, look at what those ingredients have been proven to do to the systems in a body then look up what is developing in your baby at this point in their life.

      Other articles to read:

      Also, Billions are paid out through the National Vaccine Court – billions provided by the those who take the vaccines – currently 75 cents for every vaccine – not the vaccine companies.
      Each new vaccine offers BILLIONS of dollars in market share, with ZERO product liability. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that even if the vaccine manufacturer knew a safer way to manufacturer, not only do they not have to do so, but they have zero product liability, regardless. In fact, due to special interest groups and lobbyists, it is the American taxpayer who foots the bill. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act was put in place to receive the product liability claims of vaccine injured people and children. Therefore, if you or your loved one are injured by the vaccine, the manufacturer doesn’t pay even one penny! The burden for the health care costs are born by all of us in the form of higher premiums for private pay and higher taxes to cover the medicaid burden of vaccine damaged children.

    • I completely agree. It is just too risky to not vaccinate your child. I would be beside myself if anything happened to my child because I did not vaccinate them on the hunch that there might be something wrong with vaccinations when it is well known that they protect against many diseases.

  154. I was talking about this the other day with my husband. His father is a pediatrician who says that there is nothing as horrible as the look on a parent’s face when he tells them that their child has measles, which is, according to him, the most painful disease a young child can get. The look of realization that they could have prevented it. But I have lots of friends and family who don’t vaccinate. I guess I usually think that, truly, one of the biggest reasons that it’s safe not to vaccinate your child is because of all the parents that do choose to vaccinate their children.

    • my grandma had 10 kids and all of them had the measles as kids. I asked my grandma what it was like and she basically said it wasn’t a big deal except for the fact that 7 of her 10 kids came down with it at the same time. Furthermore, herd immunity is only a theory that has no scientific merit to back it up

          • Your link claiming that herd immunity is a fallacy has no sources, and therefore no credibility, unlike the studies linked above. I would really like to see credible sources supporting no vaccinations (as it is something I am considering), but I have yet to see something to really (and credibly) show the side opposing pro-vax (and I have done the research but am not satisfied with what the “anti” side has presented).

          • Lindsay,
            I read the article to the link you posted. Apparently Dr. Russell Blaylock has forgotten what he learned in medical school.

            Dr. Blaycock uses tetanus as an example of proof that herd immunity is a myth. Tetanus is NOT a contagious disease that is spread from person to person. This is why it is a relatively rare. I have seen a few cases. But tetanus is not a contagious disease. It is spread by the bacteria entering and open wound.

            Herd immunity is a very real thing. There are some excellent articles that M posted above/

          • Lindsay,
            I read the article to the link you posted. Apparently Dr. Russell Blaylock has forgotten what he learned in medical school.

            Dr. Blaycock uses tetanus as an example of proof that herd immunity is a myth. Tetanus is NOT a contagious disease that is spread from person to person. This is why it is relatively rare. I have seen a few cases. But tetanus is not a contagious disease. It is spread by the bacteria entering and open wound.

            Herd immunity is a very real thing. There are some excellent articles that M posted above/

        • this proves absolutely nothing! The only way you would ever be able to experiment herd immunity to arrive at any conclusive evidence is if you took a population and isolated them where 95% was vaccinated. Then you introduce a virus and see if the herd protects the other 5% from contacting the disease. According to Scientist Glen Dettman, “It is pathetic and ludicrous to say we ever vanquished smallpox with vaccines, when only 10% of the population was ever vaccinated.” Smallpox alone disproves your “herd immunity”
          I suggest you do more research and start with the name I just mentioned, whom I am sure you have never heard of or read any of his scientific papers. He Authored and co-authored numerous Scientific Papers and Books and he was appointed Head of a Research Team in 1969 to investigate the claims of Dr Kalokerinos in relation to Immunization Hazards and Efficacy of Vitamin C.

        • this proves absolutely nothing! The only way you would ever be able to experiment herd immunity to arrive at any conclusive evidence is if you took a population and isolated them where 95% was vaccinated. Then you introduce a virus and see if the herd protects the other 5% from contacting the disease. According to Scientist Glen Dettman, “It is pathetic and ludicrous to say we ever vanquished smallpox with vaccines, when only 10% of the population was ever vaccinated.” Smallpox alone disproves your “herd immunity”
          I suggest you do more research and start with the name I just mentioned, whom I am sure you have never heard of or read any of his scientific papers. He Authored and co-authored numerous Scientific Papers and Books and he was appointed Head of a Research Team in 1969 to investigate the claims of Dr Kalokerinos in relation to Immunization Hazards and Efficacy of Vitamin C. He was also awarded for his scientific research

          • http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=768249

            Just take a look at the graphs they speak for themselves, you can’t point out where vaccines came in a saved the day by lowering mortatlity.

            I know what you were shown and taught in nursing school but I’m cure you were not shown these graphs that show mortality rates due to infectious diseases were already on the decline and the rate of decline did not increase, rather it decreased and level off.

            Again sanitation and nutrition not vaccination.



  155. We have vaccinated our son for everything so far (13 months). We have been on a slightly different schedule and he had nothing at birth. A big comfort to me was looking at the VAERS site for our state. There was an extremely small amount of adverse reactions for children in our state. Our son goes to daycare and we travel to Mexico (not the resort area) every year so we felt it was important to vaccinate. Also, our family has had no history of adverse reactions. My husband is a scientist and works with several immunologists so he had access to some great information about vaccines. I also did far too much research on the issue. It is a very personal issue and I do not judge anyone who chooses not to vaccinate.

    • Erica,

      That was so respectfully said. Thank you. Choosing whether to vaccinate, not vaccinate or delay vaccination for your precious little ones can be such a tiresome & difficult decision. So it’s refreshing to read any perspective that is articulated so well & covered in kindness. Again, thank you.

    • Agreed! Erica, thank you for demonstrating rational response! I do not vaccinate but have long maintained the same thought; that vaccination is a highly personal decision and I don’t judge anyone else’s choices. My least favorite part of the vaccine topic is just how vicious and rabid people can get about it… on both sides of the equation.

        • I was just wondering if some states by there laws if they could make u get your child vaccinated? Could a mother be considered a negligent parent ?

          • No, thankfully. Not in North America, anyway.

    • well put. My 2 year old had all hers on time also. Plus I paid for chicken pox and rotovirus ( wasn’t covered by the New Zealand public health care system at the time, changed months latter). For all the vaccine injuries stories their are those of children saved. My friends unvaccinated child caught Rotovirus while in the hospital for meningitis. 16 days in IUC.

  156. Hubby and I have 7 kids, all unvaccinated. We grow more confident of our decision every year. We all got Whooping Cough last aspring. I still don’t regret not vaccinating.

    • Hi Carrie-

      Just curious…can you tell me a little more about your experience with whooping cough? What you did to help treat, how old your children were, etc. I am very curious as I have three kids, the youngest being 12 months. chinya76 AT yahoo dot com

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