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Week 7 Postpartum

For the past few weeks I’ve painted a sunny picture of life with a newborn. Well let me tell you, the clouds have rolled in. Hear all about it in this week’s update.

The past several weeks I’ve painted a pretty sunny picture of life with a newborn and let me tell you that the last have rolled in. It’s week 7 postpartum.

Here’s what happening physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Physically Paloma’s doing well. Her eyes are wide open when she’s awake she’s been smiling a lot, she likes to play on her activity mat, doing a little tummy time so that’s been really fun. Kind of what our routine is like, the minute she gets up, she wants to be nursed and that takes about 15 minutes or so, then I burp her really well kind of hold her of right for a little bit then I put her on her activity mat and she plays there for about 15 minutes so, that’s awesome.

I love to see her to be able to engage with her environment and just kind of be at peace in her own skin so to speak, and it seems like each week that time that she’s able to play independently, like that gets longer and longer and then after that she wants to be held and she just wants to be held and held and held and rocked. And then usually she nurses again she likes to come and break up from meal and then I bounce her and just hold her and carry her and she is very picky, Β you have to hold her in a certain way otherwise she’s just kind of crabby and she throws her head back.

She got me thinking oh my gosh she’s got gas, she’s got something wrong so I’ve been looking into it. So at first I gave her a lot of children probiotics and I’m actually giving those to her cuz they are very helpful and I also started giving her some different remedies for gas. So there is like colic calm which is a remedy, it has some homeopathic stuff and some other ingredients for one of them is an activated charcoal which helps to absorb some of that excess gas. So I started giving her that. It didn’t seem to help a ton and I think as I looked at her symptoms she wasn’t really exhibiting a lot of gas symptoms per se. Her stomach wasn’t gurgling, so wasn’t farting a lot or anything like that.

So then I started thinking, well maybe I need to take her to a chiropractor, so I took her to this chiropractor we’ve been going once a week and he’s been adjusting her and he did say you know what she does have some misalignment. The truth is babies that have really fast birth can have misalignments and they can store some of the tension and the force of Earth literally in their body.

Just so you know baby chiropractors they do not crack the baby, they do not do anything like that, it’s a very gentle manipulation. She doesn’t really like it that much but I’m hoping that it will help her with her neck throwback and stuff like that but I also think that she’s suffering a little bit from silent reflux. Regular reflux is when the baby projectile vomit. They can’t be laying on their back because it hurts so bad because of the gas and stuff like the acid I should say.

The silent reflux, the baby keeps it in and they kind of swallow it backdown so, they say it can actually can be more painful because it’s like the acid comes up and then they swallow it back down. It’s very common because baby has such an immature digestive system and that flap that covers the stomach from the esophagus can sometimes not close fully, stuff like that, but I think that might be part of what’s making her uncomfortable because I do notice that she swallows a decent amount when she’s up and she has some wet burps which is another sign, and I guess she just seems uncomfortable so I’m working with a homeopathic guy, I’ve been giving her a remedy, and I will keep you posted on how it goes.


Emotionally we’re doing pretty well although we have our moments of weariness. Paloma gets up from her last nap around 7:30 and then from 7:30 to 11 we call it the witching hour because she is just up and she wants to be held. So that’s what we do, we rock her, we bounce her, I carry her, we just are with her. Little snatches or she’ll go on her activity mat or where she’ll nurse or just do some other things but generally speaking she wants to be held and rocked. So Mike and I got really creative with what to do during this time. We’ll watch movies and I just keep her face away from the screen and that’s my kind of fun.

We’ve been singing songs, we’ll drink tea we’ll just think of things to do, to kind of kill the three and half hour block of time and it’s been hard cuz they know sometimes I just want to go to bed early but that’s kind of where her clock is right now. And luckily she’s not inconsolable, she’s not crying hysterically and I remember when Griffin hit 6 weeks from 6 weeks for like 3 months he had a witching hour and he would just cry and there was nothing I could do to make him stop. I mean I would rock him, nurse him, do all these other things didn’t work.

With Paloma she’s very easy to console, she’s very suitable. So she loves certain pictures in our house, she’ll just stare at. There’s a fan in her kitchen that’s really loud and she loves that. We rock her and she’s happy.

So that helps, the greatest gift is when we put her to bed at eleven she sleeps all the way through till 5 or 6 in the morning which is such a tremendous gift. I can’t believe that this is my child, that is sleeping that long just on breastmilk at this young of an age. So that’s kind of crazy and such a gift and reminds me like okay you can handle that 3 and 1/2 hour late night thing because you’re not getting up at night.

And as a result I’m pretty well rested and I’m thinking I’m going to be getting my period soon because I’m like that is such a long period of not nursing so anyways hopefully by 3 months or so she’ll start going to bed earlier that’s what Griffin did and it just so happens that Paloma turns 3 months on Valentine’s Day. What a great treat!


I’m really feeling connected and kind of this camaraderie with my fellow Chicagoans and midwesterners because this is been a really hard winter. It’s been very cold and very snowy. Usually we don’t get both of those but we are big time this year. So much so that Mike’s work was cancelled and that is crazy that never happens. Griffin didn’t start preschool they cancelled that I mean which I mean multiple days. So is just been wild and on Facebook and it’s everywhere people are saying gosh Are we going to survive this winter? I’m doing this stuck inside, and I’m eating a lot and I’m watching TV, I’m so bored.

Hey! Well welcome to my world this is where I’ve been living for 7 weeks people in my pajamas or in my yoga pants hanging out at home not going anyplace eating a lot because I’m nursing and starving all the time and it comforts me in some weird way, knowing that other people aren’t going anywhere any place either. So that’s actually been kind of fun and I think also would really help soon as my faith because I think in years past I would just kind of gotten into the depression, like oh my gosh this is terrible and just not being to leave the house would just drive me crazy but I think my faith always gets me that hope. And just, like you know, what this too shall pass, and I can find comfort in my relationship with God and find ways to commune with him that brings me joy in like the worst of circumstances and it’s not even the worst of circumstances we have a beautiful baby girl and I’m in a warm house, I got food in my fridge and then some, this is awesome.

So it helps me get through it and it reminds me with this one quote from Albert Camus that says “In the midst of winter I found there was within me an invincible summer”, isn’t it beautiful? so I’d like to just go to an invincible summer place inside and just chill.

  1. Your course and these weekly updates are such a blessing to this first time mama. Thank you so much!!

  2. I have been reading your post every week, and I must say I greatly appreciate them. They have gotten me through some tough weeks with my little guy. Thank you and continue writing!

  3. I’m wondering what you mean by “fast birth”. My baby was born relatively “fast”, I mean I didn’t push much, she shoot down really fast (from the time her crown was seen until her whole body came out) so nobody could catch her before she touched the mattress (soft surface though). Our midwives were all surprised how fast it was. Is it considered as “fast birth”? If that’s the case, I would consider getting her alignments assessed.

  4. Can i just tell you how much I LOVE these weekly updates? Whenever they come in I jump online to read them! Thank you for documenting your journey with paloma. I have a newborn girl and a toddler boy and I just relate to so much of what you say and love your honesty. You are hands down my favorite birth person and I thank God you followed his calling on your life to do this! Thank you!!

  5. Wow, reading your post and quite afew comments has me wondering how many of you have babies with tongue and lip ties :/ My first baby and now my 2nd bith had them and had ALL of those symptoms and more! Might he something worth looking into? They can cause long term effects if they go unrevised :/ Good luck!

  6. Hi Genevieve!
    I’ve been watching your post partum series as I’m 8 weeks post partum with our baby girl! She seems to have silent reflux too, she pulls off and cries during nursings and cries a lot afterwards. I also have a lot of milk and a fast let down like you do. Would love to know what homeopathic meds worked for Paloma!! Thanks so much!

  7. I wonder if this is what my now-9 month old had? Silent reflux, that is. I wasn’t too worried about him, though we did try probiotics and tummy massage, thinking perhaps it was gas. He was often fussy while nursing and after. I partially attributed it to an over-active letdown on my part, during nursing. He used to have enormous burps and spit up a TON. Not really projectile vomit, though. Even still, he will burp up regular solid food but now he doesn’t spit up, he can just swallow it. Ah, the travails of taking care of a young baby who can’t tell you what is wrong with them. As parents we usually assume fussiness is either gas or hunger, but there’s probably other things we should check into also πŸ™‚

    I had him sleep on his tummy later on, and that helped quite a bit.

  8. ah- the witching hour!!! so true!!!

    love the reminder of the beginning stages. each child is so different. my last 2 were so hard and needed so much time and energy focused to them. and wow on the sleeping!!!! i’m JUST NOW starting that w/ my 11 month old! 11pm-3am, actually…… and life is so much happier when mama gets some sleep… which has been a long time coming.

    winter has been miserable. but it’s been like spring for 2 weeks in New England!!!

    til next week….. well done! first baby video i’ve seen and really enjoyed it!

  9. Hi Genevieve, great video & thanks for sharing, this is the first of your postpartum videos I’ve tuned into. It’s exciting to see how identical our girls are! My daughter is 8 weeks and we are living the same lives at the moment πŸ™‚ I have the same semi-gassy uncomfortable little squirmer. I know all about 7pm-11pm witchy hour! We watch movies then too, while holding her, and she’s content. (But the second you try to set her down.. nuh-uh!) I was watching your video saying “me too” to everything! πŸ™‚ Literally, I could have finished your sentences. I even get to sleep all night until about 5am (sometimes 8:30am), I just change her diaper, nurse her, and then back to bed for a few hours more.

    As for the gassy fuss, I haven’t used any probiotics or other remedies. Around 4-6 weeks was her worst bit and it has gotten better since. She had developed a bumpy rash (maybe baby acne) from the waist up during that time too. I was nervous about the rash and the fussiness coming on, but since her system is developing and changing everyday, I relaxed and they soon passed. Now I recognize that her fussiness is usually closely followed by either a few farts or an explosive bowel movement, and then she’s all smiles again! And I know just what you mean about having to switch her position so often to keep her from being crabby, just keep changing them up until she quiets down.

    I live in Buffalo, so we too have to hibernate inside for a long while. Our storm last week had my SO going nuts being stuck inside all day and I was nearly offended! Like what’s so wrong with it? I’ve been loving it for the last 8 weeks! Beautiful baby, warm heat, R&R <3

  10. Hi Ma Natural,I seen ur 7 wk vlog on YT and i was wondering if you wouldnt mind letting me know what u r giving Paloma for the silent reflux as i do think my lil baby has it too. she is going to be 6 weeks on the 15th. I live in a small town and don’t know of any homeopathic people to take her to. sorry typing ith 1 hand.

  11. Hi there:

    I swear you just described my day. My little guy is 2 months today. How nice to know we’re normal over here. Do you wrap your little girl? I find it so convenient to use the Moby or my Maya wrap when all they want is to be held. It’s the only way I get anything done. We were also having the witching hour business but it has recently gone away. No idea why. Our new thing is wanting to hang out at 5 a.m. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  12. It gives me envouragemt to watch your videos. I too have an infant, a beautiful baby girl who’s 7 weeks. I am at home 24/7 because it’s been so cold out!

  13. Hi Genevieve, I and the one who asked for the chiropractor information, if you could help me with that I will really appreciate it.

    Thank you so much!!

  14. I was wondering why you didn’t chose to do a home birth? Were there risks you were worried about? I hear such great things about home births.

  15. Hey Genevieve! I am loving your videos and information. There are so many things that we have in common and I am loving the insight you bring to raising a family in a wholesome environment. I just had my second girl 3 weeks ago via waterbirth so I am finding comfort in watching your postpartum videos. I definitely understand about being inside wearing yoga pants all day and not ever leaving the house because that’s all I have been doing too πŸ™‚
    Keep the information flowing girl!

  16. I found this website last night and I love all of your videos, posts, etc! The Sh*T Crunchy Mamas say remind me of, well me….lol. I don’t consider myself a “crunchy mama” but I live in Northern California so maybe it’s more of the norm around here. Anyways my baby boy joined us on December 21st (which was rad because of the solstice and it was our anniversary), and today he is 3 weeks old. πŸ™‚ I love your postpartum videos because it helps me feel not so alone. My boyfriend went back to work two weeks ago and so I have been spending a lot of time in my pj’s as well, watching a lot of Netflix. I feel lucky if I can take a shower. Our little guy loves to eat! So some days I can barely make myself anything to eat. I am a vegan and so quick affordable food options are a lot harder for me. That’s a challenge in itself, trying to figure out how to make eating easier. He came a week early so I wasn’t prepared with any premade meals or anything….I don’t eat soy anymore, so I would like to find easy soy free, vegan meals to make. Thanks again for having your blog and for letting me “vent” a bit about where I am…..blessings

  17. Mama – I’m so happy Paloma is giving you such a long stretch at night! My little girl started sleeping from 10pm to 5am around 6 weeks. I loved it! Such a change from my son. At four months though, she stopped STTN after two back to back colds. She started waking every two hours – not unlike a newborn. And only now at 7.5 months are we finally getting her down to just one or two wake ups at night. My baby likes to nurse at night and loves the mama snuggles. But as you said – this to shall pass. I hope Paloma stays a great sleeper for you!

  18. What infant probiotic are you using? I am pretty sure my son has silent reflux too! I have him on the Natren Life Start probiotic. I mix 1/4 tsp with a few drops of water to make a paste and then finger feed it to him. And I second taking baby to the chiropractor. My son was a preemie, and when we brought him home from the NICU, he would arch and scream when I would try to breastfeed him (for some reason, this never happened in the NICU, but he also wasn’t breastfeeding 24/7 there like we did once he came home). One chiropractic adjustment, and he hasn’t done it since! We’ve had lots of other issues to work through, but the chiropractor was an absolute lifesaver.

  19. I live in International Falls, MN which is the “Icebox of the Nation” and we hit -42 on January 2..brrr! I’m a teacher and we had three days of school cancelled right after our Christmas break. I was definitely ready to get back to work! I always love watching your videos. Thank you for all the work you put in to getting awesome information out there!

  20. Thanks for your website! Just curious…what does your husband do for a living? You share so much of your life which is awesome to see but I don’t think I have ever heard you mention his job. If you cannot, thats ok I understand. πŸ˜‰

  21. **sorry for all the typos! I am on my phone and nursing my toddler. Lol. By the way, I am super interested in any material on paleo you can offer. Hubs and I may be doing it in a few weeks! ThAnks

  22. move to California you would love it and I would love it because you could be my friend!!! πŸ™‚ we have had weather in the 60’s for at least a month now! Actually some people are complaining of too much sunshine lol. But seriously I was at the park today with my toddler and was worried about getting sunburned. I’m so sorry you guys are going through that in the midwest. Thank you so much this blog and all your videos… I can’t tell you how helpful you are to me and how enjoyable your personality is… you always inspire me and put a smipe on my face and after watching one of your videos I’m always in a better mood! You are a real blessing. πŸ™‚ I’m 25 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and each week a highlight of mine– I have been going through your pregnancy videos and watching the week I’m on. Its been great! Can I just say paloma is so beautiful and like a porcelain doll baby!?! Everytime you show her it makes me just ooo and ahhh. You’re doing a great job. Take care Genevieve and God be with you!!

  23. G & M,

    Love your videos! You mentioned that you were going to try eating on the Paleo Diet for the next 30 days… I am very interested to hear your progress as this is something that I am starting next week for myself! Any tips or tricks you could share regarding your new eating habits would be awesome!

    • Hi Meghann!

      We are releasing week one video tomorrow… all about Paleo (it’s a little late but we’ll be more prompt next week πŸ™‚ ) Hope it’s helpful to you! XOXO

  24. I’m 33 weeks into my second pregnancy and it’s been fun to watch your videos with Griffin at three and a newborn in the house… we’ll have the same set-up in just another few weeks!

    The downside to watching your videos is that they remind me “I don’t remember the newborn stage!” (to a certain extent). πŸ˜‰ What I do remember is how long and hard we’d work to get our newborn/infant/baby to take naps and/or sleep… and the feeling of being totally overwhelmed with the new normal of a baby in the house and my feelings of being non-productive.

    Thanks for being real and posting videos each week that capture both anxiousness, hopes, and joy. Keep ’em coming!

    • Aw, thanks Rachel! And CONGRATS! I have to say, Griffin is doing SO WELL! I really feel that the 3 year age gap benefited us big time. He’s such a little boy now and is really understanding and patient with the new set up πŸ™‚ You’ll do great. The thing is… it goes FAST. Long days… short years. Paloma is almost 2 months! Enjoy your last weeks of pregnancy!

  25. Awww… Your snow looks awesome. My girls would love to go out and make a snowman! We live in AZ, so when its summer and blistering hot here we are all stuck inside for 3 months too with “cabin fever”:)

    • It is fun… for a minute. HA! No, it would be awesome if it was just warmer. Today is finally nice… almost balmy and all the snow is melting away. At least in AZ, you have bad weather for 3 months. Here? It’s more like 6 months!

      • Yes, that is a good point:) I can’t believe that Paloma is sleeping soooo great! That is a gift in itself from above. I don’t think any of my babies slept like like-especially being breastfed. I remember reading somewhere that if your baby sleeps through the night don’t say a thing to your friends -they will hate you -lol:) You are blessed!!

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