What’s wrong with my neck?!? Why is it seizing up on me every day?

When my neck “locks up” like this, I’m in tons of pain, I can’t drive a car or carry my kids. I’m miserable!

But here’s the weird thing. I didn’t injure it or strain it. I wasn’t in an accident. There’s no simple way to find the root of the problem and treat it.

Or is there?

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In this video I’m going to get real and just kind of talk to you about what’s going on with my life, what would happen if I’m natural, different things like that so get ready.

Since I have kids, I’ve worked full time, part time, no time. Michael has worked part time and full time. We’ve done so many different worked arrangements and I believe God has a plan through it all, okay?

It can be so individualized depending on your family, but I have found what’s work best is for me to work part time and Michael to work full time. Michael loves to work and so he needs that for his just his well being and for me I love part time because I really love accomplishing things and sharing messages with you and doing blog posts, but I also love being with my kids; I really, really love it.

This past year we worked a lot. We’ve always had a baby sitter come a couple days a week, but this past year we launched our birth course. We also launched a free week to week email series for natural moms, so if you’re pregnant and you want to know more about natural approach be sure to sign up via the link above.

And we have another project which will be even bigger which I’m super excited to share with you guys in a couple of months but it’s also going to be a lot of work.

So we had our baby sitter, but I also was working nights, Michael and I would rotate on weekends and it was just crazy. Plus we moved to Florida, so that was a huge adjustment. We crossed several state lines; we had to get acclimated to new environment and so this is just a lot of stress on the system, right?

And it really kind of showed up in my body.

I guess I didn’t realize all that was going on but in December I started to get neck pain. My neck would lock up, okay and let me just show you how it looks when neck locks up. I can barely drive because it’s really not safe because I’ve to basically move my whole entire body to look around. I can’t hold my children, it’s hard to cook.

It’s really, really miserable. It’s muscular. Everything just locks up. I’ve tried chiropractic, I’ve tried oils, I’ve done massage I mean I was just trying everything.

It started in December which happened to be a really busy month. We traveled for work, we traveled for family in the holidays.

Then January came along and started happening frequently, we’re talking like almost every day okay, and I’m like this (neck bent over).

I cannot live like this because you know this has happened before, maybe once every six months, but never anything like a couple times a week or every day.

So finally, I’m like I gotta find a solution to this and so I was praying, praying, praying and somehow I stumbled upon this book, Healing Back Pain and it’s written by Dr. John Sarno.

The theory is some people with chronic back and neck pain have emotional things are going on versus physical. There’s a whole theory behind this, you gotta read the book to really understand it.

As I was reading this book part of me was skeptical to be completely honest; I’m like yeah whatever. But I started to read through it, and just as I’m just reading this book, my neck pain decreased by 30%.

So I was like maybe I would need listen to what this guy is saying.

What he is saying is that emotions like anxiety, fear, rage, sadness can get buried because your body because sometimes it’s easier to deal with the physical symptom than it is with those emotions.

So I started pressing into that. What is going on emotionally that is creating this lock up in my neck? Who’s the pain in my neck? Where am I carrying the weight of the world?

I was thinking all of these symbolic things, and finally it dawned on me what it really was.

One day I was working on the computer my neck locked up; every time I work it seemed that’s when would lock up.

And I realized, “why am I working so hard? Why am I working so much?”

By God’s grace, my husband Michael works full time. I don’t have to put a ton of hours in every week and so why am I doing this?

So I went to be with my babies, told the baby sitter to just go home for the rest of the day, I’m going to hang with the kids play with them for the rest of the afternoon.

Then the next week I did an experiment, I did not work once. I just hung out with the kids, played with them whole day. I did check in some emails and some comments at night but really I was just with them.

And would you know that my neck did not lock up once?

And so I feel like right now, in this season, God is really calling me to be at home with my kids and just hang out with them and be present.

I feel like there’s something of my own healing in doing that. Case in point, I went to the park probably a month ago with Griffin, and he was like mom, come on the merry-go-round. So we went to merry-go-round together, and there’s just a special moment about this particular time at the park where I was really present and I just wanted to be with him. Because let’s face it, sometimes parenting is hard and we don’t want to be there and we’d rather be off working or being with girlfriends or doing something else. But this particular time I really wanted to be with him, and I was just really teachable.

He said, okay mom let’s go up this playground. Look at the view from up here isn’t it amazing? It’s so beautiful, you can see everything. And I looked, and I thought, it really is cool and I looked from all of this high up…and he took me to this area of the park and I was literally seeing the world through his eyes.

It’s a cliché right? Seeing the world though a child’s eyes? But it’s true and magical and it was so healing.

I feel like God is just reprioritizing some things and kind of my heart.

And so that’s kind of where we are at. Michael and I are being creative with our schedules. I still do work, I do a little bit of work every night and then we’re going to still do videos because I love making videos. I’ll make it work.

I think the biggest thing I’ve really taken away from this is the mind body connection. And this book is really cool. In fact there is actually website called thankyoudoctorsarno.org with testimonials from people who have been healed just by reading this book, I mean pretty crazy stuff.

So check it out if any of you is struggling with you know chronic neck or back pain; it could maybe be some emotional stuff that’s going on. I’m going to share another video more about this, but that will be coming later.

So that’s my story, I would love to hear from you just any of what I shared resonate with you maybe you’ve gone through periods in your life where you feel like you were working too much or maybe you’ve noticed some kind of mind body connection. Share with me in the comments below!