Paloma Natural Childbirth Videos – Why So Easy?

Here’s the fourth and final part of my birth story.

My first childbirth was 27 hours long, I needed two drops of Pitocin to push my son out, and I had a 2 degree tear. Whereas with this birth I had just a few hours of active labor and no tears at all. Which begs the question, why was this one so much easier? In this video, I cover the four factors that I believe made all the difference.

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I hope this offers some encouragement for other mamas-to-be 🙂

Transcript of this natural childbirth video

Why Was My Childbirth So Easy?

This is the fourth and final video of my natural childbirth story. Yay! Thanks for sticking with us so long here. In this video, I’m gonna share with you four tips that I think made this birth so much easier than my first.

Now, before I dive into those tips, let me just put a disclaimer out there. We could do everything perfectly and under the sun to prepare for a wonderful natural childbirth, and we can still have a really hard birth; that was my experience with my first.

I did Bradley, natural birthing classes, I did squats, I did special exercises, I ate perfectly, and you know what? My birth was hard. 27 hours, two-degree tear, I needed two drops of [BATOSIN] even to push my son out. It was brutal, and I actually had to go through a grieving process because it was not the birth that I wanted.

The greatest gift that we can give ourselves is to accept the birth that we are given. I know some moms that wanted a natural childbirth so much and they ended up having emergency C-sections; and thank God they did because their lives or their babies’ lives were in danger. I know other moms who have successful V-backs, or water births or home births.

The important thing for us is to work with the labor that we’re given, to accept it with grace, and to do as best as we can. Having said all that, I do think there were four factors that made this birth a lot easier than my first time around.

Starting with number one: This was my second birth. Yes it’s true. Second time births go a lot faster, usually, than the first. If you think about it, it’s because we already had a baby basically be the trailblazer so our body knows what to do. I could tell even when I was pregnant that this birth was gonna go faster from the way she rested in my body and the way my Braxton Hicks were happening, and that sort of thing.

In fact, when I talked to lots of other moms, most of them said that their second births were about half the time of their first. So I was kind of prepping myself for a 12-hour, 14-hour labor. Little did I know that it would be a lot faster than that.

The second factor that I think helped was body prep. Now, I started seeing a chiropractor who specialize in the Webster technique about two months before I gave birth. Now some mommas get extra credit because they start the minute they find out they’re pregnant, and I think that’s awesome. I didn’t do it that way, but either way, I think it helped a ton. I would go in once or twice a week, he would align my pelvis, get me in a really good place so that birth would be easier.

Now it’s interesting to know that with my first pregnancy, I saw the same chiropractor, but I only gave myself four weeks before my due date, and I was working full-time sitting a lot at the day so my pelvis would always get out of alignment just because we’re not meant to be sitting that much. But the second time around, since I’m chasing a three-year-old toddler and I’m a lot more active, my pelvis was a lot more stable.

I also did a lot of exercises outside of his office to keep myself in good balance. Now I did a whole separate video about that, about exercises that you can do to get your baby in optimum position for birth, so be sure to check that out. There’ll be a link in the video description below, but another great resource is checking out where she talks all about getting our bodies in good condition for birth.

The third factor was I drank red raspberry leaf tea consistently. Now I did a lot of things in terms of diet and supplements and stuff during this pregnancy, but the one thing I was most consistent with was drinking that tea. For my second trimester on, I had it almost every single day. What I did was I would just brew up a double batch, so like 16 ounces so I’d have two cups a day, I would sip it all afternoon, and I am telling you it made such a difference.

What red raspberry leaf tea does is it tones our uterine muscle and the whole pelvic wall area, and boy could I feel that. When I was giving birth and in labor, my contractions were so deep and effective and yet not really that painful; it was awesome. Compared to my first birth, they were really erratic and they were kind of hyper and they weren’t really that strong. So I definitely, definitely recommend the red raspberry leaf tea.

In fact, two days before I gave birth I made a huge batch of this double strength red raspberry leaf tea, I got the loose tea, I brewed it up and it was very, very strong. So I drank a quart of it the day before I gave birth and a quart on the morning I gave birth. I had no idea I was going into labor, and wow, I think it really super charged my delivery.

The fourth and final factor that I think made all the difference was prayer. Now don’t get me wrong, when I was pregnant with Griffin, we prayed a ton, too. But with this birth, we just took it up a notch, and I started filling my mind with positive thoughts around birth; the book that helped me the most on that was called Supernatural Childbirth. Now I know some people that used hypno-birthing or hypno-babies to basically do the same thing, but it was just about reframing that—‘Hey, I can actually have a birth that was enjoyable, that was quick and it didn’t have to be hard and painful.,’ and it really helped to do that, to start thinking differently.

I also, during labor, listened to this MP3 called Childbirth and the Glory. I am telling you, this was my favorite tool out of anything I used, because I essentially labored most of the time alone. Mike was either sleeping or he was out getting food, when I got to the hospital, my doula was only with me for about ten minutes, so it was just me and my little MP3 player, listening to this music and it just helped me a ton.

I felt so much with and connected to God, and that power got me through. I also had a lot of you praying for me, so thank you so much for that, and let’s not forget those 600 praying nuns. I’m telling you, once my mom gave me that call and told me that they were praying, I felt like this huge shift. In fact, when I was in the car in the hospital, I’m like, ‘Gosh, these nuns have power.’

So there you have it, the four factors that I think really helped me have a faster and easier and actually enjoyable childbirth, but we’d love to hear from you. I know a lot of mommas out there who have some great birth stories, share with us any tips or tricks that you did that helped you along, leave it in the comments below. Thanks as always for tuning in.

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  1. Amazing! Its genuinely awesome piece of writing, I have got much clear
    idea concerning from this article.

  2. Hi,
    I started following your blog while pregnant with my first baby..I loved your posts/videos. They were amazingly inspirational. The best part was the ‘Childbirth in glory’ album. Throughout the pregnancy, I listened to them and felt very connected with Jesus. On the day of labor,my water broke at 5 am.We went to hospital and I was already 4cm dilated. My contractions started at around 8 am. Me and husband were listening to the album and praying. I took the epidural around 2 pm and both of us slept in the labor room(LOL.. My nurse was wondering how we were so peaceful that we could sleep..) I guess it was the peace of Jesus that filled us. My nurse woke me up at 5 pm and said I was fully dilated and asked me to push. I guess I pushed twice and my baby was out before 5.10 pm. and I was like, “IS delivery so easy?”!! All mommas to be, ‘Im pretty sure I had a blessed pregnancy and delivery due to the grace of Jesus.. I pray everyone here will have an amazingly blessed experience.. and thanks Genevieve for all the information.Great job!

  3. I really appreciate what you said at the beginning of this video, because I went through a very similar experience when my little guy was born 3 weeks ago. We did the Bradley classes, the exercises, read the books, etc. We were all ready for this awesome natural birth that we told everyone we were going to have, but it didn’t happen that way. My labor was 47 hours, and he was presenting sideways (facing my leg instead of my tailbone) which meant terrible back labor and he would have to turn before being born. After 41 hours, he still wasn’t turning and my body was so exhausted (my husband and I were both falling asleep between contractions) that I couldn’t control myself enough to relax for the contractions anymore. In fact, my labor was starting to regress from the exhaustion, so I was told I needed an epidural to give my body a rest period and hopefully allow baby to turn or else I would end up with a c-section. This broke our hearts (I’ve never seen my husband cry that hard! ) It was NOT what we wanted. It was what was needed though, I am hesitant to admit. When they checked me shortly after the epidural, I had finished progressing and he had turned! After laboring down while I napped, I then pushed for 2.5 hours and my little guy was born (I had a first degree tear). I really struggled with my birth story though. I felt like I had let my baby down by not giving him the best birth possible, that I had failed despite all the preparation, and that I had gone back on my word after telling so many people that I was going natural and wouldn’t get an epidural. I’m slowly learning to accept it, but there is definitely that grieving period you spoke of. God had a reason, and hopefully if there is a next time it will go easier and smoother. So glad I found your website, even if it was after the fact. 😉

  4. Hi Genevive,

    I’m really curious about your births. Why didn’t you choose to have your baby at home or a birth center with a midwife? okay, that’s the first question – then the second is- was paloma smaller then Griffin?

  5. From what I’ve read and heard 2nd and third etc. babies pretty much always come faster and easier than the first.
    I was never brave enough to try that tea when I was pregnant, even though I had read so much about it.
    I had my first last October and it was 3 hours, no drugs, no years. I was given a pethadine shot which kicked in after it was all over though which was nice 🙂 I never intended to have an all natural birth but it just happened too quickly. I dilated from 2 to 8cm in about half an hour. I really hope my second is just as easy!
    I put it down to exercising throughout pregnancy and eating pretty well (ignoring the odd craving).

    • Tears*

  6. Super fun video! I so agree with what you have to say!
    I think the most vital point here is the mental preparation! Our minds have a great power over the way our body handles life’s events. What an important reminder! When we think we can’t we likely will struggle but when we are at peace and allow our bodies to work, they really work!
    And the 600 Nuns! 🙂 Love it!

  7. Hi!

    Im 35 weeks pregnant and have enjoyed reading your blog and watching yout videos.

    I wondered if you did perennial massage and/or your thoughts?

    Thank you!

  8. hi, genevieve-
    i had a great pregnancy which unfortunately ended with 6 wks in the hospital and a c-secction at 36 wks, bad scarring, and a d&c 8 wks postpartum. not exactly the natural birth i envisioned for myself after feeling so great up until 30 wks. i am also based in chicago – would you mind sharing your dr/midwife and birth center? we are trying for #2, and i will do anything in my power to have a better experience! thanks, i absolutely love your site!

  9. wow I have never ever had a labor over 6 hours not even the first at age 17! I had all 4 kids naturally big babies but I agree that labors get faster as you have kids first was 6 hours, slight tearing 5 drops of pit, second was born in 4 hrs no meds at all and no tearing 8.6lbs, thrid just under 3 hours of labor and I almost deliverd the head myself! Nurses forgot about me lol, fourth baby 4 hours active labor no meds at all and no tearing 9.2lbs I did almost bleed out once attempting using a freestanding birth center with midwives not nurse midwives other than that had great birthing experiences.

  10. Hi mama natural,
    Great website! At what point in your pregnancy did you start drinking the red raspberry leaf tea and how much? Thanks.

    Mama O

  11. Genevieve,
    I cant thank you enough for the things you do to inspire and guide people like me.. I always keep you in my prayers as this blog has been my biggest guide through my 15 weeks since i got to know i was pregnant. I’m pregnant for the first time and started following your blog the day i got to know.. Im already on Raspberry leaf tea, doing my exercises and all the prayers and affirmations and all that you’ve said till now….The BIGGEST help has been the SUPERNATURAL CHILDBIRTH book and i can’t thank you enough for recommending it. I started reading it yesterday and i’m already so geared up and so positive and relaxed that i can’t Thank you and God and of course Jackie Mize enough for this…

    God bless you, Mike and your beautiful children.. Thank you for inspiring me to have a supernatural birth. 🙂

  12. I love your birth story!

    I just had my first baby this past October and it was a wonderful, natural experience. I did a few things that I think contributed to a great labor and birth. I practiced prenatal yoga once per week starting at 14 weeks, I saw a midwife for my entire pregnancy, I surrounded myself with positive natural birth stories and positive thoughts, I walked every day, and I drank red raspberry leaf tea. I went into labor on my own 3 days past my due date at about 9:30pm. By the time I got to the hospital I was dilated to 7 and then had him after 2 hours of pushing at 6:37am, a total of 9 hours of labor. He was 9lbs 11oz, 21.5 inches long and I didn’t rip or tear either! 🙂

  13. My first labour went by as a breeze because of Red rasberry leaf tea, birthing pool, hypno birthing book and tapes (i didnt take the classes), evening primrose oil tablets 1000 mg/day and prayer and positive thoughts! I made it to 7/8 cm dialated without knowing i was in labour. My whole labour lasted 1 hour 45 mins praise God and i was blessed to have my little one in the comfort of my home.

  14. My first labour went by as a breeze because of Red rasberry leaf tea, birthing pool, hypno birthing book and tapes (i didnt take the classes), evening primrose oil tablets 1000 mg/day and prayer and positive thoughts! I made it to 7/8 cm dialated without knowing i was in labour. My whole labour lasted 1 hour 45 mins hours praise God and i was blessed to have my little one in the comfort of my home.

  15. Thank you for sharing this! I just had my first child in September. I was committed to a natural birth, but things did not go the way I wanted…. Baby boy was 10 days late, a third membrane sweep ended up breaking my water and starting my labor. Things started slowly then became very painful with little progress. I couldn’t believe that in the preceding weeks I had painlessly dilated 3-4 cm, but after hours of active labor I only dilated 1 more cm! After several attempts to keep things going and delaying medical intervention. Pitocin was recommended. Tired after labor and previous days of walking and stairclimbing (bad idea in retrospect), I could not imagine laboring through pit. med-free then pushing baby out. I opted for the epidural. I was thankful that it wasn’t too long afterward that I was ready to push. My full story:
    Next time I’m hoping for a natural birth. Your story was encouraging!

  16. So happy to hear your second birth was so much faster! I am interested in seeing a chiropractor who utilizes the Webster technique. Do you have any recommendations of chiropractors who practice in Chicago? Thanks 🙂

  17. How does one manage to “eat perfectly” while pregnant anyway? Genuinely interested in what that looks like and how!

  18. My first birth was 8 hours with a 10lb 4oz boy….I can only imagine how quickly our next one will arrive, lol!

  19. I’m curious to know if any mothers had experience with PIH in their first pregnancy and how to prepare and/or prevent it in a subsequent pregnancy. I’ll be high risk going into my next and really, really, really do not want an induced labor, premature delivery or c-section.

  20. Thank you so much for sharing! I adore all your videos! I’m a first time mommy-to-be due May 5th 🙂 and I was wondering if you’d be able to share the music that was on your birth playlist on your Ipod. I also definitely want a good mix of calming, relaxing and rockin’ music! I know you mentioned it in your What’s In My Hospital Bag? post but could you please, please share? Thanks so much!! <3

  21. Are you tempted to just… stay home next time? 😉

    I really credit good exercise, Webster, and consistency with the RRL with my fantastic labor. We planned a homebirth but I ended up with a c-section due to poor position/presentation (boo hiss 🙁 )… however I had such a great labor at home I look back fondly on my laboring experience and didn’t feel like I had been hit by a truck the next day (c-section and all). It’s a homebirth VBAC for me next time (Lord willing)!

  22. Hi Genevieve,
    Thanks for sharing your birth story and these tips. I think you’re right on! I had a difficult birth my first time around (72 hours laboring at a birth center, dilating to 9 cm, hospital transfer, ended in cesarean). Second time, my son was born in 8 hours (from first contraction to out) flat. It was awesome! Like night and day. Yes to the chiro care and the red raspberry leaf tea, but huge YES to the power of the mind being involved in a positive way in the birthing process (whether that’s prayer or hypnobabies or whatever). The mind is a very powerful thing. Congratulations on the new baby, and best wishes for a lovely transition to family of 4.

  23. I have to say for me having a doula was the best thing to ease the labor. I had an amazing doula that was able to keep my mind of pain and keep me in a relaxed mood through most of the contractions. I reccomend using a doula for everyone, many new doulas are willing to do it for free or at low cost so it’s possible for everyone!

  24. I just have a few questions about red raspberry leaf tea. I have just entered my 2nd trimester and I’m interested in adding this to my routine. What was your preferred method for brewing? And did you drink it hot, cold, sweetened…?


  25. Does that mean 3rd babies come even faster?? I have had 2 boys both fairly easy labor but I also had epidurals with both of them and really want to try this naturally and I am trying to educate myself as much as possible but I like real stories rather then just information so I am loving reading all of these!

  26. You don’t suspect those dates? 🙂 Either way I’m going to try the tea! Thanks!

  27. Thanks for sharing your birth story! Paloma is so very precious and I just love seeing your updates and couldn’t be happier your beautiful family!! <3
    I've tried walking and a ton of EPO orally, which helped a LOT with my first, but haven't tried the RRL tea, but will definitely try it if there's a next time for us. My second was also very fast and furious (dilated from 2-10 in 2.5hrs) and catching her myself in the water was so very magical!! I love the memories we create when we are blessed enough to achieve the birth we truly desire! It is amazing stuff!! Love and blessings <3

  28. Our first one was born Oct. 23rd after 46.5+ hours of labor, I add a plus because I had been in labor all day Monday and did not really realize it until that afternoon. My labor was so backwards! At 10:30pm right when I was about to go to sleep for the night my contractions became way more intense with no patter at all, some times 12-10 min. apart sometimes 3 min apart. Long story short I could not sleep and this went on until Wed morning…when I was only 3cm!

    I was horribly exhausted. Got in the birthing tub finally that morning, and the chiropractor came at noon, adjusted me and I went from 6 cm to 10 in 30 min and pushed her out in the “caul” in 25 min.

    I also did the webster technique with my chiropractor since the beginning of pregnancy and drank red raspberry tea before becoming pregnant and all throughout pregnancy including a special blended infusion the last three weeks of pregnancy which was to help get contractions going, make them stronger and shorter labor (this brew included red raspberry).

    I was also very active during pregnancy and yet after all that I still was in labor for 46+ hours.

    A part of me feels like outside of good nutrition and a good whole food prenatal to minimize complications to develop and to have a healthy pregnancy and child, the birth itself is a lottery game! I know many woman who did not do nearly all that I did and did not eat nearly as healthy, and never exercised a hour, and they had super fast labors. So I don’t know, I think it is just the body, and your body will do what it wants despite everything. Sadly all the woman in my family, Mother, grandmothers have had super fast births, so I was hopeful.

    I just pray to God the next one is not that long! And despite everything, the hemorrhaging after birth and the super long labor I am totally excited for the next baby or 5! There is nothing more amazing than birthing your child in your own home, in a tub, catching her, and doing it 100% natural!

  29. Sooo excited to follow along on your birth story video’s and share a bit of your experience. I love how wonderful this birth went for you! Thank you for all the great tips and resources. XO Judi

  30. Did you use any of the natural aids you packed or had on hand? Ie essential oils, natural pain relief aids?

  31. Honestly, yes all of those things can help, but 2nd babies always come faster and miles easier than 1st babies. As a mom of 4 and a doula for 8 years this has been my experience. Many midwives have a saying “first babies are long, seconds short and thirds unpredictable.” 🙂 I’m so glad that it went so well for you, giving birth is the most incredible thing we as women can do.

  32. I bought a few boxes of red raspberry leaf tea, only to read on the label that it is contraindicated for women who have had prior caesarians. During my first labor, I had 7-min long contractions that would not even go down to the baseline, causing fetal stress and eventually leading to a caesarian. I was too afraid of this happening again the second time, so I didn’t drink the tea…..

    • It’s interesting that the box says that, because a dear friend (who has now had 8 C-sections!) drinks it religiously during pregnancy. I think she especially wants to strengthen her uterus for the very reason that she’s had c-sections. I’m guessing she got an ok from her doctor, and I’m sure you could ask someone if there is a next time!

  33. Six HUNDRED nuns? Love it! So happy for you and your family!

  34. I totally agree with you here. My first birth was 12 hours and I would say it was easy, even though I was pushing for 1.5 hours and had two 2 degree tears. I stayed active throughout the pregnancy and I sought chiropractic care from 6 months on and I believe it was my last adjustment that sent me into labor. I did the Hypnobabies home study program and it made for an enjoyable pregnancy and great tool during birth. I listened to it in my earbuds on the way to the hospital and up until I changed positions during pushing, at which point it was playing through the speakers in the hospital room and it calmed everyone down! 🙂 I did drink some red raspberry leaf tea, though not habitually like you. During labor I was in denial the whole time. I labored at home until my family was very nervous I wouldn’t make it to the hospital in time because my contractions were so close together. Meanwhile I was thinking, “They might not even admit me at this point.” Such denial! I arrived at 7-8 cm and shocked the nurses because I was so composed. I have a new respect for the power of positive thinking! It can’t solve everything, but it can help you handle whatever is thrown at you!

  35. I love your fourth factor. LOVE IT!

  36. I agree with all your points Genevieve!
    I drank raspberry leaf tea, yoga, hypnobirthing, and positive visuliaztion everyday. I really believe prayer or your own version of prayer is so insanely powerful! Our mind tells our body what outcome we desire.
    My first birth was barely any work and enjoyable!
    Question for you, are you continuing to take any supplements now post-partum?
    Congratulations again!

    • I love reading everyone’s different experiences:). I am 22 wks with baby #2. First time around was homebirth. A very special experience. Aside from the fact that I was on the tail end of the stumach flu:( and quite weak still. My labor was about 9 hrs. Which seemed nice to me. I did tear 3rd degree:/ ouch for the postpartum faze.! Nursing was very painful for 3-4 wks too & I was really exhausted and weak right after delivery, BUT it was worth it! I would do it all over again, but am hoping for no tearing or flu this time:)! I drank the RRL tea..used dried leaves with nettles , alfalfa, oatstraw, and peppermint. Continued drinking ( not as consitantly) while nursing. It seems to help with milk production and just overall nutrients … We mothers have to really keep the high quality nutrients coming in and replenish after & during pregnancy and breast feeding… It’s important for future babies too.

  37. I drank the tea sporadically through my last trimester. The biggest difference for me though was a positive mental attitude. I spoke positive prayers and bible verses over my body multiple times a day during my pregnancy and it helped soooo much!

    I actually used the exact same book you did 🙂

  38. These labour/delivery/birthing videos you’ve done since Paloma was born have been just absolutely fantastic. I’m 17 weeks along with baby #2 and starting to really get into birth prep. Reading birth stories, exercising etc. is where I’m at right now, and I LOVE hearing about your experience. Thank you for sharing! You are such a fantastic source of knowledge, experience, optimism and faith 🙂

  39. Love it! I agree with the Red Raspberry Leaf tea! Made a big difference in the type of contractions I had with my second versus my first. And- Big believer in chiropractic care right here! One of the best things you can do for yourself during pregnancy! ( or any other time in your life! ) I’m definitely going to listen to the Childbirth in the Glory album next time around. What a cool tool to have.

  40. Thanks for these tips! So glad you got an easier birth the second time. I am almost 31 weeks with #2 and am actually a little nervous about the birth being too fast! My labor was 12 hours with my first but I barely made it to the hospital as things progressed very quickly towards the end. I found the following helped my birth go smoothly: yoga, prayer, your recommended exercises :), and lots of walking. I didn’t know about Raspberry Leaf tea then, but I am trying to consistently drink it this time around so will have to compare. Enjoy newborn bliss!

  41. Prayer carried us too. Congrats on your new baby 🙂

  42. Oh I so agree about the Red Raspberry Leaf Tea! I drank it much more with my fifth pregnancy and the contractions were much different. They were deeper and definitely not as painful. I actually thought at one point that maybe I wasn’t in labor at all! That was kind of funny since the entire thing last 4 hours from the moment I woke until the moment I delivered.
    I also agree that prayer was a huge factor with this baby (who is 8 months today!). I had a Blessingway where all my friends prayed over me and the baby. Then they all wore prayer bracelets to remind them to continually pray for us until baby was safely in my arms. It really made a big difference IMO.

  43. I agree about that Red Raspberry Leaf tea! I have not given birth, but my husband and I are struggling with infertility so I have been drinking it as part of my treatment. I’m not pregnant yet but I’ll tell you what, it has helped with cramping during my period SO MUCH! I used to take ibuprofen (Advil) every 3=4 hours for 2-3 DAYS to cope with the pain. My fertility doctor told me that women who are trying to conceive should only use acetaminophen (Tylenol) and only when necessary. The last three cycles I have only had to take one or two doses of acetaminophen to deal with the pain. Tylenol used to not even touch my pain. What a difference! I am a believer!!

  44. Thank you for sharing! I hope to be much more consistent with my tea this last trimester. I only had it for about a month with my first pregnancy. I’m also seeing a chiropractor a couple times a week, which I’ve never done before. My first birth wasn’t bad and was 15 hours and uneventful, but recovery was hard. And of course a faster and easier birth/recovery would be awesome! What I think helped the most my first time was taking an herbal birth prep formula (Dr. Christopher’s – though I might do a different one this time) starting at 37 weeks, and Ina May’s wisdom about keeping a loose jaw and making low noises. I was SO loud during labor and seriously sounded like a cow. But I think it helped me stay relaxed and open up smoothly!

  45. My first labor was 36 hours! After I did nipple stimulation for 3 hours, we started Pitocin at the 24 hour mark, hopped in the tub for a few hours, was dilated to 5cm at the 32 hour mark I decided to get an epidural. Can’t wait to see if I’ll have better luck with baby #2! Also, here is my birth story:

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