Young Living Essential Oils Unboxing – Premium Starter Kit

I’ve been using essential oils for a few years now. I love them for many reasons, but I want to learn more. So I’m going deeper – and I plan to share my experiences along the way. πŸ™‚

I chose Young Living essential oils

After much research, I’ve decided to go with Young Living Oils. I’m not here to start or engage in any debate on which EO provider is best. Suffice it to say, there are many quality oils out there, and everyone chooses the ones that work best for them.

I like Young Living because they carefully monitor every step of the production from beginning to end through a unique “seed to seal” process, ensuring purity, safety and effectiveness.

I just got my Premium Starter Kit

This was is an investment of around $150, but definitely the best value when starting out, as it’s a great base of oils to begin with, plus a diffuser, all valued around $300.

Here’s what’s in the kit

Are you curious about Essential Oils?

Check out my web page right here on EOs, plus more info on Young Living.

How about you?

Are you into Essential Oils? What do you use them for? Share with us in the comments below!


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  1. We absolutely love Young Living Essential Oils. We have used them for 15 years and will always! We use them for everything!

  2. I look forward to navigating this journey alongside of you. I use Pure Haven Essentials oils and full products line (formulated with organic essential oils). I started with cleaning and diffusing with them and beginning to use topically as well. Best of luck with your journey, and business!

  3. Would love
    To know which to use during labour, delivery and postpartum !! πŸ™‚

  4. Hello Genevieve
    I am 28, not pregnant, and not trying….yet.
    In addition to a healthy lifestyle I’ve been practising lately , I also want to bust my levels with supplements.
    I have the following supplements , but struggling to find info on β€œwhen it’s best to take them?”:
    1. Cod liver oil – by Carlson
    2. K2 – by Jarrow formulas
    3. Raw enzymes – by Garden of life
    4. Magnesium – by Solgar
    5. Iron – by Solgar as well

    Please help/advice on:
    1. best timing to take these,
    2. maybe how to pair them (what supplement should be taken with another)
    3. and doses per day/week.

    I’ll be very! very!! greatfull and less confused, as i finally found your amazing site where almost every topic I ever had questions about , is fully covered and explained. (huge sigh πŸ™‚

    Thank You in advance.

    • Hi G, thank you for the kind words. And good for you to be so proactive about your health!

      I’m afraid I can’t give recommendations on dosage or times to take supplements. My recommendation is to follow the directions on the bottles, or speak to a naturopath in your area.

      Best wishes to you!

      • thank you for the quick answer. i had 1 more question about stretch-marks and the oils to use in the “recipe” : what almond oil and vitamin E oil did you use?
        Please share the “where to buy link” – since there’s no link on the site.
        Again (not to fawn or anything) truly an amazing and helpful site of yours!

  5. Hi Mama Natural! I have been dabbling with EOs for a while, but am wanting to get serious for me and my family. I’ve been comparing companies, and like the YL packages best. However, I am wondering about the SSN requirement. If I am only obtaining oils for personal use, is there a way around using my SSN? I recently have been told that doTERRA has stopped requiring them, so I am curious if YL will consider offering membership without SSNs, too. Thank you very so much. God bless!

  6. I am at the beginning of using & learning about essential oils as well as many of you. My Premier Starter Kit is on its way. I have to say that navigating the sign up procedure was horribly confusing and time consuming. I know quite a few YL distributors who all agree and all they could do was to ask me to be patient with the process. Time to be online AND on the phone to call YL was a challenge and then the person I spoke with seemed a bit irritated with me. I decided to continue ‘smiling as I spoke’ but was persistent and asked my questions without waivering and also was determined to get that kit ordered! Honestly I planned on ordering it almost 3 wks ago but finding the time to call while online during their business hours ….. Well anyway, I was hoping that the Reference spiral bound full-size book would be included in a distributors kit – at least as an option to buy at t deep discount – but it was not. I hope to buy one in the future but the cost is $$$$$. Anyone know of a source for purchasing one (Essential Oils Reference 5th Edition 2013 or newer – spiral bound full size) used?

    • Amazon is a great place to find it!

  7. Just tried to sign up as a wholesale member but had to call the number since I was a previous retail customer. When I called I was told that I was somehow already assigned a sponsor? So I had to email the resolutions department to get the sponsor changed. Trying to wait to purchase the kit till the sponsor is straightened out. Uggh! We will see what happens.

  8. I love you to death, Genevieve, and have been following you since waaaay back. I’m a little sad that you have chosen to get into the whole oils MLM business and fallen prey to the YL deceptive marketing. I have quite a bit of respect for you, and love your unending pursuit of all things natural and good.

    I understand that you’re not interested in the “oil wars” between companies – neither am I frankly – but PLEASE do research outside the company you have chosen.
    EO’s are powerful, a form of medicine in fact, as I’m sure you’re well aware. But no MLM rep or company I have seen provides the whole truth. That there is no such thing as a “therapeutic grade” (marketing term). That the same EO that diffuses well is not suitable for topical use, or that a heavy dilution is necessary for some oils while others may be used in greater concentration. That using EO’s neat can be very harmful. That repeated exposure can “sensitize” you after a while and render the EO of choice essentially useless. That ingestion of EO’s is not recommended by any aromatherapy course, school, or organization (US and international).

    I love essential oils. I have about 5 different companies’ oils in my medicine cabinet, so this is not about the brand at all. I am concerned about the amount of deceptive marketing that has and will harm just as many people as the big MLM companies claim to help. :/ Please be careful!

    • What essential oil companies do you recommend? There are so many out there and I’ve read many other blogs who say they would never buy from a MLM. I have a few in mind but I honestly have found one that really stands out. I just want the best and most effective product. Thanks! πŸ™‚

    • I am also curious what oils you use : )

    • Hi Amanda – I’m also curious as to what brands you prefer. You mention safety concerns with using certain oils – could you give more information? I’ve been considering EOs for awhile but I’m concern about the safety warnings I see and I don’t want to jump in until I have more information. Thank you!

  9. I am new to the whole essential oils and didn’t realize the many uses and ailments they could be used for. But the problem is I’m not sure what all the types of essential oils are used for or can be used for. In your video you mentioned books you have read and I was wondering if you could recommend any books for a beginner on essential oils? Thanks in advance and I’m a huge fan of your blog! Thanks for continuing to fill your blog with amazing info and your beautiful family!

  10. I am spoiled the YL farm is over the hill from my ranch! I know lucky huh! Here is something we use and love.!!!!

    The Theives Dentarome Plus(toothpaste) is the B E S T deodorant ever!!! First use a small amount of coconut oil

    then a dab of toothpaste! No kidding we have tried and used them all!!

    Happy Trails, Cari

  11. I started using essential oils years ago and have a medium size stash. I use them for too many things to list. They truly are amazing. I have never bought any from a independent seller, but am curious to learn about Young Living.

  12. I just became a wholesale member πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for the recommendation. The kit you showed really does have everything I was looking for. Can not wait for it to arrive!

  13. I love essential oils and use doterra. Welcome to the eo world!

  14. i use Doterra oils and absolutely love them.

  15. Great video! I LOVE YL oils, problem is I use them too fast. πŸ™‚ My kids love putting the water and the drops in the diffuser too.

  16. This is an awesome website! Did you build it yourself?

  17. I’ve always been against “scenting” my house or body because of all the chemicals etc that are in them. So I am curious (having young daughters who want to wear perfume)…..theraputic grade is safe enough to eat…right? And do you find they cause headaches etc?

    Other than smelling nice what are the real benefits? I am a little skeptic that something you are just “smelling” can actually heal you…please help me out here πŸ™‚

  18. So excited to see that you joined YL Essential Oils πŸ™‚ I recently joined as well and am LOVING my Everyday Oils Starter Kit. I use them all day long! I wrote to you a couple weeks ago about how you helped inspire me to start my own wellness page; well, its up and running now so check it out if you want (baby steps and just starting out on FB) πŸ™‚ Have fun with your oils!!

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