Happy Thursday mama!
​​​​​​​Hope you and your family are doing well! My son Griffin is all excited about this Mediterranean gecko he found yesterday. Gotta love Florida!

1.) Podcast news! I interviewed Kiran Krishnana microbiologist and researcher who specializes in the microbiome. This interview was originally intended for pregnant moms who want to optimize their and their babies’ gut bacteria. However, because we covered so much far-reaching material, these videos are relevant to ANYONE. Listen to this podcast if you:

  • Struggle with digestive issues or leaky gut
  • Were born via C-section or weren’t breastfed
  • Your kids have eczema or signs of inflammation
  • You want to know ways to optimize your & your family’s gut health
  • Natural ways to boost good bacteria counts in your home and body

2.) A different toy for kids. My four-year-old daughter Paloma is getting invited to more birthday parties now, and I’ve been stumped on what to get these little girls. Sure, there are the popular LOL dolls, Hatchimals, and Shopkins but what about something a little more educational, different, and plastic-free? I ordered a few sets of this toy and we’re having fun seeing who can button, snap, zipper, tie, lace, and buckle these cards. Excellent for small motor skills and developing life skills, even my son Griffin has fun with them! And I think Paloma will be tying her shoes in no time  

3.) Why I don’t give my children multivitamins. Children actually get a lot of nutrients per pound when compared to adults. (Toddlers typically eat 1,000-1,500 calories per day, while many women in the US eat around 2,000 a day and yet weigh 4-5 times more than a child.) As long as kids are eating a relatively healthy diet, they are usually OK without supplementation.

Having said that, I do incorporate certain strategic foods to boost my kids' nutrient intake, including:

  • 1 Brazil nut a day for selenium (organic blue corn chips are another good source)
  • 1/4-1/2 tsp. camu camu powder or chewable food-based vitamin C
  • Cod liver oil or salmon a few times a week for omega 3’s
  • Red meat a few times per week for iron and zinc
  • 🥛 Raw or cultured dairy (2 servings a day) for calcium, phosphorus, glutathione 
  • Green veggies at dinner for folate and magnesium
  • Eggs a few times per week for vitamin A and choline
  • 🍫 Dark chocolate for magnesium, copper and antioxidants
  • Tart cherry juice and pistachios for melatonin (better sleep!)
  • 🍋 Bitter foods like lemon, pickles, gut shots or digestive bitters for gallbladder and liver health
  • Liver sausage from US Wellness Meats for vitamin A and B vitamins
  • 1 tsp. kelp powder mixed in cooked grain (to make edible!) for trace minerals, especially iodine. Or, I’ll add a drop of nascent iodine to their smoothie or water.
  • I also like to throw frozen okra and berries into smoothies to scrub their intestines with their special fiber and seeds

Do you give your kids multivitamins or special foods for nutrients? Write me back and let me know!