I’m super excited to share an interview I did with Kiran Krishnan. He’s a microbiologist, researcher, and an all-around brilliant guy! He specializes in the microbiome and its impacts on our health.

We had a two hour chat about everything from:

  • how to repair a dysfunctional microbiome
  • what are the best supplements to take during pregnancy
  • how to optimize your baby’s gut post-birth (whether via c-section or vaginal delivery)
  • how to make your house a bacteria haven (in a good way!)
  • what’s the best diet during pregnancy
  • how do fermented foods help us (not how you think!)

And on… and on… and on!

I am going to share snippets of our conversation in small, topic driven segments to make it easier to view and absorb all of this amazing information. Check out some of Kiran’s formulas at Just Thrive Probiotics. They’ve generously extended Mama Natural readers a 15% discount via the promo code mamanatural15 that you can use at the bottom of their checkout page.

Hope you enjoy!

1. What is Our Microbiome and Can We Really Change It?

All disease begins in the gut and it’s such a foundation for overall wellness. But are we stuck with what we’ve got? Find out in the video snippet below.

2. Babies Gut Bacteria In Utero & Postpartum

A baby’s gut is not sterile. When baby is still in the womb, they’re being influenced by bacteria in the mom’s body through the cord. So what can you do to pass plenty of good gut bacteria onto baby? Find out in the video snippet below:

3. How Pregnant Moms Diet Can Support Their Baby’s Microbiome

Check out the video below to learn more about supporting your baby’s microbiome—even while you’re still pregnant:

Study on Healing Leaky Gut With the Strains Used in Just Thrive Probiotic

Scan this study on Just Thrive’s site. It’s the first time a probiotic has been shown to significantly reduce leaky gut and all the associated immune activation in human subjects.

4. Home “Hacks” for a Better Microbiome

There are things you can do—beyond what you eat—that are helpful for building a better microbiome. Check out this video to learn how to engage with “good” bacteria in your environment:

5. Best Supplements for Pregnant Moms

Supplements can also help influence your gut bacteria. Check out this video to learn all about what to look for when choosing a supplement:

6. Spore Bacteria: How They Differ From Other Probiotics

Not all supplements are created equal. Here’s what really matters:

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7. Repairing the Damage from Our Modern World

The reality is many of our modern practices are harming our microbiome. Learn more in this video snippet:

8. How Fermented Foods Help Us

Probiotic-rich foods (raw kimchi, kefir, and more) are really important, and nutritious, and beneficial. But are they a good source of “good” bacteria? Find out in this video snippet:

9. How to Optimize a C-Section Baby’s Gut

Baby can get plenty of good bacteria from mom—even if baby is delivered via C-section. Here’s how:

10. How to Help Baby’s Microbiome Flourish

Check out the video snippet below to learn more about best practices while baby is young:

11. Is Mom’s Microbiome Depleted After Birth?

After nourishing a new life, does mom need a pick-me-up herself? Find out in this video snippet:

12. How to Reverse a Severely Damaged Gut

So your gut is totally depleted of “good” bacteria? Learn how to turn things around in this video snippet:

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Visit Just Thrive Probiotics and use promo code mamanatural15 at the bottom of the checkout page to save 15%.