19 Week Old Baby Development

Baby is… balding?? Do you have the support system you need?

  • 19 Week Old Baby Milestones 👶

    Are you noticing some patchy hair loss on your little one’s head? This hair loss, known as “telogen effluvium,” usually happens within the first six months of life. Whether he was born with a full head of hair or not, most babies will lose this hair and grow a new set of locks. (Sometimes this new hair will even grow back a different color than what he was born with!)

    But why does this hair loss occur? Infants experience a drop in hormone levels shortly after birth (similar to that of mama, who will also lose some locks). You may notice the hair will be patchier around certain areas of the head than others—this is generally a result of how your little one sleeps and the amount of time they spend on their back.

    Everything’s “food”

    Is he putting everything in his mouth nowadays? Babies at this age are going through many different developmental changes that can lead to more sucking and oral exploration.

    One of the biggest triggers is teething! Have you noticed any signs of teething yet? It’s about that time now, when her little chompers will begin to make their first appearance. Brace yourself, Mama! Teething can be a rough ride for everyone involved. But don’t worry, we have some tips to help you (and baby!) through this.

    • Here are natural remedies for your teething baby.
    • Ever heard of amber teething necklaces? Take a look here to learn all about amber teething necklaces and how to keep baby safe.

    This first year is all about growth and development, which means lots of changes for you and baby! Embrace these changes, Mama. And know that we’re here to help support you on this amazing journey!

    19 week old baby Josiah Mama Natural Baby Tracker

    Reader photo of 19 week old baby Josiah.

  • You at 19 Weeks Postpartum 👩

    You may be feeling a bit more confident in your role as a mama now. You’ve established a routine at home, at work, and with your partner (did someone say weekly date nights?!). But now it’s time to focus on your social life and making connections with other mamas who you can connect with on a ‘mama’ level.

    If you don’t already have mommy friends, you may wonder how you can go about finding people to connect with. But it may not be as tricky as you think. We live in a time where social media plays a huge role in our day-to-day life. Did you know there are thousands of mommy support groups on Facebook alone? You can even find mommy Instagrams, where women share photos and ideas about daily activities for children or even just enjoy some funny ‘mom’ memes.

    If you want to branch out even more, there are apps available where you can plug in your location, and it will inform you of any ‘mommy’ groups that are happening in your area. All of these social media outlets provide a plethora of options for us to meet new people and share our common goals and interests. As a new mom, that connection is so important not only for your social life, but also for times of need (help a mama out!). Here are some of our favorite, go-to, ‘mama’ social networks:

  • Genevieve’s Week 19 Postpartum Update 🌞

  • 19 Week Old Baby Reader Story 💡
    How We Build Community Living on the Road

    Baby Week to Week 19 Mama Natural

    Mom and daughter stop to take a picture together.

    My husband, infant daughter, and I are always on the move. We don’t own a stick of furniture. We mostly live out of suitcases, and we don’t have a permanent address. Instead we bounce around between France (where he works), Texas (where I’m from), and England (where we met).

    “Community” in the traditional sense is an elusive, beautiful concept. And, in it’s more commonplace definition, is something we don’t necessarily have. But motherhood has proven its own community. It’s international, instantaneous, and always welcoming to new members.

    I’ve learned to cherish even the briefest of connections—a moment spent chatting about our daughters with the owner of a store in France, a cup of tea with a mother from Germany, a walk with my own mother, or a museum visit with my mother-in-law. But the most stedfast of these communities is the one provided by my birth center, which has opened its doors to its various new mothers, and under the pretext of a yoga class, allows us to gather for hours every week to talk, commiserate, cry, and laugh a lot. Perhaps best of all, it provides us with a chance to watch each other grow as mothers, as our babies grow into the most remarkable little humans.

  • Hot Topics for Week 19 🔥

  • Try This With Your 19 Week Old Baby

    • Imitate baby's sounds as much as possible to help them develop language and communication skills
    • Try singing in a funny voice or making funny sounds to stimulate baby’s laugh (tickling can be overstimulating for an infant)

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