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  • First Trimester - Pregnancy Week By Week

  • 3 Weeks Pregnant

    Let’s get this party started! In week 3 of your pregnancy week by week, it’s still way too early to detect your little guy or gal via a home pregnancy test—your body likely hasn’t started producing hCG. But our spotlight is early signs of pregnancy, since some women do experience very early symptoms, including fatigue, nausea, a heightened sense of smell, tender breasts or light spotting.

    More about week 3…

  • 4 Weeks Pregnant

    Baby has officially arrived inside your uterus and implanted into the uterine lining, and will begin transitioning from a blastocyst to an embryo. Your body has (finally!) started producing hCG, but it’s still a wee bit early to detect baby via a home pregnancy test. But check out our spotlight on the perfect pregnancy diet—it’s never too soon to give baby the nourishment they need.

    More about week 4…

  • 5 Weeks Pregnant

    If you didn’t know you were pregnant before, you’re likely discovering it now—you’ve officially missed a period. Congratulations! Baby’s got some big things going on in the pregnancy week by week, too. Her major organs—including the brain, heart, and spinal cord—have started to develop. You’ve still got a long way to go, but this week’s spotlight will help you decide where you’ll deliver your little bundle of joy.

    More about week 5…

  • 6 Weeks Pregnant

    There’s a lot of action happening in baby’s tiny little body. Her heart is pumping away at over 100 bpm and early brain sections have developed, too! You, on the other hand, probably haven’t noticed many changes—unless you’ve been hit by morning sickness. Still, you’ll want to make sure you’re taking a good prenatal vitamin, so check out our spotlight to find one that’s packed with folate.

    More about week 6…

  • 7 Weeks Pregnant

    Your body is working a full-time job. You’re growing not only a baby, but your placenta too… you know, the organ that will provide food, oxygen, and sustenance for that child. Baby may only be ¼ inch right now, but this week he’ll double in size! In a few weeks, your doctor or midwife may be able to find baby’s heartbeat with a Doppler. This week’s spotlight talks all about ultrasound and doppler exposure.

    More about week 7…

  • 8 Weeks Pregnant

    Your little lima bean is about a centimeter long now and looking like a homo sapien—her eyes are in the appropriate place, and there’s an unmistakable nose in the works there. You may have no belly to show for it yet, but your breasts certainly are changing! And if you’re experiencing morning—er, all day—sickness, check out the pregnancy week by week spotlight for natural remedies.

    More about week 8…

  • 9 Weeks Pregnant

    Let’s talk about heartburn. WOWZERS! Thanks to pregnancy hormones, digestion slows way down to allow for better nutrient absorption. Thanks to those nutrients, baby is about the size of a grape tomato and has begun to shake his groove thing. But you won’t feel him for another couple months. Are you planning to find out baby’s sex? Our spotlight will take you through some of the more common first trimester tests.

    More about week 9…

  • 10 Weeks Pregnant

    Yippee! Your baby is officially a fetus this week (although, we still prefer to call her Baby Natural). And you? Even though your blood volume is higher, your blood pressure is most likely lower, which can result in major dizzy spells. Be gentle with yourself as you learn to adjust to your expanding circulatory system. Take it easy, and browse ideas for pregnancy announcements in this week’s spotlight.

    More about week 10…

  • 11 Weeks Pregnant

    Yep, one of the hardest pregnancy side effects to deal with is constipation, which may be rearing its ugly head right now. (Thank you hormones!) Baby’s system is working hard, too. Your sweet baby’s digestive organs are practicing peristalsis, and he can even be found hiccuping right about now—all preparing for those first tastes of mama’s milk. Speaking of taste—this week we put the spotlight on caffeine during pregnancy.

    More about week 11…

  • 12 Weeks Pregnant

    Your little sugar plum is about 2 ½ inches long now. And believe it or not, many of her vital organs and major systems have formed! Some more good news: Your morning sickness is likely starting to wane, which means your appetite may be kicking back into gear. (YAY!) It’s never too early to start thinking about delivery options, so check out the spotlight story, highlighting the benefits of natural childbirth.

    More about week 12…

  • 13 Weeks Pregnant

    Oh snap—this is the last week of your first trimester, mama! You’re entering into a whole new world. Baby’s doing some pretty cool things, too. In fact, babies have been known to suck their thumbs as early as 13 weeks (aka, now). We know you can’t wait to meet your little one, so this pregnancy week by week spotlight will help you decide where to give birth.

    More about week 13…

  • Second Trimester - Pregnancy Week By Week

  • 14 Weeks Pregnant

    Baby is tipping the scales at a full 1 oz. this week! And you? Congratulations, mama! At week 14 in your pregnancy week by week, you’ve made it through your first trimester! Only two more to go. Now’s the time to focus on what you’re putting in your body, so check out this week’s spotlight on the perfect pregnancy diet.

    More about week 14…

  • 15 Weeks Pregnant

    Now is a great time to start exercising, if you haven’t already. Studies show that women who exercise also have healthier pregnancies and births, too. Baby’s also on the move—he’s rolling around in your belly now, which you’ll be able to feel very soon! And this week’s spotlight story: red raspberry leaf tea. Yum!

    More about week 15…

  • 16 Weeks Pregnant

    Baby Natural is developing many beautiful details this week, like creases on her palms and knuckles, and actual fingerprints. Awww! And you? You’re glowing, mama! Blood volume increases from the start of pregnancy and peaks around 32 weeks pregnant. This increase in blood volume is responsible for your beautiful glow. Take advantage of the extra energy you have right now, and check out our spotlight on creating a baby registry.

    More about week 16…

  • 17 Weeks Pregnant

    Feeling any baby flutters yet? This phenomena is called “quickening,” and many mamas experience it around now. This is because, at week 17 in your pregnancy week by week, your precious one is starting to pack on the pounds, weighing in at around 6 oz. and measuring 5 inches long. We’re also getting pretty intimate this week—the spotlight is all about sex during pregnancy.

    More about week 17…

  • 18 Weeks Pregnant

    This week, baby is developing neurons in charge of her five senses that will allow her to learn and interact with her environment. To support your baby’s growing brain, be sure to get in healthy fats each day. Gentle exercise can boost baby’s IQ, too! And since you’re almost halfway there, take a look at the pregnancy week by week spotlight that highlights the Mama Natural Birth Course.

    More about week 18…

  • 19 Weeks Pregnant

    Baby’s growing body can really S-T-R-E-T-C-H the supporting muscles, ligaments, and structures of your body… and you may be feeling it. The good news? As early as 16 weeks, babies in utero are developed enough to pick up sounds, and eventually, distinguish voices. As you approach 20 weeks, you may be wondering about ultrasounds. Our pregnancy week by week spotlight addresses the big dilemma: to ultrasound or not to ultrasound.

    More about week 19…

  • 20 Weeks Pregnant

    Are you feeling Baby Natural kick yet? She’s growing larger and stronger, measuring over 6 inches from crown to rump, and weighing in around 10 ounces. In celebration of your halfway mark, let’s talk about your big, beautiful belly. Have you noticed cramping, tightening, or muscle pain? This is called Braxton Hicks—and it’s totally normal. Speaking of bellies, yours may make sleep more difficult these days. Check out the spotlight on safe sleep during pregnancy.

    More about week 20…

  • 21 Weeks Pregnant

    They said you’d have a beautiful pregnancy glow. Instead, you have acne worse than a teenager’s, or brown spots that rival a leopard’s. Blame those hormones. Baby’s faring a little better: All of his major organs and systems have formed now! Now that you’re more than halfway through, take a look at the pregnancy week by week spotlight to learn how birth affirmations can help you have a more empowered birth.

    More about week 21…

  • 22 Weeks Pregnant

    Your little bambino is truly becoming a miniature human, with facial features that are more developed, as well as eyebrows, eyelashes, and even hair on her head! And you? You feel good, you have great energy, and you aren’t too big yet. It’s called The Magic Middle! Take this time to accomplish anything you want to do before baby arrives, including plan where baby will sleep—the subject of this week’s spotlight.

    More about week 22…

  • 23 Weeks Pregnant

    Your belly is growing… and growing… and growing. And you might have earned what I like to call “mama marks.” (Other people call ’em stretch marks.) That’s because Baby Natural is busy doubling his weight, which will only continue as he heads toward his big debut. You’re in the final stretch, so head over to the pregnancy week by week spotlight to learn about any third trimester tests you should know about.

    More about week 23…

  • 24 Weeks Pregnant

    Baby Natural is nearly six months old! Can you believe it? This week she’s weighing in at 1.3 pounds, and measuring over 12 inches long. At week 24 in your pregnancy week by week, most mamas have gained about 15 pounds and are sporting a wonderfully round belly. This week we put the spotlight on birth doulas.

    More about week 24…

  • 25 Weeks Pregnant

    As your belly swells with new life, you may be noticing some other swelling in your body, namely your ankles. Or perhaps they’re better called “cankles” at this point. :) Crown to foot, your Baby Natural is about 13 inches long, and weighs in at 1.5 pounds. Yass! And this week’s spotlight story: Pregnancy brain. The struggle is real, mama!

    More about week 25…

  • 26 Weeks Pregnant

    Do you ever notice little jolts of regular movement in your womb? That’s probably your Baby Natural hiccuping! You may also be feeling the urge to nest. Nesting is a primal instinct to create a safe and clean environment for your baby. While you prepare your home for baby, you’ll want to stock up on some essentials, including cloth diapers—the subject of this week’s spotlight.

    More about week 26…

  • 27 Weeks Pregnant

    Now that Baby Natural is getting bigger, she’ll likely start to settle into her more “permanent” position. Do belly mapping and pregnancy exercises to make sure your pelvis (and baby) are in excellent placement for a natural delivery. Baby’s eyes are also doing some big things—your little gal can now open and close her pretty peepers! You might be having trouble getting some shut-eye, though. This week’s spotlight is all about pregnancy insomnia.

    More about week 27…

  • Third Trimester - Pregnancy Week By Week

  • 28 Weeks Pregnant

    Kick, bam, boom: this baby likes to move it, move it. Now is the time to start kick counts. And buckle up: Swelling and fluid retention is likely at an all-time high. Something else to think about as you near the end of your pregnancy? Whether or not you’ll eat your placenta. Before you make a quick decision, check out the pregnancy week by week spotlight for more information.

    More about week 28…

  • 29 Weeks Pregnant

    Because of increased blood volume and estrogen production, many mamas struggle with hemorrhoids during pregnancy. But baby’s got something a little more exciting going on—she’s adding billions of neurons to that beautiful brain of hers. And speaking of brain power, read the pregnancy week by week on breastfeeding to start preparing to nourish baby with that liquid gold.

    More about week 29…

  • 30 Weeks Pregnant

    From this point forward, Baby Natural will gain about a half a pound per week. Go baby! And go mama! You’re about 3/4 through your pregnancy! Your mental state is so important walking into birth. Try birth affirmations if you’re getting nervous about the big day. And don’t forget to start thinking about any big decisions you have to make, like whether to circumcise—the subject of the pregnancy week by week spotlight.

    More about week 30…

  • 31 Weeks Pregnant

    Are you growing out of your shoes? It doesn’t happen for everyone, but some pregnant mamas will go up a half or full shoe size. Baby’s doing some growing, too: Her fingernails and toenails are formed, and the hair on her head is in place—if she has any, that is. If baby’s breech at this point, this week’s pregnancy week by week spotlight will explain how to flip baby into the ideal fetal position.

    More about week 31…

  • 32 Weeks Pregnant

    Baby’s brain is working so hard, establishing the trillions of connections—or synapses—between neurons. Since your baby’s brain is really growing now, it’s so important you to eat food, like omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA), to support baby’s smarts. You probably also want to make a birth plan, if you haven’t already. See the pregnancy week by week spotlight for a free visual birth plan.

    More about week 32…

  • 33 Weeks Pregnant

    Just when you thought you couldn’t pee any more, you’re back in the bathroom. Why? Because your sweet bundle of joy is now resting right on your precious bladder. Speaking of fluids, baby is breathing and swallowing up to two cups of amniotic fluid each day preparing for life outside the womb. If your planning to delivery baby in the hospital, see the pregnancy week by week spotlight for tips to have a natural hospital birth.

    More about week 33…

  • 34 Weeks Pregnant

    Baby Natural’s lungs are nearly mature now, and her fat layers are filling in nicely. Her beautiful eyes are fully open—only closing when it’s time to doze off. Chances are you’re not getting much sleep though! And don’t even get me started on pregnancy dreams. One thing you don’t have to stress about? Packing your hospital bag. Check out the comprehensive packing list in the pregnancy week by week spotlight.

    More about week 34…

  • 35 Weeks Pregnant

    If you’re feeling shortness of breath, know that this will likely change over the next few weeks. Baby will drop further down into your pelvis to prepare for birth. Thank goodness, because baby is getting big! At week 35 in the pregnancy week by week baby is about 5.5 pounds, 20 inches long, and 10–15% body fat! While you wait for his big debut, create some of the freezer meals in this week’s spotlight.

    More about week 35…

  • 36 Weeks Pregnant

    While baby will be here before you know it, the last several weeks are still so important in terms of baby’s development, so don’t rush your bun in the oven—she’s busy! G-R-O-W-I-N-G. Just one month to go, mama! Can you believe it? It’s time to start eating dates. What?! Check out the pregnancy week by week spotlight to learn why.

    More about week 36…

  • 37 Weeks Pregnant

    By week 37, most mamas won’t gain much more weight, as you’re losing amniotic fluid, and baby’s growth is slowing down. Phew! But Baby Natural’s not done cookin’ quite yet. Because of too many unnecessary inductions and c-sections, “full term” now falls between weeks 39 and 41 weeks. While you wait for baby, learn about how to avoid labor interventions in the pregnancy week by week spotlight.

    More about week 37…

  • 38 Weeks Pregnant

    Baby Natural is almost ready for life on the outside (we bet you’re ready, too). Her organs are mature, with the lungs having produced “surfactant,” which keeps the air sacks open during exhalation, making breathing as effortless for baby as it is for you. Look out for classic signs of labor, like bloody show or the loss of your mucus plug. And study up on alternatives to routine newborn procedures in this week’s spotlight.

    More about week 38…

  • 39 Weeks Pregnant

    Statistically, you’ve probably got a little more bump time ahead of you. Most new mamas deliver about one week past their delivery date. While some people may scare you into thinking that your baby could be “too big” to birth naturally, be aware that ultrasound predictions on size of baby are notoriously inaccurate. Think about happier things, like the subject of this week’s spotlight—all the babywearing you’ll soon be doing.

    More about week 39…

  • 40 Weeks Pregnant

    YIPPEE! You’ve reached the “end” of your pregnancy! (Although, for many mamas, it ain’t over yet!) If you’re like 1 in 20 moms, you will give birth on your due date. Fortunately, Baby Natural’s bones are mostly cartilage, and the bones in the skull are not yet fused—perfect to move and compress a bit when he makes his grand entrance. You’ve got this, mama!

    More about week 40…

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