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Okay, so you’ve made the monumental step of deciding to bring a new life into your family and finally have that precious little one on the way. Congrats! Time to celebrate! You take your vitamins, meet with your care provider, and ready yourself for this exciting chapter in life.

Next up on your list: Baby names!

You may already have a few unique baby name contenders in mind on a trusty baby name list. If you’re super lucky, your partner does too and you share a few names in common to work with.

But if the pendulum swings the other way, you may find yourself with no baby names that seem to fit your growing bump. Worse, maybe your partner’s taste in baby names is the polar opposite of yours. Maybe your favorite name was gobbled up recently by a friend or family member.

In these cases, you’re suddenly faced with a baby name conundrum.

Choosing the right baby name is a journey

So many factors weigh in when you’re hunting for a cute baby girl name or unique baby boy name.

Whether you have a tricky surname to work with or want to honor a family name in a new way, you can easily find yourself overwhelmed by the decision.

  • Will your chosen baby name fit a squirming toddler and professional adult alike?
  • Will you always love it? Or find it too trendy as time goes on?
  • Is it possible for a baby name to be too cute?
  • Does the baby name meaning fit what you want for your child?

There’s a lot riding on the decision, and it’s perfectly natural to feel a bit apprehensive about settling on a name. After all, baby names aren’t merely monikers or letters on a page.

Baby names tell a story

They elicit feelings, thoughts, and have an unspoken history.

Names have connotations and meaning, deepening their appeal for some and worsening them for others. They grow with our little ones, walking alongside them at their biggest moments like graduation, marriage, and beyond.

It’s perfectly normal to want that one name that makes your heart skip a beat.

When choosing a name, it’s important to discuss your style and expectations.

  • Do you want to stick to your origins or select something with exotic flair?
  • Do you enjoy classic baby names or are do you love bold choices?
  • Are you looking to the past for influence or are you ready to take on a modern style?
  • Do you want your child to meet others that share their name or do you prefer more uncommon baby names?

You also need to consider any pre-existing factors like your surname or a pre-selected middle name. Does a potential name work with either? You don’t want to accidentally set your heart on Mickey and suddenly realize it’s a no-go with your surname of Mouse. It may seem silly, but it does happen.

Choosing the right baby boy name or baby girl name is a huge decision for you and your partner. You want to both feel represented in the process and, of course, have fun with it. This is the happiest time of your life, and you need to always keep that front and center.

Don’t sweat the small stuff or put too much pressure on yourself. Take your time if you need to, and don’t commit to a baby name that your heart doesn’t love.

Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. You just may find the perfect name for your little one in a place you’d never expect.

Let Mama Natural help you find the perfect baby name

Here at Mama Natural, we have your back when it comes to finding a unique baby name that makes your heart sing with our expansive collection of baby names. We know that choosing a name is an intimate experience, bonding you and your partner together over one of your most exciting decisions as parents. We’ve compiled names from around the world that range from ancient monikers longing for rediscovery to today’s trendiest baby names.

We’ve simplified the old ways of choosing a baby name, cutting out hours of skimming baby name books by creating an interactive database that you can easily search with a precise set of parameters… or surf leisurely at your pleasure.

Narrow by letter if you please, sticking with your preferred theme or weeding out names that may clash with your surname. You can even see a quick view of the most popular names by letter, compiling all of today’s chart-toppers in one easy to view list. You can also narrow by origin, finding a name to honor your roots, whether you’re looking for English baby girl names or Greek boy names fit for a hero.

From nature-inspired names to biblical baby names…

We have all the bases covered for you, from natural names to biblical names, allowing you to effortlessly seek out names that fit your style. We’ve taken the guesswork out of finding popular baby names or more unique choices, noting popularity right on the name’s page for easy viewing. You don’t need to refer to those lengthy charts anymore. It’s all there for the taking! You also don’t need to search far and wide for rare baby names or baby name meanings. We have plenty!

Best of all, we’ve put together some themed lists to stir up your imagination, inspiring your name journey with everything from one-syllable girl names to flower names for girls.

Sometimes looking through origins and numbers doesn’t do the trick and you need a little more oomph from a name. With these lists, we compile a variety of names that fit the bill, giving you a sense of the name beyond the bare bones facts. This little bit of extra input really goes a long when you’re looking to explore the essence of a baby name.

Try your baby name options on for size

Once you’ve come up with a few worthy contenders, it’s time to try them on.

  • Practice calling your little one to dinner by the name.
  • Sing happy birthday to your baby to be using the name.
  • Call out the full name like they’re up next at graduation.
  • Write it out.
  • Google it.

These may sound like silly ways to test out your unique baby names, but they’re everyday things you don’t necessarily think of when setting your heart on a name.

While John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt may make your heart soar, it’s also a popular song name that may lead to some teasing on the schoolyard. It also isn’t the easiest to sing happy birthday to if you give it a go.

Similarly, you may find yourself stumbling over a tricky spelling that could lead to constant mispronunciations of your dream name and nothing is worse than hearing your child’s name butchered on the regular.

Take your search for baby names by the wheel and dive deep into Mama Natural’s ample collection of cute baby names. Whether you’re one for popular baby names or looking for more unique baby names, you’ll find them here.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, head over to our baby name generator. With a few clicks, you’ll find yourself face to face with all sorts of cool baby names to add to your list.

Let loose, relax, and have fun!

Browse baby name meanings, origins, and more with an open mind. Do a baby name search and filter down until you find some names that make your heart sing. Don’t box yourself in, and keep the process light and airy. There’s no need to stress or worry about this fun, new journey. The perfect baby name will come in time and we’ll be right here by your side along the way. Check out our treasure trove of baby girl names and baby boy names and enjoy the ride.