Your Baby’s Development, Week by Week

Follow your baby's development with the Mama Natural baby tracker! Discover baby milestones, activities, and parenting tips each week of baby's first year.

Your Baby’s First Year

You spent 40 (or more!) weeks counting down to baby’s arrival, and now that you’ve reached the pregnancy finish line, there’s a whole new set of milestones to mark during baby’s first year.

Many consider this exciting new phase the start of the “fourth trimester,” or the first three months of your baby’s life earthside. In fact, some consider the fourth trimester the hardest trimester of all. In addition to taking care of yourself (and any other family members), you now have a living, breathing baby to tend to. And real talk: Babies don’t come with instruction manuals. There’s a lot to learn—life with baby is a big adjustment.

That’s where we come in!

The Mama Natural Baby Development Week by Week

Though baby has made his or her big debut in this world, they still have so much growing to do during the first year of life… and baby needs a lot of love, help, and encouragement from you along the way.

The free Mama Natural baby development week by week will guide you through baby’s first year, from those early days following delivery all the way through the celebration of baby’s first birthday 52 weeks later.

Starting immediately after birth, the Mama Natural baby week by week will:

  • Tell you how baby is growing each week, both physically and socially
  • Give you the tools you need to navigate everything from breastfeeding issues, to sleep deprivation, to teething, to baby-proofing… and everything in between
  • Provide helpful information about common parenting conundrums (Think: What’s up with pacifiers? Or, what’s the best way to find a trusted babysitter?)
  • Offer vital support for mamas (and papas), including everything from postpartum recovery to giving your romantic relationship the attention it deserves

Start at the very beginning and follow along each week, or skip ahead to learn what to expect as baby sprints towards the end of that first year. (Seriously—where does time go?!)

You Know What They Say: It Takes a Village…

After I had children, I understood just how true that old adage really is. We’re all on this crazy rollercoaster ride they call parenthood together, and it truly does take a village.

With that in mind, I wanted to create a destination for parents to go to get answers to all of their questions—both big and small—about baby’s first year. Our baby development week-by-week couples expert healthcare information and evidence-based parenting advice and strategies with spotlight stories from real moms, all through a natural lens.

The Mama Natural pregnancy week by week isn’t clinical or judgmental. It’s an informative and approachable resource for you during a time when you need a helping hand. Consider it a one-stop-shop for childrearing help and moral support.

Whether you’re casually browsing through each week of baby’s development on the site or you subscribe to automatic updates, the Mama Natural baby week by week will be your best friend as you witness one of life’s greatest miracles—watching your newborn flourish and become their own person.

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So what do you say? Will you join us on this great adventure?!

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