27 Week Old Baby Development

Watch out—baby’s taking control. But all these leaps may mean less sleep.

  • 27 Week Old Baby Milestones 👶

    Baby is coming up on the 7-month mark, and there are lots of changes on the horizon! You may notice that she is beginning to take control over her environment much more. She has spent a lot of time working on her fine motor, gross motor, and problem solving skills—and it’s starting to show! You may notice that she is taking control over certain tasks such as:

    • Trying to turn pages in her favorite book (fine motor!)
    • Banging a toy up and down repeatedly (cause and effect!)
    • Calming herself by sucking or holding a favorite blanket (self regulation!)

    While there is still so much she is learning about in the world around her, she has also accomplished so much thus far. Step back and enjoy these developmental milestones as they occur, and applaud your little one for how far they have come.

    Remember, with these leaps in cognitive development may come changes in sleep patterns. If you notice that she is having a hard time falling asleep, or waking more frequently during the night, this could be from the many developmental milestones that are occuring. Baby’s brain is moving a million miles per minute! As she conquers these milestones and becomes more confident in her day-to-day tasks, sleep will return to its usual patterns. It’s all part of the process, mama!

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  • You at 27 Weeks Postpartum 👩

    Though baby may be nearing 7 months already (can you believe it?!?), you may notice that your body isn't quite where it was before pregnancy—and I'm not talking about weight. I'm talking about the way pregnancy can change your skin!

    From stretch marks, to pregnancy acne, to the linea nigra, our skin goes through some radical changes during pregnancy. And, as you've probably noticed, they don't always go away overnight. It can take months before our skin health goes "back to normal."

    Try not to stress about your skin health. I like to think of them as "mama stripes"—proof that your body performed a true miracle, nourishing and growing a human life! Still, there are some things you can do to restore some homeostasis, if you're keen.

    • Eat a real food diet. Our bodies need certain building blocks to produce collagen (the stuff that makes our skin elastic). Add pastured meat, poultry, organ meats, eggs, and organic local produce to your diet whenever possible.
    • Incorporate gelatin. Gelatin, especially gelatin from grass-fed animals—is one of the biggest supporters of healthy skin. Try homemade bone broth or gelatin snacks, like these gummy bears.
    • Applying this DIY blossoming belly butter recipe.
    • Using lemon juice—some women believe the acidity from lemon juice can help fade hyperpigmentation.
    • Avoiding the sun as much as possible—the UV rays can darken skin discolorations.

    It may seem long a long time since you gave birth to your precious bundle, but your body is still readjusting itself to how it was prior to carrying life within. Embrace these changes mama— and know that while your body may still look very different from how it once was, that’s okay.

  • Genevieve’s Week 27 Postpartum Update 🌞

  • 27 Week Old Baby Reader Story 💡
    Who Is This Person in the Mirror?

    Your body changes so much during pregnancy, but that didn’t bother me. In fact, I never struggled with body image issues. But that all changed after I had my baby. I finally understood the struggle so many women face.

    Interestingly, the feelings I had about my postpartum body were never about weight. Im fact, I lost almost all of the baby weight in the first few weeks. For me, the struggle was more about my new skin, new shape, and new proportions. I just didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin.

    It took a lot of work to learn to love my new body. At first, I told myself that it didn’t matter what my body looked like—it had created a beautiful baby. But that philosophy only worked for a very short time. I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was that was really bothering me.

    It took me a long time to realize that, even though I had never put much effort into my outward appearance, it was that lack of attention to self that had me feeling so down. I realized that I may never get my old body back, but my body is an extension of my mommy superpower, and it deserves to be taken care of, kept healthy, and fit. I owe it to my body and mind to feel proud of all that I have learned and accomplished through motherhood.

    My body doesn’t have to fit a certain shape or ideal, but it does have to be able to nourish a baby and be strong enough to run after him. It’s all about perspective, and we can only empower our children if we feel empowered ourselves!

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  • Try This With Your 27 Week Old Baby

    • Put baby to sleep (whether naptime or bedtime) before they become overly tired—An overtired baby may actually sleep worse than a baby who sleeps when they're ready

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