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  1. My due date is near—how concerned should I be? (:57)
  2. What steps can I take now during pregnancy to stay safer? (2:46)
  3. Should I deliver baby in a hospital, birth center, or home birth? (10:48)
  4. I’ve had my baby, I think that I have COVID-19, what should I do? (16:34)
  5. How dangerous is Coronavirus for babies? (19:03)
  6. Should I continue to nurse baby if I have Coronavirus? (21:43)
  7. Okay, I’ve had my baby. Should I allow family members to see baby? (24:27)
  8. Should I bring baby in for checkups? (26:26)
  9. I have older kids… what should I do? (31:18)
  10. Final thoughts from Dr. Elisa (37:11)

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About Dr. Elisa Song

In her holistic pediatric practice, Whole Family Wellness, Dr. Song has helped thousands of parents and kids navigate developmental and health concerns from a natural lens. She uses an integrative pediatric approach to teach parents how to heal their children from the inside out.

Dr. Song is also a co-host of the forthcoming Mama Natural Baby Care Course. Keep your eyes peeled for that course launch in April.

Thank you so much for watching. Stay well!