11 Weeks Pregnant

You won’t believe what baby’s developing this week. Plus, is coffee okay during pregnancy?

  • Baby at 11 Weeks Pregnant 🚼

    Baby is as big as a large apricot this week. But he won’t stay that way for long, as this little boy is growing as fast as he can!

    His neck is now longer, allowing his large noggin to move back to a more "normal" posture. Other developments include:

    • Nipples appearing on his chest
    • Follicles forming on his head, and
    • Little tooth buds making their debut!

    (And if your baby is anything like mine were, those hair follicles and tooth buds won’t really start working hard until much later than all the baby books say.)

    Parts of your sweet baby's digestive system are practicing peristalsis, and he can even be found hiccuping right about now—all preparing for those first tastes of mama's milk.

  • You at 11 Weeks Pregnant 🚺

    Let me just get real with you. Life ain't much fun without your daily doo.

    Yep,  one of the hardest pregnancy side effects to deal with is constipation, which may be rearing its ugly head right now. Once again, you can thank your surging pregnancy hormones for any bowel blockage.

    Conventional wisdom is to drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, and eat a fiber-rich diet to get things moving again.

    Prenatal vitamins that contain synthetic iron may cause constipation, too (so consider switching to a natural, food-based prenatal if you’re taking a synthetic version).

    But while that’s fine advice, sometimes we still need an extra… push. An Epsom salt bath or supplemental magnesium are options, but I got mine in the form of two pears a day. They’re high in fiber, delicious, and just so happen to be an excellent natural laxative. My chia seed pudding has also been helpful for mamas in need.

    Main point: find a healthy way to eliminate every day.


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